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Project Hail Mary Movie: What We Know

project hail mary andy weir movie trailer release date cast adaptation plot ryan gosling

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (of The Martian fame) has a movie adaptation that’s actively in the works even though the book hasn’t been released yet. It’s a project that’s coming together surprisingly quickly. Here’s what we know so far about the Project Hail Mary movie:

What’s it about? What’s the plot?

Project Hail Mary is about an astronaut who wakes up on a space ship alone, with no memory of how he got there and two dead crewmates. He soon discovers that he is the only person who can save humanity from extinction.

See the Full Review and Summary of Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir from The Bibliofile .

What format will it be? Will the Project Hail Mary adaptation be a Movie or a Series?

It’s planned as a feature movie .

Who’s behind it?

Ryan Gosling will be producing the movie and starring in it as well. MGM acquired the project in a $3 million-dollar deal.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are attached as directors for the movie. Drew Goddard , previously nominated for an Oscar for his adaptation of Andy Weir’s The Martian , will be penning the adaptation.

Ryan Gosling in First Man

Ryan Gosling in First Man

What’s the status of the Project Hail Mary adaptation?

The adaptation is currently early in development.

However, in addition having been acquired by MGM, a director (Phil Lord & Chris Miller), screenwriter (Drew Goddard) and even the star of the movie (Ryan Gosling) are all in place. But (as of the time of writing this) the book itself is still over nine months away from being released. We’ll see how the book turns out!

Who’s in the cast?

Ryan Gosling will be starring as the main character in the movie. (He’s also producing the movie.) As of June 2020, he’s the only cast member attached to the project so far.

See the full cast (when available) on IMDB .

When will it be released?

Currently unknown.

Is there a trailer or teaser available?

Not yet! Stay tuned.

Project Hail Mary Movie Development Timeline

March 27, 2020 Ryan Gosling to produce and star in Project Hail Mary movie adaptation.

June 19, 2020 Screenwriter Drew Goddard has been tapped to pen the script for Project Hail Mary

May 4, 2021 Project Hail Mary (novel) to be released May 4, 2021 (Star Wars Day!)

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project movie 2021


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I really hated The Martian for some reason I found it so boring, but this looks promising ! I never got round First Man but it wasn’t too long ago so I am surprised Ryan Gosling is doing something seemingly so similar. I can imagine every critic will be comparing the two performances !

If you didn’t like the Martian I doubt you will like this, it had the same humour of a lonely guy talking to himself. I am sad that I have finished the book it is that good. I am not convinced that a movie can do it justice.

just finished the book….. movie question when when when want now now now

(not me replying over a year after this comment was made be like:) but yes yes yes I really really r e a l l y hope its out sometime soon 2023- I now feel like I’m going to hyperfocus on the book/movie after realizing there’s a movie/will be a movie (if it comes out anytime soon or already is, I’ll greatly appreciate it if I’m told 😭) but I’m so sorry for the long comment :,)

Listening on audibles. Movie should be fun, who will play Rocky and Dr Sratt??

I hope they do Rocky justice I loved them.

Only two candidates that I can think of with sufficient gravitas to play Stratt are Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. Gonna be watching this closely!

I think Tilda Swinton would be good too!

I’ve read that Emma Stone is attached, but she could be Ilyukhina or Lokken, too.

(this is to ANONYMOUS btw) yes they better do Rocky justice- I love him (them?) so so so much 😭-

The author of Hail Mary tweeted that Emma will be apart of the movie but was tweeted on april 1st

The novel is terrific. I love the Jules Verne science lessons that are Andy Weir’s hallmark. However, I also think the script writer for the movie The Martian did a great job of condensing the plot while capturing the spirit of Andy’s first big hit. After all, “I’m going to have to science-the-shit of this” was not in the novel, but it is the perfect script line. But for this work of imagination, a great script won’t be enough. To capture the deep friendship between Grace & Rocky, the movie will have to take us to a place Avatar didn’t. There was little interaction between human and CGI avatar in that movie. Mary Poppins interacted with the birds a little but this movie will have to take us where no movie has gone before — and not just a little!! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what the writers and the CGI geniuses create.

So far I have read half of the novel. I hope the movie is as good as the novel is. If so, it will be another winner like the Martian. A very good read.

I just finished the book this morning after having read half the night nearly to the end. I cried the entire time reading the last 28 pages, it moved me so much! It’s a marvelous book, and I am grateful to Andy for a sci fi story that isn’t a depressing vision of a dystopian future. Bravo! Can’t wait for the movie, and Ryan Gosling is a great pick for Dr. Grace. Who will play Rocky?? I’m in love with the two of them.

I read “Project Hail Mary” in July 2021. Loved it. I don’t know how this book can be squeezed into a movie. I think it would take a mini-series to do it justice.

Great novel…I miss the characters after finishing it. After reading it, I re-read it together with my 10yro son (who also enjoyed The Martian movie).

I’m happy to see that a movie adaptation is coming…I think it will be fun to revisit the story. I’m sad to have to wait for an unknown amount of time…but I’ve survived the ~18yr wait to see the final installment of The Matrix 4 (way underrated IMO).

Just give me the tentative release date. If it’s 2024, I’ll get in line right now.

**ahem** I shall join you, good sir🚶🏽

I feel like the most important piece to this movie will be the musical composer, being that Rocky’s whole language is based on musical tunes. There could be some really cool musical effects that add to the story if a good composer is chosen

Agreed. There’s a few names who come to mind, but I can’t go past Ludwig Göransson.

And while I don’t know quite how to achieve it, it’d be wonderful to somehow capture Bill Conti’s themes from the Rocky movie series, given the obvious choice to name the planet after his partner as Adrian is meant to reference the film (but only as a cheeky nod).

oh lord now I’m imagining all the plausibilites and now I’m just gonna hyperfocus on the movie/book more- 🥲/pos

aaaaa I forgot some comas- I just cannot language at all 💀

This should not be a feature movie. There is way too much story to fit in a 2-3 hour flick. It definitely should be streamed as a series

I read the book and loved it. Some parts I could not quite understand because it was over my head but I don’t care. I LOVED THE BOOK. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Not giving anything away, you will love the characters, just open up your imagination and enjoy what could be. Love, Love, Love.

I also love love love so much 💃🏽 /nm

Screen Rant

Ryan gosling's new sci-fi movie can redeem his $105.7m box office letdown from 6 years ago.

Ryan Gosling's next big project is a sci-fi movie based on a novel, and it can redeem one of Gosling's most recent box office failures.

  • Ryan Gosling's new sci-fi movie, "Project Hail Mary," shares similar themes with "First Man."
  • "First Man" was a box office failure despite positive reviews, potentially due to fierce competition and controversy.
  • "Project Hail Mary" has the advantage of being a full-on sci-fi story and is based on a successful novel, which may help it succeed where "First Man" failed.

Ryan Gosling already has a couple of projects lined up after the success of Barbie , among them a new sci-fi movie with which he can redeem one of his most recent box office letdowns. Ryan Gosling is now regarded as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood thanks to his acting skills, charisma, and sense of humor, and he has shown his talents in movies of various genres. Gosling’s acting career started in The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, and he made his big screen debut in 1997 in Frankenstein and Me .

Gosling’s big break arrived in 2004 when he starred in the romantic drama The Notebook alongside Rachel McAdams. Since then, Gosling has explored different genres in his career, such as psychological thriller with Fracture , action with Drive , comedy with Crazy, Stupid, Love , and musical with L a La Land . Gosling has also visited the sci-fi genre with Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, and now he’s going back to it with a new project that, thanks to their similar themes, can redeem one of his most recent box office failures.


Every Ryan Gosling Movie, Ranked Worst To Best

Ryan gosling's project hail mary will be similar to one of his best performances, hail mary & first man share similar themes..

Phil Lord and Chris Miller Share New Details About Upcoming Ryan Gosling Astronaut Film Project Hail Mary

In 2018, Ryan Gosling starred in the biographical drama First Man , directed by Damien Chazelle ( La La Land ) and based on the 2015 book of the same name by James R. Hansen. First Man tells the story of Neil Armstrong , who goes from being a NASA test pilot struggling in his personal life due to a family tragedy to becoming the first man to set foot on the Moon. First Man was a hit with critics, with most praise going toward Gosling’s performance as Neil Armstrong, Claire Foy’s Janet Armstrong, Chazelle’s direction, and the movie’s moon landing sequence.

Unfortunately, despite great reviews and critical acclaim, First Man was a box office failure, grossing $105.7 million worldwide against a budget of $59 million. Now, Gosling’s next project, though not from the same genre, can redeem this failure thanks to its similar themes. Project Hail Mary is a sci-fi movie based on the 2021 novel of the same name by Andy Weir, the author of The Martian . The novel’s film rights were bought by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer back in 2021, with Gosling joining the project as producer and lead actor.

Project Hail Mary follows Ryland Grace, a teacher-turned-astronaut who wakes up from a coma with amnesia. With time, he remembers he was sent to the Tau Ceti solar system to find a means of reversing a solar dimming event that could cause human extinction. Project Hail Mary will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and it’s expected to enter production sometime in 2024. With both First Man and Project Hail Mary being movies focused on an astronaut’s journey , the latter could perform better at the box office and redeem the unfair failure of First Man .

Why First Man Failed At The Box Office

First man had some fierce competition at the box office..

First Man had all the elements to be a box office hit: it’s based on a true story, there’s drama and suspense, and Gosling’s performance was brilliant, but it had fierce competition. First Man was released alongside Goosebumps 2: Haunted Hallowee n and Bad Times at the El Royale , but there were other factors that might have contributed to its box office failure. There was controversy around First Man as the filmmakers decided not to show the planting of the U.S. flag on the lunar surface. Because of this, the filmmakers were accused of lack of patriotism, and this might have influenced the audience’s interest in the movie.

Other experts believe that the box office failure of First Man was due to its 141-minute runtime and its focus on drama, which could have drawn potential viewers away thinking it would be a slow-paced, uneventful story. This combination of factors led to First Man ’s box office disaster, and not even its good reviews could save it.

Why Project Hail Mary Can Succeed Where First Man Failed

Project hail mary guarantees more action than first man..

Project Hail Mary book cover

Biographical movies can be a hit or miss and that depends on a number of factors: from the story itself to the reputation of the real-life characters, who plays them, who directs, etc. First Man ’s marketing might have been misleading and sold the idea of it being more suspenseful or even action-oriented, rather than being a drama focused on Armstrong’s personal journey.

Project Hail Mary is a full-on sci-fi story, which is already a huge advantage over First Man , but it also has drama and suspense. Project Hail Mary also has the advantage of being based on a novel by Weir, as both The Martian novel and movie were a success, which will be a big enough hook to attract the audience.

Project Hail Mary Movie Poster Temp

Project Hail Mary

Based on the novel by Andy Weir (The Martian), Project Hail Mary is an action-adventure sci-fi film that stars Ryan Gosling as an astronaut who must save Earth from an oncoming ice age by heading to a faraway galaxy. 

Upcoming Ben Affleck Movies: A List Of Future Projects From The Batman Actor

Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

With appearances in two of the most highly anticipated DC movies , including the arrival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League , as well as projects that will see him team up with his longtime best friend and creative partner, Matt Damon , we are going to be seeing a lot of Ben Affleck in the next couple of years, and hopefully for decades to come. All of the upcoming Ben Affleck movies each sound like they will give audiences something different, with everything from big-budget superhero spectacles to heartfelt dramas, and even a psychological thriller thrown in.

Below we will break down where we will see Ben Affleck (on both sides of the camera) as well as when we can expect to see all of those projects. And don’t worry, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is just the beginning…

Zack Snyder's Justice League (Starring, Producing) - March 18, 2021

At long last, in May 2020, it was announced that the long-rumored Snyder Cut would finally see the light of day , or at least Zack Snyder's Justice League would land on HBO Max in 2021. With a runtime of four hours, Snyder’s definitive cut of the 2017 crossover event film will further flesh out the individual stories of the key members of the Justice League, explore the mythos of DC Extended Universe and even showcase the live-action debut of Darkseid , after the tyrannical god was left on the cutting room floor of the original cut.

After months (years, actually) of anticipation, Warner Bros. announced in January 2021 that Zack Snyder’s Justice League would premiere Thursday, March 18 on HBO Max. Ahead of its release, CinemaBlend called the movie a definitive experience .

The Last Duel (Starring, Writing) - October 15, 2021 (Post-Production)

Ridley Scott 's The Last Duel was once believed to be one of six movies distributed by Disney in the final months of 2020, but as we all know now, those plans didn’t pan out. The movie, which will see Ben Affleck and Matt Damon sharing writing credits for the first time in more than 20 years, centers around a knight, Jean de Carrouges (Damon) and his squire, Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), who are ordered by King Charles VI (Affleck) to fight to the death after the knight accuses his squire and best friend of raping his wife.

Production on the film halted in March 2020 but was able to pick up as safety precautions were put in place on film shoots around the world. Principal photography finally wrapped later in the year and The Last Duel is now slated to hit theaters October 15, 2021 .

Deep Water (Starring) - January 14, 2022 (Post-Production)

Ben Affleck will appear alongside his former partner Ana de Armas in the upcoming psychological thriller Deep Water . Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel of the same name, the Adrian Lyne-directed thriller centers around Vic and Melinda Van Allen, a couple who comes up with a rather unique way of saving themselves from the messiness of a potential divorce. The film was slated to hit theaters ahead of the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday but due to setbacks caused by COVID-19 and reshoots, Deep Water is now expected to be released January 14, 2022.

The Tender Bar (Starring) - TBD (In Production)

Despite being two of the biggest names in Hollywood, Ben Affleck and George Clooney haven’t worked together all that much over the years, with their biggest project being Argo , in which Clooney served as a co-producer to the Affleck-directed Oscar winner. That recently changed with the announcement of The Tender Bar , which will be released by Amazon Studios at some point in the near future with Affleck starring and Clooney directing.

Based on J.R. Moehringer’s memoir of the same name, The Tender Bar follows Tye Sheridan ’s version of the author who turns to his Uncle Charlie (Affleck) as a father figure with his own dad nowhere to be seen. Although his mother (Lily Rabe) and grandfather ( Christopher Lloyd ) are very much in the picture, J.R. takes to Charlie and the patrons of the dive where he tends bar.

A project that has long been in the works (going back as far as 2013), The Tender Bar finally entered production in February 2021 in Boston and is expected to last through April. No release date has been announced at this time but expect the coming-of-age drama to land on Amazon at some point in late 2021 or early 2022.

The Flash (Starring) - November 4, 2022 (Pre-Production)

There was a time when it seemed like we would never see Ben Affleck return to the DCEU after dropping out as the star and director of The Batman , but as we learned with Zack Snyder’s Justice League , never say never. When Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash lands in theaters in November 2022, it will see Ezra Miller ’s Barry Allen crossing paths with different versions of Batman from parallel dimensions with the return of not only Affleck’s Batman but also Michael Keaton coming back after not portraying Bruce Wayne since 1992’s Batman Returns .

The Flash will reportedly start filming at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios in April 2021, though the duration of the shoot largely remains a mystery. Despite that, the film is slated to land in theaters on November 4, 2022 after jumping between dates the last couple of years. Expect to hear much more about this highly-anticipated project in the months to come.

Ghost Army (Starring, Directing, Writing) - TBD (Announced)

Now we find ourselves in the murky waters of projects Ben Affleck has been attached to for some time, but still don't have a release date (or production start date for that matter). Ghost Army , which is based on the World War II story about a United States Army unit that used inflatable tanks and other mocked-up military equipment to deceive Nazi forces. The film is based in part on the 2013 documentary Ghost Army and the book The Ghost Army of World War II: How One Top-Secret Unit Deceived The Enemy With Inflatable Tanks, Sound Effects, And Other Audacious Fakery . A project like this is in Affleck's wheelhouse, especially after he took home an Academy Award for Argo in 2013. There still isn't any information on when we can expect to see the film, but Affleck is slated to star, write and direct the project.

Falling To Earth (Starring) - TBD (Announced)

Another project that has had Ben Affleck's name attached to it for some time is the historic tornado film by the name of Falling To Earth . Based on Kate Southwood's 2013 novel of the same name, the film is set in a small Illinois town in 1925 that is ravaged by the worst tornado on record. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Affleck is attached to star as one of the survivors of a family left relatively untouched by the storm who tries to rebuild the devastated community in the months following the disaster. There's no word on a potential release date at this time.

Hypnotic (Starring) - TBD (Announced)

Ben Affleck is also slated to be part of Robert Rodriguez 's upcoming action thriller Hypnotic , where, according to Variety , he will play a detective who becomes involved in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of his daughter and her ties to a secret government program. In late 2019, production was pushed back to April 2020 to accommodate Affleck's schedule, but TMZ reported in March 2020 that production had been halted in light of the pandemic that paused countless film productions in the early part of the year. There haven't been any additional updates on the status of the project in the months following the announced hiatus.

I Am Still Alive (Starring, Producing) - TBD (Announced)

Ben Affleck is looking to enter the genre of survival thrillers with the film adaptation of Kate Alice Marshall's novel I Am Still Alive . According to Deadline , Affleck is attached to star and produce the film, where he will play the off-the-grid father who is tasked with taking care of his teenage daughter in the Canadian wilderness after a car crash kills her mother and leaves her injured. Described as a mixture of Wild and The Revenant, I Am Still Alive looks to focus on the undying spirt of a rebellious teenager and her closed-off father as they brave the elements in the far north. There has been no word on a release date or even when the film will enter production, but hopefully we hear something sooner rather than later, because this could be a fun and exhilarating theater experience.

King Leopold's Ghost (Writing, Directing) - TBD (Announced

According to Deadline , Ben Affleck has already been hard at work on the historical war drama King Leopold's Ghost for some time. Based off the book King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Green, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild, the film will center on the horrible crusade by Belgium's King Leopold II through the Congo in the late 19th century. For those not familiar with King Leopold II or his campaign through the African jungle, the ruthless king and military leader was reportedly responsible for the deaths of approximately 8 million people in the region. How Affleck handles this story remains to be seen, but I'm sure he's handling it delicately with all of the time he has committed to the project. Make sure to check back for an update on what should be a remarkable historical drama.

Untitled McDonald's Monopoly Movie (Producing) - TBD (Announced)

It seems like it's been years since everyone was talking about the HBO docuseries McMillions , which chronicled the hard-to-believe story of the McDonald's Monopoly Scam, but that was only a few months ago. And even though the buzz has died down a bit in light of everything that has happened in the world since then, we can expect to hear about the topic a great deal in the near future when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's film covering the same topic hits theaters. In a February 2020 interview with Collider , Affleck revealed that although he was busy with other projects at the time, he was still devoted to this project, which had recently received a new script treatment. All I want to know is if FBI agent Doug Matthews is going to portray himself in the film adaptation.

By the looks of it, we will be seeing a lot of Ben Affleck in the months and years to come. To see what else is coming to theaters this year, check out CinemaBlend’s updated list of all the 2021 movie premiere dates .

project movie 2021


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The project.

2021 Directed by Brandon Rhiness

There’s No Escape.

A young woman, kidnapped and held in a basement, must use all her wits to control the situation from the confines of her cell and get out alive.

Skylar Radzion Griffin Cork Madison Nyenhuis Reamonn Joshee Michael Schaar-Ney Julie Whelan Elizabeth Chamberlain Lee Savage Alex Gallant Adam Keefe

Director Director

Brandon Rhiness

Producers Producers

Brandon Rhiness Katie Gobert

Writer Writer

Cinematography cinematography.

Katie Gobert

Songs Songs

Chuma Nwobosi

Alternative Title

Cold Comfort

Thriller Horror

Releases by Date

07 jan 2021, releases by country.

  • Digital Source: Rotten Tomatoes

95 mins   More at IMDb TMDb Report this page

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Review by straightedgedad ½

turns out movies end up at the dollar store for a reason


Review by tyreehoffman ★

This one thinks it’s smart, but it’s just a rehashed story that’s been done multiple times before.

Steven Millan

Review by Steven Millan ★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This brainless low budgeted Canadian thriller consists of a college aged young woman(Skylar Radzion[BOOGEYMAN:REINCARNATION,GONE BY DAWN 2]) who finds herself locked inside of an attic looking room with no bathroom nor shower facilities in sight while clad in her casual clothes and her socks,as she spends 4/5 of the film either moping around her locked room,overhearding her three drug dealing abductors(who consist of Lee Savage,Adam Keefe,and Julie Whelan) endlessly arguing with each other,using her discovered iPhone to call people(who don't believe her that she's been kidnapped),and talking to a red cocktail dress -and-slip-on high heeled shoes sporting doppleganger of herself while she slowly loses her mind during her captive situation.

Originally filmed as COLD COMFORT,THE PROJECT has director/writer/co-producer Brandon Rhiness(HOT…

Sam Reid

Review by Sam Reid

Trash City

Review by Trash City ★★½

Full review:

Much of the running time appears to consist of Melody in a single room, either on the phone with Zack, the cops, etc. or listening to criminal arguments elsewhere in the house (top). These scenes are generally dull to watch, with Rhiness not appearing to provide much that will jazz it up. Interest is just about sustained to the end, though the revelations are hardly worth the wait, and you may well have got there first. I was hoping for more from an idea that sounded interesting on paper; it ends up being as generic as its title.


Review by Etraina77 ★

I was given a copy of this film as part of a gag Christmas gift from my aunt. She found it at the Dollar Tree and I see how it got there.

Now, there’s a lot of things you could point out with the film. Poor acting, weird transitions, a heavily convoluted third act. But, at the end of the day, this could have been kinda interesting with some good writing.

Like, it could have all just taken place in that room Melody was trapped in! The audience could have seen none of the kidnappers or friends that Melody calls, and allowed the viewer to imagine these people themselves, enhancing the fear. Plus, we could have gotten more of this…


Review by Darthemed ★½

After a very brief intro of a fight between two men being interrupted by an observer, we drop into the main body of this movie, with a young woman locked in a room with a bed and not much else. As time goes on, her kidnappers decide to ransom her, and her medication starts wearing off.

The gimmick of the film, of being trapped in a room with our protagonist, is weakened by cuts to the kidnappers standing outside the door, or to people she calls on the phone. But whatever. Skylar Radzion does a respectable job with the material as our main character, especially when she starts talking to a second manifestation of herself, but the movie is drowning…

alyssa 💌

Review by alyssa 💌 ★

there are worse ways to spend an afternoon

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Project gemini   photos.

After centuries of destroying Earth's resources, mankind's last chance at survival is colonizing in outer space. Unfortunately, something truly terrifying and unimaginable is watching, lying in wait for the unwary human scouts.

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: Serik Beyseu

Producer: Aleksandr Denisiuk , Viktor Denisyuk , Vladimir Denisyuk , Evgeniy Melentev

Writer: Natal'ya Lebedeva , Dmitriy Zhigalov

Runtime: 1h 40m

Cast & Crew

Dmitriy Frid

Egor Koreshkov

Petr Romanov

Nikita Dyuvbanov

Alyona Konstantinova

Lisa Martinez

Samoukov Kostya

Viktor Potapeshkin

Alena Konstantinova

Katerina Spitz

Nikita Volkov

Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Mikhail Bashkatov

Serik Beyseu

Film Editor

Aleksandr Denisiuk

Viktor Denisyuk

Vladimir Denisyuk

Evgeniy Melentev

Konstantin Poznekov

Natal'ya Lebedeva


Dmitriy Zhigalov

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‘jurassic world’: gareth edwards tapped to direct new movie for universal and amblin, breaking news.

Will Smith Attached To Star In Action Movie ‘Sugar Bandits’ With Westbrook Producing — AGC Studios & CAA Media Finance Launching Hot EFM Package

By Andreas Wiseman

Andreas Wiseman

International Editor

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  • Seven Managers Exit Agency The Green Room To Launch Untamed Artists LA, Group Cites “Irreconcilable Differences” As Reason For Split
  • Martin Scorsese On Career Collaborations, Film Festivals & The Future Of Cinema: “It Will Be Quite A Bit Tougher, But Cinema Will Survive: It’s Not Something That Can Be Destroyed”
  • Celine Song’s ‘Past Lives’ Follow-Up ‘Materialists’ Sells To Sony For International In Another Big EFM Deal; Dakota Johnson, Pedro Pascal & Chris Evans In Talks To Star

Will Smith

Oscar winner Will Smith is attached to star in Sugar Bandits , which is one of the buzziest packages at the EFM market this week in Berlin.

The market’s biggest budget project — we hear it’s in the $80M range — is understood to follow a former Special Forces solider who joins an elite, vigilante squad aiming to wipe out the drug trade in Boston, but soon learns things are not what they seem.

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Ethan Hawke, Daniel Radcliffe & Jessica Biel To Star In ‘Batso’ About Trailblazing Climbers Who Took On Iconic Peak El Capitan; North.Five.Six, CAA & WME Launching For EFM

Sylvester stallone returning to the wintry streets of philadelphia in crime-thriller ‘the epiphany’; agc & caa media finance launching pic for efm.

Years ago the project was being set up at Universal with Joe Carnahan directing but is now launching in the independent market-place.

RELATED: 50 Classic Valentine’s Movies Gallery: From ‘Amelie’ & ‘In The Mood For Love’ To ‘Paris, Texas’ & ‘Breathless’

Smith won’t play the lead but will co-star in the movie, we understand. However, it’s not often a Will Smith movie becomes available in the indie market-place so there’s already buzz from buyers about the project who have positive things to say about the script, even if a director has yet to be attached.

The last Will Smith movie to hit the market was Emancipation and that sold in a massive auction to Apple. He is in post on Sony’s Bad Boys 4 . This is the first major movie announced in the independent market for Smith since his Oscar ceremony ‘moment’ back in 2022.

Smith is represented by CAA. Hogan is represented by WME and 3 Arts Entertainment.

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A fab four: sam mendes, sony & apple corps prep pics on each beatle, have music rights.

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Gareth Edwards To Direct New Movie For Universal & Amblin

Georgia cap on tax credits clears hurdle; angry local pros pack hearing, fubo sues disney, wbd & fox over proposed sports mega-streamer.

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project movie 2021

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News Project anima's Mahō Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi Anime Reveals Teaser, Staff, October TV Debut

Project Anima revealed a teaser promotional video, visual, staff, and October television premiere date for the anime of Yuzuki Akasaka 's Mahō Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi (The Story of the Girl Who Couldn't Become a Wizard) novel on Tuesday. The novel won of the "Another World/Fantasy" category of Project Anima's 2018 contest.


As previously announced, J.C. Staff is producing the anime. Takashi Watanabe ( Rave Master , Shakugan no Shana , Slayers ) is the chief director, while Masato Matsune ( Chaos Dragon , Chronos Ruler , Reign of the Seven Spellblades ) is directing the anime. Hiroko Kanasugi ( Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist , First Love Monster ) is in charge of the series scripts.


Kurumi Mirai, a freshman in high school. In the Letran Magic and Magecraft School, the one institution that trains the top-class "wizards" of the International Mage Alliance, she has already secured top marks since middle school. And yet, when she reached high school and took the selection exam to get into the "Magic Group" class that trains wizards, she did not get in. In the next class, there were students taking the test to become fully fledged wizards, and among them was a student whom Kurumi admired. How will Kurumi adapt and grow with not being selected despite her boundless intellect? And what of the goals of the top-class wizard Minami Suzuki , Kurumi's new homeroom teacher?

Mahō Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi will be the second anime produced from the winners of the Project Anima contest. When Project Anima announced the story as the winner of its "Another World/Fantasy" category in 2018, the anime was initially slated for a 2021 debut.

Project Anima accepted story submissions from the general public through DeNA 's MangaBox, Everystar , and similar user-submitted content platforms. DeNA , Sotsu Co., Ltd. , Nippon Cultural Broadcasting , and MBS hosted competitions in three categories.

The project announced the winner for the "Science-Fiction/Robot" category in August 2018, with Nekotarō Inui 's Sakugan Labyrinth Marker (Drilling Labyrinth Marker) novel as the runner-up (the judges did not award the novel a grand prize), with an anime adaptation by Satelight initially slated for 2020. That project eventually spawned the Sakugan television anime which premiered in October 2021. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan.

Hajime Shinagawa's Möbius Dust story was the winner of the "Kids/Game" category, which Project Anima announced the winner of in March 2019. Doga Kobo ( Oshi no Ko ) is producing the anime adaptation, which was initially slated for a debut after 2020.

Source: Comic Natalie

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Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime in 2024

Project anima's mahō tsukai ni narenakatta onna no ko no hanashi anime reveals teaser, staff, october tv debut, this week in anime - a new age of anime delinquents, whoever steals this book volume 1 manga review, veteran animator terumi nishii on the problems and future facing the anime industry, gazing at the star next door volume 1 manga review, jujutsu kaisen cursed clash video game review, these unofficial soulsborne figures are amazing, are there any figures at wonderfest for retro anime fans.

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Trail Run Project

[.watch-.]full— dune(2021) (.fullmovie.) free online on streamings #867.


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Muhamaddafi67 feb 18, 2024.

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Project 'Gemini'

Project 'Gemini' (2022)

A sci-fi thriller about a space mission sent to terraform a distant planet. However, the mission encounters something unknown that has its own plan for the planet. A sci-fi thriller about a space mission sent to terraform a distant planet. However, the mission encounters something unknown that has its own plan for the planet. A sci-fi thriller about a space mission sent to terraform a distant planet. However, the mission encounters something unknown that has its own plan for the planet.

  • Serik Beyseu
  • Natalya Lebedeva
  • Dmitriy Zhigalov
  • Egor Koreshkov
  • Alyona Konstantinova
  • Samoukov Kostya
  • 133 User reviews
  • 14 Critic reviews

Project 'Gemini'

  • (as Konstantin Samoukov)
  • (as Elizaveta Martines Kardenas)

Aeric Azana

  • (English version)

Luis Bermudez

  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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Men at Work: Miami

Did you know

Steve : People deserve a chance David

[last lines]

David : People don't change Steve

User reviews 133

  • Jan 7, 2022
  • How long is Project 'Gemini'? Powered by Alexa
  • January 6, 2022 (Russia)
  • Tín Hiệu Diệt Vong
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • $6,000,000 (estimated)

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 38 minutes

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Project 'Gemini' (2022)

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    Oscar winner Will Smith is attached to star in Sugar Bandits, which is one of the buzziest packages at the EFM market this week in Berlin. The market's biggest budget project — we hear it's ...

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