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How to Find Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

Finding free printable worksheets is an excellent way for teachers and homeschooling parents to save on their budgets. It’s also a great way for parents to get in extra practice with their children over the summer, or when they’re struggling. Here are ways to find printable worksheets for kids.

Parenting Blogs and Websites

Visiting parenting blogs and websites offers you a variety of opportunities for finding free printable worksheets for kids. In addition to offering printable coloring pages, many of these sites present educational printables for free as well. Many of these blogs and websites cater to children of all ages, but some of them are age specific. Be sure you’re looking in the right place when you’re searching for free-to-print worksheets to ensure they’re age appropriate.

Look at Educational Websites and Blogs

There are a broad range of educational websites and blogs catering to teachers, homeschooling parents and parents who want to help their children with advancement or overcoming struggles. Many of these sites are age specific, but there are others that offer materials for children of all ages. You’ll find worksheet that include ABC letters to print for free, as well as math sheets to print out. These sites also include printables for learning about science, history and reading comprehension.

Check Out Book- or Publishing-Related Websites

Book- and publishing-related websites will often offer free printable worksheets. For example, if they print workbooks or other types of reading materials for educators, homeschooling parents or parents who participate in summer bridge learning programs, you could find award certificates to print and other free worksheets to support your curriculum on these websites. They might also provide free coloring pages, puzzles and other fun activities.

Don’t Forget Your School

Sometimes a school website will post a blog or feature information on their library’s website that includes free printable worksheets. Under some circumstances, teachers will also operate individual webpages that offer free printable worksheets to help their students engage in fun activities when they’re not in the classroom, or so they can continue learning throughout the summer. If your school doesn’t have this information, search other school websites to see what they’re offering.

Use a Traditional Search Engine

When you input phases such as “free printable worksheets” or something similar into the search bar of your favorite search engine, you’ll receive results directing you to a broad range of sites offering printables for free. If you refine your search to include a specific type of worksheet (like learning to print the alphabet), your search results will produce free worksheets specifically for that task. You can also refine your search so it includes age, grade level and subject.


printable vowel worksheets


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Phonics Workbook

Download & Print Only $3.99

Vowels Worksheets

Free vowel worksheets.

The letters A, E, I, O and U are vowels. These phonics worksheets introduce students to short and long vowels, vowel blends and digraphs .  

printable vowel worksheets

Sample Kindergarten Vowels Worksheet

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printable vowel worksheets

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printable vowel worksheets

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Phonics - Vowel Sounds

Browse our extensive collection of phonics worksheets and activities for teaching students about vowel sounds. You'll find printables for teaching short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, digraphs, and diphthongs.

Phonics - Vowel Sounds Worksheets

Here is a collection of worksheets and games for reviewing the long a vowel sound. There's a classroom scavenger hunt, word sort activity, cut-and-glue projects, worksheets, and word wheels.

These printable phonics worksheets focus on writing and reading words with the long a vowel sound. This collection includes color-and-read minibooks, reading sliders, printable card games, worksheets, and phonics learning centers.

These files focus on differentiating between the short a and long a sounds.

Here you have a variety of printable worksheets and games for teaching students about the short e sound. There are reading and writing worksheets, as well as learning centers that involve cutting and gluing.

This page contains a collection of long e printables. Includes flashcards, reading strips, games, as well as several cut-n-paste projects.

The worksheets in this section have students determining the differences between words with a long-E sound and a short-E sound.

Phonics worksheets that focus on words that have a short-I vowel sound.

This pages has a variety of printable worksheets, games, and activities to help students recognize words with the long-I vowel sound.

This page has printable worksheets to help students discern and understand the differences between words with a long-I vowel sound and words with a short-I vowel sound.

Phonics worksheets that focus on words with the short O sound. Print out cut and glue activities, word wheels, games, and more.

Students will learn about words that have a long-O vowel sound with these worksheets. Some of the words in this section include: row, home, snow, code, goat, boat, and store.

Check out the worksheets in this section that feature words with both short-O and long-O sounds.

Printable phonics worksheets that focus on words with the Short U vowel sounds.

Try out the printable word wheels, cut-and-glue activities, and other worksheets to practice reading words that have the long-U sound. Some of the words include: unicorn, music, use, and unicycle.

The printable phonics worksheets on this page feature words with long-U sounds and words with short-U sounds. Students will learn the differences between the two.

Digraphs and Diphthongs

These resources cover words with the long-e sound, spelled with the letters ee and ea . Words in this set include feet, meat, leaf, clear, and green.

These printables cover words with oo in them. The letters oo can make two vowel sounds. Short-oo is the vowel sound you hear in words like book and floor . The long-oo sounds is heard in words like school and moon .

Learn about OI and OY words with these wheels, flashcards, sliders, and activity sheets.

Learn about the /ow/ sound, spelled with the diphthongs ow and ou. This page includes a mini-book and several worksheets.

These files can help you teach students about the vowel sound in words like car, mark, arm, and far. There's a mini-book, a sorting game, and a word search.

Also on Super Teacher Worksheets...

Phonics worksheets for consonant letters sounds, including beginning consonants and ending consonants.

Find worksheets, flash cards, and word wheels for teaching r-controlled vowel sounds. These sounds include /är/ as in star, /ôr/ as in short, /ûr/ as in bird, /âr/ as in hair, and /îr/ as in deer.

We have dozens of word family units. Word families are collections of words with the same ending. For example: -ar words (car, far, star)

Printable activities, flash cards, and word wheels for the Dolch sight words.

Spin the wheel to make new words.  Manipulative read-and-spell phonics activities.

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Home > English Language Arts Worksheets > Phonics > Short Vowels

Vowels are speech sounds that we can create with an open vocal tract. In the English language we recognize there to be five and sometimes six letters that represent these sounds. The letters a, e, I, o, u, and sometimes y makes these sounds. Most language have at least three vowels. Short vowel sounds occur when a letter is not pronounced in the same way the letter sounds. Vowels that sound the same as the pronunciation of the letter are called long vowel sounds. You can tell the difference between long and short vowel sounds by sounding out the word and specifically the vowel sound and comparing it to the letter sound.

The collection of worksheets below will help students find and decipher vowels that don't sound like as they appear. For example the word "fan". The "a" is a short vowel because it does not sound like an normal "a" sound. Short vowels normally appear when grouped or surrounded by consonants. This gets tricky when we get it vocal language. Homophones draw fear in most eyes, when they are not written down. For instance, would have a steak or stake for dinner? Is it hot outside because the son or sun is glaring down on you? It is a really good idea to do a few of these worksheets as a class. Try to sound out everything and when possible, make sure to use visuals and pictures to help you along.

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Print short vowel worksheets, click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key., short vowel sounds.

Say the name of each picture. Color the pictures where you hear the sound we are looking for.

Print Now!

Say The Picture Aloud

Say the name of each picture. Color in the box that contains the letter whose vowels do not sound like the letters that you see.


Find the Short Vowel Sounds

Say the name of each picture. Circle each picture that has a that sound in its name.

Missing Vowel Sounds

Write the missing short vowel in each word. Then say the word.

Listening for Vowels

Say the name of each picture out loud. Write the letter of the missing sound that you hear. Hint: You should name all the vowels once!

Short Little Words

Use the vowel words in the box to complete each sentence.

Short Uu Worksheet

Say the name of each picture. If you hear the short Uu sound, circle the picture in these words: tub glue brush truck mug

Column Sorting

Sort each word into the correct column, to show which sounds that it contains.

Short Aa Worksheet

Where are all the short As located in the words and which words even have it

Short Oo Worksheet

Where is the pint-sized o sound coming from in: koala snow lock hot dog pot

Draw lines to match the pictures that have the same vowel sounds.

Short Ii Worksheet

Where does the "i" not sound like it appears on the visible paper?

Line Matches

Say the name of each picture. Draw a line to the letter that makes the same sound.

Short Ee Worksheet

Say the name of each picture. If you hear the short Ee sound, circle the picture.

Short Sound Art Project

Saw each word quietly to yourself. Draw a picture of each word that has a sound in its name.

What Are Short Vowels?

The English language is made up of 26 letters. They are further divided into vowels and consonants. The vowels: a, e, i, o, and u have two methods of pronunciation. They make (at least) two sounds, a short one and a long one. Sometimes, they can be silent, too.

When a vowel in a word makes the sound of its particular letter, it is called a short sound. Say the words bat and led. The 'a' in 'bat' and 'e' in 'led' make these sounds.

The most common sound for each vowel is its "short" sound:

- a is pronounced as /æ/ like in ant, map, or tanning

- e is pronounced as /ɛ/ like in egg, men, or getting

- i is pronounced as /ɪ/ like in ice, tin, or literature

- o is pronounced as /ɑ/ like in ostrich, lot, or osmosis

- u is pronounced as /ʌ/ like in umbrella, pun, or mutt

The Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Pattern

The sounds that are associated with the letters, a, e, i, o, and u are the short vowel sounds. These letters produce this sound when they are placed between two consonants making the CVC pattern. Consonant-Vowel-Consonant or CVC words, such as fat, met, hit, not, and cut, make the vowels produce this sound.

You should let your students know that when we use the term short, we do not mean the length of time it takes to pronounce the vowel sound—it is meant to be a name only.

If a vowel follows two consonants, the vowel will make this sound.

For example: ball, Beth, pull, broth, and ding

Additionally, when a vowel is pronounced with a short vowel sound, it may be followed by two consonants. It is not necessary for the consonants to be present for the identification of these vowels but they do offer a handy clue that the sound in that particular instance is indeed that echo you are looking for.

When a word starts with a vowel and is followed by either one, two, or more consonants, the CVC pattern will still apply.

Example CVC Words with Sounds

a - Gas, dab, mad, pal, sap, gap, yam, zap, jab, van

e -Gem, leg, vet, hem, red, wet, set, met, Ted, jet

i -Gig, lit, rim, pin, sin, fig, sit, zip, gin, did

o -Got, cop, rod, not, sod, tot, jot, mom, pot, cot

u -Gum, rut, mug, cub, sun, tug, gut, hug, pug, sub

Rules of These Sounds

As mentioned earlier, these sounds are called short, but it doesn't actually take a shorter time to say them than long sounds. It is essential for beginners to learn how to pronounce the short sounds of these five vowels because they are the most commonly used sound for their letters.

The rules for how and when to use the short vowel sounds apply to all five vowels.

- When the syllables of a word end in a vowel, followed by a consonant, usually the vowel is short and it is almost always short.

- When we add -ed to change a verb to the past tense, the vowel sound stays the same. An ending consonant is often doubled for keeping a short vowel short. For example: Stop – Stopped, Spill – Spilled.

Ways to Teach Short Vowels to Kids

- Play songs and poems from YouTube and other online resources

- Make practice worksheets

- Use hand gestures to work on muscle memory

- Find the vowels on flash cards

short vowel worksheets

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printable vowel worksheets

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