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In this article, you’ll learn what a strategic dashboard is and what it’s not. We’ll also look at six beautiful strategic dashboard examples and how to create one of your own.

What are Strategic Dashboards?

  • 6 Strategic Dashboard Examples
  • - Executive Report Template
  • - Digital Marketing Report Template
  • - SEO Report Template
  • - Ecommerce Report Template
  • - Social Media Report Template
  • - PPC Report Template

How to Create a Strategic Dashboard?

  • Create Your Strategic Dashboards with DashThis Today

Strategic dashboards are interactive reports, usually created by a data visualization analytics tool, that show a business performance over a specific time on a high-level scale.

Note the healthcare performance dashboard below. 

Designed on DashThis , an automated reporting tool, it tells us how SEO and Google Ads impact the number of appointment forms received. The average Google rating acts as a scorecard, boosting customer trust and conversions.

business planning dashboard template

Grab this healthcare marketing report with your own data!

Unlike operational dashboards that drill down the day-to-day operations in real-time, strategic dashboards show a bird’s-eye view of the business as a whole . Other similar dashboards include tactical dashboards and analytical dashboards.

Strategic dashboards simplify data management. Take this sales report template below.

business planning dashboard template

It combines a myriad of key performance indicators (KPIs) from multiple channels and transforms them into a single report for stress-free data analysis and strategic planning (side note: you can aggregate all data in the same widgets or create different ones on DashThis).

Now, let’s look at the following six strategic dashboard examples . 

Strategic dashboards are one of the most important types of dashboards in marketing campaigns. Start your first 15-day free trial of DashThis to unlock vital insights about your marketing performance today.

6 Strategic Dashboard Examples and Templates

Executive report template.

It's a high-pressure job being a CEO.

On top of working with the leadership team to plan their strategic goals and drive new launches, they also need to own performance metrics, among others. 

The following business metrics dashboard shows how far the company is performing in its business strategy at a glance.

business planning dashboard template

Grab this business executive report with your own data!

Using visual business dashboards like these, C-suite executives can analyze their company’s data analytics and efficiently understand how every channel is linked in a marketing campaign.

To end the executive report with high-level suggestions, go to Static Widgets > Comments and type away:

business planning dashboard template

You no longer have to go back and forth in emails and reports with your clients.

Digital Marketing Report Template

Digital marketers spend most of their days executing strategic initiatives and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

It’s often a challenge getting clients to understand the key metrics, let alone getting them on board with new ideas.

Fortunately, the digital marketing report below uses a sleek dashboard design to convey the traffic and sales performance instantly. Note the colorful graphs that pinpoint the best-performing channels over a specific time.

business planning dashboard template

Grab this digital marketing report with your own data!  

If you want to ditch poor-performing channels and focus only on those that work, make your case with this dashboard.

Instead of an Excel spreadsheet with intimidating data sets, clients see eye-catching key metrics, and who knows, they might give you the green light. 

To change the metrics’ style, hover over the widget and click Edit Widget > Data Display . For example, here’s how it looks when changing a line graph chart:

business planning dashboard template

SEO Report Template 

The leads attracted from SEO can often feel like free marketing to the untrained marketer. But what they don’t know is that it requires a ton of effort, even for well-funded businesses. 

Use this website SEO report to keep yourself accountable and stay ahead of the pack. 

business planning dashboard template

Grab this SEO & backlinks report with your own data!  

With a strategic dashboard like this, you can quickly set an SEO benchmark, prove the impact of organic traffic to clients, and suggest ideas to improve the metrics every month.

Ecommerce Report Template

Today, customers expect more personalized shopping experiences, so much so that those that provide them will win their loyalty for life.

Analyze these ecommerce metrics as you tweak your human-centric ecommerce strategy to boost sales and retention:

business planning dashboard template

  Grab this ecommerce report with your own data ! 

Use the ecommerce strategic dashboard as a roadmap to put customers at the center of your shopping experience and increase revenue.

Social Media Report Template

When misused, social media is a cesspool of misinformation. But when used correctly, it can be a powerful magnet to engage prospective customers.

In your social media marketing dashboards , set your social media analytics in context to tell a story to all project management stakeholder s :

business planning dashboard template

Grab this social media report with your own data ! 

Whether you want to 10X your best-performing channels or focus more on creating user-generated content, this social media management dashboard will back up your plan.

PPC Report Template 

Even though PPC requires constant building and optimization, it’s still very much a popular favorite for attracting immediate results.

Use the KPI dashboard below to understand customer behavior and unearth tactic-rich ideas: 

business planning dashboard template

Grab this PPC report with your own data ! 

Better yet, use the revenue from your PPC campaigns to optimize the pages that rank organically for the exact keywords.

You’ll see a bigger ROI in the long run.

Setting up a strategic dashboard requires only a few quick clicks on DashThis:

  • Connect your favorite data sources  
  • Pick a report from 40+ free strategic dashboard templates
  • Select your metrics from Preset Widgets

business planning dashboard template

Drag and drop the widgets to paint a clearer picture of what’s happening in the business.

Add notes within your report via the dashboard software. For example, if you need to explain an irregular graph in the sales dashboard to decision-makers, hover over the widget and click Add Note > Save .

business planning dashboard template

After creating the strategic dashboard, click Sharing Options to send it to all stakeholders.

business planning dashboard template

You can even automate your dashboard reporting. Choose the frequency from daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.   

Start your free 15-day trial of DashThis to gather all data in one automated report today.

Create Your Strategic Dashboards with DashThis Today 

An executive dashboard that speeds up decision-making.

A comprehensive SEO dashboard that helps you come up with a plan to compete with the big players.

And finally, an eCommerce report chock-full of human-centric metrics that help you win customers for life. 

These strategic dashboard examples boast rich insights that 10X your business.

 Ready to create one of your own?

Start your free 15-day trial of DashThis today.


DashThis is the power behind thousands of reporting dashboards created by and delivered for agencies and digital marketers every month. 

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Top 10 Business Dashboard Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Business Dashboard Templates with Samples and Examples

Himani Khatri


If there is one thing business leaders and decision-makers love, it is clear, concise data on questions they want answered before taking a call. For instance, what is my business’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU); what is the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) etc.

How do you it to them after consultations across department etc, you ask? The answer is a business dashboard, which is an attractive presentation of critical business questions. These dashboards can be made and presented before you decide to expand business, opening new outlets or just analyzing where your next big revenue stream lies.

If you are looking for the best business dashboard templates, you are at the right place. Present your business with a professional and visually appealing presentation with our inspired collection of PowerPoint Templates.

Customize these business dashboard templates as per your business requirements and keep track of your growth, profit margins, and yearly performance in a single place. Let us explore.

Template 1: Business Dashboard Levels PowerPoint Presentation

Create a bold impression on your audience with this business dashboard levels PPT template. Representing your company’s vital information in the form of a progress meter helps in analyzing it critically and working towards better results. Give a boost to your business’s productivity and profit margins with this dashboard levels PowerPoint Template.

Business Dashboard Levels

Download Now!

Template 2: Multiple Charts Business Dashboard Slide for Software Writing Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Looking for a PPT Template to identify market trends that affect your work culture? Let this multiple chart business dashboard slide serve you. Evaluate the status of your latest campaigns and compare them with older ones using graphs and tables. Focus on your end-goals with measurement and comparison of business variables and make informed decisions with analytics review.

Multiple Charts Business Dashboard Slide for Software Writing Business Plan

Template 3: Business Dashboard Progress Meter

Represent your business’s growth and process using this 100% customizable colorful business dashboard progress meter template. The user-friendly editable slides help in grabbing the audience’s attention by displaying the information in vibrant  colors. Enhance the productivity of your business and let your audience know your focus points and end goals using this dashboard template.

Progress Meter

Template 4: Social Media Business Dashboard Slide for Capital Budgeting Analysis Infographic Template

Present insights in a well-structured manner with this social media business dashboard slide. From executives to managers and other employees, this template helps in presenting stats related to different social media platforms. You can compare revenue from platforms for consecutive months for an effective analysis. Grab the attention of your audience with this attractive dashboard presentation template .

Social Media Business Dashboard Slide for Capital Budgeting Analysis

Template 5: Master Plan Kick Start Coffee House Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Chart PPT Guidelines

Performance is how you gauge a company’s operations. The very first step to improving your performance is to monitor it. This business dashboard PPT template gives a clear picture of your performance and profit in a given time. You can get an idea of areas of improvement for enhanced performance.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

Template 6: Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Sales Strategical Planning for Opening a Cafeteria

Keep a track of your financial affairs with the coffee shop business dashboard PPT template. Compile relevant information on a single page including gross margins and category-wise sales per region. Attractive colors and graphical representations of the dashboard template can be used for performance review and for better information organization.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

Template 7: Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Sales Restaurant Cafe Business Idea PPT Portrait

Presenting our coffee shop business dashboard PPT templates for your café business. The slide compiles the data related to yearly sales by region with sales and profit represented through graphs. This stunning business dashboard template makes it easy to monitor your business and present information to potential investors.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

Template 8: Business Plan for Opening a Cafe Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Sales PowerPoint Tips

Cover every aspect of your business in a single slide using this coffee shop business dashboard for sales template. Let the details flow with this PPT template including bar graphs for profit representation and sales by product type. Use the template for extended navigation and discussions on business.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

Template 9: Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Actual Business Plan for Opening a Cafe PowerPoint Show

Let your investors know about your sales and profit details for your coffee shop business with this business dashboard slide. Present region-wise sales and gross margins by category using graphs and charts ; visually appealing and more engaging.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

Template 10: Coffee Shop Business Dashboard Month Master Plan Kick Start Coffee House PPT

Showcase the best version of your business through this coffee shop business PPT Template. Let your audience know of your growth with a display of your sales month, yearly sales, gross margins, and more using this customizable business dashboard presentation template.

Coffee Shop Business Dashboard

You feel confident when you have the right tools in hand to represent your company’s analytical information. Leave a lasting impression on your audience with these editable dashboard PowerPoint Templates. Elucidate your revenue, growth, and profit margins in a visually appealing way and take better decisions.

To know more, click on Coffee Shop Business Plan template

FAQs on Business Dashboard Templates

What are dashboards in business.

Dashboards are specialized tools for business intelligence reporting. These include basic information related to a particular business, organized on a single platform. They display critical metrics and many key performance indicators (KPIs) on a single screen.

What should be included in the business dashboard?

To make your business dashboard more engaging, you can include graphs and pie charts. A basic business dashboard includes analytical information related to business growth. It also includes varied parameters that are vital for analyzing a business’s growth and performance. Remember, these could be unique to your own business or the industry.  The idea is to help decision-makers.

How do you create a business dashboard?

Some points to be considered for creating an effective and engaging business dashboard are:

  • Keeping a check on the audience and their needs and points of view.
  • Clean, clear, and correct representation of data in a minimalist format.
  • Choosing the most appropriate chart style for data display.
  • Do not forget to make it visually appealing with the best color scheme.

What is a dashboard with an example?

A dashboard for any business offers an insight into the business by including various key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visually appealing manner. These help in engaging audiences and helping them know your business well with the right numbers in front of them. For instance, a single category of many displayed under the title Business Performance Dashboards with new customers and gross profit could be Sales by Product Category. You may see this visual here .

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business planning dashboard template

Top 10 Google Analytics Dashboard Templates for Easy Reporting

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Strategic Dashboard: How to create one + 5 examples

business planning dashboard template

Strategic Dashboard Overview

Everybody loves a good dashboard. One of the most common questions we get asked here at Cascade is how to create a strategy dashboard? - so today I wanted to answer that, whether or not you're using our cloud-based strategy platform .

Not only that, but we've also included examples of strategy dashboards that you can download and use as inspiration for your own.

Check out Cascade's strategy dashboards and actionable reports feature!

There are 5 different examples of strategy dashboards to check out below!

I'm going to be writing a ton more articles about strategy dashboards in the coming weeks, so consider this a 'strategy dashboards 101' style introduction. Here's a quick list of the dashboards covered:

  • Board Dashboards
  • Team Dashboards
  • Public Dashboards
  • Divisional Dashboards
  • Dashboards for Your Boss

So let's start with the most important question of all...

Who is the Strategy Dashboard for?

Before getting into the specifics of exactly how to create a strategy dashboard, we need to address the question of audience.

Who your audience is will have a  huge impact on how you go about creating your strategy dashboard. There are two questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What role do my audience play? Are they your investors, your team, your board members, etc?
  • What type of people are they? Are they analytical, detail-oriented, time-poor, etc?

In reality, question 1 should be easy - but question 2 might be a little harder, given that you might have a bunch of different personality types looking at your dashboard. 

We've decided to structure this article around the most common audiences we are asked about. Even if your own need is slightly different, you'll likely find a close enough match in the list below. 

#1 Strategy Execution Platform Say goodbye to strategy spreadsheets. It’s time for Cascade. Get started, free  forever

1) Creating a Strategy Dashboard for Boards

The number one most commonly requested type of strategy dashboard we see our clients needing to build is for board members. This job is often given to the CEO or the Head of Strategy, and the request we get tends to look a bit like this:

I need to create a strategy dashboard for my board . They're very visual people and I want to keep it high level. I don't particularly want them to dig too deep into any particular area of the strategy, but I want to give them enough information so that they have full confidence in what we're doing.

Sound familiar? Let's break this group of people down in a way that will help us to more effectively build a strategy dashboard for them:

What role are they playing?

Boards are there to maintain general accountability for the CEO / senior leaders of an organization. They're interested in the key success factors of the business, and how the strategy is generally progressing.

They're also there to help resolve pinpoint issues that may arise which threaten the organization. CEOs have a responsibility to keep their boards up to date and well informed.

What outcome do you want when they look at your strategy dashboard?

You want to give your board confidence that you're on top of things. That you've given due consideration to the strategy of the organization, and that you're on top of the KPIs and the major issues that could disrupt success.

You want to give them enough information that they feel confident in the depth of your data, but not so much information that they become distracted by detail and lose sight of the bigger strategic picture that you're trying to paint.

You also want them to be aware of and give credit for major wins had by the organization. Finally, you want them to help resolve any major issues that need their attention.

What do you need to consider when you create a strategy dashboard?

Keep in mind the following points when you create your strategy dashboard for the board:

  • Boards love visuals. They give the perfect high-level view of how things are going, and are great for showing progress over time.
  • The level of detail should be high enough not to overwhelm but detailed enough to not be cursory. Avoid giving zero details as it looks like you have something to hide.
  • Boards tend to take a medium to long term view of strategy, so showing progress over time is key.
  • Boards often fixate on certain metrics, projects or themes - the 'flavor of the month'. So make sure to cover that in your strategy dashboard.

Here's an example of a Company Overview dashboard in Cascade:

dashboard cascade (1)-1

2) Creating a Strategy Dashboard for Your Team

The second most commonly requested type of strategy dashboard we see is a strategy dashboard for your own team:

I need to create a strategy dashboard for my team to use in monthly meetings. I want them to be engaged in the strategy and be able to easily reconcile how their own goals and projects have contributed.

There are a bunch of different reasons why you might want to create a strategy dashboard for your team. Here's how this group of people breaks down:

Your team is the biggest determining factor in whether or not your strategy will succeed. They're working on various goals, projects, and KPIs which are the direct drivers for moving your organization forward.

They won't all necessarily see themselves as directly contributing to the strategy, and will likely have varying degrees of engagement with the strategy as a whole.

The primary outcome of implementing a team strategy dashboard is most likely to be engaged. Strategy dashboards help to keep your team focused on the outcomes  of their work - rather than simply executing their roles mechanically.

Ideally, the dashboard will also help to motivate your team by showing them exactly how they contribute to the strategy of the organization.

Finally, it may also play a more operational role, in that it helps the team share updates to assist with collaboration, and discuss major issues that they need to work on together to resolve.

Keep in mind the following points when you create your strategy dashboard for your team:

  • The main focus of the dashboard should be the outcomes that your team are working towards. Steer clear of too much project-level detail and stay more focused on KPIs.
  • Use people's names as much as possible in the dashboard to bring accountability and empowerment.
  • Ensure each member of the team has their work represented on the dashboard - don't let anyone feel as though their work isn't important enough!
  • Keep the time periods that you focus on short - you will likely be having regular catch ups with your team, so looking at year-on-year stats for example will most likely not be engaging if you meet, say, every month.

Here's an example of an Operations dashboard in Cascade:

3) Creating a Strategy Dashboard for the Public

One of the coolest trends we're seeing in the strategy space is the drive towards increased transparency and accountability.

We've had lots of requests from clients to help them build strategy dashboards that they can share outside of their organizations - with the general public.

Typically we see these requests come from non-profits or organizations focused on corporate social responsibility.

We're proud of the work we do and want to share our success stories with our major stakeholders. One of those stakeholders is the public who are our

We love building these types of dashboards at Cascade. Here's a few things about this group of people to keep in mind:

Often when you're creating a public dashboard it's because the public are a major factor in your success. That could simply be because they're customers - but often the relationship is more direct than that.

Maybe you're a charity soliciting donations and want to share the results of your work to help motivate people to donate more? Or maybe you're in an elected office of some kind and want to share with your constituents the progress of major projects that will affect their lives.

Usually, public dashboards will be all about good news stories. You want people to be motivated and impressed by what you're trying to achieve in your strategy. You also (hopefully) want them to see what a great job you're doing at the things you've committed to.

That said, in reality, you won't always be able to communicate a pretty picture, and it's important that your public dashboards also include things that aren't going so well. That will ensure that the overall credibility and integrity of your message remain intact.

Keep in mind the following points when you create your strategy dashboard for a public audience:

  • Similar to board dashboards, you want to keep things high level. The public doesn't really need to know the details in and outs of your work, more the overall progress towards your stated outcomes.
  • Make sure you don't use any internal jargon-based language in your public dashboard.
  • Don't be afraid to include the names of the people who own the projects or KPIs on the dashboard. This helps to bring a human factor to your dashboard which adds to the engagement.
  • If you're using public dashboards, it's even more critical to keep your data up to date - so ensure you have regular reminders set to avoid slipping behind and giving a falsely bad impression of the organization.

Here's how you can quickly share your strategy report with your teams and connect it to your dashboard to drive alignment:

4) Creating a Strategy Dashboard for the Division

In larger organizations you might want to showcase the work that your team is doing to other teams or divisions.

We want to show other teams what we're up to strategically, both to educate them but also to help them get more involved in our work if they feel they have something to contribute.

These dashboards tend to be focused around the core purpose of the team as a whole - for example, a 'Marketing Dashboard' or an 'IT Dashboard'. Let's look at the audience for these dashboards:

Your audience here is potentially very broad. It could be senior managers looking at your dashboard to get a sense of how this part of the business is doing.

Or it could be more junior employees in other teams that are interested in the sort of work your team does. As such, these dashboards need a balance of high level information and detail.

You'll want to give people a fairly detailed look at what your team is doing. This is an internal dashboard so you can share a fair amount of information. That said, you don't want to over-share details of sensitive projects and end up creating doubts or worries for other people or teams.

You want people to feel confident that you're on top of things, but also leave the door open to them to offer help and support for your outcomes. You might also want to use these dashboards as a way of attracting awesome internal talent to your team.

Keep in mind the following points when you create your strategy dashboard to represent your team or division:

  • Include the major projects that your team is working on.
  • If possible, include some high-level KPIs that reflect the things your team considers important to track. Try to keep these relatable for people not in the team.
  • If possible, add a fun element to the dashboard that goes beyond a simple project or KPI measurements (in the Marketing example below we hooked up a live feed of the company Twitter account).
  • Consider including some information about how people can get involved with your team or division - maybe a calendar of events or even a fun update from your last team social event!

5) Creating a Strategy Dashboard for your Boss

Last but not least, creating a strategy dashboard for your boss - both the easiest and the hardest dashboard of them all to create...

My boss is a very particular type of person. She loves seeing detail and graphs. I want a dashboard that will impress the socks off of her and get me that pay rise I've been hankering after...!

A big driver of how you create this dashboard is going to be your boss's personality. Are they analytical or theoretical? Data-driven or word-obsessed? Think about this before you embark on the design of your new dashboard.

Remember that your own success is the primary driver of your boss's success. You share vested interests and their role should be to help guide you towards delivering awesome outcomes.

That said, they are also the one responsible for your career progression and are constantly assessing your performance.

If things are going well, you'll want that to come across. That said, if you're experiencing challenges, these need to come across too so that your boss can help you to resolve them.

You'll also want the dashboard to facilitate any conversations you need to have with your boss around expectation setting.

Keep in mind the following points when you create your strategy dashboard for your boss:

  • The main focus of the dashboard should be a) Major goal status updates and b) Issue resolution.
  • Include a brief summary of the things you've achieved and the things you'll be focusing on in the next month or so.
  • Give them a high level breakdown of where you're spending your time and how it's contributing to the strategy.
  • Be sure to raise any issues with which you need your boss's help, to get them on-board with solving your problems.

Yep, you guessed it, all of the strategy dashboard examples on this page were created live in Cascade - the tool for creating strategy dashboards. Try it out for FREE!

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Free Project Dashboard Templates

By Kate Eby | April 27, 2022

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We’ve compiled a variety of project dashboard templates that are downloadable, customizable, and easy to use so you can keep all your team members up to speed on project progress.

On this page, you’ll find useful dashboard templates, including a project dashboard template , a construction project dashboard template , an executive project dashboard template , and a project status report dashboard template .

Project Dashboard Template

Project Dashboard Template

Download Project Dashboard Template Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint

This project dashboard template helps you visualize and track task data at a glance by providing a real-time overview of project performance. After you enter the relevant data, the template’s pie charts update to reflect task status and priority percentages so you can better manage your project. Use the color-coded Task Timeline to see pending tasks, as well as start and finish dates for active tasks, to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

For more resources to help you manage project performance and sales, download one of these free Excel dashboard templates .

Construction Project Dashboard Template

Construction Project Dashboard Template

Download Construction Project Dashboard Template Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint

By using this construction project dashboard template, project managers and contractors can get a quick and reliable overview of the tasks required to successfully complete a construction project. This template communicates task statuses and priorities in a snap to keep large and complex construction projects on track. Use the timeline to track task completion and to avoid costly delays.

Agile Project Dashboard Template

Agile Project Dashboard Template

Download Agile Project Dashboard Template Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint

This Agile project dashboard template categorizes tasks by feature and identifies the individuals or teams responsible for each. This template also lists the number of days needed to complete tasks, as well as start and finish dates for active tasks, and allows project managers to visualize the status of various sprints so that teams can stay on top of their Agile projects. 

To learn more about project dashboards, including dos and don’ts, FAQs, and specific types, see this guide on how to create a dashboard in Excel .

IT Project Dashboard Template

IT Project Dashboard Template

Download IT Project Dashboard Template Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint

This IT project dashboard's Budget chart provides a snapshot overview of budgetary allocations so project managers can better oversee expenses for pending IT tasks. Project managers can customize and prioritize tasks easily with this IT project dashboard template. Use this template to report project and task statuses in a clear, single-page format designed specifically for IT projects.

Executive Project Dashboard Template

Executive Project Dashboard Template

Download Executive Project Dashboard Template — Microsoft Excel  

Chart monthly growth percentages for your organization with this executive project dashboard. This template helps teams and project managers visualize changes in revenue, customers, and average order value (AOV), so they can easily communicate project status and health. This executive project dashboard includes sample data to help guide you as you fill in the template with your own project information.

Project Status Report Dashboard Template

Project Status Report Dashboard Template

Download Project Status Report Dashboard Template Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint

Project managers can quickly share the current status and completion percentage of projects with this status report dashboard template. Use this template's color-coded graphics to inform project planning and show the timeline, status, and priority percentages for project tasks. This status report dashboard template helps project managers determine which tasks to prioritize and reinforces effective task management.

To learn more about project status reporting and determine which templates are right for your project, see this comprehensive collection of free project status templates .

Simple Project Dashboard Template

Simple Project Dashboard Template

Download Simple Project Dashboard Template — Microsoft Excel

Use this simple project dashboard template to share project status and completion percentage and to ensure that you keep your project on track and within budget. This template features a task table, timeline, and status chart to keep team members up to date on project progress. With this simple dashboard template, project managers can list tasks and assignments and mark priorities with an asterisk.

What Is a Project Dashboard Template?

A project dashboard template is a data visualization tool that project managers use to update teams on task progress, project status, and completion percentages. Project dashboards are efficient, accessible, customizable, and communicate project metrics and priorities that inform project planning.

A dashboard template enables project managers to update their teams and other stakeholders on project status throughout the process. Dashboards show essential data needed to prioritize tasks and help keep projects on schedule and within budget.

A project dashboard template typically includes the following components:

  • Budget Graph: Graph the money spent compared to the planned budget.
  • Pending Items: Show the number and status of pending items like decisions, actions, and change requests.
  • Percentage Charts: Visualize task status and priority percentages with color-coded pie charts.
  • Project Completion: Provide the project completion percentage for this date.
  • Project Date and Status: List this project's date and current status as complete, in progress, overdue, or not started.
  • Project Name: Identify the project that needs updating.
  • Tasks and Assignments: List project tasks and assignment names.
  • Task Priorities and Statuses: Mark high-priority tasks and list task statuses.
  • Task Timeline: Chart project task start and completion dates and classify them as in progress, complete, or overdue.

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business planning dashboard template

25 Best Marketing Dashboard Examples and Templates [2023]

business planning dashboard template

Marketing dashboards are essential for a healthy analytics process. Without them, it gets very muddy, and you can't see the forest for the trees.

It takes only 20% of the time to get the marketing dashboard up and running. 80% goes to polishing and visualizing required metrics that make the whole picture look consistent.

Still, the marketing dashboard might be overcomplicated so only the creator can understand it. Eventually, it gets put on a shelf, and no one ever uses it.

This guide provides 25 best marketing dashboard templates and examples to reduce the time and effort your team spends creating a dashboard and promote insights discovery. These pre-structured, user-friendly solutions bring efficiency, consistency, and best practices to the dashboard design process. 

What Is a Marketing Dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is a dynamic tool that consolidates and visualizes key marketing metrics and data from multiple sources in one centralized location. It provides real-time tracking of performance indicators and facilitates an easier understanding of complex data.

A marketing dashboard helps teams identify trends, measure campaign success, and make data-driven decisions. This powerful tool offers both a high-level view for executives and a detailed analysis for marketing professionals, becoming an indispensable asset in shaping and refining marketing strategies.

The effectiveness of any marketing dashboard hinges on the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the data it presents. That's why marketing analytics tools form the backbone of the dashboard's functionality and effectiveness. These tools automate data collection from multiple sources, handle data cleaning and transformation, and feed processed data into dashboards. This end-to-end support not only saves significant time and effort but also reduces the risk of errors that can occur in manual data handling.

What Are the Benefits of a Marketing Dashboard?

Marketing is an extremely data-driven field, with numerous channels, campaigns, and metrics to keep track of. A marketing dashboard that provides a unified view of all this data is very important for making sound decisions. Let’s explore the benefits of using a marketing dashboard in more detail.

Core marketing data stored in one place

One of the biggest benefits of a marketing dashboard is that it centralizes data from all of your marketing platforms. This means that instead of manually pulling data from numerous ad accounts or platforms, marketers can quickly access all the data they need in one place.

According to Hubspot, an average marketer spends 250 hours a year drawing on manual reporting. Here, at Improvado, we’re convinced that marketers spend even more time on repetitive tasks. Our clients free up to 30% of their time with real-time dashboards that fully automate their marketing reporting.

A single view of core marketing metrics helps marketing teams to stay on top of their marketing performance and be certain that none of campaigns ever slip away from their sight.

Real-time data updates eliminate the risks of human error

Advanced marketing dashboard can automatically refresh data at a set frequency, providing marketers with the most recent insights into their marketing efforts. This addresses the need to refresh/update data in your marketing dashboard manually each time you need to track changes in your campaigns performance.

It’s commonly accepted that the error rate in manual data entry is about 1%. Is it a significant error? Everyone decides for themselves. However, this error often leads to discrepancies between departments. Real-time data updates help you avoid awkward situations during quarterly reporting when sales and marketing teams report on different numbers. Plus, 1% is an approximate number, and the actual discrepancy might be much larger.

Hence, digital marketing reporting dashboards aren’t only saving time, but also increase the accuracy of the analyzed metrics. Because no one wants to second-guess where did 5% of the marketing budget go at the end of the year.

Increased transparency at all stages of the funnel

A cross-department marketing dashboard provides transparency into what happens when lead goes to Sales and helps to establish the sales/marketing alignment.

Here’s what happens when marketing and sales departments are isolated from one another:

  • Inconsistent messaging: The marketing team might be overpromising, making it hard for the sales team to close deals.
  • Unclear lead qualification process:  Marketers attract a lot of leads that eventually get disqualified due to wrong intent, low paying capacity, and other reasons.
  • Lack of context on the lead:  The sales team doesn’t know which channel, campaign, or slogan has brought the lead on a discovery call. Without this information, it becomes difficult to form a compelling pitch and adjust the sales deck.

A marketing dashboard that enables cross-departmental collaboration can address all of these issues and result in 208% revenue growth through marketing and sales alignment. Schedule a consultation with Improvado if you’re interested in aligning the efforts of the marketing and sales teams.

Standardized view of all marketing metrics

Standardizing naming conventions can be a huge time-suck for marketers in large marketing agencies or enterprise-level companies. Incomplete UTMs, similar metrics that are called differently across platforms, data scattered across different ad accounts, and other factors make it difficult to get a clear-cut view of marketing efforts. 

Digital marketing reporting dashboards help teams standardize metrics and their naming conventions across all platforms and channels.

For example, Improvado seamlessly aligns disparate marketing reports for large multi-brand and multi-national companies. By automating data collection and preparation from numerous marketing platforms, it delivers dashboards with analysis-ready data for any BI software. No matter how many, sources, channels, or accounts you need to extract data from, you get reliable and timely insights to track and optimize your efforts. Talk to sales to streamline analytics, improve efficiency, and eliminate data hassle with Improvado's cross-channel dashboards.

Marketing Performance Dashboard

A marketing performance dashboard provides a high-level perspective into key performance indicators, overall conversion funnel, and other digital marketing metrics. The dashboard helps marketers execute a marketing strategy, make informed business decisions, and automate up to 84% of manual reporting routines.

Each touch point is given a tangible value, allowing marketers to gauge the marketing campaign's success. KPIs and metrics typically found on a marketing performance dashboard include return on marketing investment, return on ad spend, goal completion rate, channel effectiveness metrics, and campaign performance indicators. Such marketing dashboards are built around different attribution models assigning credit to individual steps of the customer journey under the hood.

With Improvado, you can get a perfectly tailored marketing performance dashboard based on quality data. Schedule a 30-minute, commitment-free consultation to discuss your dashboard requirements and learn how Improvado can build a marketing performance dashboard for your team.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

A digital marketing dashboards can be used to track the performance of your business’s online marketing activities. This type of dashboard lets you monitor your campaigns and other digital marketing efforts in real-time, allowing you to make educated decisions about how to best allocate your marketing budget.

‍ It’s crucial for digital marketers to track a variety of metrics across multiple channels, such as social media, advertising, email marketing, website, and lead generation. The digital marketing dashboard focuses on lead generation data and displaying progress towards goals, displaying data for lead generation metrics and web analytics metrics.

Our digital marketing dashboard example allows marketers to not only monitor the basic metrics, but also dig into demographical and geo data about target audience. ‍

Schedule a consultation with Improvado to learn how we can build a similar dashboard that aligns with your marketing goals.

SEO Dashboard

Our SEO analytics dashboard example can be thought of as a one-stop destination providing a complete look of your SEO performance through a variety of metrics.

SEO specialists and content marketers work together to increase the page rank and overall authority of their domain. This SEO monitoring dashboard helps them quickly understand what’s working and what’s not with the following metrics:

  • Unique visits
  • Pages per session
  • Average session duration
  • Time spent per session
  • Kyeword ranks
  • Backlinks per page
  • Growth dynamics of traffic

The SEO performance dashboard makes it easier to determine website areas that need optimization, keywords that you need to rank for, track month-over-month changes, and more.

Schedule a call with Improvado to learn how we can build a clear-cut dashboard on top of data from organic channels and SEO reporting tools.

eCommerce Dashboard

This type of marketing dashboard provides a central location for data aggregation that impacts your company’s day-to-day activities, marketing strategy, budget, and ultimately, decision making. What is tracked on an eCommerce marketing dashboard depends on what exactly you’re aiming to do with data.

The eCommerce marketing dashboard displays the metrics and KPIs marketers dealing with eCommerce sites need to track on a continuous basis. Some of the metrics you can track with this type of marketing dashboard include cost per lead, web traffic sources, return on marketing investment (ROI), MRR, ARR, churn rate, retention, new subscribers, added to cart, sales by contact method, and goal completion rate.

Improvado connects data from eCommerce platforms with data from organic and paid channels to determine which of your efforts drive sales. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Amazon Dashboard

Amazon marketing dashboard example is the next visualization on our list. This dashboard helps you dive into online sales by diving deeper into conversions generated by organic and paid traffic. 

The dashboard displays the following key metrics:

  • Total product sales
  • Total sales generated by organic traffic
  • Total sales generated by paid traffic
  • YoY growth of organic and paid traffic conversions
  • Overall number of sessions on your listings 

With these metrics marketers can track the sales growth dynamics and dig deeper into touchpoints to find points of growth. Month-over-month comparison allows you to quickly react to sales decline and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

‍ Schedule a call with us to see how Improvado can visualize your sales and marketing data.

Web Analytics Dashboard

Here's a web analytics marketing dashboard example that tracks website performance in real-time, allowing you to track how your website is performing in regards to your marketing objectives by focusing on a high-level, and at the same time in-depth view of your site’s performance across a number of different timeframes.

This dashboard lets you monitor website performance by tracking metrics such as:

  • Online conversions
  • Bounce rate
  • Goal conversion rates
  • Pages viewed per sessions
  • Referral traffic
  • Unique and recurring visitors

Web analytics can be used in several different contexts, including eCommerce, user experience, SEO, social media, and digital marketing, with each use-case bringing its own perspective to your website’s performance.

Improvado can help you understand how your website influences revenue growth and how prospects interact with its content. Schedule a quick call with us .

Social Media Dashboard

This social media marketing dashboard example provides a detailed overview of all social efforts. On the grander scale, marketers can see the breakdown of different activities by ad spend and analyze crucial metrics, such as:

  • Impressions

To get a more in-depth look into all campaigns, marketers can dig deeper into dimensions (channel, campaign, ad set, creative levels) and analyze the performance down to each individual banner using their social media dashboard. 

Schedule a demo with Improvado to see this social media dashboard in action. Improvado can also help you extract all social media data and show you an overview of all creatives you use across different marketing channels and campaigns to identify the one that works better.

YouTube Ads Dashboard

In case if you need to check the performance of a particular social media channel performance, the native dashboards might not be enough. In that case, a custom YouTube dashboard for that channel will help you. For example, our YouTube marketing dashboard example can help you track the following metrics and merge them with data from other platforms:

  • Video shares
  • Likes added
  • Avg. watch time
  • Subscriptions
  • Subscribers lost
  • Watch time by video

In the age of the video content boom , performance marketers deal with a lack of resources to process large data sets of YouTube videos. In that case, a marketing data platform will help you pull the required data from your marketing platforms to connect them with other data sources.

Need help with loading your YouTube ads data to this kind of dashboards?

Schedule a free 30 min call with our team to see how it can be built in a few minutes.

Google Ads Dashboard

The Google AdWords campaign marketing dashboard gives you the ability to closely track the ROI of Google Ads campaigns, as well as the KPIs and metrics that influence them. Tracking return on marketing investment is crucial to any successful AdWords campaign to ensure you’re spending the appropriate cost to acquire leads. Monitoring keyword ranking, CPCs(cost per click), audience targeting, bidding strategies, CTRs as well as impressions, can give your a deeper understanding of which topics and keywords your PPC strategy should focus on. There are a few tools that will allow you to do it. You can try this Google Data studio report and a few templates that come with it to build your Google Ads marketing campaign dashboard. There are also tools helping to build customized reports, in case if Google AdWords campaigns are implemented as a part of your integrated marketing activities .

If you'd like to visualize your Google Ads data, you can set up a free call with our experts.📞

Email Marketing Dashboard

Email marketing dashboard template

This email marketing dashboard example demonstrates all performance metrics of your nurturing, drip, or regular email marketing campaigns. The dashboard helps marketers find the messaging that resonates with the audience, identify the best time to send emails, and automate analytics across hundreds of disparate email campaigns.

Some of the main metrics to display on the email marketing dashboard include:

  • Email open rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue generated by email campaigns
  • Email list subscribers
  • Bounce and unsibscrive rates
  • URL sessions generated by emails

In combination with a well-thought attribution model, this email marketing dashboard shows how emails influence revenue and what messaging suits better for direct sales or brand awareness. Instead of using a spray'n'pray approach to emails, you can connect all dots between marketing, sales, and revenue data and cerate highly targeted campaigns with an email marketing dashboard.

Improvado can help you build a detailed email marketing dashboard to understand the value behind your emails in the shortest terms, customize it the way you need, and automate all email reporting activities.

CMO Dashboard

The CMO dashboard offers an overview of all of your company’s marketing services, from website performance to email marketing and social media. It’s designed to answer the important question of “how are we performing?" at a glance.

At this marketing dashboard example metrics from several sources are woven together to provide a complete look at your marketing performance, allowing executives to check performance daily to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns.

Enterprise Marketing Dashboard

This enterprise marketing dashboard example provides a unified view of performance metrics gathered across different regions and markets your company operates on. A single source of truth for distributed marketing efforts provides accessible marketing insights for both cross-regional team use and in-team use.

Moreover, this enterprise marketing dashboard example includes a template for UTM tags’ quality audit. Large companies often struggle with a unified UTM naming convention for campaign analytics. According to our experience, over 30% of campaigns don’t have UTM tags at all, leaving no chance to track their effectiveness over time.

Improvado’s UTM quality dashboard helps with the following:

  • Verifies the presence of UTM tags across all campaigns
  • Shows the percentage of ad spend that can’t be tracked over time
  • Identifies any mistakes in your naming convention. 

Schedule a call with Improvado to see a demo of a UTM quality dashboard.

Agency Command Center

An agency command center dashboard provides a birds-eye, accurate view of the performance of your agency. You can roll up and track all of your client performance in a single place, with no switching between platforms and accounts required.

With this marketing data dashboard, your agency can turn analytics into a true differentiator, enabling you to acquire more business by utilizing data to uncover impressive benchmarks that can be used in your sales pitch.

Online Marketing Dashboard

An online marketing dashboard is designed to provide marketers with a high-level overview of important marketing channels since online marketing spans across numerous channels. The channels highlighted in this dashboard include email marketing, social media, revenue generation, inbound lead generation, digital advertising, and website performance.

Conversion rates of leads are one of the most crucial metrics tracked by this type of marketing dashboard, showing how visitors to your website convert into leads, and then eventually into conversions or customers. Also marketing CRM dashboard integration is very helpful.

Analytics Dashboard 

Analytics dashboards allow to assess and track performance and health of a website. Webmasters, e-commerce managers, and digital marketers use them to learn whether a website works well for a business. 

An analytics dashboard can provide you with information about traffic, bounce rate, session length, users’ activity on various pages, traffic sources, etc. With such a solution, you can: 

  • spot problems that your users encounter and solve them, 
  • decide to increase traffic by running some additional marketing campaigns,
  • identify weaknesses of your website and work on them. 

A proper analytics dashboard design is essential for swift decision-making. Data should be presented clearly so that the user can read and analyze it quickly. Related metrics are to be displayed close to each other to provide the most detailed information to draw insights from.

If you require a custom marketing analytics dashboard, you should consider using one of the analytics dashboard templates to set up your dashboard. Book a call with Improvado to disucss your analytics needs and find a marketing dashboard that will suit your business case.

Shopify Dashboard 

Shopify analytics dashboard is considered to be one of the most important marketing dashboard examples in the e-commerce niche. Shopify is, after all, a very popular platform that serves many businesses around the world. 

A Shopify dashboard provides actionable insights into your online store performance. Running a Shopify business without sales and marketing analysis might end up badly. Well-thought Shopify analytics dashboards bring a lot of actionable data to users, and they also:

  • Allow for smarter decisions in an e-commerce company
  • Enable collaboration with stakeholders and third parties
  • Display data from different sources in one place

Data gathered and displayed in a Shopify marketing campaign dashboard can help you plan your sales and marketing campaigns, solve problems on your e-commerce website, establish prices and manage your inventory. 

Many marketing analytics solutions offer customizable dashboards that correspond to suit your business requirements. Schedule a call with us to get a tailored Shopify dashboard and keep track of your web store’s performance.

Content Marketing Dashboard 

Content marketers rely heavily on analytics and various marketing metrics dashboards to understand whether their content gets traction on Google and how it impacts the company’s bottom line.

Content marketing dashboards are used to display all of this data in a digestible form. Visualizations make it a lot easier to track keyword position changes, impression trends, articles’ CTR, and many more. The dashboard gathers everything in one place. You will be able to quickly compare:

  • Impressions 
  • Referral traffic 
  • Organic traffic 
  • Revenue generated by your content
  • Time on page
  • Pages visited per session 
  • Bounce rates

The content marketing dashboard example above combines these metrics with SEO analytics and the keyword analysis tells you which content on your website is well-optimized and engaging, and which content should be updated to rank higher on SERP and better resonate with your audience. 

Improvado can help you create an actionable content marketing dashboard to shed more light on your content performance.

Marketing Attribution Dashboard

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is possible with the right marketing attribution dashboard. A proper tool will visualize the results of your various activities. You will be able to see the entire sales process in numbers – stage by stage.

A marketing attribution dashboard gives you a unique opportunity to analyze your customers’ journey and identify communication channels that contribute the most to your success. You surely understand that each moment of your potential client’s interaction with your brand can be meaningful and help you improve your strategy.

Data matters - that is why you need a reliable marketing analytics solution that allows you to create multiple marketing metrics dashboards with high-quality data from hundreds of sources that enables collaboration. Improvado is such a tool. Check it out on your own or talk to an expert to learn more.

Account-Based Marketing Dashboard 

Imagine you could target a group of accounts with an extremely high purchase intent with campaigns adjusted to the audience’s needs. Sounds great, right? Fortunately, this is possible, as there are account-based marketing dashboards (ABM dashboards) that can help you analyze information about your targeted groups.

An ABM dashboard can show you some of the following account-based marketing KPIs to draw insights from:

  • Account penetration
  • Marketing influence
  • Account engagement
  • Customer retention
  • Deal-to-close time
  • Net-new revenue
  • Marketing-qualified accounts
  • Percent of deals closed

These and other metrics and KPIs are used by both marketers and sellers to design personalized buying experiences for similar clients. Learn how Improvado can help you get an all-round ABM dashboard on a quick call . to track these metrics and target the right audiences.

TikTok Ads Dashboard 

Social reporting tools cannot be omitted in a guide with marketing dashboard examples. Each social media platform has some built-in reporting tools, but they rarely provide users with flexibility and customization options.

Thankfully, you can use one of many TikTok analytics dashboards from external providers to track your organic and non-organic campaign’s performance. Solutions of this type mainly display information about:

  • ad spendings, 
  • cost per click (CPC), 
  • impressions,
  • publications reach,
  • ad video views.

This is the same data you can find in built-in social media analytics, but you can adjust the dashboard to your individual needs. What’s more, with third-party tools such as Improvado, you can merge TikTok Ads data with metrics from other platforms to create a holistic picture of your cross-channel marketing performance.

Grab our TikTok Ads dashboard to upgrade your social media analytics.

Lead Generation Dashboard 

How do you measure the efficiency of the lead generation process? There are plenty of channels, organic and paid traffic sources, referral traffic, direct traffic to your website, and more. The question is, how do you track everything if the process is so complex?

Lead generation dashboards gather information about lead generation from multiple sources in real time. The typical data types you should analyze, to learn if your prospects will progress to making purchasing decisions, are:

  • Website user retention 
  • Types of leads in nurture campaigns 
  • Conversions across paid ads
  • Inbound calls 

The typical metrics for lead generation dashboards are:

  • Conversion rates across different funnel stages
  • Leads by source 
  • Total lead value
  • Number of free trials/Demo requests
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Return on Investment.

Without a lead generation dashboard, it is difficult to understand which channels drive the most promising leads, at what stage of the funnel your leads fall off, and what actions are required to convert those leads into actual customers.

Choose a tool for analyzing lead generation efforts that enables collaboration. In this way, marketing, sales, and financial departments can access lead generation data and optimize budgets and strategies according to provided insights. Schedule a call with Imrpvoado to make sense out of raw metrics and optimize your marketing funnel.

A/B Test Dashboard 

A/B tests are performed by marketers, web and mobile developers, and designers to learn which solutions are better. For example, which of two similar versions of ad creatives are more effective.

The A/B testing dashboard visualizes test outcomes, so the expert could compare the performance of two versions of a tested element. In fact, such an A/B test dashboard simply allows your experts to observe how the specific experiment progresses in real time. 

The metrics and data displayed on a dashboard depend on the type of test, but these are most often:

  • Total conversions 
  • Conversion rate 

The best A/B testing dashboard should display results for two versions on the same page. Viewing the results of the experiment for version A and version B at the same time, you can dispassionately assess which solution is the best for your project. 

If you’re still running A/B tests without a proper dashboard to track the performance of your tests, Improvado can help you out. Schedule a quick call with us to learn how we can help you aggregate all marketing data on a precise marketing dashboard.

YouTube Live Dashboard

The YouTube live dashboard is a tool that helps video creators to better understand their audience, plan their moves carefully and react accordingly to the demands of YouTube users. Customizable YouTube live dashboards can be set up by users in the way they need them. The most important information that can be displayed on such dashboard include:

  • Audience Retention
  • Playback Locations
  • Traffic Sources and Devices
  • demographics (audience age, nationality, gender, etc.),
  • ads performance (views, clicks, engagement, etc.),
  • channel popularity (subscriptions).

Insights made based on the information presented on the YouTube live dashboard can be used for better targeting and creating a more effective strategy for the business by checking which content users are interested in.

Improvado’s YouTube Live dashboard template will help you effectively analyze crucial metrics post-live stream.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is one of the marketing analytics dashboards for analyzing a website's performance. Insights provided by this tool can be used to improve user experience and increase conversion numbers. 

You can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and website performance by combining data from various sources with information from Google Analytics. Dashboard templates from advanced marketing dashboards can aggregate information from various sources, which gives the user a more complete view of their business efficiency. 

The Google Analytics Dashboard is quite clear and the data is easy to understand. The truth is, though, that it only provides users with basic information about websites’ performance (demographics, traffic, traffic source, etc.). You can use a more advanced marketing dashboard to make more informed decisions. 

Improvado extracts data from Google Analytics to merge it with insights from other marketing platforms and create a 360-degree view of your marketing performance. Schedul a call with Improvado to learn how it can get you to your analytics goals.

KPI Dashboard 

The marketing KPI dashboard is probably the most comprehensive platform for tracking and analyzing your business performance. Tools available on the market allow users to set up such a dashboard according to their individual requirements. 

If you compare some marketing KPI dashboard examples, you will realize they provide you with various metrics (CPA, CPL, Average order value, CRM, Sales target & growth and more), so you can easily create dashboard which will keep you fully informed about your company’s progress. 

‍ Schedule a consultation with Improvado to discuss your marketing KPIs and get an all-in-one dashboard to keep an eye on your progress.

How to Create a Marketing Dashboard

Now, let’s have a quick look at different ways of creating digital marketing dashboards. This section will help you find the most suitable and resource-efficient way to create a marketing dashboard that aligns with your business objectives.

DIY Dashboard created with business intelligence tools

One popular way to build a digital marketing reporting dashboard is to use a business intelligence tool such as Looker Studio, Power BI, Tableau, etc. These tools offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to connect to various data sources and build custom marketing reports and visualizations. Here is a step-by-step guide to building a marketing dashboard with Google Data Studio:

  • Define your goals and KPIs: Start by defining your marketing goals and the KPIs that will help you track progress towards those goals.
  • Connect to data sources: Connect to the platforms that you want to include in your marketing dashboard, such as Google Analytics, social media platforms, or advertising accounts.
  • Choose data visualization types: Choose the visualization types that best suit your data and goals. For example, use a line chart to track website traffic over time, or a pie chart to show the distribution of leads by channel.
  • Customize your dashboard: Customize your marketing dashboard with colors, logos, and fonts that align with your brand identity. You can also add text boxes, images, or other elements to provide context or insights. ‍
  • Share your dashboard: Share your marketing dashboard with other team members or stakeholders, and set up automatic email reports to keep everyone informed on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that connecting and maintaining data sources requires API knowledge and continuous maintenance of the connection. Although this method seems not very complicated, marketing teams might spend months setting up a dashboard in BI tools. Plus, it requires analytics expertise to create suitable charts and transform data into digestible view.

Can Excel be used as a dashboard?

While business intelligence tools like Google Data Studio are a popular choice for creating marketing dashboards, you can also use Excel or Google Sheets to create simple dashboards. 

Spreadsheet software allows you to store data, use built-in charts to visualize metrics, and even automate data flow with external APIs provided by marketing platforms. Here’s how to create a basic marketing dashboard in Excel.

  • Set up a spreadsheet: Start by populating your spreadsheet with the data that you want to visualize on your marketing dashboard.
  • Choose visualization types: Choose the visualization types that you want to use, such as bar charts, line charts, or tables. Use different visualization types which would represent your data in a most convenient way.
  • Customize your dashboard : Customize your marketing dashboard with colors, logos, and fonts, and add text boxes or other elements to provide context or insights. ‍
  • Update data manually: Update your marketing dashboard manually as often as you need by importing data from marketing platforms using .CSV files.

However, it's worth noting that these dashboards have limited customization capabilities, and data updates often require manual input, which affects the quality of insights and takes a lot of time. Also, keep an eye on metrics that might have different names across platforms (for example ‘Impressions’ and ‘Views’ are similar metrics, yet have different names)

Dashboard built with third-party templates

Another option is to use third-party marketing dashboard templates, which can be found online (just like the ones you can find further in this article ). These templates are basically pre-built dashboards that can be customized to some degree to fit your needs. You can find templates for different tools, starting with marketing dashboard templates for Excel and ending with templates for Tableau.  Here’s how to set up a marketing dashboard using templates:

  • Find a template that fits your needs: Search for templates that align with your goals and KPIs. Start by researching our list of 25 best marketing dashboard templates furter in the article.
  • Customize the template: Customize the template with your branding, metrics, and other data.
  • Update data: Update your marketing dashboard manually with new data on a regular basis. ‍
  • Use API connectors (optional): Set up automatic data updates using APIs to populate your marketing dashboard with fresh data.

Despite the relative ease of setup, third-party templates are not tailored to the company's marketing objectives and require significant effort to customize them for your particular needs. Plus, data engineering is required to create real-time data updates. There are no one-size-fits-all templates, so marketers might be limited in metrics or other data they're tracking if they use templates.

Using marketing analytics platform to automate reporting

Proficient marketers use marketing analytics platforms to automate all things related to marketing reporting. 

For example, Improvado is specifically designed to empower marketing decision-makers from large agencies, multi-brand, or multi-national companies. By integrating with over 500+ marketing platforms and visualizing metrics in custom cross-channel dashboards Improvado enables you to make timely and data-driven decisions for marketing budget allocation and campaign optimization.

With Improvado, you can seamlessly collect and integrate data from all marketing channels and platforms, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your reports. Here’s how to start with Improvado.

Three simple steps to automate programmatic analytics

Improvado is a marketing analytics platform that takes care of all heavy-lifting when it comes to marketing analytics. Here's how you can save hundreds of manhours and get in-depth insights into campaign performance in three simple steps:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation with the Improvado expert to discuss your marketing data sources, analytics needs, and BI tools your team uses.

Step 2: Once you've gained access to Improvado, pick the marketing platforms your team uses out of Improvado's library of 500+ marketing and sales data sources . Our platform will extract all metrics you need in just a few moments.

Step 3: Choose one of Improvado's dashboard templates depending on your use case. The platform will automatically load data to a visualization tool. Now, you're all set to start analyzing trends and finding insights into your campaign performance.

And voila, you have a real-time dashboard with a mix of data across the platforms you use (just like the one below).

Schedule a call to learn how Improvado can build dashboards tailored to your objectives

What software to use to build marketing dashboards.

This will depend directly on a few aspects:

  • what questions should the marketing dashboard answer,
  • who is going to read the dashboard,
  • how many tools should be connected to the marketing dashboard,
  • other resources, such as your time and budget.

The software you can use to build marketing analytics dashboards ranges from Google Analytics with its default reporting capabilities, to Looker or Power BI customized dashboards based on real-time data from your marketing platforms.

Review the top seven marketing dashboard software solutions to choose the best platform to automate your reporting and improve operations.

Need help building your marketing dashboard?

At Improvado , marketing dashboards are our bread and butter. We help marketers collect their data from multiple channels, and input everything into a single dashboard. All of your data gets updated in real-time so it's easy to analyze and create visualizations in minutes. Using a dashboard to centralize and report on your data could save you anywhere from 10-40 hours every week.

Streamline your marketing reporting with Improvado.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a marketing dashboard.

A marketing dashboard is a visual representation of the key marketing metrics and KPIs from multiple sources in a centralized report. It provides an at-a-glance overview of your marketing efforts and how your team progresses toward the marketing objective. 

What does a good marketing dashboard look like?

A good marketing dashboard displays information clearly and provides an in-depth overview of your marketing activities, which allows the team to make informed decisions and spot trends and any changes in performance fast. A dashboard should also be flexible enough to scale with your marketing strategy, i.e., work with increasingly large volumes of data and incorporate new metrics to build more complex reports. 

What are the key benefits of a marketing dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is more than a visualization solution. A dashboard gives a better insight into your marketing performance, audience purchasing behavior, and revenue generation activities. This, in turn, helps marketing teams make data-driven decisions, design more accurate strategies, and act on data and findings in a timely manner. A good dashboard also provides more visibility into marketing performance for everyone involved in the process, company management, and other departments. 

How do you create a marketing dashboard?

To build an effective marketing dashboard, establish the objective of your dashboard. Do you want a high-level overview of all your marketing efforts across all social media channels? Or a dive deep into the demographics of your Facebook Ads audience? Based on the marketing objective, determine what channels you want to monitor, as well as the metrics and/or KPIs you want to display. Pull data from all data sources and transform it (deduplicate, harmonize naming conventions, etc.) to prepare for analysis. Once you have all your data, visualize it. 

What software should you use to build a marketing dashboard?

The software you can use to build a marketing dashboard ranges from built-in data source analytics tools like Twitter or Google Analytics to data visualization tools like Looker or Tableau. It depends on the marketing objective and level of report granularity. To save time on setting up a dashboard and feeding it data, consider advanced marketing analytics solutions like Improvado that extract data from marketing and sales applications, prepare it for analysis, and load it to the designated destination.

business planning dashboard template

500+ data sources under one roof to drive business growth. 👇

Experience clarity with Improvado custom-built dashboards

business planning dashboard template

Unshackling Marketing Insights With Advanced UTM Practices

business planning dashboard template

ChatGPT Code Interpreter for Marketing Reporting

Im provado - a marketing analytics platform.

Improvado automates the annoying parts of data management. No more manual anything. Just automate.

business planning dashboard template

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Best Small Business Report Templates

At, we strive to make small business marketing reporting as effortless as possible for our users.

These small business report templates will help you optimize your marketing spending and investments.

Free small business Dashboard Templates with easy-to-follow instructions for connecting your own data.

Find the right template from small business’s library and start using them to save time, effort and increase productivity.

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The ultimate dashboard template for businesses

business planning dashboard template

A dashboard isn’t just that part of your car to check you’re going the speed limit. It’s also a useful business tool for displaying information visually — it can break down and communicate an expansive set of data in a way that’s easy to understand.

In this article, we’ll share our custom-made dashboard template and break down its applications, benefits, and more. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about dashboard or admin templates.

Get the template

What is a dashboard template?

A dashboard template is a foundation or outline for creating your own dashboard. The ‘template’ part of ‘dashboard template’ means that you are working with software that gives you a starting point to build your unique dashboard.

Since a dashboard is a type of user interface that displays data visually, it needs to be connected to a greater platform. Dashboards are essentially data visualization tools that help you monitor and track your business performance. The goal of a dashboard is for you to get an overview of important metrics quickly. By collecting data from lots of different sources, dashboards show you the critical data you want to see in one place.

The information included in a dashboard template will depend on the specific goals and processes of your business and industry, as well as the tools and apps it’s connected to. For example, a social media dashboard should display metrics like conversions, likes, audience engagement, and audience growth. Whereas a sales team dashboard should show metrics like calls per day, emails sent per day, and total sales made.

Why use a dashboard template?

There are a lot of game-changing benefits to using a dashboard template. Let’s look at a few of them.

Get the most out of your data

As we’ve mentioned, what’s so great about dashboards is that they consolidate your data from lots of different places. Instead of signing into different accounts, sharing spreadsheets, and generating reports, dashboards automatically bring your core business metrics together.

But even after gathering all that data, it’s about how you use it. There’s no point in having a “professional” dashboard that you don’t understand. With dashboard templates, you get to decide what you want your dashboard to look like and what information to include. By making your data work for you, you make better business decisions driven by data.

Anyone can build a dashboard

With the right ready-made template, all you have to do is decide on the information you want to display.

A dashboard template also delivers an abundance of elements like widgets and charts on a silver platter. Once you’ve chosen your template and added the relevant information, it holds your hand throughout the process of creating a display of your business’s key metrics.

Save big — both time and money

Even if you have a development team who could build a dashboard from scratch, is that really what you want them to spend their time on? Why reinvent the wheel when a professional has already created exactly what you need?

Once you have a template, you can create impressive dashboards within a few minutes. Most of the aesthetic elements are already complete, and with the right platform, so are the integrations. So you just need to make small adjustments to get it to look how you want. A dashboard template saves both you and your business a lot of time. As we all know, in the world of business, time is money.

What are some examples of a dashboard template?

To show you what dashboard templates can do and how versatile they are, let’s look at some examples.

Customer service dashboard template

This customer service dashboard helps service teams monitor and analyze their performance. By displaying different metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators)  around customer satisfaction and customer service, the team can identify where they are performing well and in what areas they can improve.

The dashboard uses a combination of different graphs to represent certain metrics visually. The main benefit of this dashboard is to give customer service employees a quick way to see how the team as a whole is performing.

example of a customer service dashboard template

( Image Source )

Marketing dashboards or sales dashboards are quite similar — they just feature different metrics.

Cryptocurrency dashboard template

This dashboard template is designed specifically to display the key details and metrics around cryptocurrency. It can be used to build dashboards for ICO, Bitcoin, CRM, analytics, and even corporate websites. With just a quick glance at the dashboard, you can gauge the trends of the cryptocurrency market and the total balance in your portfolio .

example of a cryptocurrency dashboard template’s dashboard template

Want a better handle on what’s going on in your business? Here are three reasons our dashboard template is your answer to total visibility.

1. Highlight the data you want with premade widgets

You know that saying a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it? Well, we think a dashboard is only as good as its widgets. Lucky for you, we have heaps of different widgets that help you visualize the data points that matter to you.

Choose from our list of 15 pre-built widgets, including the Timeline Widget, Battery Widget, Countdown Widget, and Workload Widget. And because we also want your team to have fun, we’ve thrown some creative widgets into the mix, too. There’s the YouTube Widget, Playlist Widget, and let’s not forget the Llama Farm Widget — a unique and fun way to keep up with your goal progress. 🦙

Pick and play with what widgets you’d like to have on your dashboards until you find the perfect combination for you. In a matter of clicks, you’ll have all the information you need in one centralized view.

2. Easily share the dashboard with managers and key staff

Depending on what you’ve decided to display on your dashboard, there may be important business data you don’t want the whole world to know. Maybe you’d prefer to keep some key metrics just between management, like your monthly earnings and revenue projections .

With reliable and secure access controls, you can decide who has access to your dashboard. Make it public, and everyone in your account will have access. Choose private, and your dashboard will only be visible to you and your choice of team members.

But what if you want someone outside of your account to have access? No problem. You can quickly send a link or email invitation to someone — instantly giving them access to view your board. That opens up a world of possibilities for both collaboration and privacy, depending on what your team needs.

business planning dashboard template

3. Filter what information you’d like to see

Although dashboards should give a high-level overview, they can still get a bit overwhelming. That’s not what we’re about. With our two different types of dashboard filters, you can zone in on the information that you want to see. You can even create and save your own personal filter so that every time you view your team’s dashboard, it displays the data that’s relevant to you.

business planning dashboard template

Related templates

Looking for templates to help you manage specific processes? Check out these other business admin templates from

Product roadmap template

Our product roadmap template  accounts for every step involved in the creation and release of a product. It documents your product’s conception, outlines marketing strategies, anticipates customer engagement , and predicts market-related trends. product development planning template

Features and releases roadmap template

The features and releases roadmap template is a highly effective means of organizing and aligning your team members and business strategy. You can use it to plan and prioritize projects while projecting the date of their release. This template assists you in building a strategic features roadmap while tracking the progress of your specific release plan. features and releases roadmap template

Project management template

This project management template  helps your team plan and organize each task of a project from start to finish. It helps you keep your fingers on the pulse while efficiently delegating tasks to your team members. Set milestones, build timelines, and create Gantt charts to understand the flow of all project phases. project management template

Kanban software development template

Track and manage your workflow in detail with this Kanban software development template . It helps develop and stick to a business plan while dealing with the prioritization of your backlog. Essentially, it breaks down every stage of your business plan to best utilize time and energy. All while coordinating the roles of individual employees in the most efficient manner. Kanban software development template

FAQs about a dashboard template

How do i create a dashboard template.

The way to create a dashboard template will depend on the program you’re using to build your template — typically, it would involve creating custom widgets based on different data sources, like spreadsheets or third-party apps.

But why create a dashboard template when we’ve already done the hard work for you? offers a powerful dashboard template you can easily customize to suit your team’s needs. We also have a wide range of other templates  you can use to manage your data on a more granular level.

How do I use a dashboard template?

The best way to learn how to use a dashboard template is to actually use one. The drag-and-drop builder gives non-coding users the tools they need to create and use their own admin dashboards with ease. You can get a working dashboard up and running with a few clicks of your mouse.

What does a good dashboard look like?

The best dashboards are interactive, clear, and accessible — they break down data that matters in a way your team understands at a glance. Try to avoid including too many metrics and adding too much detail. The goal is to communicate information in a concise and easily interpretable manner. You should be able to interpret and analyze the information with a single look.

What is the best dashboard software?

Without wanting to sound too biased, we think our dashboard software is the best in the business. Our templates are user-friendly and expertly crafted by professionals. Use our software to reap the rewards of a well-designed dashboard that can bolster the success of your business. The results will speak for themselves.

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