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AT&T Plans: The Pros and Cons of AT&T Internet

business plan pro vs liveplan

With so many options available for internet service, it can be hard to decide which provider is the best for you. However, AT&T has a number of advantages that may make it the perfect choice for you. If you’re in the market for a new internet service provider (ISP), AT&T is worth considering for a variety of different reasons. In this article, we’ll explore a few of them to help you decide whether you’re interested in fully exploring the plans and services available through AT&T.

Pros and Cons of AT&T Internet Service

AT&T internet service offers many advantages that you won’t necessarily find through other providers. For example, the service is available in many locations, it is reliable and fast, and has a good customer satisfaction rate. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For example, AT&T internet service can be more expensive than other providers, and the speeds can be slower in some areas, particularly rural locations. Additionally, not all plans are available in all areas — sometimes they depend on the infrastructure of an area. So it is important to compare plans and decide which one best suits your needs based on whether you can actually access all the services a plan offers.

Pricing of AT&T Internet Service

When considering whether to choose AT&T for your internet service needs, be sure to take into account the price of the service and whether it fits with your budget. AT&T offers a variety of plans and prices, depending on your location, package type, and data usage.

If you’re looking for good value for your money, AT&T is a great option. Just keep in mind that the price can be a bit high on some packages, but you may find that the cost is worth it when you consider the great features and quality of their service.

For example, AT&T offers several different data plans at prices that are incrementally higher. These plans include unlimited talk and text, as well as 5G connectivity and data each month. They also come with access to AT&T Mobile Hotspot devices, but the amount of data you can use on a monthly basis with the device varies based on the plan. The prices of AT&T’s plans can change, so be sure to check the latest rates online or in store.

The Speed of AT&T Internet Service

When it comes to the speed of AT&T internet service, there’s a variety of options available. Your access may depend on the area where you live.

Some speeds in the lower-tier plans may be perfect for people who just need enough speed to enjoy common tasks like browsing the internet, shopping online, and sending emails or looking at social media. The faster options are perfect for more intensive usage, such as streaming content or playing online games. Think about how you usually use the internet to determine what speed you might need.

Where available, AT&T internet service is a great choice for people who want the best possible internet connection. It has many advantages, including fast speeds and a solid network for connectivity. However, it may not be the best choice for everyone, due to the high price and limited availability in some areas.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


business plan pro vs liveplan

LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro

Which is Better?

Woman gesturing to four point eight star LivePlan and four point one star Business Plan Pro.

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  • LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro: Which is Better?

Last Updated: July 21, 2023 By TRUiC Team

On the hunt for the best business planning software for you? All the fieldwork involved proving more laborious than you expected? We’re here to lighten your load and streamline that research a bit.

Based on countless hours of digging, we believe Business Plan Pro and LivePlan are two of the best options available to entrepreneurs today. In this Business Plan Pro vs. LivePlan comparison, we’ll set the two side by side and talk about their similarities, differences, pricing and more. Let’s get to it!

Recommended Business Plan Software: LivePlan

Common Features

  • Both are designed by Palo Alto software. Renowned businessman Tim Berry founded Palo Alto in the late 80s and they’ve been in the business planning game ever since.
  • Both Business Plan Pro and LivePlan include 500+ industry-specific sample business plans in their packages.
  • Both come with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Both offer live chat customer service, in addition to email and phone support.
  • Both include educational content to help you get to know the software.
  • Both allow you to import financial data from select accounting programs.

What Sets Them Apart

Business plan pro.

  • Business Plan Pro has been around since 1991 and has helped over a million businesses. LivePlan was developed a handful of years ago in response to the user-demand for a more simplified version.
  • Requires a one-time payment of between $99.95-$159.95 rather than a series of small, recurring payments.
  • Comes with a series of helpful video tutorials led by business planning expert Tim Berry.
  • Has to be downloaded to your computer, and will only be accessible via the device you download it on. Only works with Windows, so don’t try to download on a Mac!
  • Over 400,000 businesses have used their services. Pretty incredible since they’ve only been around for a few years, but still nowhere near Business Plan Pro’s 1 million+.
  • It’s cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere you’ve got internet access. This also makes collaborating with your team super-easy.
  • Compatible with any OS, so it’ll work on your Mac, Android or PC.
  • Step-by-step guidance all along the way, and an abundance of eBooks, tutorials, and other educational content.
  • Has a performance scoreboard to keep you on track toward your goals, and an overall more streamlined, modern platform.

Customer Reviews

BPP has some customer reviews, but not nearly as many as you would expect considering it’s been around for nearly three decades. It makes sense, though - the software gained credibility before online user-reviews became so powerful.

Palo Alto has focused much more on acquiring customer feedback for LivePlan, since it’s their newer software. They’ve dedicated a whole Shopper Approved page to LivePlan, while BPP reviews are scarce among third-party review platforms. However, their Premier package does have some feedback on Amazon:

Business Plan Pro Customer_Reviews

Not terrible, but definitely a mixed bag of customer satisfaction. If you read through the reviews, you’ll notice a lot of folks complaining they wasted over $100 on a software that didn’t meet their needs or expectations. Of course, if they’d purchase BPP through Palo Alto directly, they’d have gotten a 60-day money back guarantee and avoided this issue.

The main problem seems to be purchasing it through Amazon - so if you end up choosing Business Plan Pro, we recommend buying it through their website. Here are a couple of stellar testimonials they’ve got posted there:

" Business Plan Pro was an essential tool during the strategic planning stage of our start-up. The profit and loss helped us focus our resources on the most profitable channels, and the sales forecasts were useful in keeping us on track. "
" The process forced a rigor into both the breadth and depth of our thinking about the business. The education we got as a result of using Business Plan Pro feels like it would be an MBA. "

Business Plan Pro has been a great tool for over a million businesses since 1991, and it’s still the perfect choice for some business owners today. That said, it has some real limitations and isn’t immune to complaints in the era of modern, streamlined, cloud-based software.

Palo Alto designed LivePlan to address the limitations of Business Plan Pro, and it shows in their customer reviews. Check out their rating breakdown on Shopper Approved:

Liveplan.com Reviews

Doesn’t get much better than 96% satisfaction. Check out a couple of the testimonials they feature on their website:

" LivePlan is awesome. I love what you guys are doing. You actually helped my startup win a national business plan competition! I've created a business plan by scratch on my own before and I was able to GREATLY reduce the time it took me to complete it using LivePlan. "
“ LivePlan set me off on the right trajectory at the earliest, most critical stages of conceptualizing and launching my business. The experience of using LivePlan was actually inspirational, as it kept me laser-focused on my company’s potential. With my initial plan complete, I now have a “compass” to constantly refer back to to keep me on track for growth and remind me of great ideas I intend to pursue. ”

Frankly, there’s not much else to say about LivePlan’s customer reviews. They’re pretty flawless all around.

Pricing Differences

Below is a screenshot comparing Business Plan Pro and LivePlan’s pricing and features. Give it a glance:

Business Plan Pro Pricing

  • Two downloadable packages: Standard and Premier.
  • One-time payment of $99.95 or $159.95.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on either package.
  • The extra $60 for Premier gives you the ability to copy from Excel, create hypothetical cash-flow scenarios, access their management dashboard, and a couple other perks.

To get a sense of what the software looks like on the inside, here’s Business Plan Pro’s Profit and Loss page:

Business Plan Pro Software

  • Monthly or annual payments. Month-to-month costs $19.95/mo, annual costs $11.66/mo.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Everything from BPP’s Premier package, plus a performance scoreboard, collaboration capabilities, higher data protection, and more.
  • No need to download the software to your computer.

For a comparison of Business Plan Pro and LivePlan’s aesthetic, here’s what LivePlan’s Profit and Loss section looks like:

Liveplan Profit-loss

Check out our comprehensive LivePlan Review for a more thorough examination of LivePlan’s pricing and features.

Which Should You Choose?

Business Plan Pro and LivePlan are two of the most reliable business planning software options.

Together they’ve helped around 2 million businesses get on track. However, if you’re looking for cloud-based software, easy collaboration, month-to-month payments, or any other valuable features Business Plan Pro doesn’t offer, LivePlan  is your best bet. Palo Alto Software is re-focusing their attention and putting their best foot forward.

Try LivePlan & Get 25% Off Try LivePlan for 60 days risk free

Business Plan Pro vs LivePlan Review: A Comparative Study

hero image with laptop

Business Plan Pro vs. LivePlan: Ultimate Review

Planning for your business is a tough process, whether your organization is small, medium, or large in size. There are so many processes that need to be managed that it can be hard for us humans to keep everything together!

For this reason, Palo Alto Software has created 2 very powerful business planning tools for entrepreneurs all over the world. They are both equipped with sophisticated mechanisms to prepare daily, weekly, monthly, and annual financial reports for your organization.


The included templates and video tutorials help you to understand how those reports are generated. With that being said, you can learn to become the best entrepreneur as you go!

In this review, we have analyzed both the software thoroughly and come up with our conclusion regarding their functionality and performance.

Based on our analysis, we think that LivePlan is a more advanced and functional organizational planning software since it champions Business Plan Pro when it comes to customer service, supported languages, reporting features, step-by-step tutorials, awards received, file importing, operating system compatibility, and platform design.

Business Plan Pro

Do you want to assess the truth for yourself? Then, let’s go through this ultimate review together!

Our main goal at EduReviewer is to make your life easier by showing you the WiseBusinessPlans.com review on the market today.

Overall Comparison of BusinessPlanPro vs. LivePlan

Key features of the software.

When we say key features of a business planning software, we think about ease of use, easy instructions, the privacy of data, proper content management, accurate data generation, language preferences, and ongoing customer support.

Do you think the Business Plan Pro or LivePlan can meet all these criteria to help company owners ace their game in the industry? We can only find out by going through the key features that have been addressed here under each software.

Business Plan Pro - Features

business plan pro vs liveplan

  • Different Plans
  • Lesson Tutorials
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Language Preference
  • Areas of Improvement

business plan pro vs liveplan

  • Customer Support
  • Top Performing Budgeting Software in Capterra Shortlist 2022
  • Top Performing Financial Reporting Software in Capterra Shortlist 2021
  • Emerging Favorite Budgeting Software in Capterra Shortlist 2021

Main Features

Having said that, the main features of LivePlan comprise fundraising management, social sharing, step-by-step wizard, pitch presentation, investor management, financial templates, financial modelling, dashboard, and collaboration tools.

While you are entering data on the software, the walk-through process makes it easy for newbies to get the hang of organizational and financial management. The data input can also interact with one another by keeping track of all the information and showing impacts in the reports.

Besides, a comprehensive instructional video tutorial is available on YouTube, where you can freely learn how to use the tool in a period of 1 hour. To check it out, below is the video for your convenience recorded by Tim Berry.

LivePlan also offers a 35-day or 60-day money-back guarantee for customers depending on which site you are purchasing it from. Organizational management can be tough for people who have never gone to business school. For this reason, the money-back guarantee option is available.

You don’t have to be a full-fledged English speaker to use LivePlan. The software can currently support 6 languages, which are US English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian. You can prepare the report in your language and then let the software convert it to another language for reporting!

Even though it seems that LivePlan is an invincible tool that can do anything, it has its own limitations. Without a stable internet connection, you can’t use this tool on your personal computer. Since there is no mobile app introduced, a lack of portability is an issue.

Furthermore, you can’t use this program for large enterprises. Therefore, once your organization grows, you have to switch to a different management planning software.

Customer support and step-by-step video tutorials are not available in the Business Plan Pro, but they are in LivePlan. There are documents, webinars, and tutorials available for entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to use the management tool properly.

Unless you are a financial expert, it may get tough to understand some of the terms that are commonly used in the market and industry. So, be prepared to get familiar with these terms, or else you will struggle to make good use of this precious tool.

Pricing Comparison

In this section, we will look at the pricing comparison of Business Plan Pro and LivePlan which were both developed by Palo Alto Software. Even though they share the same developer, there are significant differences between them.

Let’s find out which pricing plan is suitable for your organizational needs!

Business Plan Pro

With the Business Plan Pro, you just have to purchase the software once and there is no need for subscription payments. If you are already familiar with the benefits of the Business Plan Pro, then just get the software right away and don’t worry about paying anything later on!

You can use the services of LivePlan if you pay $20 for the software every month. It may appear cheap at first. But when you compare the annual cost against the Business Plan Pro, LivePlan is more expensive. The annual cost of LivePlan is $240.

LivePlan is a better plan for you if you want to test out the waters by purchasing the monthly subscription programs. You can opt out when you feel like the software is no longer working for you.

Quality of Software and Value for Money

Since both the Business Plan Pro and LivePlan have been designed by the same developer, you will find a lot of features in the tools that resemble each other. Regardless, the differences are also noticeable if you do your assignment properly!

Therefore, we have to really investigate the functions of each software if we are to reach a conclusion about software quality and value for money.

Since updates and customer support are no longer available on the Business Plan Pro, you have to work with the elements and templates that are already present in the purchased software. It is a desktop program that only works on Windows, but can help you to strategize, manage, and launch operational strategies to hit the top!

With the intention of guiding new entrepreneurs, the software provides step-by-step directions to create an organizational strategy. You can follow management templates and get answers to the most important questions from the software.

Having said that, one of the best features of the organizational planning software is its user-friendly platform. The software has 500 samples of business plans from top companies in the industry, so you can follow their lead in dealing with difficult situations!

Furthermore, the software includes marketing tools that assist you in analyzing different industry profiles so you can compare your company’s performance within a target market.

business plan pro vs liveplan

[Business Plan Pro Market Analysis]


[Business Plan Pro Profit and Loss]

LivePlan also has the same background and features as the Business Plan Pro. But there are additional benefits to using this organizational planning tool over the other.

If you are a novice entrepreneur, then this is the software that will help you create professional organizational strategies that will remain 100% safe and accessible at all times!

The software will help you create your perfect proposition from 10 fully-customizable templates. You can also import your financial information from QuickBooks and Xero!

Moreover, the lock feature on the managerial planning software is very useful as it saves all the data that you are working on immediately to prevent loss of information. This feature also prevents your employees from working on the same section.


[LivePlan Financial Data Generation]


[LivePlan Financial Forecasting]

Main Advantages: Business Plan Pro and LivePlan

We have learned a lot about the basic features, software quality, and pricing offers of the Business Plan Pro and LivePlan. Now that you have a decent idea about these 2 programs, here is a list of advantages of each to refresh your memory.

  • It operates on both Windows and Mac personal computers.
  • Since this program has been in the market since 1991, it has more experience in the industry compared to LivePlan which is comparatively new.
  • There is no need for recurring payment with the Business Plan Pro. Just buy it once for a reasonable price, and then you are set for life!
  • Whether you are purchasing the Standard version or the Premier version, you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee offer.
  • Receive tons of educational content from the business expert Tim Berry while using this program for business success!
  • The program helps you create a marketing and strategic road map for your business.
  • It saves you money because you don’t have to hire expensive employees to create your strategic, marketing, and financial reports.
  • You can update previous business plans to keep up with changing times.
  • You can prepare all types of reports for your business without needing expensive to hire expensive employees.
  • The default mechanism in the program creates accurate forecasts and reports.
  • Step-by-step instructions are provided through video tutorials so that you won’t get confused by the software.
  • This tool is all you need to help you fund, plan, manage, and take your business to the next level.
  • You can sync Xero, Quickbooks, and Excel with LivePlan to pull out actual accounting data without doing it manually.
  • The presentations and reports generated from the program can be shared with investors, lenders, and your team members for strategic planning.

Main Disadvantages: Business Plan Pro and LivePlan

Now, let’s look at all the drawbacks of using the services of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro.

  • Many new business owners are unable to answer the questions the software throws at them. Therefore, the business plan remains incomplete.
  • Technical jargons in the software, such as investment offering and break-even analysis are too difficult for some novice entrepreneurs to understand.
  • Unlike LivePlan, Business Plan Pro is not cloud-based and can’t be accessed from everywhere.
  • This business planning software is only compatible with Windows. Therefore, if you are using any other operating system, you won’t be able to use its services.
  • The design of the software is not as modern and sleek as the layout of LivePlan.
  • Currently, there are no apps available for this software.
  • Updates and customer support are no longer available on the Business Plan Pro.
  • You can use this program in 5 languages.
  • No matter how efficient LivePlan is since it is a cloud-based platform, it has a major drawback. You can’t use it without a strong internet connection.
  • You must create a new business plan with the guidance of the given templates as you can’t replicate any existing organizational strategies.
  • You may not be able to cancel the subscription once you sign up with the business management software.
  • The software mechanism may be too complex for regular business owners to comprehend.
  • There is no mobile app developed for this software.
  • Unlike the Business Plan Pro, large enterprises can’t use the services of LivePlan.
  • It is available in 6 languages.

Verdict: So, LivePlan or Business Plan Pro?

Therefore, our final verdict is that LivePlan is a better business planning software than Business Plan Pro, especially in customer service support through live chat or phone number, a higher number of supported languages, reporting features, file importing, platform design, step-by-step wizard for tutorials, operating system compatibility, and the number of awards received.

In a nutshell, LivePlan surpasses Business Plan Pro in terms of pricing structure, functionality, customer support, and instructional walkthroughs. Additionally, you need to have at least some knowledge of business management if you want to use any of this software. Otherwise, this software was not designed for dummies!

Is LivePlan better than Business Plan Pro in terms of security?

In terms of security, both LivePlan and Business Plan Pro are excellent. There is little chance of your data getting lost with any of these tools if you save them correctly. On another note, LivePlan has a better mechanism in place for saving data immediately after input.

What’s better- Business Plan Pro vs. LivePlan?

After running a thorough analysis of the performance of these tools, we think LivePlan is a better organizational planning software because it offers supportive customer service, step-by-step tutorials on how to use the software, saves all your data on a cloud platform, and supports more languages than Business Plan Pro.

Are there more business planning software like LivePlan and Business Plan Pro?

Yes, LivePlan and Business Plan Pro software have a lot of competition in the strategic management software market. Their rivals are Planful, Vena, Causal, Jirav, Spendesk, Aha!, IdeaBuddy, and more!

What type of businesses are good for the Business Plan Pro and LivePlan?

Both the Business Plan Pro and LivePlan are good for most types of businesses that need adequate financial and strategic management to operate. Business Plan Pro can be used for businesses of all sizes. However, LivePlan can only be used for small and medium-sized organizations.

How many employees can access and use LivePlan at the same time?

LivePlan can be used by 2 contributors and an unlimited number of guests. For this reason, you can share your data with your colleagues, employees, and partners without jamming the system! Guests can view and comment, but the contributors can access and edit anything!

How do I find a sample plan on the Business Plan Pro?

The Business Plan Pro has a database of 500 sample plans that you can access by clicking on the Sample Plans icon located at the top of the window. You will surely find a sample proposition that comes close to your desired business proposition for examples and idea generation.

business plan pro vs liveplan

The article might contain sources leading to services or blogs, which are our partners. And being affiliated with them, we may earn commissions if you buy one of their products or services. You can learn about that here .

business plan pro vs liveplan


Business Plan Pro vs. LivePlan

Are you shopping for the best financial software? Trying to figure out if Business Plan Pro or LivePlan is ideal for your organization? Use this tool to see how they compare in terms of feature sets, reviews, support, and more.

With a rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 1 reviewers, Business Plan Pro exceeds LivePlan's average of 4.6 stars from 106 reviews. Both exceed the category average of 2.5 stars. But what about the features these solutions provide? With 106 features, Business Plan Pro has a major gap compared with LivePlan, which has 144 features. It should be noted that the category average is 211 features. Of course, you can't simply consider the ratings or number of features—it doesn't matter how many features are offered if something that's critical to your work is not on that list.

For example, Business Plan Pro offers scheduled / automated reports and LivePlan offers the internationalization feature. Other software options in our financial directory offer labeling, so consider adding a few more products to this comparison or return to our searchable list if your team can't live without that feature. That being said, if any of the features you need are not supported by Business Plan Pro or LivePlan, there may be plug-ins or integrations that provide those capabilities.

Whether or not Business Plan Pro or LivePlan is the best financial option for you cannot be established by simply looking at ratings and the number of features each offers. Although that is certainly useful information, it doesn't tell you how well either option will work for youmdashthat depends on whether they support the capabilities you need for success, whether they integrate with your other tools, what level of support is offered, and pricing options. You'll find that information listed below, along with the average size of the organizations that use Business Plan Pro and LivePlan. Of course you can't overlook the importance of user reviews, which you'll find detailed on the Business Plan Pro and LivePlan product pages.

Business Plan Pro

  • One-Time Purchase
  • Request a quote
  • Subscription
  • DACH Region
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle-East and Africa
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • Republic of Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • The Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Client Onboarding
  • Email Service Within 24 Hours
  • Email Support
  • Internal Ticketing
  • Knowledge base
  • Online Support
  • Phone support
  • Professional Services & Custom Paid Support
  • Video tutorials
  • Documentation
  • Live Online
  • Web Conference
  • YouTube Channel


  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Access control
  • Accounting Integration
  • Accounting management
  • Action Item Tracking
  • Activity dashboard
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Annual Budgets
  • Assignment Management
  • Automatic Charts And Spreadsheets
  • Automatic notifications
  • Balance Sheet
  • Benchmarking
  • Budget Management
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Plan Creator
  • Business Plan Templates
  • Capacity Planning
  • Capital Asset Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Cash Management
  • Chart of accounts
  • Cloud-based
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commenting / Notes
  • Consolidation/Roll-Up
  • Contact & Account Management
  • Content Library
  • Cost Analysis
  • Custom Reporting
  • Customizable Reports
  • Customizable Templates
  • Customization
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Connectors
  • Data Import and Export Tools
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Visualization
  • Data export
  • Data import
  • Deadline Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Expense Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Calculators
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Projections
  • Financial Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Templates
  • Forecasting
  • Functions/Calculations
  • Fundraising Management
  • Goal management
  • Goal setting & tracking
  • Idea Management
  • Identify Demand
  • Income & Balance Sheet
  • Integration
  • Integration/APIs
  • Integrations
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Internationalization
  • Investor Management
  • Invoice Customization
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Lean Management
  • Manage Resources
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Monitor Cash Positions
  • Monthly Rolling Forecast
  • Multi-Department/Project
  • Multi-currency
  • Organization Management
  • Output Document Generation
  • Performance Metrics
  • Pitch Presentation
  • Planning Tools
  • Pricing & Discounts
  • Private Dashboards
  • Product & Price List Management
  • Production Plans
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Progress Reports
  • Progress Tracking
  • Project Templates
  • Project management
  • Projections
  • Purchase Orders
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Real Time Data
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Real-time analytics
  • Real-time data dashboard
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reconciliations
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Reporting Templates
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Roadmapping
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • SSL security
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Reports
  • Scenario Planning
  • Scheduled / Automated Reports
  • Search/Filter
  • Social Sharing
  • Status Tracking
  • Step-by-Step Wizard
  • Strategic planning
  • Task management
  • Template Management
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Visual analytics
  • Workflow Capability
  • Workflow management

Consult our pre-made In-Depth Comparison Reports

  • Tips and Ideas
  • Online Business
  • Work From Home
  • Business Development

' title=

LivePlan vs. Business Plan Pro: Which Business Planning Software Reigns Supreme?

business plan pro vs liveplan

Do you want to chart a course for your company’s success? Business planning software is both appealing and overwhelming, with a plethora of options to choose from. LivePlan and Business Plan Pro stand out as two of the industry’s most powerful players in this dynamic environment. Which of these tools truly takes the crown when it comes to helping your business thrive ?

In simple terms, LivePlan and Business Plan Pro are two distinct paths to the same destination: creating a solid business plan. We’ll look at these platforms’ features, pricing models, user experiences, and so on in this article. By the time you finish reading, you will be armed with the insights you need to make an informed decision about which tool is best for your entrepreneurial journey.

By unraveling the layers of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, we’ll discover that there’s more at stake here than just software; it’s about laying the groundwork for a business’s success. If you’re ready to take a tour of the business planning software landscape, get your seatbelt fastened and get ready to explore LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, where every click, calculation, and collaboration can change the trajectory of your business. Please let us know what tool is right for your company’s goals and aspirations by reviewing it.

Features and Functionality Comparison

In the realm of business planning software, the Features and Functionality Comparison between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro serves as a decisive battleground, where distinctive attributes set the stage for entrepreneurial success. LivePlan emerges as a beacon of user-friendliness, guiding users through a seamless interface and navigation experience that transforms the intricate task of business planning into a fluid journey. With a sense of intuitiveness that speaks to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, LivePlan transcends the complexities, ensuring that crafting a strategic blueprint for success becomes an accessible endeavor.

The true allure of LivePlan, however, extends beyond its ease of use. Within its arsenal lies a suite of Comprehensive Financial Forecasting Tools that embolden businesses to peer into the future with remarkable clarity. These tools stand as the compass that guides financial planning , projecting revenue, expenses, and growth trajectories with uncanny precision. For the discerning entrepreneur, the ability to navigate the tumultuous tides of finances and confidently steer the ship of their enterprise becomes a transformative experience that can lay the foundation for unrivaled accomplishments.

One of LivePlan’s cornerstones is its Collaboration and Team-Sharing Capabilities, epitomizing the modern ethos of connectivity and cooperation. Entrepreneurs, often spanning geographic divides, can converge on a singular digital platform, harmoniously sculpting the contours of a business plan that melds diverse expertise. This synergy crystallizes in real-time as ideas converge, iterate, and coalesce into a cohesive vision, all within the confines of LivePlan’s digital realm.

Integration with Accounting Software elevates LivePlan to a realm of convenience that is emblematic of innovation in the digital age. The seamless fusion of business planning with financial management establishes a symbiotic relationship, erasing the arduous lines that once demarcated these realms. This interconnectedness, a hallmark of LivePlan’s prowess, equips entrepreneurs with an unprecedented vantage point, enabling them to juxtapose business projections against actual financial performance seamlessly.

But the narrative doesn’t end there, for LivePlan doesn’t merely envision business plans ; it actualizes them through its Interactive Pitch and Presentation Features. Every entrepreneur knows the pivotal importance of compelling storytelling, and LivePlan weaves this into its very fabric. A dynamic pitch presentation, replete with visuals, charts, and graphs, breathes life into an otherwise static document. This ingenious feature begets an immersive experience that engages potential stakeholders, casting a spell that is difficult to resist.

Meanwhile, Business Plan Pro commands its own domain, fortified by a Robust Library of Sample Business Plans. In the realm of business strategy, learning from precedent can be as enlightening as forging anew. These samples, representing an array of industries and success stories, furnish budding entrepreneurs with a treasure trove of insights, offering a glimpse into the thought processes of those who have treaded the path before.

Business Plan Pro is the maestro of Industry-Specific Templates and Guidance. The diversity of industries demands a nuanced approach, and this software rises to the challenge. Immaculately tailored templates, suffused with industry-relevant metrics and nuances, instill a sense of direction that is second to none. Entrepreneurs are guided by a mentor in the digital ether, a presence that whispers sage advice at every keystroke.

Amidst the technical symphony, Business Plan Pro carves a crescendo with its Advanced Financial Analysis Tools. The art of prognostication becomes a science, as this software dissects financial data with surgical precision. Cash flow projections, balance sheets, and income statements unveil themselves, a tableau of possibilities that allow entrepreneurs to dissect and optimize every fiscal facet.

Export and Compatibility Options metamorphose Business Plan Pro into an emissary of flexibility, ensuring that strategic blueprints aren’t shackled to a single domain. The power of portability grants the entrepreneur the liberty to traverse between digital realms, bringing their meticulously crafted plans to life across diverse platforms and devices.

Customization unfurls its wings through Customizable Charts, Graphs, and Visuals, a facet that empowers entrepreneurs to infuse their plans with a distinct identity. The power to visualize data in a manner that mirrors their vision offers a personal touch, amplifying the narrative impact when courting investors, partners, and stakeholders.

In the grand tapestry of business planning, the Features and Functionality Comparison between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro unfurls as a duet, where each note strikes a unique resonance. The symphony of tools, features, and capabilities orchestrates a harmonious narrative, enabling entrepreneurs to pen the saga of their business with eloquence and precision, destined for prominence in the annals of commerce.

Pricing and Value Proposition

In the dynamic arena of business planning solutions , the Pricing and Value Proposition offered by LivePlan and Business Plan Pro stand as pivotal touchpoints for discerning entrepreneurs seeking a compass to navigate the intricate seas of commerce. LivePlan unveils an array of Subscription-Based Pricing Tiers, each a gateway to a treasure trove of strategic insights and tools. This multi-tiered approach mirrors the nuanced needs of businesses, ensuring that whether you’re a startup with modest aspirations or a medium-sized enterprise with grand designs, there’s a pricing tier tailored to your scope.

In a landscape where fiscal prudence is paramount, LivePlan emerges as a beacon of sensibility. Cost-Effective for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, it negates the notion that sophisticated planning tools are the exclusive domain of corporate giants. For the ambitious entrepreneur operating within the confines of a lean budget, LivePlan extends a helping hand, offering a value-laden passport to comprehensive business planning that won’t break the bank.

Diving deeper, LivePlan’s Value-Added Features such as Benchmarking and Progress Tracking amplify its allure. The art of business is a perpetual evolution, and these tools act as navigational beacons. Benchmarking, a time-honored practice of juxtaposing performance against industry standards, fosters an environment of perpetual improvement. Progress Tracking breathes life into business plans, transforming static blueprints into living documents, charting a course toward goals with the precision of a compass needle.

On the other side of the ring, Business Plan Pro enters with a flourish, its One-Time Purchase Pricing Model resonating with those who seek a lifetime of planning prowess encapsulated within a singular investment. The power of ownership stands tall, and Business Plan Pro wears the mantle of affordability without compromise. In a world often dominated by subscriptions, this one-time model offers a refreshing alternative, inviting businesses to enter the realm of strategic planning with a sense of permanence.

Diversity in business breeds diversity in needs, and Business Plan Pro caters adeptly to this truth. Suitable for Businesses with Diverse Needs and Budgets, it morphs into a chameleon that adapts to each entrepreneur’s vision. Whether you’re a startup, an established player, or a niche enterprise, Business Plan Pro beckons with an embrace that accommodates all.

The allure of Business Plan Pro doesn’t halt at its core offering; it blossoms through Additional Add-Ons for Industry Research and Market Analysis. The terrain of business is often navigated by insights, and these add-ons act as treasure maps, unveiling nuggets of wisdom that can alter the trajectory of your enterprise. They transform Business Plan Pro into a haven for those who seek a comprehensive arsenal of tools, underpinned by diligent research and insightful analysis.

In this bout between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, the Pricing and Value Proposition becomes a tapestry woven with threads of accessibility, prudence, and comprehensiveness. It’s a tale of two approaches: LivePlan extending a hand to usher businesses into the realm of strategic planning with flexibility and modernity, and Business Plan Pro standing firm as a bastion of ownership and diversity. As entrepreneurs gaze upon this tableau, the choice between these two becomes a pivotal decision in the symphony of their business journey, shaping the trajectory of their dreams and aspirations.

User Experience and Customer Support

In the realm of business planning software, the User Experience and Customer Support offered by LivePlan and Business Plan Pro emerge as the bedrock upon which entrepreneurs’ dreams are meticulously sculpted. LivePlan unfurls an onboarding process akin to a welcoming embrace, guiding users through a labyrinth of possibilities with the finesse of a trusted mentor. The journey commences with an Intuitive Onboarding Process and Tutorials, a symphony of interactive guides that dissipate the fog of ambiguity, ensuring that even novices traverse this digital landscape with the confidence of seasoned navigators.

Promptness and responsiveness are the hallmarks of LivePlan’s Customer Support. In the tumultuous sea of business, where every second counts, LivePlan’s customer support stands tall as a beacon of reliability. The resolute commitment to attend to users’ queries and concerns with alacrity serves as a testament to LivePlan’s dedication to ensuring that entrepreneurs are never alone on their journey.

Regular Software Updates and Improvements unfurl as a tapestry of innovation woven into the very fabric of LivePlan. In a digital realm where stagnation spells obsolescence, LivePlan’s commitment to evolution renders it a perpetual breath of fresh air. This steady stream of enhancements is a testament to LivePlan’s veneration of progress, an unspoken pact with its users that their experience will continue to mature and expand.

On the opposing side of this stage, Business Plan Pro ushers newcomers onto a learning curve that stands as a rite of passage, akin to ascending the summit of a mountaintop. While seasoned entrepreneurs might relish the ascent, those venturing into the realm of business planning for the first time might find themselves traversing the contours of this curve with diligence and determination. It’s a testament to Business Plan Pro’s depth and complexity, a journey that ultimately bestows invaluable insights upon those who embark upon it.

Mixed Customer Support Experiences are the whispers carried on the winds of discourse, a chorus of anecdotes that hints at the diverse spectrum of encounters users might have. While the tales are variegated, they serve as a reminder that the path of customer support, much like business itself, can be a tale of contrasts. Yet, within this medley of voices lies an opportunity for growth, as Business Plan Pro endeavors to enhance its support experience and refine its harmony.

An undercurrent of Historical Reputation for Reliability and Stability courses through Business Plan Pro’s veins. Like the grand oak in a forest, Business Plan Pro stands as a testament to longevity and unswerving solidity. It carries a lineage of users who have charted their course guided by its sturdy framework, weathering the storms of economic shifts and industry upheavals.

In this juxtaposition of User Experience and Customer Support, LivePlan and Business Plan Pro unveil distinct personas that cater to different facets of the entrepreneurial spirit. LivePlan paints a portrait of guidance and accessibility, where the user is ushered through a journey marked by intuition and innovation. Business Plan Pro, on the other hand, stands as an enigma of depth and historical resilience, where users are invited to delve into a trove of experience and stability.

In the grand tapestry of business planning software, the User Experience and Customer Support tale is one of contrasts and complements, a narrative where each platform beckons to a distinct segment of entrepreneurs, whispering promises of support and growth. The choice between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro dances on the stage of individual preferences and priorities, with both platforms poised to guide entrepreneurs toward their aspirations, transforming their visions into meticulously crafted blueprints for success.

Integration and Compatibility

In the dynamic realm of business planning software, the Integration and Compatibility facet unveils a crucial juncture where the technological landscape intersects with the entrepreneurial journey. LivePlan steps onto this stage with an offering that mirrors the modern ethos of interconnectedness. Its Integration with QuickBooks and Xero signals a seamless bridge between business planning and financial management, allowing entrepreneurs to steer the ship of their enterprise with both hands firmly on the wheel. This synergy fosters a harmony where financial data flows effortlessly, empowering entrepreneurs to paint an accurate picture of their business’s fiscal health.

Furthermore, LivePlan’s Cloud-Based Platform is a testament to accessibility without compromise. In a world where entrepreneurs are often on the move, tethered to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, LivePlan’s cloud-based model becomes a conduit to continuity. The ability to access and amend business plans from various devices transcends the realm of convenience, underpinning the axiom that innovation empowers the entrepreneurial spirit.

While LivePlan excels in many domains, it does chart a boundary in terms of third-party integrations. The ecosystem of partnerships is discerningly curated, a deliberate choice that may align with a minimalist approach to software integration. This limitation, while potentially restrictive to some, underscores LivePlan’s commitment to precision and focus, steering clear of a labyrinthine sprawl of third-party connections.

On the opposing side of this technological tango, Business Plan Pro unfurls as a paragon of stability, albeit with a distinct flavor. The Offline Software with Limited Cloud Options is an embodiment of a traditional ethos, a digital haven for those who find comfort in the offline realm. While the cloud has revolutionized how data traverses the digital universe, Business Plan Pro remains a staunch advocate for an alternative approach. This choice, while distinct, pays homage to the preferences of users who are wary of overreliance on the cloud.

Business Plan Pro’s Compatibility with Windows Operating Systems is a symphony of cohesion, ensuring that the software finds a home in an ecosystem that thrives on familiarity. The seamless integration within the Windows realm underlines a commitment to optimizing user experience within a specific domain, an alignment that can be pivotal for those deeply entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Yet, the path of Business Plan Pro is not without its challenges, particularly in the realm of Compatibility for Mac Users. The inherent differences between operating systems unveil potential hurdles for those who traverse the Mac landscape. It’s a reminder that while Business Plan Pro resonates harmoniously with Windows, it might require a bit more maneuvering for those who find solace within the Apple realm.

As entrepreneurs weigh the Integration and Compatibility dimensions of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, a tale of duality unfolds. LivePlan embraces the cloud and ushers in a symphony of connectivity, armed with strategic integrations that resonate with the rhythm of modern business . Business Plan Pro, in contrast, stands as a steadfast anchor, catering to those who find sanctuary in the traditional and seek compatibility within familiar domains.

In this intricate dance between innovation and stability, entrepreneurs are invited to determine where their allegiance lies, in a realm where accessibility and familiarity intermingle. The choice between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro becomes a deliberation that transcends mere functionality, shaping the contours of an entrepreneur’s journey and guiding them toward a harmonious crescendo of strategic planning and business growth.

Case Studies and Success Stories

In the ever-evolving landscape of business planning software, the testament of efficacy lies in the Case Studies and Success Stories that unravel the narrative tapestry of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro. LivePlan unfurls a gallery of triumphs, each brushstroke a highlight of Businesses that Achieved Success using LivePlan. These case studies are a testament to the transformative power of strategic planning , a testament that business aspirations, once mere reveries, can be translated into tangible victories.

The canvas widens as LivePlan Showcases Real-World Applications and Outcomes, painting a portrait where abstract concepts find form in the concrete realm of entrepreneurship. These vignettes chronicle the metamorphosis of ideas into tangible businesses, the distillation of ambition into pragmatic steps. It’s a symphony of insights that strikes a chord of resonance within aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a glimpse into what’s possible when vision is paired with the right tools.

Testimonials echo across this gallery, voices of Entrepreneurs who Streamlined their Planning Process with LivePlan. These are not just words on a page; they’re the timbre of lived experiences that resonate with the hopes and dreams of those who tread the path of business. These voices are a chorus of affirmation, a testament that LivePlan is more than a tool—it’s an enabler of success stories waiting to be told.

Turning our gaze to Business Plan Pro, we encounter instances where this software played a Crucial Role, propelling businesses from ideation to fruition. These narratives are a tableau of diversity, where the curtain rises on businesses spanning industries and scales. From the budding startup to the seasoned enterprise, Business Plan Pro stands as the common thread that weaves strategy into success, allowing each to carve their unique narrative in the annals of commerce.

The chronicle deepens as Business Plan Pro Showcases Diverse Industries and Business Scales, a vivid portrayal that strategic planning is an art form adaptable to all canvases. From tech startups to culinary ventures, these stories underscore that the language of business transcends domains. Through the lens of Business Plan Pro, industries intertwine, converging toward a single focal point: the pursuit of success through meticulous planning.

Embedded within this narrative mosaic are the Insights from Long-Term Users and their Business Growth Journey. These sagas traverse time, offering glimpses into the evolution of both software and business. The voices of those who have journeyed with Business Plan Pro resonate with a resonance that encapsulates the symbiosis between tool and entrepreneur. It’s an ode to longevity, where software acts as a steadfast companion on a voyage marked by growth, expansion, and resilience.

As we traverse the realms of LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, the Case Studies and Success Stories paint a vivid tableau of entrepreneurial dreams translated into tangible victories. LivePlan’s narrative brims with businesses that found their compass in its features, while Business Plan Pro stands as a steadfast ally for diverse ventures. These narratives, intertwined like brushstrokes on a canvas, invite entrepreneurs to step into a world where the amalgamation of vision and strategy serves as a testament to the boundless potential of human enterprise.

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business plan pro vs liveplan


' title=


Business Plan Pro Vs Live Plan: Which is the Best

By: Author Tony Martins Ajaero

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A business plan is one of the most important tools for business planning. It serves not only as a blueprint but also as a control mechanism for your business. However, not everyone has a background in business or financial management and certainly; and not everyone knows <a title="Writing a Business Plan for Investors – Sample Template" how to write a business plan.

You may even be able to write the theoretical aspects but many people get lost when it comes to writing financial forecasts and budgets and since hiring a business plan writing consultant is not in any way cheap, people often have no other choice but to invest in business plan writing software.

A business plan writing software takes the stress for you and makes your business plan writing an automated process; all you have to do is input your facts and figure, all the other aspects would be taken care of and you can write as many business plans as you want without stress.

There are different business plan writing software in the market but all business plan writing software are not born equal; some are superior to others. On the list of superior business plan writing software are two popular software:

  • Business Plan Pro

Since you have to choose one out of these market leaders, we have decided to provide you with some information to make it easier for you to make your decision. When you are done reading this article, you would be able to decide on the best and most suitable business plan writing software for you. Let’s start with the similarities of both software-:

Business Plan Pro Vs Live Plan – 9 Similarities

A. ability to customize your currency.

Unlike most business plan writing software that only has dollars, pounds and euro as default currencies, you can customize your currencies and input the symbol to be used. If you have to write your figures in Naira, USDollars, Pounds, Euro for instance, you can always customize both softwares to accommodate your currency sign.

b. Ability to customize your business plan outline

Both softwares come with in-built business plan outline to make it easier for you to write your business plan without stress but if at some point you feel that you want to tweak your business plan outline a little to suit your own specific needs, you can always do that on Business plan pro as well as Live Plan.

c. Unlimited Plans

You can write as many plans as you want using either of the softwares. You can also find free samples on both softwares to guide you on how to write your business plan or what your business plan should look like especially if you are a first timer.

d. Time saving

Both softwares also make it easy for you to write your business plan easily without wasting time.

e. Video Tutorials

If you want to learn how to use the software, you would find video tutorials o both platforms that can teach you how to use the softwares. You would also get free support on both platforms.

f. Export of Business Plan

You can export your business plan to any other platform you like such as Excel, Word or any other document processor.

g. Comprehensive Financials

Investors are always very concerned with the financial projections in your business plan and both softwares provide you with tools for writing comprehensive financial projections.

h. Dashboard

You would also find a dashboard where you can track your performance on both softwares.

i. Money Back Guarantees

You are also offered sixty days money back guarantee on both platforms.

Business Plan Pro Vs Live Plan: Which is the best – Differences

As much as there are lots of similarities, there are also a lot of differences between both business plan writing softwares-:

1. Installation

Business plan pro can be bought and installed on your computer for a one-off payment of $199.95 for its premier version and $99.95 for its complete version but LivePlan is a web-based application that can only be used online.

You can have access to Live Plan for only $19.95 per month. Live Plan is good for people who only need to write one business plan or write few business plans from time to time but for a professional or a business plan writing consultant, Business Plan Pro is more suitable option.

2. Working on a Mac

If you use a Mac, then don’t bother getting Business Plan Pro because it won’t work on a Mac. Instead, you should go for Live Plan which can work with a Mac.

3. Collaboration

Sometimes, you may have to work as a team to create a business plan. You cannot collaborate with others on Business Plan Pro but Live Plan offers you collaboration options. Also, Live Plan allows more than one person to work on a business plan at a time but this feature is unavailable on Business Plan Pro.

4. Data Importation to Excel

Do you have some data on excel that you would love to incorporate in your business plan? Then you should go for Business Plan Pro Premier because this feature is absent on Live Plan and Business Plan Pro Complete.

5. Data Exportation to Power Point

You may want to make presentations to your investors and partners using PowerPoint presentation but you cannot do this on Live Plan but thankfully, you can do it on Business Plan Pro.

6. Investment Offering Template

While there is an investment offering template on Business Plan Pro, there is none on Live Plan.

7. What-if Scenarios

You can flex your cash flows and perform ‘what if’ scenarios on Business Plan Pro but you cannot on Live Plan.

8. Affordability

Live Plan is more affordable but on the long run, it becomes more expensive than live plan pro.

In conclusion, you can write winning business plans on both software and to make a choice on the best option for you, you just have to make a list of all the features that you need for your business plan and then compare it with the features available on both software.

It is important to note however, that a business plan writing software would not <a title="How to Do Market Research for a New Business idea" conduct a marketing research or survey for you and to succeed in your new business, you need to <a title="How to Conduct a Feasibility Study" carry our extensive feasibility research. Therefore, it is advisable to first carry out your research and then incorporate your findings in your business plan using software.

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Бизнес-план Pro против Live-плана: что является лучшим

Бизнес-план является одним из наиболее важных инструментов для бизнес-планирования. Он служит не только планом, но и механизмом управления вашим бизнесом. Тем не менее, не все имеют опыт работы в сфере бизнеса или управления финансами и, конечно же; и не все знают, как написать бизнес-план .

Возможно, вам даже удастся написать теоретические аспекты, но многие люди теряются, когда речь заходит о написании финансовых прогнозов и бюджетов, а также после найма. Консультант по написанию бизнес-планов ни в коем случае не дешев, у людей часто нет другого выбора, кроме как инвестировать в программное обеспечение для написания бизнес-планов.

Программное обеспечение для написания бизнес-планов берет на себя стресс и заставляет ваш бизнес-план писать автоматизированный процесс; все, что вам нужно сделать, это ввести свои факты и цифры, все остальные аспекты будут учтены, и вы можете написать столько бизнес-планов, сколько захотите, без стресса.

На рынке существуют разные программы для написания бизнес-планов, но все программы для написания бизнес-планов не рождаются равными; некоторые превосходят других. В списке лучших программ для написания бизнес-планов есть два популярных программного обеспечения:

  • Business Plan Pro

, так как вам нужно выбрать одного из этих лидеров рынка Мы решили предоставить вам некоторую информацию, чтобы вам было легче принимать решение. Прочитав эту статью, вы сможете выбрать наиболее подходящее и подходящее программное обеспечение для написания бизнес-планов. Давайте начнем с сходства обоих программ:

Business Plan Pro против Live Plan — 9 сходств

a. Возможность настройки своей валюты: В отличие от большинства программ для написания бизнес-планов, в которых валютами по умолчанию являются только доллары, фунты и евро, вы можете настроить свои валюты и ввести символ, который будет использоваться. Если вам нужно написать свои цифры, например, в наирах, долларах США, фунтах, евро, вы всегда можете настроить оба программного обеспечения в соответствии со своим знаком валюты.

b.Возможность настроить схему вашего бизнес-плана: оба программного обеспечения имеют встроенную схему бизнес-плана, чтобы вам было легче писать бизнес-план без стресса, но если в какой-то момент вы чувствуете, что хотите настроить свой бизнес составьте план, который соответствует вашим конкретным потребностям, вы всегда можете сделать это в Business plan pro, а также в Live Plan.

c. Неограниченные планы -: вы можете написать любое количество планов, используя любое из программ. Вы также можете найти бесплатные образцы обоих программ, которые помогут вам составить свой бизнес-план или как должен выглядеть ваш бизнес-план, особенно если вы новичок.

d. Экономия времени — . Оба программного обеспечения также позволяют легко написать бизнес-план, не теряя времени.

e. Видеоруководства . Если вы хотите узнать, как использовать программное обеспечение, вы найдете видеоруководства для обеих платформ, которые могут научить вас использовать программное обеспечение. Вы также получите бесплатную поддержку на обеих платформах.

f. Экспорт бизнес-плана — . Вы можете экспортировать бизнес-план на любую другую понравившуюся вам платформу, например, Excel, Word или любой другой обработчик документов.

g.Полная финансовая отчетность -. Инвесторы всегда очень обеспокоены финансовыми прогнозами в вашем бизнес-плане, и оба программного обеспечения предоставляют вам инструменты для составления комплексных финансовых прогнозов.

h. Панель инструментов -: . Вы также найдете панель инструментов, где вы можете отслеживать свою производительность в обоих программах.

i. Гарантии возврата денег — . Вам также предлагается шестидесятидневная гарантия возврата денег на обеих платформах.

Business Plan Pro против Live Plan: что лучше — различия

Столько поскольку между этими двумя программами для написания бизнес-планов есть много общего, —

1. Установка: Business Plan Pro можно приобрести и установить на свой компьютер за единовременный платеж в размере 209,95 долларов США за его премьерную версию и 99,95 долларов США за его полную версию, но LivePlan — это веб-приложение, которое можно использовать только онлайн .

Вы можете иметь доступ к Live Plan всего за $ 20,95 в месяц. Live Plan подходит для людей, которым нужно только написать один бизнес-план или время от времени писать несколько бизнес-планов, но для профессионала или консультанта по написанию бизнес-плана Business Plan Pro является более подходящим вариантом.

2. Работа на Mac. . Если вы используете Mac, не беспокойтесь о приобретении Business Plan Pro, поскольку он не будет работать на Mac. Вместо этого вам следует перейти на Live Plan, который может работать с Mac.

3.Сотрудничество: иногда вам может потребоваться работать в команде для создания бизнес-плана. Вы не можете сотрудничать с другими в Business Plan Pro, но Live Plan предлагает вам варианты сотрудничества. Кроме того, Live Plan позволяет нескольким лицам одновременно работать над бизнес-планом, но эта функция недоступна в Business Plan Pro.

4. Импорт данных в Excel -: У вас есть данные по Excel, которые вы хотели бы включить в свой бизнес-план ? Затем вам следует перейти на Business Plan Pro Premier, поскольку эта функция отсутствует в Live Plan и Business Plan Pro Complete.

5. Экспорт данных в Power Point . Возможно, вы захотите делать презентации для своих инвесторов и партнеров, используя презентацию PowerPoint, но вы не можете сделать это в Live Plan, но, к счастью, вы можете сделать это в Business Plan Pro.

<сильный> 6. Шаблон инвестиционного предложения — . В Business Plan Pro существует шаблон инвестиционного предложения, а в Live Plan его нет.

7. Сценарии «что если»: вы можете сгибать денежные потоки и выполнять сценарии «что если» в Business Plan Pro, но не можете делать это в Live Plan.

8. Доступность — . Live Plan более доступен, но в долгосрочной перспективе он становится дороже, чем Live Plan Pro.

В заключение, вы можете написать выигрышные бизнес-планы для обоих программ и выбрать лучший вариант для вас, вам просто нужно составить список всех функций, которые вам нужны для вашего бизнес-плана, а затем сравните его с функциями, доступными в обоих программах.

Важно отметить, однако, что программное обеспечение для написания бизнес-планов не будет проводить маркетинговое исследование или опрос для вас и добиваться успеха в вашем В новом бизнесе вам необходимо провести наше обширное технико-экономическое исследование . Поэтому рекомендуется сначала провести исследование, а затем включить полученные результаты в свой бизнес-план с помощью программного обеспечения.

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Privacy overview.

Upmetrics AI Assistant: Simplifying Business Planning through AI-Powered Insights. Learn How


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Small business tools, strategic canvas templates, e-books, guides & more.


Customers Success Stories

Bizplan vs. liveplan: which is best for your business.

Bizplan vs. Liveplan

What is Bizplan Used For?

Bizplan is one of the leading business plan software helping startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners create business plans with direct access to planning experts.

This tool provides a guided business plan creator to streamline the writing process. This step-by-step builder breaks the tedious process into bite-sized pieces that you can actually complete.

Financial tools help create detailed projections and financial and cash flow statements in no time, so entrepreneurs can spend more time growing and scaling their businesses.

That’s not it. Once you’re done creating a business plan, you can directly share it with investors or use Fundable—their online fundraising platform, to raise capital for your business.

This platform has already helped raise over $500 million for startups.

Besides business & financial planning and fundraising tools, Bizplan provides guided courses on funding and direct access to a community of 20,000+ founders and experts.

Overall, Bizplan could be an excellent investment for startups and small businesses to create a comprehensive business plan. Still, it may lack in certain areas—like industry-specific guidance or assistance.

What is Liveplan Used For?

Liveplan is also a business planning and management software created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed through strategic business planning. With tools like Liveplan, creating a business plan takes only a few hours, which used to take several weeks to complete.

This tool simplifies professional business plan creation with its instruction manuals, tutorials, and expert guidance, whereas its automated financials built-in with formulas ensure precise financial forecasting. 

With its robust financial and budgeting capabilities, users can easily track financial projections, create and manage budgets, and track the company’s financial health. In contrast, AI assistance helps write or improve content using artificial intelligence.

Overall, Liveplan provides a comprehensive suite of features including one-page plans, budgeting, financial reporting, collaboration tools, AI assistance, automatic financials, and others to create a seamless business planning experience.

However, you may need to look for other Liveplan alternatives considering its steep learning, limited financial analysis capabilities, and limited integrations.

Best Suitable for

Start with $20.75

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small Businesses

liveplan logo

Start with $15

SMBs, Consultants, Educators.

business plan pro vs liveplan

Start with $7

Startups, SMBs, Consultants, Educators.

At a Glance

If you compare some of these tools’ basic but essential functionalities, you can certainly make a better decision. Looking at the comparison chart, it becomes apparent that both tools stand very closely to each other.

For instance, considering value for money and features, Bizplan and Liveplan are close. Although, when it comes to ease-of-use customer support, Liveplan seems slightly ahead of Bizplan.

Have a look at the user ratings of Bizplan vs. Liveplan along with Upmetrics to get a better understanding of all the tools.

Quick Comparison

Now let’s dive deeper to understand these tools better to see which comes on top, Bizplan or Liveplan. If we compare some of the essential aspects of these tools, it will become apparent that Bizplan and Liveplan have different strengths and weaknesses.

Bizplan looks a little pricey, with its packages starting from $20.75, compared to Liveplan, which costs $15. However, it has unlimited team members and workspaces, which justifies its high pricing.

When considering basic features associated with a business planning tool like business plan builder, financial forecasting, and business plan templates, both Bizplan and Liveplan have all of them.

Still, Bizplan lacks features like a one-page pitch builder, AI Assistance, and Strategic planning. Not having a free trial or a demo plan is another drawback for both tools. Bizplan seems ahead with email, chat, and call support compared to Liveplan, as it lacks call support.

It’s hard not to mention that Upmetrics provides all the features, including AI assistance, making an incredible Bizplan alternative at an unbelievable price!

You can compare all the notable features of Liveplan vs. Bizplan along with Upmetrics to see which one is better.

Biz plan icon

  • A Bizplan subscription includes access to self-guided courses, 650 expert masterclass videos , and 1,000+ how-to guides on business & financial planning.
  • Unlike other business planning software, Bizplan offers a lifetime plan at $349 , which can be an excellent choice for business consultants.
  • A fundraising platform to pitch your plan directly to investors—the platform has helped startups raise over $500 million in committed capital.
  • While Bizplan offers templates and prompts for timely guidance, some users may find the platform lacking in customization options.
  • According to some users, text-only sections offer you the freedom to write in any format, but the output isn't aesthetically structured , so there's no real advantage over Word.
  • The process of creating a financial model is time-consuming and getting to grips with the platform can be a bit challenging.
  • Writing a business plan is easy with its step-by-step guidance , AI Assistance , and industry-specific business plan examples.
  • It provides industry benchmarks and suggests budget items to help you understand your market and make informed decisions.
  • Its automated financials , built-in with formulas, help you automatically project your cash flow.
  • It only connects to Xero and QuickBooks , and you have no control over the data or time period it syncs.
  • Some users may find Liveplan challenging to try and figure out even after watching video tutorials and guides.
  • Liveplan’s formatting options are a bit limiting in certain aspects of formatting. i.e., not providing font selection options.
  • This web app simplifies the heavy lifting of thinking/planning of writing a business plan, pitch deck, etc.
  • Even if you have never done a business plan, the step-by-step guides and template make it super easy to create a fantastic business plan in a couple of hours.
  • Upmetrics’ AI Assistance is the best solution for business plan writing . It helps you auto-write, auto-improve, shorten-expand, and change the tone of your text.
  • Upmetrics has a library of 200+ templates best for SMBs, but they should add a few more templates for small niche business types.
  • Some users reported that financials are a bit complicated to follow, but this isn’t the case with only Upmetrics. Financial planning, in general, could be complicated for a beginner with any business planning software.
  • Upmetrics is an excellent business planning tool. However, it’s not available in French or other regional languages, which can be a drawback for those who do not use English as a business language.

Pricing is one of the most vital aspects when comparing Bizplan vs. Liveplan or other tools. As both tools offer significantly different pricing plans, it’s a bit challenging to have a fair comparison.

Bizplan has three monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription plans, which cost $29, $249, and $349 , respectively. All these pricing plans include unlimited business plans, collaborators, and all features on Bizplan.

On the other hand, Liveplan has two subscription plans, standard and premium, which cost $15 and $30 per month on annual billing. Liveplan’s standard and premium plans provide access to 5 contributors to work on one business plan which is limiting compared to Bizplan.

However, Bizplan’s pricing plans aren’t customized to cater to specific audiences and may lack many advanced functionalities compared to Liveplan . 

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of all pricing plans, Liveplan vs. Bizplan along with Upmetrics to get a clearer view.

*Pricing is based on annual billing.

In-depth Business Plan Builder Comparison

Let’s take a look at the feature that can set any business planning software on solid ground—business plan builder.

Both tools offer a step-by-step guided business plan builder with necessary features, including drag-and-drop templates, business outlines, progress tracker, performance dashboard, and more. Though Bizplan lacks many advanced features like task management and a one-page pitch builder compared to Liveplan.

Though Liveplan seems ahead of Bizplan by offering these features, it lacks advanced functionalities like business plan version control, strategic planning, and a pinboard to organize ideas.

Upmetrics, however, does have all the general and advanced features necessary for business planning, making it a very reliable and affordable Bizplan alternative .

Here’s an in-depth comparison of Bizplan vs Liveplan’s business plan builder feature along with Upmetrics for a clear understanding.

In-depth Financial Planning Comparison

Financial planning is the most critical aspect of business planning. So it’s time to compare financial planning features of both tools.

Be it Liveplan or Bizplan, both tools offer excellent financial features and tools for accurate financial projections. Both tools include necessary features like financial reporting, dashboard, automatic financials, country currency formatting, and more.

However, Bizplan lacks some advanced forecasting functionalities like “what if” scenarios, real-time profit & cash forecasting, and integration with accounting software like Xero & QuickBooks.

Check out this table for Bizplan vs Liveplan comparison of financial forecasting features.

In-depth Step-by-step Guide and Templates Comparison

We compared the business plan builder and financial features of both planning software. Now it’s time to compare their step-by-step guides and business plan templates.

Both tools, Bizplan and Liveplan, offer business plan templates and step-by-step instructions to help you create a business plan. However, Bizplan lacks how-to articles & guides and webinars & events. Though Liveplan has these features, just like Bizplan, it lacks a thorough business planning course.

In contrast, Upmetrics provides all the necessary features , step-by-step guidance and includes a detailed course on business planning to help you out.

Here’s the table for the Bizplan vs Liveplan comparison of step-by-step guides and templates.

In-depth Collaboration Capability Comparison

You need a tool with excellent collaboration capabilities when working with a team. That’s why collaboration is yet another aspect of business planning tools we can’t afford to ignore.

Bizplan and Liveplan both have different pricing plans, so their collaboration capabilities have to be different. While both tools allow online sharing and access to unlimited guest viewers, Liveplan is limited to 5 team members . 

In contrast, with Bizplan, there’s no limit for team members and contributors as their plans allow unlimited team members to work on unlimited business plans. However, it is fairly expensive for this extra feature.

Following is a comparative chart of the collaboration capabilities, Bizplan vs. Liveplan, along with Upmetrics.

Transform Your Business with AI-Assisted Planning

Unlock the Power of AI for Your Business Success with Upmetrics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is bizplan better than liveplan.

Bizplan and Liveplan are great business planning tools with necessary features, including step-by-step guidance, financial forecasting, and team collaboration. Compared with Liveplan, Bizplan is more expensive and lacks many critical features.

But both tools are pretty overpriced for startups and small business owners, considering their feature offerings.

What are Liveplan and Bizplan?

Liveplan and Bizplan are both diverse business planning tools helping entrepreneurs create investment-ready business and financial plans with advanced business planning features and step-by-step guidance.

What is better than Liveplan?

Liveplan is an incredible business plan software. However, Upmetrics provides all the advanced business planning features that Liveplan provides at a much more affordable price, making it a better Liveplan alternative .

Does Liveplan have a free version?

Liveplan doesn’t offer a free plan, trial, or demo. However, they do offer a 35-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. So you can get a refund if you don’t find it the right fit.

Do people still use Bizplan?

Yes, people still use Bizplan, as it has been in the space for quite some time now. However, Bizplan lacks many advanced functionalities and is relatively expensive compared to other tools in the market. So more and more users are migrating to more cost-effective tools like Upmetrics. It includes all the features Bizplan offers at a fraction of its price point.

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