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Learning resource types, introduction to financial and managerial accounting, assignments.

The problem sets are to be done individually and are intended to help the student learn and practice the mechanics of the course material. Seven of the eight problem sets from the class are presented here.

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The assignments in this course are openly licensed, and are available as-is or can be modified to suit your students’ needs. Answer keys are available to faculty who adopt Lumen Learning courses with paid support. This approach helps us protect the academic integrity of these materials by ensuring they are shared only with authorized and institution-affiliated faculty and staff.

If you import this course into your learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.), the assignments will automatically be loaded into the assignment tool.

You can view them below or throughout the course.

  • Module 1: Nature of Managerial Accounting — Assignment: Nature of Managerial Accounting
  • Module 2: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis —  Assignment: Stocking Stuffers, Inc.
  • Module 3: Standard Cost Systems —  Assignment: BlueBlankets, Inc.
  • Module 4: Allocating Manufacturing Overhead — Assignment: Canoe, Co.
  • Module 5: Job Order Costing —  Assignment: Big Pots
  • Module 6: Process Costing — Assignment: Dino Catchers
  • Module 7: Budgeting for Operations — Assignment: RockChuck Company
  • Module 8: Short-term Decision Making — Assignment: RareTerra, Inc.
  • Module 9: Capital Investment Analysis — Assignment: Right Smart Bowling
  • Module 10: Responsibility Accounting — Assignment: Big Boats, Inc.


The following discussion assignments will also be preloaded into the discussion-board tool in your learning management system if you import the course. They can be used as-is, modified, or removed. You can view them below or throughout the course.

  • Module 1: Nature of Managerial Accounting — Discussion: Recommendation to the Leadership Team
  • Module 2: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis — Discussion: Restaurant Entrepreneurs
  • Module 3: Standard Cost Systems — Discussion: Cheesecake Factory
  • Module 4: Allocating Manufacturing Overhead — Discussion: Allocating Manufacturing Overhead
  • Module 5: Job Order Costing — Discussion: The Case of the Busted Blockbuster
  • Module 6: Process Costing — Discussion: Computer Tech
  • Module 7: Budgeting for Operations —  Discussion: Why Budget?
  • Module 8: Short-term Decision Making — Discussion: Supply and Demand
  • Module 9: Capital Investment Analysis — Discussion: Independent Forklift
  • Module 10: Responsibility Accounting — Discussion: Ben & Jerry’s
  • Assignments. Provided by : Lumen Learning. License : CC BY: Attribution
  • Pencil Cup. Authored by : IconfactoryTeam. Provided by : Noun Project. Located at : . License : CC BY: Attribution

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Managerial Accounting Course Products

Find the perfect fit for your course.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting, 17th edition by Garrison

As the long time, #1 best-seller in Managerial Accounting, it Is known for its focus on relevance, accuracy, and clarity. Built on the tradition of guiding students—accounting & business majors alike—safely through the course while also embracing innovation through the incorporation of Data Analytics Exercises.

Managerial Accounting for Managers

Managerial Accounting for Managers, 5th edition by Noreen

Focus is on managers, specifically for MBA level or those instructors who do not wish to teach the financial accounting-oriented content, no debits and credits. Excludes Process Costing, The Statement of Cash Flows, and Financial Statement Analysis.

Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 8th edition by Brewer

Briefer, more accessible, and student-friendly text that satisfies the basic needs of the managerial accounting student without unnecessary depth on advanced topics associated with the follow-up course cost accounting/cost management.

Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment

Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment, 12th edition by Hilton

Known for pioneering the "focus company approach" and using contrast companies to introduce more service company examples. Both the focus and contract companies help make the material relevant and engaging to non-majors.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting, 4th edition by Whitecotton

Addresses reality of students taking managerial accounting that the majority will not become accounting majors and accountants. Uses context of real, recognizable companies helping them connect their learning to the real world.

Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts

Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts, 9th edition by Edmonds

Focuses on concepts that are isolated and introduced in a logical sequence. Goal is for students to understand the underlying principles of accounting, not just memorize content.

Connect® for Managerial Accounting

McGraw Hill Connect® for Managerial Accounting provides the most comprehensive solution to the market. Each asset in Connect is designed to address pressing course challenges, like student engagement, student preparedness, and relevancy. No matter how your course is designed, we have a solution that’s got you covered.

Helping students get ready for your course

SMARTBOOK® – SmartBook makes study time as productive and efficient as possible. SmartBook identifies and closes knowledge gaps through a continually adapting reading experience that highlights portions of the content based on comprehension. Students have a visual representation of the areas in which they have demonstrated understanding, as well as areas in which they need to focus. The result? More confidence, better grades, and greater success.

managerial accounting assignment pdf

Helping students prepare for the workforce

EXCEL SIMULATIONS - Drives students to practice their Excel skills, such as basic formulas and formatting, within the context of managerial accounting. When enabled by the instructor, these questions feature animated, narrated Help and Show Me tutorials. APPLYING EXCEL: Applying Excel goes beyond plugging numbers into a template by providing students with an opportunity to build their own Excel worksheets and formulas. Students are then asked “what if” questions in which they analyze not only how related pieces of accounting data affect each other but why they do.

managerial accounting assignment pdf

Helping students build data analytics skills

NEW! Data Analytics Exercises – The Garrison 17th edition, Brewer 8th edition, and Noreen 5th edition now have a select number of auto-graded Data Analytics assignments. The Tableau Dashboard Activities allow students to explore live Tableau dashboards integrated directly in Connect by interacting with data visualizations through filters, menus, and graphs. Calculation- and analysis-based questions help students better understand and apply what they are learning within the framework of analytics and critical thinking. In Excel Analytics, students work with complex datasets; filter data; learn Excel functionality such as Goal Seek, Pivot Tables, and Solver; and build data visualizations that tell the accounting and analytics story. These activities go beyond basic data manipulations and Excel skills by asking students to think critically and holistically about the story they have created.

managerial accounting assignment pdf

Chapter 10 Assignment

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(PDF) Managerial Accounting | Assignment

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   Added on  2020-12-30

(PDF) Managerial Accounting | Assignment_1

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Managerial Accounting Assignment 1

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managerial accounting assignment pdf

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  1. Managerial Accounting

    managerial accounting assignment pdf

  2. [PDF] Managerial Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making by Jerry

    managerial accounting assignment pdf

  3. (PDF) Managerial Accounting Assignment 1

    managerial accounting assignment pdf

  4. HI5017

    managerial accounting assignment pdf


    managerial accounting assignment pdf

  6. Jari Managerial Accounting Assignment

    managerial accounting assignment pdf


  1. 14 Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles Part 1

  2. Managerial Accounting

  3. Digitalisation of Accounting


  5. Accounting for Managerial Decisions question paper 2022 Mcom. 1st sem. kuk



  1. PDF Managerial Accounting Workbook (Version 2.0) Tony Bell

    Although I am widely distributing a PDF file, I have gone to great effort to make a fully ... simply copy and paste an entire problem into an assignment or test, with the attribution "Source:", or "Adapted from:". ... Distinguish between financial and managerial accounting. 1-2 - Ethics ...

  2. PDF Introduction to management accounting

    1 LEARNING OUTCOMES When you have completed this chapter, you should be able to: l Identify the purpose of a business and discuss the ways in which a business may be organised and managed. l Discuss the issues to be considered when setting the financial aims and objectives of a business.

  3. PDF PART 1 Introduction to Management Accounting

    Management Accounting Part Contents 1 Management Accounting: Information for Managing Resources and Creating Value 3 2 Management Accounting: Cost Terms and Concepts 39 1 The first part of this book introduces management accounting, its purpose and basic concepts. In Chapter 1 management accounting is defined as processes and techniques that ...

  4. PDF Principles of Managerial Accounting

    Published by: University of North Georgia Press Dahlonega, Georgia Cover Design and Layout Design: Corey Parson Cover Image: Scott Rodgerson, CC0 ISBN: 978-1-940771-45-8 Printed in the United States of America, 2017 For more information, please visit: Or email: [email protected]

  5. PDF Managerial Accounting 4 001

    Managerial accounting is a company's internal language, and is used for decision‐making, production management, product design and pricing, marketing, and for motivating and evaluating employees. LEARNING OBJECTIVES

  6. (PDF) Managerial Accounting assigment

    Managerial Accounting assigment - MBA Nguyen Manhha Assignment, managerial accounting, accountant See Full PDF Download PDF

  7. (PDF) Chapter 1 Managerial Accounting: An Overview Solutions to

    Chapter 1 Managerial Accounting: An Overview Solutions to Questions 1-1 Financial accounting is concerned with 1-3 The quantitative analysis would focus on reporting financial information to external determining the potential cost savings from parties, such as stockholders, creditors, and buying the part rather than making it.

  8. (PDF) Assignment on Management Accounting

    Supple Mind See Full PDF Download PDF A. Operational Tools: 1. Costing Tools: a) Activity-based costing (ABC) ABC was first defined in the late 1980s by Kaplan and Bruns. It can be considered as the modern alternative to absorption costing, allowing managers to better understand product and customer net profitability.

  9. Assignments

    Assignments | Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting | Sloan School of Management | MIT OpenCourseWare Assignments The problem sets are to be done individually and are intended to help the student learn and practice the mechanics of the course material. Seven of the eight problem sets from the class are presented here.

  10. Managerial Accounting Assignment Guide

    Managerial Accounting Assignment Guide - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Managerial Accounting Assignment Guide for MPA students of Holmes Institute Melbourne Australia

  11. Assignments

    Module 1: Nature of Managerial Accounting — Assignment: Nature of Managerial Accounting Module 2: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis — Assignment: Stocking Stuffers, Inc. Module 3: Standard Cost Systems — Assignment: BlueBlankets, Inc. Module 4: Allocating Manufacturing Overhead — Assignment: Canoe, Co. Module 5: Job Order Costing — Assignment: Big Pots

  12. PDF Cover Page and Declaration

    MGT510: Managerial Accounting MBA - EIU Student's Full Name: BASSAM MAHMOUD ELZORAGHLI Student ID: EIU2020454 Word Count: 4000 Date of 08 ... Managerial Accounting Assignment Submission A. Profit Statements for Swipes 50 Limited for the months of February and March: i) Profit Statements using Absorption Costing for February and March ...

  13. Managerial Accounting Writing 1 PDF

    Unit 1 Writing Assignment Anonymous Author MBA Program, University of the People BUS 5110: Managerial Accounting Dr. Bhavesh Kumar Rathod June 20, 2023 Unit 1 Writing Assignment - Polly's Pet Products Introduction Polly's Pet Products is trying to finalize the entries in its Statement of Cash Flow, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.

  14. Managerial Accounting

    As the long time, #1 best-seller in Managerial Accounting, it Is known for its focus on relevance, accuracy, and clarity. Built on the tradition of guiding students—accounting & business majors alike—safely through the course while also embracing innovation through the incorporation of Data Analytics Exercises. Learn More

  15. Managerial Accounting 7th edition

    Managerial Accounting 7th edition By James Jiambalvo SINGLE-TERM $109.95 USD | $109.95 CAN To be a successful manager, you need to understand how foundational managerial accounting concepts apply to the business world.

  16. Managerial Accounting Assignment 1

    Managerial Accounting Assignment 1 - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Managerial Accounting Assignment 1


    (PDF) CHAPTER 1 Managerial Accounting ASSIGNMENT CLASSIFICATION TABLE Learning Objectives Questions Brief Exercises Do It! Exercises A Problems B Problems *1. Explain the distinguishing features of managerial accounting | avish singh - Download Free PDF


    MCQ for Managerial Accounting 08052021.pdf Solutions Available Dr D Y Patil Institute of Management Studies MBA ACCOUNTING P16MBA6 - MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING.pdf Solutions Available Dr D Y Patil Institute of Management Studies MBA ACCOUNTING 2-2 Milestone One - Cost Classification.pdf Southern New Hampshire University ACC 202

  19. Chapter 10 Assignment (pdf)

    Accounting document from University of Colorado, Denver, 8 pages, Score: 1. 80/80 Points 100 % Award: 10 out of 10.00 points TB MC Qu. 10-6 (Static) Select the correct statement regarding. Select the correct statement regarding managerial and financial accounting. Users of managerial accounting information desire grea

  20. Management Accounting : Assignment Sample (pdf)

    INTRODUCTION Management accounting is the process of analysing business costs and operations to prepare internal financial report, records and account for the managers (Arroyo, 2012).These reports provide help to manager in decision making process to acquire business goals and objectives. In general terms it is the act of making sense of financial and costing data and interpreting that data ...

  21. Financial and Managerial Accounting Assignment

    Financial and Managerial Accounting Assignment | PDF | Expense | Equity (Finance) Financial and Managerial Accounting Assignment - Read online for free.

  22. (PDF) Managerial Accounting

    A) Different types of Management Accounting System Management accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, analysing, interpreting and communicating information to the managers for the achieving the organisation goals. Management Accounting can be important for the company Ever Joy enterprise for increasing their revenues, this process ...

  23. (PDF) Managerial Accounting Assignment 1

    Leadstar College of Management and Leadership Managerial Accounting (MBA-511) Tutor Marked Project Assignment General Directions: Attempt each of the following questions according to their respective instructions and provide detailed explanations and show all the necessary computations as needed. The assignment should be only comple...

  24. Managerial Accounting Assignment

    In the future it will not only be large companies which can afford to implement EMA but also small and medium-sized enterprises which have fewer available financial resources. 13. Managerial Accounting Assignment - Download as a PDF or view online for free.