Filipino Fried Chicken Giant Jollibee Has Ambitious Growth Plans for the U.S. and China

Jollibee in Times Square on Sept. 4, 2022 in New York City. (Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

O n the night of Jan. 17, a line of people began to form on Colonial Drive in Orlando, Fla. They weren’t waiting to enter a nightclub or a concert, but to be the first customers of a branch of Philippine fried chicken chain Jollibee opening the next day. It was a similar scene to when Jollibee’s flagship U.S. store opened in August 2022 at Times Square in Manhattan.

To some, the fanfare may be mind-boggling. But the company, with its iconic fried chicken product called the “Chickenjoy,” is the Philippines’ answer to the fast food giants of the U.S. The average American already eats an estimated 100.6 lbs of chicken annually, and deep frying it is a backbone of American Southern cuisine. Even in the face of competition from Chick-Fil-A, KFC, and McDonald’s, Jollibee has managed to carve out its own niche in the fried chicken market and winning over the U.S. palate , thanks in part to the more than 4 million Filipino-Americans who crave the taste of home that might include a chicken dish with a side of spaghetti.

What started out as a ice cream parlor founded by Chinese immigrants in Manila in the mid-1970s has since expanded into a multi-billion dollar empire, managing 17 food brands—including Panda Express and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf from the U.S., as well as Hong Kong dim sum chain Tim Ho Wan—and more than 6,300 stores across 34 territories, almost a quarter of which are Jollibees. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the umbrella company, is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world.

The Orlando branch may be one of 66 Jollibee stores in the U.S. since first opening a shop in Daly City, Cal. in 1998, but even in a post-pandemic world and in the face of an anticipated recession, the company still wants to aggressively grow its food service footprint. It plans to open 500 stores in North America in the next five to seven years, and even expand into China, an economy that is only just emerging from swingeing COVID-19 restrictions.

“The recession and economic downturns are short-term, and it’s temporary,” JFC president and CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong says, adding that its smaller global footprint relative to U.S. fast food rivals can still insulate the company from any future shocks. “But because our vision is long term, and we believe we can do it, therefore we stick to it.”

Tanmantiong, brother of Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong, spoke to TIME about the company’s global expansion plans, its struggles in entering the Chinese market, and the evolution of the home-grown Filipino business.

The interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Ernesto Tanmantiong, president and CEO of JFC (Joshua Tan)

The brand has evolved from just this ice cream parlor into a local restaurant, and now it’s a growing Philippine brand. And the Filipino identity is so latched on to it. Was it a conscious decision on JFC’s part to promote or stick to the Filipino identity of Jollibee?

I think, in a way, it was just an evolution. There was no deliberate plan to do that. But I think because we are born here, we live here, so we live the Filipino values. And our corporate values in a way are quite aligned with Filipino values and practices. So we have, for instance, in our corporate values, the customer focus, I mention the spirit of family and fun, integrity, and teamwork with excellence—so all of these are actually Filipino values. And so we put that into the corporation, and we ask everyone to live with it.

What made you decide to go up against McDonald’s?

When friends were advising us to go into other businesses, we started trying to look back and do some strategic planning. And then we tried to do some competitive gap analysis. So we try to write down what are the advantages of McDonald’s versus us. And what’s the advantage of Jollibee against them? When we look at the advantages of McDonald’s, it’s a long list—more than one page. And when we look at Jollibee, what’s the advantage of Jollibee over McDonald’s: only one item. That is the product’s taste, because American products usually are bland. And then we said, “Okay. These are the advantages of McDonald’s. Can we overcome those advantages and make it even at least parity?” And we said yes, because actually, the most difficult part is the product. The others are easy to do: service, cleanliness—these are easy to do and to learn. Over time, we closed the gap of those advantages of McDonald’s. And fortunately, they were not able to close the gap on taste.

How did you come up with the idea of Chickenjoy?

The Chickenjoy came out because after the hamburger [Yumburger], we said that to be able to grow to a bigger customer base, we need more products. And fried chicken is a popular product in the Philippines. So we started with the fried chicken. But in the early years, there was still some tweaking on product development, until sometime in 1981, when we were able to almost, say, perfect the product.

So the recipe in ’81 is still the recipe used today?

Yes. That’s why [we have] the joke: instead of chickening out against McDonald’s, we serve Chickenjoy.

You’re expanding in the United States and in China. And I’m very much surprised as to how you’re dealing with fried chicken in its home turf. You’re going to be battling it out with a lot of these U.S. brands. You’re saying at least 500 stores in the next few years. How are you planning to do that?

Yeah. Fortunately, we have a very strong superior product of Chickenjoy against all the other fried chicken in the U.S. And recently, we were awarded as the best fried chicken chain in America by And they pit us against Popeye’s, the big players in the U.S. And so it confirms, validates our belief that we have strong products, and therefore we can win the competition over time.

We started Jollibee in the U.S. by first penetrating the Filipino market. And as we built the brand, we started to go to crossover locations. What we mean by “crossover” is a mixture of Filipino community and local mainstream markets. So far we have been successful in that stage. So we believe that we are now ready to go to the bigger market of mainstream by continually expanding in crossover locations today.

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You are appealing to the filipino customer base. is there an awareness on jollibee’s part that the expansion of your business seems to rest on the back of the filipino diaspora you’re talking about 4 million filipinos alone in the united states. was that a conscious choice when it came to entering the american market.

Yeah. That was a deliberate move, because we don’t yet have the brand name in the U.S. to the mainstream market. And so we capitalize on the support of the Filipino market. Fortunately, our kababayans [countrymen] are very supportive. They were actually our brand ambassadors. For instance, when we first opened our first store in Queens, New York, it was on February 14. It was winter. And that year, there was a blizzard. But despite the blizzard, the first day opening, we had long lines that queued up to four blocks [away] from the store. And then there was this American New Yorker who passed by, curious about the line and asked a Filipino in the line and said, “What is this? Who is Jollibee?” So obviously, the Filipino was so proud, trying to sell who Jollibee is. And finally, the New Yorker was convinced.

You’ve been quite aggressive in your expansion—we’re not just talking about Jollibee anymore. I’m talking about JFC: you’ve acquired Smashburger, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. People are predicting recessions in 2023. And yet, you have Jollibee with all of these plans, trying to spur even more growth. I’m curious, are you not at least worried or scared about what the effects of the recession might be?

If you look at the U.S. market, we’re still very small. So I think we are not yet that sensitive to the U.S. economy. Because the market is still big for us, it would have been a different story if we already saturated the entire U.S. and therefore, once the economy goes down, we immediately suffer. So we think we still have a big market for us as we expand.

China is a very interesting country in the sense that it has been roiled by lockdowns, especially with the “zero-COVID” strategy over the past two years. You’ve previously said that JFC aims to open at least 100 stores or brands under the JFC belt in China this year. Since late last year, China is reopening. I want to get what your business strategy would look like for that region in the coming year or five years.

We see a China situation similar to the Philippines. We experienced the COVID lockdown in 2020. They are experiencing that starting last year. So their situation last year was like our 2020. And with the sudden opening of the economy, we expect this year to start recovering. We hope that it will be a similar situation as last year in the Philippines where people will start coming out, revenge spending, revenge travel . So we are quite optimistic with China in 2023. We actually opened our first Tim Ho Wan store in China. Despite COVID, it was very successful. And so that’s why we made an announcement that we’re going to open 100 stores of Tim Ho Wan in the next few years.

We’re quite bullish with China. Everyone is anxious about it, to see whether it’s a full recovery or a partial recovery for China.

It’s very difficult for the Jollibee brand to get a foothold in China. There were branches open before but they struggled staying there. There was a branch in Shenzhen in 2008. Do we know what happened to that? Where is Jollibee—just the restaurant, not the food company—where is it now in China?

You’re right. We attempted to enter China actually, twice with the Jollibee brand. I think one was in the mid-1990s. The first was in Xiamen, then the second attempt was in Shenzhen. I think at that time we entered too early. And we didn’t do our homework well. And that’s why after those two failed attempts, we decided maybe the Jollibee brand is not yet ready. Instead of bringing Jollibee to China, let’s instead acquire local chains. And that’s why today we have Hong Zhuang Yuan, a Beijing congee chain. And then we have Yonghe King. And then recently, we brought in Tim Ho Wan. But it doesn’t mean that the Jollibee brand will never enter China. Recently we [have been] quite successful in Hong Kong.

Where do you see JFC five years from now?

Our vision is to be [among the] top five restaurant companies in the world. Before COVID, we were almost close to the top 10. By the way, our measurement is based on market cap. But with COVID, where the Philippines was badly hit, our rank went down to as far as number 18, during that time. Today, we’re back to about 13. And so our North star, our aim, is to be top five. But we think that cannot be achieved in five, 10 years. It’s a long term strategy. So in the next five, 10 years, we hope to be closer to the top five, maybe within the [top] six to 10 in the world.

Also today, 60% of our revenue comes from the Philippines. Medium-term we want to achieve 50%.

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business plan of jollibee

business plan of jollibee

About Jollibee

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain brand in the Philippines, operating a network of more than 1,500 stores in 17 countries. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational fast food brands in PH combined. With a strict adherence to the highest standards of food quality, service and cleanliness, Jollibee serves great-tasting, high-quality and affordable food products to include its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger, and deliciously satisfying Jolly Spaghetti among other delicious products.

Jollibee has embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan, with more than 270 international branches in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy, Spain, and in the United Kingdom.

business plan of jollibee

Our Business

Jollibee Foods Corporation’s (“JFC” or the “Company”) core business is the development, operation and franchising of its quick-service restaurant brands. It offers a wide variety of affordable and delicious dishes and great tasting food prepared to satisfy customers of all ages and from all walks of life.

Food quality, service, price-value relationship, store location and ambiance, and efficient operations continue to be critical elements of the Company’s success in the quick-service restaurant industry.

Click to view more information about our Core Values and about Our Mission & Vision.

Our Food, Service, and Cleanliness (FSC) Standard

Jollibee’s phenomenal growth owes much to its strict and committed adherence to high standards as symbolized by “F.S.C.”: Food (F) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; Cleanliness (C), from kitchen to utensils, must always be maintained. Jollibee is proud of its employees who carry out their jobs.

business plan of jollibee

Our Mission & Vision

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Business Strategy of Jollibee

by Adrianne Galvez

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Week 7 - Assgnment 2 Report on the Kerry Group

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What entrepreneurs can learn from Jollibee’s ‘Chickenjoy’ supply problem

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This is AI generated summarization, which may have errors. For context, always refer to the full article.

What entrepreneurs can learn from Jollibee’s ‘Chickenjoy’ supply problem

MANILA, Philippnies – According to a Jollibee disclosure more than a week ago, they had to temporarily shut down 72 stores due a supply disruption caused by a major IT system upgrade. Some experts estimate that the closure cost the food giant millions of pesos in losses per day . While these losses are staggering (and come as a bummer to Filipinos everywhere who love their “ChickenJoy”), they provide a valuable case study in the making to local entrepreneurs and businessmen. Jollibee’s failure to anticipate the problems that would come with a system overhaul highlights the importance of business continuity planning (BCP). You’re never too big to plan ahead Business continuity planning, which is a term used interchangeably with business continuity and resiliency planning (BCRP), represents the need to identify internal and external threats to a business, so that it may continue to stay competitive in the market and avert any possible crises. In simple terms, BCP is not just a venture’s plan B – it’s plan B, plan C, and everything up to plan Z, covering all possible bases in their particular industry. An airline carrier, for example, would have ideally planned for emergency contingencies (what happens if a plane crashes?) to far less newsworthy, but no less as important of situations (how will we comply with this piece of aviation regulation if it is passed?). As the Jollibee situation proves, no company is so big that they can successfully operate without a thorough BCP. Evan Tan, who is the regional director for Southeast Asia of , which competes internationally and locally with rival job platforms Elance and oDesk , echoes this sentiment. According to a business article that he read, 90% of tech startups fail due to their inability to respond to the challenges facing their companies. “In the tech industry where even giants can easily be toppled by budding companies (Facebook killing Myspace and Friendster ring a bell?), one’s incapability to adapt and innovate can be disastrous to one’s business,” he said. To not go the way of Myspace and Friendster, Tan says that has entire teams dedicated to performing research on how to improve their products. As a whole, the company also tries to stay attuned to industry trends, in addition to listening to their users and engaging with them on how to get better. Tan advises other businesses and entrepreneurs to do the same, even when doing so is not easy to swallow. As an example, he invokes the case of users that publicly say negative things about your company on Twitter or other social media networks. “It’s easy to dismiss people who lash out on social media as rabble-rousers out to destroy one’s company, but some of them could actually have been your fiercest supporters who have grown frustrated with your service,” Tan pointed out. According to him, you need to make it a priority to find out what made them feel that way. The risks that come with being an entrepreneur But BCP should not just be an exercise of large corporations. Even early-stage startups would benefit tremendously from some form of BCP, as Kickstart Ventures president Minette Navarrete shared. Kickstart Ventures invests in and incubates such notable companies as dating platform Peakwoo , ecommerce shopping site , and recruitment platform Kalibrr . Navarrete said that early-stage investing is an inherently risky proposition to begin with, so BCP is a critical component of what Kickstart does. According to her, there are many clear risks associated with startups, such as market risk, execution risk, and regulatory or policy risk, such as with what ride-sharing platform Tripid is facing with the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB). However, some potential risks that come with startups are less obvious. “There is also the personnel risk (i.e. the risk that a key person – whether a member of the investment firm, or a founder in a portfolio company – leaves),” she said. “As much of early-stage investing relies on small teams of uniquely skilled individuals, the loss of a critical team member could be particularly crippling.” The fact that Kickstart invests in and incubates more than a handful of startups reduces that risk that would come with any single startup. “The portfolio approach is the classic way of mitigating investment risk, even if our day-to-day operations – especially working as intimately with startups as we do – will often feel like the portfolio multiplies rather than mitigates the risks we need to live through!” Navarrete revealed. In addition to addressing business continuity risks in their annual business plan, Navarrete said that each investment decision considers the risks that their due diligence has surfaced. “Some startups might have a greater regulatory risk (e.g. financial services, transport, etc.); others would be more susceptible to technology risks, or market disruption,” she said. “In each case, we assess both the vulnerability of the startup, as well as the odds that it could weather the discontinuity, and the risk management / mitigation plan.” Navarrete pointed out that the benefits of BCP come not only in how well you plan, but in how well you carry out that plan. “The strategy piece is only as good as the execution: we keep close to the community and the market; we watch for early patterns that could signal trends, and early warnings of discontinuity,” she said. “We speak to experts and share insights and experiences. Through constant and candid sharing, we are able to weave a bigger picture, and better able to understand underlying currents.” Toward this end, Kickstart has brought in such luminaries as (Pollenizer CEO and co-founder) Phil Morle; (Innosight Managing Director) Scott Anthony; (political economist) Toti Chikiamco; (National Competitiveness Council Private Sector Co-Chair) Bill Luz; ( founder) Garrett Gee; and the Dropbox product team. BCP to the extreme Some high tech startups require even more BCP than normal. VMoney , which was founded in 2013 by CEO Ralph Santos, is an end-to-end financial platform, offering everything from debit Mastercards and scratch cards to point of sale systems and tap and pay solutions. As part of their BCP, Santos and the VMoney team keep track of where to direct their R&D by monitoring market needs, the challenges faced by their partners and other providers, and security advancements across the ecommerce world. The startup now works with some of the largest brands in the country, including Guess, Gold’s Gym, EasyTaxi, Mango, Mossimo, and TeamManila, so continuity of the services they do currently offer is of the utmost importance. Given the complexity of VMoney’s hardware and software, Santos and his team have ensured that there are many checks in place, including everything from “infrastructure fail overs to the transition and activation of support plans to immediate notification of potential security concerns with proper communication processes throughout.” To test their systems, Santos said that the VMoney team performs integrity checks, quality checks, and security checks on their systems, applications, and databases – some of which are done on schedule, and some of which are done as random reviews. Santos expressed that the goal here is to not only meet regulatory requirements, but to exceed industry standards (which is a particularly fitting remark in the wake of the Jollibee situation). So what would constitute an operational disaster for VMoney on the order of Jollibee’s current one? “Our business relies on data and transaction integrity and not so much on tangible products or brick and mortar inventory,” Santos responded. “A disaster for us is a breach in our systems, applications, or databases.” Lucky for him, VMoney has yet to experience such a problem. “I have no business disasters to share at this point and hopefully ever,” Santos said, before adding, “Knock on wood.” –

Rappler business columnist Ezra Ferraz graduated from UC Berkeley and the University of Southern California, where he taught writing for 3 years. He now consults full-time for educational companies in the United States. He brings you Philippine business leaders, their insights, and their secrets via Executive Edge. Follow him on Twitter:  @EzraFerraz

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Business Strategy Hub

Jollibee SWOT Analysis (2023)

Company: Jollibee Founders: Tony Tan Year founded: 1978 CEO: Ernesto Tanmantiong Headquarter: Pasig, Philippines Employees (2022): 12,831 Type: Public Ticker Symbol: JBFCF Annual Revenue (FY 2021): PHP 153.5 Billion Profit | Net income (FY 2021): PHP 5.98 Billion

Products & Services: Beverages | Desserts | Breakfast foods | Chicken | Kid’s meal | Snacks Competitors: Burger King | Subway | KFC | McDonalds | Uber eats

Did you know? Jollibee began as an ice cream shop before it evolved into one of the largest food chains in Asia.

Table of Contents

Jollibee Strengths

1. A strong brand name

One of the key things that make Jollibee stand out is its strong brand name. The company is easily recognizable from the logo and name. That means customers are more likely to recall the products and services on offer. A strong brand name forms the basis for creating customer loyalty .

2. High-quality food

Jollibee does not just offer any kind of food. The company manages to get repeat customers because of its high quality and tasty food. Its foods have a unique taste, which is often better than or equal to other international brands. The company’s secret recipe continues to help it prepare high-quality food.

3. Variety of food items

Jollibee has a strong standing because of its ability to provide a variety of foods. Customers can get a hamburger, chicken, burger, pizza and spaghetti. All these food items are prepared using a very successful recipe.

4. Among the best employer world

F&B Report ranks Jollibee as one of the best employers worldwide . That is a major thing for the company because it means it can retain its employees for a long time. In return, the management gets to focus on company development and less on sourcing for new staff. Employees staying in the company for a long time also speak positively to the customers. They get to see that this is a stable brand that they can trust.

5. Broad network

Jollibee has a wide network that cuts across different countries, including Vietnam, the UK, Singapore, Canada, the USA, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. The company is estimated to run a total of 1500 stores across these countries and 70 stores in North America. Thanks to the broad network, it has a stable supply of raw materials that ensure it delivers products on time.

6. Customer loyalty

There is nothing as good and powerful as a business establishing customer loyalty. When you have loyal customers, you are assured of making a sale despite how tough your competition may be. That is the case with Jollibee. The company enjoys a very loyal customer database because of the quality of service and food offered.

7. 24/7 services

Jollibee stores across the world are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Such a company policy of keeping its doors open always means they have the best position to serve customers. That gives customers a sense of confidence and dependability on the company since they know they can enjoy their meal any time they want to. Even though the stores are open throughout, Jollibee ensures its workforce has flexible hours as they follow a shift program to remain operational.

8. Ongoing employee training program

Jollibee believes that the success of its retail stores depends on employee empowerment. That is why they run an employee training program that helps with skills enhancement. Anyone working at the company is encouraged to better themselves through ongoing learning and skills acquisition. These skills can then be seen in how customers are handled and food is served.

9. Revamped marketing strategies

Jollibee has invested in gathering data that gives it a better understanding of its customers. Based on this, they have managed to deploy effective marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and expand on the target audience.

Jollibee Weaknesses

1. Supply and demand imbalance

Jollibee has many stores locally and across the world. Due to this, sometimes, the company has a hard time balancing demand and supply. There are times when food items could go out of stock because of demand being too high.

2. Inaccessible in some areas

Even though Jollibee runs effective marketing to get more customers, there are places where the franchise hasn’t opened. That means potential customers have to travel a long distance to reach. Due to this disparity in distribution, the company loses out on many customers.

3. Health consciousness

The world is becoming increasingly conscious about the meals that they take. That means some of the foods on Jollibee’s menu end up being labeled as unhealthy, which can cause obesity and health issues. In return, this affects the company’s sales.

4. High-end prices

The foods offered at Jollibee have a premium price tag. The majority of the customers do not have the financial strength that would allow them to afford some of these foods. They end up visiting low-priced brands.

5. Lack of technological investment

A look into Jollibee’s food preparation process shows that the company is yet to adopt modern technologies. Even though the conventional approach is not entirely bad, it can sometimes have lots of inefficiencies. The company can become more efficient by adopting tech automated cooking.

Jollibee Opportunities

1. E-commerce

Jollibee stands an opportunity to take the company to the next level by embracing e-commerce . Investing in online deliveries can help increase sales since customers can get meals at the convenience of their homes.

2. Global expansion

As marketing increases Jollibee’s brand awareness, expanding in new territories means a chance to service a new set of customers. The growth potential will make Jollibee get better known worldwide as it increases sales. Jollibee has opened 314 new stores internationally in 2021. 

3. Innovativeness

One thing that gives Jollibee a premium price tag is the unique taste of its food. As it capitalizes on this, it can also look into new food trends involving vegan and healthier diets . The company can evaluate ideas on how to tweak its menu around to remain competitive through ongoing innovation .

Jollibee Threats

1. Unpreparedness to remain operational in the event of another pandemic

2. Stiff competition from low-priced brands

3. Call for healthier diets

4. A limited menu that requires the addition of more food items

 References & more information

Featured image by  GoodEats YQR

 Tell us what you think? Did you find this article interesting? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Brianna Parker

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business plan of jollibee

Mercurial Essays

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Jollibee Business Plan

JOLLIBEE PHILIPPINES BUSINESS PLAN Evelyn A. Gaspar BSBA – IV AM Description of Business Jollibee is a well-known fast-food restaurant in the Philippines offering food great tasting and great value food. It has attained success from its humble beginnings. In 1975, Tony tan Caktiong, the founder of Jollibee and his family opened up a Magnolia ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City. Sometime in 1978, Caktiong and his brothersand sisters engaged the services of a management consultant, Manuel C. Lumba.

Lumba shifted the business focus from ice cream to burgers after studies proved that a much larger market was waiting to be served. Tony considered Lumba’s advice. So, he came up with the decision to fully transform his business from ice cream parlor shop to hamburger fast-food restaurant. To further improve the restaurant’s position, tony and Lumba changed its name from Jolibe to Jolly Bee, then to Jollibee. Next, they pictured its mascot. Enthused by foreign and local children’s book, in 1980, they have created Jollibee’s current mascot, a big red nee wearing a blazer as well as a chef’s hat.

We Will Write a Custom Essay Specifically For You For Only $13.90/page!

The large bee mascot is probably the most widely recognized character in the Philippines. They also created names for their menus. The two most popular were Yumburger for their burgers and Chickenjoy for their deep fried chickens. He had the company incorporated and leased a house on Main St. in Cubao, Quezon City as its first headquarters. Lumba devised a long-term marketing strategy: listing up a number of consumer promotions and traffic building schemes.

The stores were redesigned, the service transformed into a full service fast-food operations with drive-thru. Today, from two outlets in 1975, Jollibee has 686 restaurants in the Philippines. Until now, the first branch of Jollibee is still operating in Coronet, Cubao under the Jollibee Foods Corporation. Since 1981, Jollibee has acquired numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. Few were Most Outstanding Fast-food Chain during the 9th Annual National Consumers Awards organized by the Consumers Union of he Philippines, one of the “Top 20 Best Employers in Asia” and the Number 1 in the Philippines by Hewitt Associated and the Asian Wall Street Journal, The Most Admired Corporation in the Philippines by the Far Eastern Economic Review for 6 consecutive years (1998-2003) and the Zenith Foods Corporation, the commissary plant of JFC, was adjudged the National winner of Meat Processing Plant AAA category in the search for Best Meat Establishment of the National Meat Inspection Service. Description of Products and Services

Jollibee is an American-style fast-food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes specializing in burgers, spaghetti, chicken and some local Filipino dishes. Jollibee provides their customers with the most delectable fast-food foods. Jollibee Philippines is among of the many fast food restaurants here in the country that offers the right kind of taste that Filipinos look for in a fast-food restaurant. Jollibee started as an ice cream parlor. It sold ice cream originally named as Jolibe rather than burgers. After several years, Jolibe shifted from ice cream to hamburgers.

And sure enough, their hamburgers became a hit for a lot of Filipinos. After this success, Jolibe was reformed to Jolly Bee and made the two words form a single name Jollibee. Then, product name “Yumburger” and “Chickenjoy” were created. These two became popular to the Filipino children. Through effective advertising, Yumburger and Chickenjoy turned out to be the best-selling products of Jollibee since then. Because Filipinos smell their food before eating, Jollibee created the famous langhap-sarap catchphrase.

Jollibee’s Yumburger has that distinct langhap-sarap taste. It is the bearer of the famous langhap-sarap tag. Jollibee’s Yumburger has maintained its leadership position in the burger category all these years. And while times have changed, the langhap-sarap taste of Jollibee’s Yum did not. Aside from regular yum, other burger products include Yum with Cheese, Double Yum with Cheese, Yum with TLC, Amazing Aloha and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom. Jollibee burgers are made with 100% pure beef from Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Jollibee grills half a million burgers everyday. Just like a real Pinoy teen that grows but evolves positively through time- Jollibee’s Yumburger has been perfected through time but still manages to carry that distinct taste you’ve grown to love. Jollibee’s chickenjoy captured the hearts of the Filipinos. Kids just love it so much. Taglines crispylicious, juicylicious, amoy delicious and gravylicious have been attached to Jollibee chicken joy because it is perfectly seasoned that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

It satisfies customer’s cravings for delicious chicken meal. Jollibee’s gravy has also gained so much popularity. Included in Jollibee’s delicious meals are Jollibee’s sweet-style spaghetti which is the tastiest and meatiest spaghetti, rice meals that suits to Filipinos’ big appetite, sandwiches and sides which includes Jolly Hotdog and French fries, desserts with different variants of float and ice creams, and breakfast meals. Jollibee serves Coca-Cola products for its beverages. Jollibee also offers services. Jollibee’s Express Delivery is a 30-minute delivery service.

Customers can get fresh, complete and affordable meals, anytime, anywhere through the 8-7000 hotlines. To have a memorable, fun and enjoyable birthday parties, Jollibee has Jolly Kiddie Party for kids. Jollibee also offers Jollibee Drive-thru for their customers who caught hungry on the road. It has the most number of drives thru outlets in the country. Motorists can get any of langhap-sarap meals anywhere. Jollibee also has outlets that offer 24-hour service. It allows customers to enjoy their Jollibee favorite even in the wee hours in the morning. Customer Analysis The Jollibee 7P’s Marketing Strategy: Primary Target Market Moms and dads with kids (0-12 years old), across socio-eco classes, chicken eaters – Potential (Total Market) In the last 25 years, Chickenjoy has evolved from just a plain chicken product to a strong and well-loved brand in the QSR (quick service restaurant) industry. It reached the level of having an established emotional affinity among Filipinos given its constancy as a functional product and the heritage that it continuously imparts in every household – Positioning A uniquely delicious total sensory experience enjoyed by the whole family: Crispylicious, juicylicious, amoy delicious and gravylicious.

Satisfies not only your family’s craving for a delicious chicken meal but also your family’s needs for bonding moments. – Product Best tasting chicken: Jollibee Chickenjoy – Price value-for-money price (Feb 2011): 1-pc Chickenjoy or Spicy Chickenjoy with rice & gravy: P70. 00 (solo) P86. 00 (value meal) 2Pcs P115 (solo) P131 (value meal) – Place All Jollibee stores nationwide- Dine-in, take-out counters and delivery (currently, there are more than 900 stores nationwide) – Promotion TVC, Print, and Billboard

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Jollibee Business Plan

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Price; quality; and quantity; those are the three main components one should look for in a decent place to eat. In today’s economy, with the amount of money we pay for food, we want enough to satisfy us and be worth the money. Quality is a high standard in today’s food industry. Customers want to know if the food they are consuming is made from fresh and natural ingredients rather than preservatives. Quantity is a must as people want a good amount of product for what they pay for. Consumers don’t want food that will only fill them for an hour; they want food that is a meal. The only fast food place that comes to mind that fits these qualifications is Panda Express. Let’s see how it

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There are (3) reasons why I have chosen energy drinks as my NAB. First off, there is a growing market for energy drinks. Red Bull and Monster Beverage Corporation, together, form over 80% of domestic energy drinks volumes by estimates. Dollar sales for energy drinks grew almost 6% to $6.67 Billion in measured channels in 2013, which propelled sales growth for convenience stores (Team, 2014). A growing thirst for caffeinated “energy” drinks, which include the likes of Red Bull, Monster, and Rock star, has spurred a heart-thumping surge in sales. Globally, the energy drink industry has gone from a $3.8-billion business in 1999, to a $27.5-billion

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Market Strategy for Kfc Japan

KFC-Japan under Loy Weston offered products such as fried fish and smoked chicken products which are Japanese favorite foods, mini-barrels of 12 pieces of chicken instead of 21 chicken pieces served in the States, French fries instead of mashed potatoes as provide in KFC standard menu and coleslaw salad that had less sugar than the one served in the United States.

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The development of start-ups is an important business activity that requires effort, time, and financial resources. It is important to correctly establish the resources that are required by opening a business in order to be able to successfully reach the objectives established for businesses in each situation. In this case, the business plan refers to developing a restaurant that focuses on providing meals that are based on organic foods.

Business Plan - Convenience Store

The first Buster’s Store was set up in 2007, a 1,000 square feet store located in the lobby of Empire Centre in Kennedy commercial district. This store is solely owned and managed by Lydia Chan. With fully focused and correct business strategy,

How Was Jollibee Able To Build Its Dominant Position In Fast Food In The Philippines

McDonalds took on the Pilipino market in 1981 and took aim on Jollibee and its market. McDonalds had an immense amount of resources, capital and experience in the fast food industry. Jollibee on the other hand had the advantage because of their market experience and recognition for good food among the Philippines. The ability for Jollibee to be first in the Philippines gave them the advantage to outline what great food tasted like and gain the trust of the local community by using local resources. Jollibee was able to use cultural proximity to their advantage and create a larger hamburger that tasted better than that of McDonalds. The spicy patties from Jollibee were a hit amongst the Pilipino versus the plain patties from McDonalds. The slightly more expensive Jollibee was still

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Business Plan of Jollibeee

business plan of jollibee

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Tan founded the fast food chain Jollibee in 1978, after having started it as an ice cream parlor in 1975.[4] Jollibee became a household name in the Philippines even though it went head to head against fast food giant McDonald's.[5] Through expansion and acquisitions of Greenwich Pizza [4] Corp. in 1994 enabling it to penetrate the pizza-pasta segment. From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food service industry. In early 2006, Jollibee Foods Corp. bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp., equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash.,[6] Chowking in 2000 [7][8] and Hongzhuangyuan in 2007,[9] he has turned it into one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. As of August 2008, Tan's Jollibee has a total of 1,480 stores worldwide including Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Chowking, Greenwich, Manong Pepe's, Mang Inasal and Tita Frita's Uling…

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Jollibee Company Case Study

Jollibee Foods Corporation is the parent company of Jollibee, a fast-food restaurant chain based in the Philippines.…

Globalization of Jollibee

In 1975, Tony Tan Caktiong started an ice cream parlor which evolved to become the first of many Jollibee chains around the world. Caktiong with his wife Grace, at the suggestions of their patrons, diligently took a hands on approach to add variety and improve the taste in their menu (Martin, 2013). Eventually, Jollibee’s distinctly Filipino menu and customer/family friendly atmosphere made it extremely popular with the domestic market (Bartlett & Beamish, 2011, p. 34). Within a year of its transition into the fast food industry, Jollibee had already opened 5 stores in metropolitan Manila and successively incorporated as Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC).…

Jollibee Food Corporation is the epitome of entrepreneurial success in the Philippines. What started as an ice cream parlor had spawned into a national brand that even the likes of McDonalds cannot top. At present, Jollibee has established a global presence with the opening of stores in countries such as the US, Hongkong, Guam, Brunei and Vietnam, just to name a few.…

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Filipina-owned businesses bring representation to a growing community in NYC

New york city-based narra studio and mestiza bring filipino culture to fashion, published december 8, 2023 • updated on december 8, 2023 at 6:28 pm.

The Philippines, a small archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, is home to beaches, friendly people, and the iconic Jollibee.

While the Philippines is over 8,000 miles away, there are over 80,000 Filipinos in New York City, according to the Asian American Federation . 

To bring Filipino Americans a bit closer to home, Mestiza and Narra Studio are two women-owned businesses hoping to elevate Filipino fashion not only in New York City but across the country. Both companies strive to revamp classic fashion and add a more modern twist to their pieces while bridging the culture of the Philippines to clients in the United States.

Narra Studio

Get Tri-state area news and weather forecasts to your inbox. Sign up for NBC New York newsletters.

Narra Studio, founded by Katte Geneta, was created to give independent weavers in the Philippines a platform to sell their products. Before the pandemic, Geneta was asked by a weaver to share her pieces in the United States. This blossomed into the start of Narra Studio. 

However, while it was a unique business proposal, getting Narra Studio off the ground wasn’t an easy feat for Geneta. Not only is she the founder and a weaver for the company, but she is also a museum director and mother.

On top of her busy schedule, during the first year of the company taking off, Geneta was still raising her one-year-old son while getting her master's degree.

business plan of jollibee

Unloaded military-grade weapon found in basement of Brooklyn home: Police sources

business plan of jollibee

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“I was one of those people who just didn’t sleep a lot," Geneta said, adding that many people said she would have to put her dreams on hold while raising a child -- a notion she did not believe. On the contrary, she said she accomplished more after having her kids.

Since then, Geneta has increased the number of independent weavers that can sell their products through Narra Studio. As of now, the company works with about 20 communities of weavers throughout the Philippines. 

Geneta said these one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces connect people to their culture and spread Filipino fashion across the United States. There are even times when clients will ask Geneta for a piece weaved in the town they, or their family, are from. 

"A lot of Filipino-Americans may not be that connected or be able to visit the Philippines at all, or that often," Geneta said as to why some clients ask for particular items made in a specific town or area in the Philippines.

Additionally, Geneta says that Narra Studio does charitable work in the Philippines particularly when there are natural disasters that directly impact the livelihood of the weavers they work with.

"We try to give back to non-profit organizations when we can, especially when there are emergencies happening in the Philippines that affect our weavers and artisans," Geneta said.

Eventually, Geneta hopes to grow her team and keep bringing more Filipino culture to the United States.

Geneta says the Philippines is a country full of talent, and these artisans, weavers and creatives need a platform to display their work.

Louisa Rechter and Alessandra Perez-Rubio, founded Mestiza after bonding over their shared Filipino culture. It was at a friend's dinner that Perez-Rubio shared with the table how she was originally from the Philippines. Similarly, Rechter's mom had grown up there. 

One day while meeting up, Perez-Rubio and Rechter came up with an idea to start their business. They only had one thing that was certain, the name for the company: "Mestiza", which means a woman of mixed race. 

"When we started the brand, we really wanted to use a name that spoke to this idea of the blending of our cultures," Perez-Rubio said.

Mestiza's goal was to make timeless pieces that could eventually be passed down from generation to generation.

“Mestiza is really all about taking inspiration from the Philippines and the vintage garments that our mothers and grandmothers left us and making them resonate with the modern woman to create something beautiful and something she feels confident in," Rechter said.

Aside from sharing their Filipino culture through fashion, Perez-Rubio and Rechter also wanted to make sure their company did not impact the environment in the same way that fast fashion does.

According to , the world wastes about 92 million tons of clothing every year. Because of this, Mestiza knew they would have leftover clothing and they did not want to be wasteful. Instead, they worked with the Heirloom Project, which allows Mestiza to gift dresses to women across the United States. This led to them working with Pink Ribbon Good, an organization that works with individuals and families affected by breast and gynecological cancer. Mestiza supports the cause by gifting their pieces in hopes of making patients feel and look confident.

"Not only are you wearing something that makes you feel good, but you know the brand is doing good things and you are standing for something," Rechter said about the Mestiza brand.

Similar to Geneta, Perez-Rubio was pregnant with her son when launching Mestiza. The day the website launched, Perez-Rubio gave birth.

“Seeing the company evolve and grow up at the same time as him has felt like such an honor," Perez-Rubio said.

Both Perez-Rubio and Rechter say that motherhood helped them be entrepreneurs and better business partners.

“Moms get it done, because [they] have to,” Rechter said.

As for Mestiza’s future? The company hopes to grow its business in different fashion avenues such as bridal, athleisure, accessories, shoes, bags and more. 

Click here to go to Narra Studio and here to go to Mestiza.

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    Jollibee Foods Corporation's ("JFC" or the "Company") core business is the development, operation and franchising of its quick-service restaurant brands. It offers a wide variety of affordable and delicious dishes and great tasting food prepared to satisfy customers of all ages and from all walks of life.

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    (Morales, 2013) 1.2 Analysis of the factors that have to be considered when formulating strategic plans Jollibee Food Corporation: From 1980's Goal: to beat and compete with McDonald's fast food chain A strategy determines the direction in which an organization needs to move to fulfill its mission.

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    The agenda centers on the key pillars of Food, People, and Planet, and consists of 10 focus areas namely: food safety, food quality, nutrition & transparency, employee welfare, farmers livelihood, community support, good governance, packaging & recycling, waste reduction, and energy & water efficiency.

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    Jollibee Weaknesses. 1. Supply and demand imbalance. Jollibee has many stores locally and across the world. Due to this, sometimes, the company has a hard time balancing demand and supply. There are times when food items could go out of stock because of demand being too high. 2.

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    The 4Ps compose the typical marketing mix namely - product, price, place, and promotion. Through these 4Ps businesses get to decide their target audience and formulate their strategies according to it. Let's take a closer look at Jollibee's marketing mix. 1. Product Strategy of Jollibee

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    Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is the Philippines largest Food Service business and is. continuously expanding its presence in foreign countries. It has a System Wide Sales of P117.9. billion and a Net Income of P5.4 billion in 2014. JFC has a total store network of 2,951 stores worldwide as of March 31, 2015. In the.

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    Print Download now of 1 UNIVERSTIY OF LUZON COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY PEREZ BLVD., DAGUPAN CITY BUSINESS PLAN FOR JOLLIBEE FOOD CORPORATION Submitted by: John Joshua Rosario Joness Angela Basa Submitted to: You might also like

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    JOLLIBEE PHILIPPINES BUSINESS PLAN Evelyn A. Gaspar BSBA - IV AM Description of Business Jollibee is a well-known fast-food restaurant in the Philippines offering food great tasting and great value food. It has attained success from its humble beginnings.

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    BSBA - IV AM Description of Business Jollibee is a well-known fast-food restaurant in the Philippines offering food great tasting and great value food. It has attained success from its humble beginnings. In 1975, Tony tan Caktiong, the founder of Jollibee and his family opened up a Magnolia ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City.

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    JOLLIBEE BUSINESS PROPOSAL. Overview Over the years, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) continuously dominates the world market as some of our kababayans proudly introduces the brand to their colleagues, friends or family abroad. One of the significant moves that makes JFC famous all over the world is the friendly environment that they showcase to their valued customers that makes them want to ...

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    1. Product Strategy of Jollibee (Source: Thrillist) Jollibee Eating Business maintains high product quality. Created and sells products that are relatively simple to how. Its diverse personal enable it to reach a variety of market target groups. Jollibee Foods Corporation also promises the psychological needs will be met as a result of item ...

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    Jollibee has many stores locally and across which world. Due on this, sometimes, the company has a hard time equalization demand and supply. There are times when foods items could go off to stock because from demand being too higher. Jollibee Food Corporation Employment Marketing Plan Inground 4535012475857472797 - Marketing Final - Studocu. 2.

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    Evelyn A. Gaspar BSBA - IV AM Description of Business Jollibee is a well-known fast-food restaurant in the Philippines offering food great tasting and great value food. It has attained success from its humble beginnings. In 1975, Tony tan Caktiong, the founder of Jollibee and his family opened up a Magnolia ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City.

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    Marketing Plan for Jollibee MARKETING PLAN CUSTOMERS The target market of Jollibee is composed of families, individuals, youths as well as the olds. Because at morning they have the coffee and value meals, and at the same time they even go to the graveyard shift people. They also cater to 24/7.

  23. Free Essay: Business Plan of Jollibeee

    Our work is guided by the JFC corporate values, namely, excellence, honesty and integrity, frugality, teamwork, humility to listen and learn, respect for the individual, spirit of family and fun, and customer-focus. We partner with communities and find synergy with other institutions to ensure that our programs are strategic and sustainable.

  24. Filipina-owned businesses bring representation to a growing community

    The Philippines, a small archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, is home to beaches, friendly people, and the iconic Jollibee. While the Philippines is over 8,000 miles away, there are over 80,000 ...