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Stevaron catfish business will be established to meet the fish demand in the community. It will be located in Tudun Wada, kashere, Akko local government Area of Gombe state. The main economic significant of the business is to contribute towards narrowing down the fish demandsupply gap deficit in Nigeria as well as the supply of proteins and micro nutrients for feeding the teeming population Gombe State, North East and Nigeria at large.

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Kelechi Igwe

The study focused on evaluation of pond fish production in Umuahia South L.G.A. of Abia State. Data for the study were obtained from 40 pond fish farmers using a random sampling procedure. Well structured pretested questionnaire was used in data collection from the sampled farmers. Statistical analysis was accomplished by means of frequency distribution, percentages, cost and returns analysis and multiple regression analysis. The result of the study showed that there is a significant relationship between total revenue and farm size, feed cost, labour cost and cost of fingerlings. The result also showed that the cost of production was N141, 461.08 with the total revenue of N 321,400.00 and the net income of N 179,938.92 per production cycle for an average farmer indicating that pond fish production is a profitable venture in the study area. Despite its profitability, there were constraints to production which included inadequate finance, high feed cost, scarcity of good source of fingerlings and transportation cost. Based on findings of the study, development of good infrastructures and provision of minimal credit by way of public utility for the pond fish farmers could help reduce cost incurred in pond fish production. Given that animal protein especially beef has continued to be expensive yet in short supply, fish production should be encouraged to guarantee meeting the protein demand of households especially the rural poor in the study area by enhanced value chain by fish farmers.

Adekunle Mario

The study investigate the socio-economic analysis of fish farming in Yewa and Ijebu Division Area of Ogun State The study was based on primary data collected from 120 respondents in the study area. Multistage sampling techniques were used to randomly select the communities that were visited. In terms of age, evidence on shows that majority (60.0 per cent) of the sampled fish farmers, in the study area have their falling between 31 and 40 years. As much as 3.3 per cent were aged, while youths (30 years or younger) featured less prominently (11.7 per cent) among the farmers. 70.8 per cent of the fish farmers were males: it also shows that majority (92.5 per cent) of the fish farmers were married as expected. Meanwhile, results show that all the fish farmers (100.0 per cent) possess some formal education, which is predominantly at the tertiary level; Majority, 58.3% of the sampled fish farmers are also Muslim by religion with 5-10 years fish farming experience by majority. The results also show the distribution of the budgetary analysis of fish production in the study areas. It shows that the mean of the total variable cost is positively signed (N4048275.00), the mean of the gross margin is also positive (N2657463.33), total cost is (N4187853.89), total revenue is (N 1390811.66), the net income is also positively signed (N 2797042.22) while the mean of the total fixed cost is (N 139578.89). This implies that the level of profitability of fish farming in the study area is positive, since the above table shows the net income to be positively signed. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended that: The major constraint impeding expansion of fish production in the study area was financial problem. Therefore, credit should be made available and accessible to fish farmers at low interest rate by the government and private organizations. There should be an insurance policy that would protect the farmers against mass loss as a result of disease outbreak, pollution, predation and devastating effect of flooding. Government and non-governmental organizations should educate fish farmers on management and solutions to fish farming problems by organizing seminars, conferences, workshop etc.


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