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    What is TASK ORIENTATION? definition of TASK ORIENTATION (Psychology Dictionary) Dictionary A B C D E F I J K L M N O P R S T U W Y Z Health Topics ADHD Anxiety Disorders Bipolar Disorder Breast Cancer Depression Diabetes Dissociative Disorders Epilepsy Insomnia Neurology Oncology PCP Pediatrics Personality Disorders Primary Care Schizophrenia

  2. Goal Orientation, Task Difficulty and Task Interest ...

    Goal Orientation, Task Difficulty and Task Interest: Effects on Setting Personal Goals ... Timothy A. Pychyl, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa ...

  3. Task-Oriented Coping

    Internal Consistency The CISS exhibited Cronbach alpha coefficients for task-oriented coping of .88 for men and .91 for women; emotion-oriented coping alpha coefficients were .76 for men and .81 for women; and avoidance-oriented coping alpha coefficients were .77 for men and .83 for women (Endler & Parker, 1990 ).

  4. APA Dictionary of Psychology

    aconceptualization of motivation that identifies two types of achievement goals, task-oriented (see task orientation) and ego-oriented (see ego orientation), and that relates these to differences in individuals' perceived ability for the task and their achievement behavior.This theory emerged from the work of educational psychologists and subsequently was modified for use in sport psychology ...

  5. Task-orientation vs. ego-orientation in learning and retention

    Most classical learning experiments have been done under an Einstellungthat may be called "task-oriented" as opposed to the Einstellungwhich occurs when the learning situation offers a potential threat to self-esteem, i.e., ego-involvement.

  6. APA Dictionary of Psychology

    A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries. A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries. ... a motivational focus on mastering a task. Task orientation is a component of the achievement goal theory. Browse Dictionary.

  7. Task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership

    Task-oriented (or task-focused) leadership is a behavioral approach in which the leader focuses on the tasks that need to be performed in order to meet certain goals, or to achieve a certain performance standard.

  8. Motivation in Sport and Performance

    Task orientation is associated with adaptive achievement strategies, positive affect, well-being, less cheating, better performance, and intrinsic forms of motivation. ... The influence of implicit theories of the nature of ability and achievement goal orientations. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2, 139-156.

  9. Task and ego orientation

    Task orientation predicted anticipated positive affect in the outstanding performance context, but was not significant in the enjoyment context. Ego orientation predicted anticipated negative affect in the enjoyment context, but was not significant in the outstanding performance context.

  10. How to Navigate Group Dynamics for Effective Collaboration

    Leaders can navigate groups by understanding the psychology of group members and the challenges they face. It's crucial to acknowledge the impacts of inclusion and exclusion on group members. Dr ...

  11. APA Dictionary of Psychology

    A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries. ... task-oriented group. Share button. Updated on 04/19/2018. a group primarily devoted to solving a problem, providing a service, creating a product, or engaging in other goal-directed behavior.

  12. The Contributions and Prospects of Goal Orientation Theory

    Goal orientations were originally defined as situated orientations for action in an achievement task (Ames, 1992a; Dweck, 1986; Nicholls, 1984).Rather then focusing on the content of what people are attempting to achieve (i.e., objectives, specific standards), goal orientations define why and how people are trying to achieve various objectives (Anderman & Maehr, 1994) and refer to overarching ...

  13. The Relationship Between Motivation, Goal Orientation, and Perceived

    High task orientation may buffer the negative effects of high ego orientations (Hodge and Petlichkoff, 2000; Burton et al., 2011; Moran and Toner, 2017). British elite adolescent athletes with moderate ego/higher task goal orientations use more self-talk than do athletes with higher ego/lower task and moderate task/lower ego goal orientations ...

  14. Goal Orientation: A Review of the Miles Traveled and the Miles to Go

    Goal orientation, a theory that originated primarily in the educational and social psychology fields, has emerged in the past two decades as a prominent theory in organizational psychology and organizational behavior. We review the state of affairs for goal orientation research with the following roadmap. First, we discuss the historical roots of goal orientation. Next, we summarize the ...

  15. Interdependence and Psychological Orientation

    In many respects, the moral orientations to task-oriented and formal relations are similar; this is also the case for social-emotional and informal relations. Formal relations go beyond the values of universalism and affective neutrality or impartiality to include a moral orientation to the rules and conventions that guide social relations.

  16. Achievement Goal Theory

    These goal orientations can be divided into two different factors, a mastery climate (also task oriented motivational climate), and/or an ego-oriented motivational climate. Within a mastery climate, the task to be performed is the goal for the athletes, so the focus is on exerting effort and improving personally in a specific task.

  17. Achievement Goal Theory Review: An Application to School Psychology

    Third, we apply the principles of AGT to the primary tasks of school psychology professionals, including assessment, intervention, and consultation practices. ... Seifert T. L. (1995). Characteristics of ego- and task-oriented students: A comparison of two methodologies. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 65(1), 125-138.

  18. The Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire adapted for youth

    Task orientation refers to the goal of increasing one's skill or knowledge in the belief that success is achieved when the task is mastered (Duda & Nicholls, 1992). ... Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 42 (2019), pp. 100-109. View PDF View article View in Scopus Google Scholar. Roberts and Walker, 2020.

  19. Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire

    Duda, J. L. (1989) Relationship between task and ego orientation and the perceived purpose of sport among high school athletes. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 11, p. 318-335; Page Reference. If you quote information from this page in your work, then the reference for this page is:

  20. Task-Oriented Leadership: Definition and Examples

    Task-oriented leadership focuses on achieving goals. Task-oriented leaders delegate assignments, set clear processes and issue deadlines to ensure all team members remain focused and deliver their part of the project within the designated time. Managers who use this style develop a structured workplace with clearly defined priorities and schedules.

  21. 80+ Psychology Jobs: What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

    The job options listed here are just a few of the many different career paths available in psychology. Remember that no list of predicted "hot jobs" can ever highlight all of the many options that are available in psychology. The important thing is to pick a career that is right for you, your interests, and your long-term goals.

  22. Most Common Questions When Starting a Psychology Career

    Job Outlook for Psychologists. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts demand for psychologists will grow by 14% between 2018 and 2028, a much faster rate than the average for all professions in the U.S. (5%). However, job growth also depends on the specialty area in which a psychologist is employed. For example, clinical psychologists, school ...

  23. Frontiers

    Introduction: Social comparison orientation comprises ability comparison, which entails superior and inferior ratings; and opinion comparison, which does not include such ratings. Previous research on negative emotions and the social rank theory of social anxiety indicates that social anxiety is positively associated with ability comparison. This is particularly true of individuals with a ...

  24. APA Dictionary of Psychology

    A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries. A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries. ...

  25. APA Dictionary of Psychology

    n. awareness of the self and of outer reality; that is, the ability to identify one's self and to know the time, the place, and the person one is talking to. See also reality orientation. the act of directing the body or of moving toward an external stimulus, such as light, gravity, or some other aspect of the environment.