What is a Marketing Plan & How to Write One [+Examples]

Clifford Chi

Published: July 27, 2023

For a while now, you‘ve been spearheading your organization’s content marketing efforts. Your team's performance has convinced management to adopt the content marketing strategies you’ve suggested.

marketing plan and how to write one

Now, your boss wants you to write and present a content marketing plan, but you‘ve never done something like that before. You don’t even know where to start.

Download Now: Free Marketing Plan Template [Get Your Copy]

Fortunately, we‘ve curated the best content marketing plans to help you write a concrete plan that’s rooted in data and produces results. But first, we'll discuss what a marketing plan is and how some of the best marketing plans include strategies that serve their respective businesses.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a strategic roadmap that businesses use to organize, execute, and track their marketing strategy over a given period. Marketing plans can include different marketing strategies for various marketing teams across the company, all working toward the same business goals.

The purpose of a marketing plan is to write down strategies in an organized manner. This will help keep you on track and measure the success of your campaigns.

Writing a marketing plan will help you think of each campaign‘s mission, buyer personas, budget, tactics, and deliverables. With all this information in one place, you’ll have an easier time staying on track with a campaign. You’ll also discover what works and what doesn't. Thus, measuring the success of your strategy.

Featured Resource: Free Marketing Plan Template

HubSpot Mktg plan cover

Looking to develop a marketing plan for your business? Click here to download HubSpot's free Marketing Plan Template to get started .

To learn more about how to create your marketing plan, keep reading or jump to the section you’re looking for:

How to Write a Marketing Plan

Types of marketing plans, marketing plan examples, marketing plan faqs, sample marketing plan.

Marketing plan definition graphic

If you're pressed for time or resources, you might not be thinking about a marketing plan. But a marketing plan is an important part of your business plan.

Marketing Plan vs. Business Plan

A marketing plan is a strategic document that outlines marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics.

A business plan is also a strategic document. But this plan covers all aspects of a company's operations, including finance, operations, and more. It can also help your business decide how to distribute resources and make decisions as your business grows.

A marketing plan is an important subset of a business plan that shows how marketing strategies and objectives can support overall business goals.

Keep in mind that there's a difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan

A marketing strategy describes how a business will accomplish a particular goal or mission. This includes which campaigns, content, channels, and marketing software they'll use to execute that mission and track its success.

For example, while a greater plan or department might handle social media marketing, you might consider your work on Facebook as an individual marketing strategy.

A marketing plan contains one or more marketing strategies. It’s the framework from which all of your marketing strategies are created and helps you connect each strategy back to a larger marketing operation and business goal.

For example, your company is launching a new software product, and it wants customers to sign up. This calls for the marketing department to develop a marketing plan that'll help introduce this product to the industry and drive the desired signups.

The department decides to launch a blog dedicated to this industry, a new YouTube video series to establish expertise, and an account on Twitter to join the conversation around this subject. All this serves to attract an audience and convert this audience into software users.

To summarize, the business's marketing plan is dedicated to introducing a new software product to the marketplace and driving signups for that product. The business will execute that plan with three marketing strategies : a new industry blog, a YouTube video series, and a Twitter account.

Of course, the business might consider these three things one giant marketing strategy, each with its specific content strategies. How granular you want your marketing plan to get is up to you. Nonetheless, every marketing plan goes through a particular set of steps in its creation.

Learn what they are below.

  • State your business's mission.
  • Determine the KPIs for this mission.
  • Identify your buyer personas.
  • Describe your content initiatives and strategies.
  • Clearly define your plan's omissions.
  • Define your marketing budget.
  • Identify your competition.
  • Outline your plan's contributors and their responsibilities.

1. State your business's mission.

Your first step in writing a marketing plan is to state your mission. Although this mission is specific to your marketing department, it should serve your business‘s main mission statement. Be specific, but not too specific. You have plenty of space left in this marketing plan to elaborate on how you’ll acquire new customers and accomplish this mission.


Need help building your mission statement? Download this guide for examples and templates and write the ideal mission statement.

2. Determine the KPIs for this mission.

Every good marketing plan describes how the department will track its mission‘s progress. To do so, you’ll need to decide on your key performance indicators (KPIs) . KPIs are individual metrics that measure the various elements of a marketing campaign. These units help you establish short-term goals within your mission and communicate your progress to business leaders.

Let's take our example of a marketing mission from the above step. If part of our mission is “to attract an audience of travelers,” we might track website visits using organic page views. In this case, “organic page views” is one KPI, and we can see our number of page views grow over time.

These KPIs will come into the conversation again in step 4.

3. Identify your buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a description of who you want to attract. This can include age, sex, location, family size, and job title. Each buyer persona should directly reflect your business's current and potential customers. So, all business leaders must agree on your buyer personas.


Create your buyer personas with this free guide and set of buyer persona templates.

4. Describe your content initiatives and strategies.

Here‘s where you’ll include the main points of your marketing and content strategy. Because there is a laundry list of content types and channels available to you today, you must choose wisely and explain how you'll use your content and channels in this section of your marketing plan.

A content strategy should stipulate:

  • Which types of content you'll create. These can include blog posts, YouTube videos, infographics, and ebooks.
  • How much of it you'll create. You can describe content volume in daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly intervals. It all depends on your workflow and the short-term goals you set for your content.
  • The goals (and KPIs) you'll use to track each type. KPIs can include organic traffic, social media traffic, email traffic, and referral traffic. Your goals should also include which pages you want to drive that traffic to, such as product pages, blog pages, or landing pages.
  • The channels on which you'll distribute this content. Popular channels at your disposal include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Any paid advertising that will take place on these channels.

marketing plan assignment sample pdf

Free Marketing Plan Template

Outline your company's marketing strategy in one simple, coherent plan.

  • Pre-Sectioned Template
  • Completely Customizable
  • Example Prompts
  • Professionally Designed

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Build out your marketing plan with this free template.

Fill out this form to access the template., 5. clearly define your plan's omissions..

A marketing plan explains the marketing team’s focus. It also explains what the marketing team will not focus on.

If there are other aspects of your business that you aren‘t serving in this particular plan, include them in this section. These omissions help to justify your mission, buyer personas, KPIs, and content. You can’t please everyone in a single marketing campaign, and if your team isn't on the hook for something, you need to make it known.

6. Define your marketing budget.

Your content strategy might use many free channels and platforms, but there are several hidden expenses a marketing team needs to account for.

Whether it's freelance fees, sponsorships, or a new full-time marketing hire, use these costs to develop a marketing budget and outline each expense in this section of your marketing plan.


You can establish your marketing budget with this kit of 8 free marketing budget templates .

7. Identify your competition.

Part of marketing is knowing whom you're marketing against. Research the key players in your industry and consider profiling each one.

Keep in mind not every competitor will pose the same challenges to your business. For example, while one competitor might be ranking highly on search engines for keywords you want your website to rank for, another competitor might have a heavy footprint on a social network where you plan to launch an account.


Easily track and analyze your competitors with t his collection of ten free competitive analysis templates .

8. Outline your plan's contributors and their responsibilities.

With your marketing plan fully fleshed out, it‘s time to explain who’s doing what. You don‘t have to delve too deeply into your employees’ day-to-day projects, but it should be known which teams and team leaders are in charge of specific content types, channels, KPIs, and more.

Now that you know why you need to build an effective marketing plan, it’s time to get to work. Starting a plan from scratch can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. That’s why there are many helpful resources that can support your first steps. We’ll share some of the best guides and templates that can help you build effective results-driven plans for your marketing strategies.

Ready to make your own marketing plan? Get started using this free template.

Depending on the company you work with, you might want to create various marketing plans. We compiled different samples to suit your needs:

1. Quarterly or Annual Marketing Plans

These plans highlight the strategies or campaigns you'll take on in a certain period.

marketing plan examples: forbes

Forbes published a marketing plan template that has amassed almost 4 million views. To help you sculpt a marketing roadmap with true vision, their template will teach you how to fill out the 15 key sections of a marketing plan, which are:

  • Executive Summary
  • Target Customers
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Pricing & Positioning Strategy
  • Distribution Plan
  • Your Offers
  • Marketing Materials
  • Promotions Strategy
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships
  • Referral Strategy
  • Strategy for Increasing Transaction Prices
  • Retention Strategy
  • Financial Projections

If you're truly lost on where to start with a marketing plan, this guide can help you define your target audience, figure out how to reach them, and ensure that audience becomes loyal customers.

2. Social Media Marketing Plan

This type of plan highlights the channels, tactics, and campaigns you intend to accomplish specifically on social media. A specific subtype is a paid marketing plan, which highlights paid strategies, such as native advertising, PPC, or paid social media promotions.

Shane Snow's Marketing Plan for His Book Dream Team is a great example of a social media marketing plan

A successful book launch is a prime example of data-driven content and social marketing. Using data to optimize your social strategy spreads more awareness for your book, gets more people to subscribe to your content, converts more subscribers into buyers, and encourages more buyers to recommend your book to their friends.

→ Free Download: Social Media Calendar Template [Access Now]

When Shane Snow started promoting his new book, "Dream Team," he knew he had to leverage a data-driven content strategy framework. So, he chose his favorite one: the content strategy waterfall. The content strategy waterfall is defined by Economic Times as a model used to create a system with a linear and sequential approach. To get a better idea of what this means, take a look at the diagram below:

Contently's content strategy waterfall.

Snow wrote a blog post about how the waterfall‘s content strategy helped him launch his new book successfully. After reading it, you can use his tactics to inform your own marketing plan. More specifically, you’ll learn how he:

  • Applied his business objectives to decide which marketing metrics to track.
  • Used his ultimate business goal of earning $200,000 in sales or 10,000 purchases to estimate the conversion rate of each stage of his funnel.
  • Created buyer personas to figure out which channels his audience would prefer to consume his content.
  • Used his average post view on each of his marketing channels to estimate how much content he had to create and how often he had to post on social media.
  • Calculated how much earned and paid media could cut down the amount of content he had to create and post.
  • Designed his process and workflow, built his team, and assigned members to tasks.
  • Analyzed content performance metrics to refine his overall content strategy.

You can use Snow's marketing plan to cultivate a better content strategy plan, know your audience better, and think creatively about content promotion and distribution.

3. Content Marketing Plan

This plan could highlight different strategies, tactics, and campaigns in which you'll use content to promote your business or product.

HubSpot's Comprehensive Guide for Content Marketing Strategy is a strong example of a content marketing plan:

marketing plan examples: hubspot content marketing plan

At HubSpot, we‘ve built our marketing team from two business school graduates working from a coffee table to a powerhouse of hundreds of employees. Along the way, we’ve learned countless lessons that shaped our current content marketing strategy. So, we decided to illustrate our insights in a blog post to teach marketers how to develop a successful content marketing strategy, regardless of their team's size.

Download Now: Free Content Marketing Planning Templates

In this comprehensive guide for modern marketers, you'll learn:

  • What exactly content marketing is.
  • Why your business needs a content marketing strategy.
  • Who should lead your content marketing efforts?
  • How to structure your content marketing team based on your company's size.
  • How to hire the right people for each role on your team.
  • What marketing tools and technology you'll need to succeed.
  • What type of content your team should create, and which employees should be responsible for creating them.
  • The importance of distributing your content through search engines, social media, email, and paid ads.
  • And finally, the recommended metrics each of your teams should measure and report to optimize your content marketing program.

4. New Product Launch Marketing Plan

This will be a roadmap for the strategies and tactics you‘ll implement to promote a new product. And if you’re searching for an example, look no further than Chief Outsiders' Go-To-Market Plan for a New Product :

marketing plan examples: chief outsiders

When you're looking for a marketing plan for a new product, the Chief Outsiders template is a great place to start. Marketing plans for a new product will be more specific because they target one product versus its entire marketing strategy.

→ Download Now: Free Product Marketing Kit [Free Templates]

After reading this plan, you'll learn how to:

  • Validate a product
  • Write strategic objectives
  • Identify your market
  • Compile a competitive landscape
  • Create a value proposition for a new product
  • Consider sales and service in your marketing plan

5. Growth Marketing Plan

Growth marketing plans use experimentation and data to drive results, like we see in Venture Harbour’s Growth Marketing Plan Template :

marketing plan examples: venture harbour

Venture Harbour's growth marketing plan is a data-driven and experiment-led alternative to the more traditional marketing plan. Their template has five steps intended for refinement with every test-measure-learn cycle. The five steps are:

  • Experiments

Download Now: Free Growth Strategy Template

This is a great option if you want to experiment with different platforms and campaigns.

  • Visit Oxnard
  • Safe Haven Family Shelter
  • Wright County Economic Development
  • The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County
  • Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Visit Billings

1. Visit Oxnard

This marketing plan by Visit Oxnard, a convention and visitors bureau, is packed with all the information one needs in a marketing plan: target markets, key performance indicators, selling points, personas, marketing tactics by channel, and much more.

It also articulates the organization’s strategic plans for the upcoming fiscal year, especially as it grapples with the aftereffects of the pandemic. Lastly, it has impeccable visual appeal, with color-coded sections and strong branding elements.

Why This Marketing Plan Works

  • States clear and actionable goals for the coming year
  • Includes data and other research that shows how their team made their decisions
  • Outlines how the team will measure the success of their plan

2. Safe Haven Family Shelter

marketing plan examples: safe haven family shelter

This marketing plan by a nonprofit organization is an excellent example to follow if your plan will be presented to internal stakeholders at all levels of your organization. It includes SMART marketing goals , deadlines, action steps, long-term objectives, target audiences, core marketing messages , and metrics.

The plan is detailed, yet scannable. By the end of it, one can walk away with a strong understanding of the organization’s strategic direction for its upcoming marketing efforts.

  • Confirms ongoing marketing strategies and objectives while introducing new initiatives
  • Uses colors, fonts, and formatting to emphasize key parts of the plan
  • Closes with long-term goals, key themes, and other overarching topics to set the stage for the future

3. Wright County Economic Development

marketing plan examples: wright county

Wright County Economic Development’s plan drew our attention because of its simplicity, making it good inspiration for those who’d like to outline their plan in broad strokes without frills or filler.

It includes key information such as marketing partners, goals, initiatives, and costs. The sections are easy to scan and contain plenty of information for those who’d like to dig into the details. Most important, it includes a detailed breakdown of projected costs per marketing initiative — which is critical information to include for upper-level managers and other stakeholders.

  • Begins with a quick paragraph stating why the recommended changes are important
  • Uses clear graphics and bullet points to emphasize key points
  • Includes specific budget data to support decision-making

4. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

marketing plan examples: cultural council of palm beach county

This marketing plan presentation by a cultural council is a great example of how to effectively use data in your plan, address audiences who are new to the industry, and offer extensive detail into specific marketing strategies.

For instance, an entire slide is dedicated to the county’s cultural tourism trends, and at the beginning of the presentation, the organization explains what an arts and culture agency is in the first place.

That’s a critical piece of information to include for those who might not know. If you’re addressing audiences outside your industry, consider defining terms at the beginning, like this organization did.

  • Uses quality design and images to support the goals and priorities in the text
  • Separate pages for each big idea or new strategy
  • Includes sections for awards and accomplishments to show how the marketing plan supports wider business goals
  • Defines strategies and tactics for each channel for easy skimming

5. Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau

marketing plan examples: carrabus county

Cabarrus County’s convention and visitors bureau takes a slightly different approach with its marketing plan, formatting it like a magazine for stakeholders to flip through. It offers information on the county’s target audience, channels, goals, KPIs, and public relations strategies and initiatives.

We especially love that the plan includes contact information for the bureau’s staff members, so that it’s easy for stakeholders to contact the appropriate person for a specific query.

  • Uses infographics to expand on specific concepts, like how visitors benefit a community
  • Highlights the team members responsible for each initiative with a photo to emphasize accountability and community
  • Closes with an event calendar for transparency into key dates for events

6. Visit Billings

marketing plan examples: visit billings

Visit Billing’s comprehensive marketing plan is like Cabarrus County’s in that it follows a magazine format. With sections for each planned strategy, it offers a wealth of information and depth for internal stakeholders and potential investors.

We especially love its content strategy section, where it details the organization’s prior efforts and current objectives for each content platform.

At the end, it includes strategic goals and budgets — a good move to imitate if your primary audience would not need this information highlighted at the forefront.

  • Includes a section on the buyer journey, which offers clarity on the reasoning for marketing plan decisions
  • Design includes call-outs for special topics that could impact the marketing audience, such as safety concerns or "staycations"
  • Clear headings make it easy to scan this comprehensive report and make note of sections a reader may want to return to for more detail

What is a typical marketing plan?

Most marketing plans are documents that outline the following aspects of a business's marketing:

  • Target audience

Each marketing plan should include one or more goals, the path your team will take to meet those goals, and how you plan to measure success.

For example, say a tech startup is launching a new mobile app. Its marketing plan would usually include:

  • Target audience or buyer personas for the app
  • Outline of how app features meet audience needs
  • Competitive analysis
  • Goals for conversion funnel and user acquisition
  • Marketing strategies and tactics for user acquisition

Featured resource : Free Marketing Plan Template

What should a good marketing plan include?

A good marketing plan will create a clear roadmap for your unique marketing team. This means that the best marketing plan for your business will be distinct to your team and business needs.

That said, most marketing plans will include sections for one or more of the following:

  • Clear analysis of the target market
  • A detailed description of the product or service
  • Strategic marketing mix details (such as product, price, place, promotion)
  • Measurable goals with defined timelines

This can help you build the best marketing plan for your business.

A good marketing plan should also include a product or service's unique value proposition, a comprehensive marketing strategy including online and offline channels, and a defined budget.

Featured resource : Value Proposition Templates

What are the most important parts of a marketing plan?

When you‘re planning a road trip, you need a map to help define your route, step-by-step directions, and an estimate of the time it will take to get to your destination. It’s literally how you get there that matters.

Like a road map, a marketing plan is only useful if it helps you get to where you want to go. So, no one part is more than the other.

That said, you can use the list below to make sure that you've added or at least considered each of the following in your marketing plan:

  • Marketing goals
  • Executive summary
  • Target market analysis
  • Marketing strategies

What questions should I ask when making a marketing plan?

Questions are a useful tool for when you‘re stuck or want to make sure you’ve included important details.

Try using one or more of these questions as a starting point when you create your marketing plan:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their needs, motivations, and pain points?
  • How does our product or service solve their problems?
  • How will I reach and engage them?
  • Who are my competitors? Are they direct or indirect competitors?
  • What are the unique selling points of my product or service?
  • What marketing channels are best for the brand?
  • What is our budget and timeline?
  • How will I measure the success of marketing efforts?

How much does a marketing plan cost?

Creating a marketing plan is mostly free. But the cost of executing a marketing plan will depend on your specific plan.

Marketing plan costs vary by business, industry, and plan scope. Whether your team handles marketing in-house or hires external consultants can also make a difference. Total costs can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. This is why most marketing plans will include a budget.

Featured resource : Free Marketing Budget Templates

What is a marketing plan template?

A marketing plan template is a pre-designed structure or framework that helps you outline your marketing plan.

It offers a starting point that you can customize for your specific business needs and goals. For example, our template includes easy-to-edit sections for:

  • Business summary
  • Business initiatives
  • Target market
  • Market strategy
  • Marketing channels
  • Marketing technology

Let’s create a sample plan together, step by step.

Follow along with HubSpot's free Marketing Plan Template .

HubSpot Mktg plan cover

1. Create an overview or primary objective.

Our business mission is to provide [service, product, solution] to help [audience] reach their [financial, educational, business related] goals without compromising their [your audience’s valuable asset: free time, mental health, budget, etc.]. We want to improve our social media presence while nurturing our relationships with collaborators and clients.

For example, if you wanted to focus on social media growth, your KPIs might look like this.

We want to achieve a minimum of [followers] with an engagement rate of [X] on [social media platform].

The goal is to achieve an increase of [Y] on recurring clients and new meaningful connections outside the platform by the end of the year.

Use the following categories to create a target audience for your campaign.

  • Profession:
  • Background:
  • Pain points:
  • Social media platforms that they use:
  • Streaming platforms that they prefer:

For more useful strategies, consider creating a buyer persona in our Make My Persona tool .

Our content pillars will be: [X, Y, Z].

Content pillars should be based on topics your audience needs to know. If your ideal clients are female entrepreneurs, then your content pillars can be: marketing, being a woman in business, remote working, and productivity hacks for entrepreneurs.

Then, determine your omissions.

This marketing plan won’t be focusing on the following areas of improvement: [A, B, C].

5. Define your marketing budget.

Our marketing strategy will use a total of [Y] monthly. This will include anything from freelance collaborations to advertising.

6. Identify your competitors.

Use the following questions to clearly indicate who your competitors are:

  • Which platforms do they use the most?
  • How does their branding differentiate?
  • How do they talk to their audiences?
  • What valuable assets do customers talk about? And if they are receiving any negative feedback, what is it about?

7. Outline your plan's contributors and their responsibilities.

Create responsible parties for each portion of the plan.

Marketing will manage the content plan, implementation, and community interaction to reach the KPIs.

  • Social media manager: [hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations]
  • Content strategist: [hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations]
  • Community manager: [hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations]

Sales will follow the line of the marketing work while creating and implementing an outreach strategy.

  • Sales strategists: [hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations]
  • Sales executives: [hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations]

Customer Service will nurture clients’ relationships to ensure that they have what they want. [Hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations].

Project Managers will track the progress and team communication during the project. [Hours per week dedicated to the project, responsibilities, team communication requirements, expectations].

Get started on your marketing plan.

These marketing plans serve as initial resources to get your content marketing plan started. But, to truly deliver what your audience wants and needs, you'll likely need to test some different ideas out, measure their success, and then refine your goals as you go.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2019, but was updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our team uses AI in our editorial process. Check out our full disclosure t o learn more about how we use AI.

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The marketing audit is a significant element of marketing activities and evaluating the microenvironment and macro environment is an important aspect of it. Analysis of microenvironment and macro environment consists of many important frameworks such as SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, etc. In this manner, ALDI is the company that is chosen for the analysis. ALDI is a leading grocery chain in Australia that is famous for serving grocery products at a cheaper price (ALDI, 2015)…………………….

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  • Marketing Plan Assignment

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Fitness4Life, Inc. , Marketing Plan I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fitness4Life, Inc. , is a developing company that offers fitness facilities, trainers, and fitness wellness programs for corporations. It is in its second year of business and currently serving Houston-area businesses, helping them to become more productive, while lowering their overall costs with innovative wellness programs and strategies. Fitness4Life is providing their customers with a health care cost management program for employees that will increase employee productivity and decrease overall business costs.

Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illnesses and 90% of all health care costs. (Wellness Proposals, 2006) Fitness4Life believes that healthy employees are more productive than chronically ill employees, and it cost less to prevent injuries or illnesses than to treat them after they occur. At Fitness4Life we tie worker productivity directly to the health care issue. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care crisis are misdirected.

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These traditional efforts are what we call reactive, that is, they wait until after the worker has been stricken with illness or injury, and then pay for the necessary treatments. Our approach, which emphasizes prevention and good health promotion, is much more proactive. By helping employees change their behavior patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles, Fitness4Life will lower companies’ health care expenditures, while raising worker productivity. In fact, research now suggests employers get an average of $3. 48 back in reduced health care costs and $5. 2 in lower absenteeism cost for every dollar spent on employee wellness. (Wellness Proposals, 2006) Health care expenditures will decrease due to reduced medical insurance premiums, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover rates, reduced worker’s compensation claims, reduced tardiness, shorter hospital stays, etc. The state of America’s health care crisis, coupled with current demographic changes, threaten to not only intensify the crisis, but further erode worker productivity as well. Fitness4Life will design customized solutions for each company as well as each employee within the company.

Fitness4Life will provide their product and service in a way that is convenient for the company and the employee because we believe if it isn’t convenient our customers will not get the results they need. These environmental factors coupled with the local competitive situation signal a favorable opportunity in this market. We feel the time is right for Fitness4Life. II. ENVIRONMETNAL ANALYSIS Originally founded as a fitness center, Fitness4Life, Inc. , is now reaching out to help businesses create fitness wellness programs and internal fitness facilities that will provide opportunities for their employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

The payoff for businesses is that healthier employees will result in increased productivity and a healthier working environment. Fitness4Life was founded in 2006, when Kimberly Landry developed the company and through her full-time commitment, turned it into a very successful operation. Currently Fitness4Life facilities are located in the Houston, TX area and they will be looking to offer their corporate fitness wellness programs in a 50 mile vicinity around Houston. In the near future, Kimberly Landry will look at expanding Fitness4Life into other areas of the country to expand its already fast growing business.

A. THE MARKETING ENVIROMENT 1. Competitive Forces. The competition in the fitness industry is very strong on local and regional basis, but somewhat weak nationally. Sales figures for the industry as a whole were difficult to obtain since very little business is conducted on a national scale. Fitness4Life is entering their second year of business. The business model has been well received and marketing is especially important to maintain growth and market penetration.

In addition to offering fitness facilities for Houston corporations, Fitness4Life’s main activity is the creation and implementation of corporate wellness programs. The basic market need is a convenient fitness programs and outlets for corporations to help reduce corporate costs and increase employee efficiency. These needs can be achieved through commitment to long-term wellness programs. As fitness programs for businesses become more popular, additional competition is expected to enter the market, especially by popular big named facilities. 2.

Economic Forces. Nationwide, many companies are willing to invest in their employees if the payback will benefit the company. Investing in corporate wellness programs is a win-win situation for companies and their employees individual health because good health is good for business with lower healthcare costs and turnover rates, improved productivity, better morale, fewer medical claims, and reduced absenteeism. For the companies they will have decreased expenses on insurance and compensation costs, and at the same time reaps the reward of healthier employees.

With the rising costs of gym memberships and healthy alternatives, Fitness4Life will offer affordable programs that corporation and individuals would want to invest in. This trend to invest in healthier alternatives is expected to continue to grow even in a slow-growth economy as more companies focus on the value they receive from the corporate fitness programs and the value that their employees take away from the investment. 3. Political Forces. There are no expected political influences or events that could affect the operations of Fitness4Life. . Legal and regulatory forces. In recent years, more attention has been paid to securing personal information. The internet and systems have allowed people’s personal information to be easily available. Because Fitness4Life will be working with large corporation and their employees it is important that they support the National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information. (National Privacy Princilples, 1988) It is also important that they have the facilities and software to ensure all information on their clients is secured.

In the future there may be more legislation on the safeguarding of personal information and potential inspections to ensure proper procedures are emplace. (Cheung, 2008) 5. Technological Forces. A major emerging technological trend involves interactive websites that allow consumers to access more information through membership. Online databases allow corporations to check on the status of their corporate wellness programs. It also allows the corporation to see the improvements by comparing work performance to their current health performance.

This program will encourage corporations to stick with the program and it was also encourage their employees to continue on a healthy lifestyle. The member only website will also allow individual employees to keep track of their personal performance and also there will be built in programs to act as tools for employees to adhere to the program. The online website and database will act as a catalyst to spur even faster and larger development for Fitness4Life, and because technology is always changing it will also allow new innovations and tools to be easily accessed by everyone. . Sociocultural Forces. In today’s society, employees are under more stress and are working longer hours. Less time is focused on fitness and living healthy lifestyles. With the rising cost of health insurance and increased cases of work related health illnesses, it is important that employers look into fitness wellness program that can be incorporated into the daily work schedule. The hallmarks of today’s successful services are convenience and ease of use. In short, if the service does not save time and is not easy to use, consumers will simply ignore it.

Fitness wellness programs fit this consumer need quite well. Fitness wellness programs are perfect for today’s society when more attention is focused on a living a healthier lifestyle and decreasing annual doctor visits. B. TARGET MARKET (S). Fitness4Life possesses good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the prized, loyal and satisfied customers. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how Fitness4Life can better communicate with them.

By focusing on commitment to service and quality, Fitness4Life has effectively implemented a successful differentiation strategy. Fitness4Life has been able to diversify itself from big brand name fitness facilities by branching out and offering corporate wellness programs. This differentiation strategy helps set Fitness4Life apart from its competitors by focusing on both organizational and personal health & fitness needs. Even though this program is only in its second year of development, Fitness4Life has already seen the increased returns.

Fitness4Life’s target market consists of both big and small corporations and individuals looking to live a healthier lifestyle. The market for Fitness4Life is not particularly segmented, as the main potential customers includes all downtown businesses that offer their employees some type of medical benefits and are experiencing escalating health care costs, and wish to more effectively manage those costs. Fitness4Life caters its services for individual organizations by conducting internal studies to design programs that best fit the intended corporation.

Fitness4Life works with senior management to develop mission statements and provide incentive plans, and also with employees to design personalized health and fitness programs. Its most profitable product is the tailored corporate fitness programs, which can be tailored to meet client’s needs by means of personal programs, meal plans and wellness tips. Clients use this program as well as Fitness4Life’s interactive website as a promotional tool, providing software to their customers as an advertising premium. The fitness program is not produced for resale.

Fitness4Life started out as a normal fitness facility, however due to the proliferation of work related illnesses, and the growth in fitness related products, the corporate fitness wellness program soon became more profitable for Fitness4Life than its individual fitness clubs. This led to the marketing of corporate fitness wellness programs in order to help employers invest in their employees. Fitness4Life is developing strong relationships with its corporate clients and its committed staff will continue to focus on further development and marketing of the corporate fitness wellness program.

C. CURRENT MARKETING OBEJECTIVES AND PERFORMANCE Fitness4Life’s first task is to convince senior executives of the benefits and needs of fitness wellness programs. This will be accomplished by our sales teams aggressively pursuing interaction and relationships with business professionals who would profit from using this service. Fitness4Life’s sales teams seek out potential clients using analysis tools that show corporations what their company’s health outlook is currently at and how their program can help increase the company’s health and work productivity.

The sales team further goes to show the corporation different ways they can tailor their corporate fitness wellness program to meet the needs of the corporation in their intended budget. The corporation will get to play an active role in making the decisions on where they want their specific program to go. Once the contract has been finalized, Fitness4Life will do an internal study of the organization to determine what products and services will best meet the need of the organizations and its employees.

They well design alternative plans to present to the company’s management, and once management make the decision Fitness4Life will begin to make the contracts to and plan to tailor fit the organization. Depending on the plan the corporation chooses, the time to complete the service can range from a month to 6 months. Sometimes larger corporations go all out and want to build a Fitness4Life gym facility within its business, other times they just look into purchasing discounted membership fees or pay the membership fees for their employees to any Fitness4Life fitness facility.

Fitness4Life will also build the corporations webpage on its internet site to allow management to track their employees progress, and also allow employees to track their own program. After the programs are up and running, Fitness4Life will do a three month review in which they will go in asses how effect the fitness wellness program is and make the necessary changes or offer new services to the corporation. Fitness4Life will have a program manager at each one of its clients business to ensure the proper care is given to each tailored program.

Fitness4Life will continue targeting small- to medium-sized businesses in the downtown Houston area, and look into expanding regionally in the upcoming years based on the success of the corporate fitness wellness program. Once a strong image is established, Fitness4Life will use similar strategies to market its services to larger corporations in other cities across the United States in order to expand. The current total targeted population is 16,000 employees. Fitness4Life is currently operating with a small amount of debt due to the mortgage on its facilities, the expenses accrued from start up and also on the expenses of gym equipment.

However, about 85% of its accounts receivables are billed quarterly, so this steady revenue will prevent accumulating debt and cover expansion costs. The need for cash to fund operations in the meantime requires the company to borrow small amounts of money to cover unexpected expenses. Fitness4Life’s marketing objectives include increases in both revenues and profits of approximately 15% over the previous year. Revenues should exceed $3 million, and profits expected to reach $1 million. III. SWOT ANALYSIS A. Strengths 1.

Fitness4Life is focused on providing a different approach by providing tailored plans to fit the specific needs of each client and its employees. This strategy is the result of a strong commitment to quality and customization to services to attracting and maintaining customers. 2. Fitness4Life prides itself on developing well-researched, detailed health wellness program that have long-term in focus. They specialize in analyzing client’s employees in order to develop programs oriented to meet corporate needs and goals for their employees. 3.

A key to Fitness4Life’s success is their experience and intensively trained staff. Fitness4Life sends there staff to a 12 week course to better prepare them to using company tools and developing and maintaining programs for each client. The staff of Fitness4Life is committed and focused to help their clients adhere to the fitness wellness programs. 4. The positive feedback and increased clientele suggest a satisfied customer base, as well as positive word-of-mouth communication, which are helping to generate new business. 5. Fitness4Life is a health service that helps businesses and individual workers attain good health.

Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable benefits will create tremendous advantages for both the employer and the employee. B. Weaknesses 1. Developing individual customized personal services also has a high price tag, which in the start up phase makes for high costs. 2. Fitness4Life’s current headquarters is crowded, and there is little room for additional employees and growth. 3. Even though word of mouth is helping to bring in new business, the cost of attracting a large corporate client is increasing.

This cost will continue to grow as more competitors enter the market. 4. With the demand for increase business means the need for the continued growth of Fitness4Life staff. This provides a difficult balance in ensuring all employees are properly trained and knowledgeable of the fitness service before they go out and facilitate business contracts. 5. The fact that Fitness4Life is only in its second year of operations may hurt the company because of that fact it has not developed a strong reputation, and is still in the start up phase of its business.

C. Opportunities 1. Fitness4Life is reaching out to a new market to help large corporations increase employee work productively through an alternative approach. Participation in this new and growing market should provide a big opportunity for Fitness4Life. 2. The large increase in clients in the Houston area will continue to increase clientele for Fitness4Life. 3. The ability to leverage future quantitative analysis that supports the contention that long-term wellness programs have a significant, positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

Once Fitness4Life is able to bring in data and show the significance of the program with time, more opportunities will arise for the company. 4. Healthy lifestyles will continue to be a top priority for most American citizens and the ability for a workplace to foster a relationship with its employees and facilitate means to live a healthier lifestyle will only attract new clients. 5. Increased advertising through the media and web will be crucial for Fitness4Life’s potential for growth. D. Threats 1.

An economic downturn could greatly affect business for Fitness4Life. 2. Once larger more know competitors hear about Fitness4Life’s service they will enter the market and create stronger competition. 3. Fitness4Life is geared to help corporations develop fitness wellness programs, however if employees are already taking responsibility for their health maintenance this good deter Fitness4Life’s service. 4. Forecasted risks and threats include problems developing a sufficiently large client base, and significant economic downturns.

Long-term risks include that the business can no longer support itself, or having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities. E. Matching Strengths to Opportunities/Converting Weaknesses and Threats 1. The acceptance of healthy lifestyles and the desire to improve wellness creates a potential need for corporate fitness wellness programs. 2. Fitness4Life has opportunity for business growth, however is challenged to grow because of resource constraints in its start up phase. 3. Fitness4Life should look at different ways to differentiate its advertising to attract more customers. . Fitness4Life should look at developing new services and products to diversify itself and enter new markets. 5. Fitness4Life should continue to analyze the progress of its company and plans by showing supportive data from its current client profiles. IV. MARKETING OBJECTIVES The single objective is to position Fitness4Life as the most proficient fitness wellness program provider in the Houston area. The marketing strategy will seek to develop customer awareness regarding the services offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty.

Marketing objectives include generating a 15% yearly increase in sales, increase market penetration every quarter, and continue to cultivate Fitness4Life’s image as the premier long-term fitness wellness program provider. Fitness4Life will also look at developing its clientele by 10% yearly, and ensuring that current client’s needs are being met through annual surveys. To accomplish its marketing objectives, Fitness4Life needs to develop benchmarks to measure progress, just as it sets benchmarks for its clients to measure their progress with their programs.

Quarterly reviews of these objectives will provide feedback and possible corrective actions on a timely basis. The most important marketing objective is to understand what clients want and the quickest, cost efficient way of giving them that customized service. With the current success of Fitness4Life’s services, they can continue to expand on their product and services to attract new clients. With the customization of programs, Fitness4Life can look at similarities and difference amongst their clients programs to assess what services are more popular than others and what new innovations can be introduced.

These benchmarks should be determined by Fitness4Life’s marketing research. Advertising needs to continue to be a high priority for Fitness4Life. Increased advertising needs to be communicated through various channels. The first methods will be the production and disbursement of printed materials. The printed materials will describe all of the services offered and will give prospective customers some insight into Fitness4Life’s past successes. Fitness4Life needs to continue to develop its online site and tools offered to its clients and their employees.

Fitness4Life needs to continue to improve current services and looking at inventing new services and products to keep ahead of its competitors. This can be completed through simple research and keeping up with the latest fitness trends and technology. Fitnes4Life needs to stay ahead of the game by ensuring it is conducting business with the most current information, products and services. V. MARKETING STRATEGIES A. Target Market(s) Target Market 1: Large, well-known corporations that headquarters are in Houston and are in the Fortune 500 list. (Fortune 500, 2007)

Example: A corporation, like Continental Airlines, who have large annual revenues and a large employee base, will be a great asset to Fitness4Life. Large well-known corporation who have offices throughout the United States will increase word of mouth advertising. Developing fitness wellness programs for big names clients will attract new customers and also increase Fitness4Life’s reputation. Target Market 2: Corporations that have a reputation of having a negative influence on healthy lifestyles, such as fast food chains and high pollutant companies.

Example: A company, like McDonalds, who have chains across the United States and will suffer if American’s decided to replace their fatty foods for alternate healthier selections. If companies, like McDonalds, would use Fitness4Life they can turn around their reputation for negatively influencing a healthy lifestyle. Instead Fitness4Life will let McDonalds portray a commitment to living a healthier lifestyles and encouraging their employees to do the same. This increases positive advertising for them and Fitness4Life. Target Market 3: Service oriented businesses such as health care, banks and city jobs (firefighters, police, i. . ) that have a large customer base and a stressful working environment. Example: Service markets such as hospitals are always under constant stress and a high up-tempo. Fitness4Life is looking at these types of businesses to help develop a healthier employee base that can handle all aspects of a busy job. The fitness wellness program is specifically geared to these occupations in order to help minimize stress level and teach corporations and employees how to introduce healthy living into a hectic work schedule. B. MARKETING MIX 1. Products.

Fitness4Life not only offers customized corporation fitness wellness programs, but also has a number of fitness facilities across the greater Houston area. Fitness4Life offers a number of different services and classes within its fitness wellness programs and facilities, such as aerobics classes, cooking classes designed to teach people healthy cooking tips, stress management activities, and a number of various health related products. Companies can modify their program how they see fit. Also, a major product advantage of Fitness4Life is that all of its products and services are on its online website.

The on-line website also includes an internal database for its members and clients to assess their specific programs. Fitness4Life’s distinguishing characteristics is its commitment and loyalty to its customers. It is set to meet the needs of all of its customers while building its customer base. Fitness4Life has the competitive advantage over its customers because of its customized fitness wellness programs and the wide array of services it offers. 2. Price. Prices for using Fitness4Life services are comparable to those of higher-end fitness centers.

An employee choosing to utilize a Fitness4Life Facility will pay an average of $50 monthly fee, depending on how much their employer contributes. For each employee enrolled in the general wellness program, regardless of whether or not they use the fitness facility, the employer will pay an average $200 annually per employee. The prices reflect an average client of Fitness4Life, costs of customized programs all depend on what the client’s management decides is the best program for their business. A typical individual monthly membership with corporate affiliation is $175 monthly. 3. Distribution.

Distribution will depend on the specific needs of the clients and what programs they want at their business. Otherwise Fitness4Life’s individual facilities cater to all the needs of its consumers at its facility. If there is a need for shipping equipment or other product this is done via U. S. Postal Service, FedEx, or another courier service. 4. Promotion. Fitness4Life will use various channels to promote its service and products to include media, Internet, printed publications, and bi-annual promotional sales. New products offered will always be discounted in the beginning in order to attract consumers. VI.

MARKETING IMPLEMENTATION A. MARKETING ORGANIZATION Because Fitness4Life’s service and products are tailored for customized needs of its clients, it is necessary to organize the marketing functions by similar fitness wellness programs and client profiles. This will allow Fitness4Life to offer programs to new clients by showcasing customer satisfaction of similar companies with success of their programs. Fitness4Life will organize its marketing efforts by the following target markets: large corporations, small corporations, and service corporations. Fitness4Life will rely on presentations to company’s HR departments.

These presentations will allow Fitness4Life to personally address any concerns that companies have and indicate how a fitness wellness program can help service their needs. Each client and potential client will be assigned a sales manager who will work under the marketing director based on their target market. Each sales manger will be responsible for marketing customized fitness wellness programs within their customer segment. In addition each sales manager will be able to frame a customized plan, but will then need to present alternate plans to the marketing director for final approval.

After the marketing director grants final approval to the alternate plans, the sales manager will present the plans to his client for their input. Fitness4Life will operate with a centralized management hierarchy to ensure all employees are following protocol and clients are receiving optimal service and customized fitness wellness plans. Fitness4Life’s marketing organization will allow for control of programs, but at the same time allows sales managers opportunities to be creative in meeting client’s needs.

The marketing organization will allow for clients to feel that they are being treated with the highest service and that their plan is a one of the kind and will assist them in accomplishing their goals. Fitness4Life will continue with this marketing organization as long as the business remains successful. B. ACTIVITIES, RESPONSIBILITY, AND TIMETABLES FOR COMPLETION All implementation activities are to begin at the start of the next fiscal year on January 1. Unless specified, all activities are the responsibility of Fitness4Life’s president, Kimberly Landry. On January 1, create nine sales manager positions, three sub-sales manager positions, and a marketing director position. The marketing director will serve as the project leader for all new clients and potential clients. He will also serve as the leader for the market research team. Each sub-sales manager will be in charge of each customer segment and will have three sales managers bellow them. All sales positions will be on the market research team. ???By February 1, conduct a company sensing session to understand what demands and what changes need to be fixed.

The sensing session will include a survey to get input from Fitness4Life employees on what changes need to be made in regards to training and facilities, and also what services and products need to be discontinued. This sensing session will also be a benchmark on how well Fitness4Life is meeting the needs of their employees. ???By March 1, develop a division for customer relations to include a customer relation director and three members to the customer relations teams. The division will design annual surveys for clients, gather data, analyze data, and present findings to the senior management of Fitness4Life.

They will also present new services and products that clients would be interested in acquiring. ???By March 30, the customer relations division will distribute the customer satisfaction survey to all clients via electronic methods. ???By May 1, the customer relations division will present findings of survey results to senior management and board of directors of Fitness4Life. ???By June 1, members of the research team will present changes and new technology related to fitness, health, and corporate fitness wellness programs.

With the new changes, the research team will also provide evidence on new marketing trends and opportunities to take advantage of. ???By July 1, finalize the list of new product and services that Fitness4Life will offer in the next fiscal year and what promotions will it run. ???By September 1, implement new product and service offering, advertising to current customers and potential clients. The marketing and sales division is responsible. ???Reestablish the objectives of both the customer satisfaction division and marketing and sales diving for the next fiscal year.

The marketing director is responsible. VII. EVALUATION AND CONTROL A. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AND FINANCIAL CONTROLS A comparison of the financial expenditures with the pan goals will be included in the project report. The following performance standards and financial controls are suggested: ???Each sales and marketing team are responsible for reporting all financial expenditures, to include salaries and direct expenses. A standardized reporting form well be developed and provided by the marketing director. The budget for new product research and customer survey will be equal to 40 percent of the annual promotional budget for the upcoming year. ???The breakdown of the budget will include 60 percent allocation to new business development, new product implementation, and promotional activities. An allocation of 20 percent will be giving to the customer service division, and the remaining 20 percent will be allocated to online marketing development. ???The marketing director is responsible to adhering to the budget and reporting to the company president weekly on the current and projected status of adhering to the budget.

The marketing director is responsible and the improving authority for any redirecting of budget dollars for projects. ???New products and services will be analyzed on a quarterly basis to determine their profitability and projected success. Product and service development expenses will be distributed over a five-year period, and will be compared annually to generate income to see the actual profitability. B. MONITORING PROCEDURES In order to determine the effectiveness of Fitness4Life’s marketing plan, it is necessary to compare its actual performance with its planned benchmarks.

To facilitate this evaluation, monitoring procedures will be developed for various tasks that were implemented in carrying out the marketing plan. The procedures include and are not limited to the following stated bellow: ???The product and service research team will be responsible for presenting new opportunities and trends that Fitness4Life should take advantage of. They will present their findings on a quarterly basis and provide recommendations on how changes would impact current operations. A comparison of financial expenditures in regards to marketing and research will be compared to revenue and customer satisfaction on a quarterly basis. All financial data will be presented by the accounting division. The marketing director will discuss issues with the current budget and suggesting for necessary changes to improve the budget to meet set objectives and goals. ???A comparison of fiscal goals set by the management team to accomplished goals will be conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure proper procedure are emplace to accomplish yearly tasks. A yearly review will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the budget and yearly goals by each division. This will ensure all time requirements, budgets, employee needs, and work allowed all divisions to accomplish their tasks, and if not changes to correct deficiencies. ??? In order to gauge performance Fitness4Life will monitor revenue and expenses both monthly and annual, customer satisfaction, and wellness program effectiveness within each company. BIBLIOGRAPHY Cheung, M. (2008, April 27). Identity Theft Goes Corporate.

Retrieved April 27, 2008, from PC World: http://www. pcworld. com/businesscenter/article/145164/identity_theft_goes_corporate. html Fortune 500. (2007, April 30). Annual Rankings of America’s Largest Corporations. Retrieved April 24, 2008, from CnnMoney. com: http://money. cnn. com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2007/states/TX. html Healthly Lifestyles Current Trends and Statistics. (n. d. ). Retrieved April 23, 2008, from Help Starts Here: http://www. helpstartshere. org/Default. aspx? PageID=332 Henry, J. (2008, April 24).

Workplace Wellness Programs Offer More Than Fitness. Retrieved April 25, 2008, from NBC: http://www. nbc17. com/midatlantic/ncn/news. apx. -content-articles-NCN-2008-04-24-0013. html Life Time Fitness. (2007). Life Time Fitness. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Life Time Fitness: http://investor. lifetimefitness. com/phoenix. zhtml? c=136737&p=irol-homeprofile Mamula, K. P. (2008, February 8). Wellness plans saves big bucks for Highmark. Retrieved April 21, 2008, from Pittsburgh Business Times: http://pittsburgh. bizjournals. com/pittsburgh/stories/2008/02/11/story12. tml Merrell, C. (2008, April 24). Stress at work on the rise. Retrieved April 2008, 25, from Coloradoan. com: http://www. coloradoan. com/apps/pbcs. dll/article? AID=/20080424/BUSINESS/804240360/1046/CUSTOMERSERVICE02 National Privacy Princilples. (1988). Retrieved April 25, 2008, from The Office of the Privacy Commisioner: http://www. privacy. gov. au/publications/npps01. html Wellness Proposals. (2006). Workplace Wellness Programs. Retrieved April 22, 2008, from Wellness Proposals: http://www. wellnessproposals. com/workplace-wellness-programs. htm

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  6. What is a Marketing Plan & How to Write One [+Examples]

    A marketing plan is a strategic document that outlines marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics. A business plan is also a strategic document. But this plan covers all aspects of a company's operations, including finance, operations, and more. It can also help your business decide how to distribute resources and make decisions as your ...

  7. PDF PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING MKT301 Marketing Plan Guidebook

    2017 Marketing Plan Guide 7 Product description with feature and benefit analysis This section of your marketing plan has THREE parts, both of which are required. Part One - Product Description Describe your product or service concisely, but specifically, in no more than three (3) double spaced pages and written in formal business style.

  8. Assignment 1: Part A: Your Marketing Plan

    Be sure to cover the 4Ps, 5Cs and STP fAssignment 1: Part A: Your Marketing Plan 6 Gerald Condiments (GC) is a small company with big aspirations, but understands that growth only comes through hard work. The primary market for Red Gold ketchup is United State and the secondary target market is to go global and get inside China.

  9. How To Write A Marketing Plan

    Research. It is important to know what other people besides you think about your company, so spend some time before writing your marketing plan talking to employees, customers, shareholders and ...


    of the marketing plan. Stakeholder: an individual or group that has an interest in and/or may be impacted by the marketing plan but isn't necessarily involved in the development and implementation of the plan. SWOT analysis: a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning

  11. (DOC) Marketing Planning Assignment

    Assignment 2: The strategy, marketing program and financials (section 4-5 of the plan) are due April 20 at the start of class. Again, take the perspective of period 2. That is, you fshould probably draft your plan before making the subsequent moves in order to guide your decisions.

  12. Marketing Plan Assignment

    Principles of Marketing Date f MARKETING PLAN ASSIGNMENT CHOOSE AN ORGANIZATION Retail organizations include Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, Marshall Fields, Gap, sun Mart, etc. Wholesale organizations include SuperValu. Not-for-profit and nonprofit organizations include Dakota Clinic and Innovis Health, Prairie Public Television, and United Way.

  13. Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan. I. Company Overview. A. Company Overview and Background - Established in 1977 in California, Apple Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players. Apple is the largest IT company in the world by revenue and total assets and the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer.

  14. Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan - Assignment Sample PDF. kenneth levene graduate school of business. Added on 2021-09-15.

  15. 11.4: Assignment- Marketing Plan Presentation

    Each group selects one marketing plan to present. They work together on refining the marketing plan, creating and delivering ta PowerPoint presentation together. The instructor determines length of time and presentation format (in person vs. virtual, live vs. recorded) depending on the course modality and time available. Slide preparation only.

  16. Marketing Plan Sample

    With a Free Sample in DOC, PDF, or Other Format, You Can Prepare a Marketing Plan Effectively. We Provide Simple Yet Professional Example Documents for Advertising Sales, Business Students, Product Strategy, etc. ... Plan Templates. 31+ Marketing Plan Samples. We know that both physical and mental activities are an important part of maintaining ...

  17. Marketing Plan

    The marketing plan usually assists in the growth of the business by stating appropriate marketing strategies, such as plans for increasing the customer base. State and review the marketing mix in terms of the 8Ps of marketing - Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence, and Performance.

  18. Introduction to Marketing Assignment Sample

    Marketing can be defined as a process of socializing or communicating the value of product or service to the customers with the objective to sell products or services. It is actually a very critical function of business which focuses towards attracting the customers (Kotler, 2001). If properly planned and executed, marketing aims at getting far ...

  19. marketing-plan-assignment-example.pdf

    MARKETING PLAN EXAMPLES FOR ASSIGNMENT 02.pdf University of Jos STA 123 nike SWOT.docx University of the Punjab MARKETING 0809 MC4061 Assessemnt Brief - Week 3 (1) (2).docx London Met WRL 2525 Module 06 Course Project - Final Marketing Plan Kenyatta University NURSING 405 test prep Marketing Research Plan Harvard University RESEARCH M 9949 homework

  20. Marketing Assignment Sample & Example PDF for University Student

    Marketing Assignment Sample & Example PDF for University Student Marketing Assignment Sample The marketing concept involves identifying consumer needs and wants and then producing products (which can be goods, services, or ideas) that will satisfy them while making a profit.

  21. PDF Marketing plan assignment example

    Personal marketing plan assignment example. How do you write a marketing plan example. Marketing plan assignment ideas. For a while now, you've been spearheading your organization's content marketing efforts. Your team's performance has convinced management to adopt the content marketing strategies you've suggested. Now, your boss wants you ...

  22. Marketing Plan Assignment free sample

    Marketing Plan Assignment. Fitness4Life, Inc. , Marketing Plan I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fitness4Life, Inc. , is a developing company that offers fitness facilities, trainers, and fitness wellness programs for corporations. It is in its second year of business and currently serving Houston-area businesses, helping them to become more productive ...

  23. Assignment: Marketing Plan, Part I

    Step 1: To view this assignment, click on Assignment: Problem Set — Marketing Plan, Part I. Step 2: Follow the instructions in the assignment and submit your completed assignment into the LMS.