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How to set assignment group

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‎05-21-2020 04:55 AM

Solved! Go to Solution.


Mohammad Danis1

‎05-21-2020 06:09 AM


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assignment group in service now

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Assigned to and Assignment group

The Assigned to [assigned_to] field is a reference  field type that points to the Users [sys_user] table. This field is generally used to designate a user to work on, or be responsible for the task. By default, this field has a reference qualifier (role=itil) set on its dictionary record that prevents any non-itil user from being assigned to a task. You can override this reference qualifier on tables that extend task though, as the Project Task and Service Order tables do, if you have the relevant plugins installed.

The Assignment group [assignment_group] field serves pretty much the same purpose. The reason for having both, is that a workflow might automatically assign a certain type of task ticket to a group, ...

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assignment group in service now


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  4. Create an assignment group

    Create an Operational Technology (OT) specific assignment group to assign to OT incident records.

  5. Configure the group type for assignment groups

    Assign a group type · Navigate to All > User Administration > Groups and select the desired group. · Click the lock icon beside Type. · Click the lookup icon

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    Set up your service-specific groups and assign the necessary roles and users. The users in the group inherit the roles of the group, so you do not have to

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    Open an incident · Right Click Header > Configure > Form Layout · Select Assignment Group from left slush bucket and move it to the right. Adjust to where you

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    Disclaimer: We are reviewing video content for Accessibility standards* How to determine your own, or a colleague's, assignment group.

  9. How Do I Find a Person's Assignment Group(s) in ServiceNow?

    From within the user record, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Groups" tab. This tab will show all the ServiceNow groups the person is a member of.

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    1) The order in which the assignment rule is processed. If assignment rules conflict, a rule with a lower-order value takes precedence over a rule with a higher

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    Solved: Hi, I want to set an assignment group by a variables in the record producer. This option will increase in the future.

  13. Assigned to and Assignment group

    Assigned to and Assignment group The Assigned to [assigned_to] field is a reference field type that points to the Users [sys_user] table.

  14. Assignment Group Lookup Tool in ServiceNow

    Answer · 1. In an incident, click the icon to the right of the Assigned to field. · 2. A lookup Window opens. Locate the person and click their name in the left