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30 Captivating Research Activities for Middle School

February 6, 2023 //  by  Josilyn Markel

Learning to research effectively is an important skill that middle-school-aged students can learn and carry with them for their whole academic careers. The students in question will use these skills for everything from reading news articles to writing a systematic review of their sources. With increased demands on students these days, it’s never too early to introduce these sophisticated research skills. 

We’ve collected thirty of the best academic lessons for middle school students to learn about sophisticated research skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

1. Guiding Questions for Research

When you first give a research project to middle school students, it’s important to make sure that they really understand the research prompts. You can use this guiding questions tool with students to help them draw on existing knowledge to properly contextualize the prompt and assignment before they even pick up a pen. 

Learn More: Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

2. Teaching Research Essential Skills Bundle

This bundle touches on all the writing skills, planning strategies, and so-called soft skills that students will need to get started on their first research project. These resources are especially geared towards middle school-aged students to help them with cognitive control tasks plus engaging and active lessons. 

Learn More: Pinterest

3. How to Develop a Research Question

Before a middle school student can start their research time on task, they have to form a solid research question. This resource features activities for students that will help them identify a problem and then formulate a question that will guide their research project going first. 

Learn More: Campus Guides

4. Note-Taking Skills Infographic

For a strong introduction and/or systematic review of the importance of note-taking, look no further than this infographic. It covers several excellent strategies for taking the most important info from a source, and it also gives tips for using these strategies to strengthen writing skills. 

Learn More: Word Counter

5. Guide to Citing Online Sources

One of the more sophisticated research skills is learning to cite sources. These days, the internet is the most popular place to find research sources, so learning the citation styles for making detailed citations for internet sources is an excellent strategy. This is a skill that will stick with middle school students throughout their entire academic careers! 

Learn More: Educator’s Technology

6. Guided Student-Led Research Projects

This is a great way to boost communication between students while also encouraging choice and autonomy throughout the research process. This really opens up possibilities for students and boosts student activity and engagement throughout the whole project. The group setup also decreases the demands on students as individuals. 

Learn More: The Thinker Builder

7. Teaching Students to Fact-Check

Fact-checking is an important meta-analytic review skill that every student needs. This resource introduces probing questions that students can ask in order to ensure that the information they’re looking at is actually true. This can help them identify fake news, find more credible sources, and improve their overall sophisticated research skills. 

Learn More: Just Add Students

8. Fact-Checking Like a Pro

This resource features great teaching strategies (such as visualization) to help alleviate the demands on students when it comes to fact-checking their research sources. It’s perfect for middle school-aged students who want to follow the steps to make sure that they’re using credible sources in all of their research projects, for middle school and beyond!

9. Website Evaluation Activity

With this activity, you can use any website as a backdrop. This is a great way to help start the explanation of sources that will ultimately lead to helping students locate and identify credible sources (rather than fake news). With these probing questions, students will be able to evaluate websites effectively.

10. How to Take Notes in Class

This visually pleasing resource tells students everything they need to know about taking notes in a classroom setting. It goes over how to glean the most important information from the classroom teacher, and how to organize the info in real-time, and it gives tips for cognitive control tasks and other sophisticated research skills that will help students throughout the research and writing process. 

Learn More: Visualistan

11. Teaching Research Papers: Lesson Calendar

If you have no idea how you’re going to cover all the so-called soft skills, mini-lessons, and activities for students during your research unit, then don’t fret! This calendar breaks down exactly what you should be teaching, and when. It introduces planning strategies, credible sources, and all the other research topics with a logical and manageable flow. 

Learn More: Discover Hub Pages

12. Google Docs Features for Teaching Research

With this resource, you can explore all of the handy research-focused features that are already built into Google Docs! You can use it to build activities for students or to make your existing activities for students more tech-integrated. You can use this tool with students from the outset to get them interested and familiar with the Google Doc setup. 

13. Using Effective Keywords to Search the Internet

The internet is a huge place, and this vast amount of knowledge puts huge demands on students’ skills and cognition. That’s why they need to learn how to search online effectively, with the right keywords. This resource teaches middle school-aged students how to make the most of all the search features online. 

Learn More: Teachers Pay Teachers

14. How to Avoid Plagiarism: “Did I Plagiarize?” 

This student activity looks at the biggest faux pas in middle school research projects: plagiarism. These days, the possibilities for students to plagiarize are endless, so it’s important for them to learn about quotation marks, paraphrasing, and citations. This resource includes information on all of those!

Learn More: Lib Guides

15. 7 Tips for Recognizing Bias

This is a resource to help middle school-aged students recognize the differences between untrustworthy and credible sources. It gives a nice explanation of sources that are trustworthy and also offers a source of activities that students can use to test and practice identifying credible sources. 

Learn More: We Are Teachers

16. UNESCO’s Laws for Media Literacy

This is one of those great online resources that truly focuses on the students in question, and it serves a larger, global goal. It offers probing questions that can help middle school-aged children determine whether or not they’re looking at credible online resources. It also helps to strengthen the so-called soft skills that are necessary for completing research. 

Learn More: SLJ Blogs

17. Guide for Evaluating a News Article

Here are active lessons that students can use to learn more about evaluating a news article, whether it’s on a paper or online resource. It’s also a great tool to help solidify the concept of fake news and help students build an excellent strategy for identifying and utilizing credible online sources. 

Learn More: Valencia College

18. Middle School Research Projects Middle School Students Will Love

Here is a list of 30 great research projects for middle schoolers, along with cool examples of each one. It also goes through planning strategies and other so-called soft skills that your middle school-aged students will need in order to complete such projects.

Learn More: Madly Learning

19. Teaching Analysis with Body Biographies

This is a student activity and teaching strategy all rolled into one! It looks at the importance of research and biographies, which brings a human element to the research process. It also helps communication between students and helps them practice those so-called soft skills that come in handy while researching. 

Learn More: Study All Knight

20. Top Tips for Teaching Research in Middle School

When it comes to teaching middle school research, there are wrong answers and there are correct answers. You can learn all the correct answers and teaching strategies with this resource, which debunks several myths about teaching the writing process at the middle school level. 

Learn More: Teaching ELA with Joy

21. Teaching Students to Research Online: Lesson Plan

This is a ready-made lesson plan that is ready to present. You don’t have to do tons of preparation, and you’ll be able to explain the basic and foundational topics related to research. Plus, it includes a couple of activities to keep students engaged throughout this introductory lesson.

Learn More: Kathleen Morris

22. Project-Based Learning: Acceptance and Tolerance

This is a series of research projects that look at specific problems regarding acceptance and tolerance. It offers prompts for middle school-aged students that will get them to ask big questions about themselves and others in the world around them. 

Learn More: Sandy Cangelosi

23. 50 Tiny Lessons for Teaching Research Skills in Middle School

These fifty mini-lessons and activities for students will have middle school-aged students learning and applying research skills in small chunks. The mini-lessons approach allows students to get bite-sized information and focus on mastering and applying each step of the research process in turn. This way, with mini-lessons, students don’t get overwhelmed with the whole research process at once. In this way, mini-lessons are a great way to teach the whole research process!

24. Benefits of Research Projects for Middle School Students

Whenever you feel like it’s just not worth it to go to the trouble to teach your middle school-aged students about research, let this list motivate you! It’s a great reminder of all the great things that come with learning to do good research at an early age. 

Learn More: Thrive in Grade Five

25. Top 5 Study and Research Skills for Middle Schoolers

This is a great resource for a quick and easy overview of the top skills that middle schoolers will need before they dive into research. It outlines the most effective tools to help your students study and research well, throughout their academic careers. 

Learn More: Meagan Gets Real

26. Research with Informational Text: World Travelers

This travel-themed research project will have kids exploring the whole world with their questions and queries. It is a fun way to bring new destinations into the research-oriented classroom. 

Learn More: The Superhero Teacher

27. Project-Based Learning: Plan a Road Trip

If you want your middle school-aged students to get into the researching mood, have them plan a road trip! They’ll have to examine the prompt from several angles and collect data from several sources before they can put together a plan for an epic road trip. 

Learn More: Appletastic Learning

28. Methods for Motivating Writing Skills

When your students just are feeling up to the task of research-based writing, it’s time to break out these motivational methods. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get your kids in the mood to research, question, and write!

29. How to Set Up a Student Research Station

This article tells you everything you need to know about a student center focused on sophisticated research skills. These student center activities are engaging and fun, and they touch on important topics in the research process, such as planning strategies, fact-checking skills, citation styles, and some so-called soft skills.

Learn More: Upper Elementary Snapshots

30. Learn to Skim and Scan to Make Research Easier

These activities for students are geared towards encouraging reading skills that will ultimately lead to better and easier research. The skills in question? Skimming and scanning. This will help students read more efficiently and effectively as they research from a variety of sources.

research project for middle school

A Fun Research Project for Middle School Students

  • April 10, 2023

research project for middle school

The end of the school year can be a challenging time to keep middle school students engaged and motivated. With summer break just around the corner and burnout setting in, students may lack the drive to put in effort and focus on their studies. It’s also possible that your teaching strategies and materials may have become repetitive or stale over the course of the year, making it harder for students to stay engaged and interested. With that in mind, we’re sharing a fun research project titled “The Year I Was Born.”

About the Project

Engaging research project

The project involves researching events that occurred during the year of a student’s birth. It encourages students to explore history and connect it to their own lives, creating a keepsake in the process. The suggested timeline for the entire research unit is around three weeks, assuming 60-minute class periods. The timeline can be adjusted to fit the students’ needs and writing levels.It’s easy enough to shorten it or make it a bit longer based on your students’ needs and writing levels. 

EB Teachers’ Club members, you can find this research project in your dashboard . If you’re not an EB Teachers’ Club member, here’s how we structure each of the three weeks!

The Unit Plan

The project is divided into three weeks, each with a specific focus.

Week 1 of research project

In the first week, students brainstorm and research using a graphic organizer that lists topics such as the economy, natural disasters, politics, and pop culture. They take notes in bullet form and identify common threads that connect these topics. Based on their research, they pick the topic that interests them the most and write an essay with the essential question, “What was especially significant about the year I was born?”

Week 2 of research project

In the second week, students look for evidence to support their premises and claim. They search for around ten pieces of evidence from their sources and keep track of them. It is recommended to require citing sources to promote research skills and academic integrity. Students can then select their strongest three pieces of evidence to use in their body paragraphs. Now they need to write justification for why that evidence supports the premise and claim. And, finally, for the conclusion, they know to restate the claim, summarize the evidence, and write a mic drop sentence about a lesson learned!So, week 2 is spent researching relevant evidence and typing or writing their first draft of their essay!

Research project rubric

This week is spent peer editing, conferencing with you, and writing their final drafts. We encourage you to discuss and provide a rubric to students before they submit their final essay so they can successfully meet the expectations! It’s also a fun opportunity for students’ to read each others’ papers. They will love to see if anyone selected the same topics as them as well as learn about other significant events from the year they were born! 

If you want, you could compile all the essays into a booklet for students and give them an anthology of different essays, so they will always have this information about the year they were born!

 “The Year I Was Born” research project is an excellent activity to keep middle school students engaged and motivated during the end of the school year. It encourages students to explore history and connect it to their own lives, promoting research, critical thinking, and writing skills. By providing a clear timeline and structure, students are more likely to produce a well-written essay, promoting academic growth and interest.

Let us know if you assign this project to your students!

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research project for middle school


Then, pick the date you’re going to teach it in your classroom, and sit back while you watch as your students show up to your classroom pumped about what the day holds…and gush about your class to their parents on the car ride home!

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120+ Excellent Middle School Research Topics

Table of Contents

Identifying an ideal topic and writing a well-structured research paper is a challenging task that requires a lot of skills. In specific, the majority of students often get confused about how to create a catchy thesis statement relevant to the chosen middle school research topic. Therefore, instead of selecting a complex topic, going with a simple and interesting middle school research topic with a wide scope of discussion will resolve this issue. In case, you are in a dilemma of what topic to choose for your middle school research paper, check this blog. Here, we have presented a list of excellent middle school research topics on different themes. Pick a topic from the list to save time.

Steps for Writing a Middle School Research Paper

Writing middle school research papers is no different from writing assignments in other stages of the academic career. Here are some steps to get started with the task:

Understanding the Assignment Requirement 

Before you start writing, consider what the teacher expects to see in the final copy of your research paper. You will come across multiple rules and procedures. Know the format you are supposed to write and bear in mind the due dates.

Complete Your Pre-Writing

Start devising middle school research topics. Select up to 3 topics when you first ideate your subjects for writing your paper. From there, choose the best one to write on. Then, jot down the valid and useful information from your research. Then, let your ideas flow in the first draft but keep writing in line with the jotted-down details.

Edit and Proofread Your Work

Editing and proofreading are essential. Begin the revision process with editing. From your first draft, remove the unnecessary sections and insert details you think you missed. Also ensure that your work is neat, accurate, logically structured, and has a smooth flow.

When you are sure your paper has good-quality content, it is time to proofread. Look for spelling and punctuation errors. A quick and easy way to do this is to read the document from the bottom up. This will ease the process of spotting the finest spelling errors.

Citations and References

Finally, cite and reference your work. Follow the format given by your teacher to write references for your research paper. References will emphasize the sources of the data collected to develop your research paper.

Types of Research Topics

Middle School Research Topics

There are significant components that aid in the process of picking middle school research topics. Once you can determine the type of research paper, it will become easier for you to compose your solution. There is an array of categories but three of them are the most crucial ones. Read the below points to find out about them.

  • Descriptive – These topics are based on vigilant and complete observation of an occurrence, occasion, theme, trait, etc. to distinguish it in feature and to potentially uncover essential, appealing, non-depicted aspects or patterns.
  • Causal  – These ideas investigate whether altering some variables leads to changes in other variables suggesting a causal relationship.
  • Comparative – These topics inspect resemblance and dissimilarity between two or more entities

Features of a Good Research Paper Topic

Searching for an appropriate middle school research topic becomes easy when you know the characteristics of an excellent topic. The following are the features of an excellent middle school research topic:

  • Precise and real  – Research goals and predictable results must be obvious and focused
  • Original  – scrutinizing aspects, units, and associations that have never been researched before
  • Highly important-  Effective for community, civilization, and a professional field
  • Highly relevant  for probable readers, reviewers
  • Trending – Rising disciplines, and subjects ignite more interest in their originality and yet the uncharted possibility

List of Middle School Research Topics

Have you been assigned to develop a middle school research paper? Are you looking for some excellent ideas to develop your paper? Then, take a look at the range of topics mentioned below.

10 Middle School Research Paper Topics on Politics

Find 10 ideas to develop your middle school research paper topics here.

  • Should the drinking age be reduced?
  • Should adults have the privilege to carry a hidden handgun?
  • More gun control laws should be performed
  • How can the global community prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons?
  • How can racial assassination be stopped?
  • The current outlook for peace between Israel and the Palestinians
  • How would the world be without wars?
  • How to avoid personnel reduction?
  • Should the death sentence be allowed?
  • Is socialism achievable?

10 Middle School Research Topics on Psychology

Get 10 simple ideas to develop your middle school research ideas on psychology

  • Is autism an illness or a progressive peculiarity?
  • How to predict and form behavioral patterns?
  • How to control child violence?
  • How to handle a mental breakdown?
  • The effect of classical music on the functioning of the brain
  • How does insomnia impact our health?
  • How badly do dreams impact our mood?
  • Is stress truly damaging?
  • How does depression affect the immune system?
  • Are some people intellectually gifted?

10 Science & Technology Middle School Research Questions

Get remarkable science and technology ideas to develop your middle school research paper here.

  • How has light become an instrument to treat cancer and other diseases?
  • What is the present substantiation that Mars has had water and maybe life?
  • Can nanomedicine potentially expand the human lifespan?
  • What is the prospect of computing and artificial intelligence?
  • What function does cryogenics play in the future?
  • Can alternative energy efficiently restore fossil fuels?
  • Is it advantageous for wild animals to have connections with people?
  • What evidence do we have that CMB is the consequence of the Big Bang?
  • How will self-driving cars alter the technique in which people live?
  • Can using currency systems like Bitcoin help safeguard identity theft?

10 Middle School Research Ideas on Culture

Do you want to develop your middle school research paper on culture? Then find some exclusive ideas below.

  • A new understanding of past events.
  • The basis of racial discrimination.
  • The lineage of anti-Semitism.
  • The effect of advertisements and commercials on modern art forms.
  • The most extraordinary cultural advancements of the 20th century and their impact on our society.
  • Artistic revolutions throughout history.
  • How do youth get affected by pop culture trends?
  • Should pregnant celebrities be open to the elements on magazine covers?
  • Why was Greek cultural influence so essential for the ancient Mediterranean world?
  • Why was the Victorian era a moment of cultural modification?

10 Middle School Research Paper Topics On Math

Get the finest ideas to develop a research paper on Math research topics

  • The power of algorithms.
  • Is it possible to develop a successful monopoly policy?
  • Why is ‘x’ the unknown?
  • How has math altered the world?
  • What is the answer to the McDonald’s math issue?
  • How do math geniuses solve extremely difficult math concepts so quickly?
  • Should high school math competitions be banned?
  • How are music and math related?
  • Are math formulas ever implicated in real life?
  • What are some of the most puzzling math issues ever?

10 Middle School Research Paper Topics on Business

Here take a look at the 10 most significant middle school research topics on business.

  • How do filthy business tactics work?
  • Can you start a business without money?
  • Infamous business leaders.
  • Private enterprise and family business.
  • Moral decision-making in everyday work situations.
  • What are the most successful strategies for endorsing a small business?
  • Is it worth it to spread out the business into a new region or country?
  • How to develop a victorious startup.
  • The function of global business and sustainable development.
  • The effect of climate change on international business strategies.

10 Easy Research Topics for Middle School Students

Get some straightforward ideas on writing middle school research paper here:

  • Is becoming vegan the healthiest option for you?
  • Is natural greenhouse more effective or artificial?
  • The reason, impacts, and results of earthquakes
  • How many computer games do you play without getting addicted?
  • Princess Diana and her empire.
  • Why is competition so essential for humans?
  • How did poetry evolve?
  • How did ancient sailors find their way around the globe?
  • Importance of Gender Roles in Children’s Books and Cartoons
  • Who is the most powerful individual to have lived on the planet?

10 Unique Middle School Research Ideas

Here find the 10 most innovative middle school research paper ideas.

  • The methods deal with addressing drug addiction cases in high school.
  • Physical vs. digital communications.
  • Body Image and the Korean Pop Culture.
  • The significance of school volunteering and social work.
  • The alterations to the academic procedure because of Covid-19.
  • The Legacy of the Trail of Tears.
  • The responsibility of motivation in becoming a better student.
  • The function of books in print and the libraries.
  • How to improve school safety?
  • How important it is for parents to get involved in their children’s schoolwork?

10 History Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

If you need to develop a middle school research paper on history, take a look at a few ideas:

  • What were the impacts of World War II on the rights of women?
  • What factors initiated the WWII
  • Is liberalism the most optimal solution?
  • What were the consequences of the women’s suffrage movements?
  • What was the impact of Martin Luther King’s protest against the Catholic Church?
  • Which is the most effective military strategy of all time?
  • How has Asian art influenced contemporary art?
  • How have different monetary systems affected the development of humanity
  • What is the connection between the Roman and Greek culture?
  • Aztec kingdom and its architecture.

10 Art Research Paper Ideas For Middle School Students

Get your hand at 10 middle school research topics on art

  • The reasons for the presence and availability of digital museums.
  • The individuality of the Flemish artists.
  • Should Japanese anime be considered an individual art form?
  • The function of Photoshop and similar digital solutions in the alertness of modern art.
  • The history of photography and the creative expression forms.
  • The challenges of modern artists during the times of maintaining social distancing.
  • The Middle Eastern awareness of color and light.
  • Ancient Rome’s position in the development of the sculptures.
  • Should a performer be permitted to represent their works in public parks?
  • The Significance of art education in middle schools.

10 Middle School Literature Research Paper Topics

Here are 10 ideas on literature topics for middle school research.

  • What is your idea of The American Dream literature?
  • How does Harry Potter point toward the best of the time?
  • Can you illustrate a new facet of prose based on autonomous investigation?
  • Highlight the stories of the Victorian era that are based on the women’s suffrage campaign.
  • The origin of Literature in contemporary society.
  • Why do authors use images and metaphors?
  • Examine and argue the parable of 2 casual novels.
  • What factors are useful in recognizing the genre of a novel you are reading?
  • Romance and sex in Renaissance literature.
  • Fiction as a tool of misinformation.

10 Middle School Argumentative Research Topics

Want to develop your middle school research paper on argumentative essay topics ? Then, take a look at the ideas below:

  • Why is education not free for everyone?
  • Bloggers and influencers are not professionals. They are amateur writers or videographers. Share your views on the statement.
  • Serving in the military is an act of maturity. What are your views on the statement?
  • Unlimited internet access to college professors is harming the quality of education offered at colleges and universities.
  • The death penalty is not an ethical way to reduce crime.
  • The fashion industry has a negative influence on youngsters.
  • Fairplay is only beneficial if it comes with a financial reward.
  • Indoor consumption of tobacco should be made illegal.
  • Religious differences often lead to wars
  • The greater part of mobile applications symbolize the invasion of privacy

10 Informative Middle School Research Topics

The following are some informative topics that you can consider for preparing a middle school research paper.

  • Discuss the history of cryptography.
  • Suggest some effective strategies for waste recycling.
  • Analyze how a person’s behavior changes in the crowd.
  • Discuss the possible consequences of drugs legalization.
  • Explain the meaning of music in modern life.
  • Investigate what influences a healthy self-esteem.
  • Explain how propaganda works.
  • Analyze the impact of family issues on the development of the children’s personality.
  • Discuss the geological periods of Earth development.
  • Write about internet safety.

Wrapping Up

Out of the numerous ideas recommended above, select any middle school research topic that matches with your requirements and compose a great academic paper. In case, you need expert help with middle school research paper topic selection, writing, and proofreading, approach us immediately. We have well-qualified research paper helpers on our platform to provide assistance as per your needs and will help you in coming up with a non-plagiarized academic paper on any subject. Moreover, by taking our research paper assignment help online, you can also complete your tasks prior to the deadline and achieve good grades.

Instead of pressurizing yourself, just submit a quote on our website to finish your assignment in the way you want.

Middle School Research Topics

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19 Interesting Research Paper Ideas For Middle School

It is best that you go it something that you already know a little bit about so that you can reduce the amount of time you spend conducting research and you also reduce the amount of time that you would spend writing. The more information you already have in your mind the faster it will be for you to write the final paper. The ideas you already have spinning inside your brain will flesh out on the paper immediately.

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When you are considering different topics for your paper you should take some time to look over your textbooks. Scan your recent text and class assignments as well as any additional class readings. All of this will help you to find a topic that relates to your course, and is something you already know a little bit about. If you are already familiar with the topic you will find that writing the paper is significantly easier and faster.

It important to note that the first topics you select for your paper will more than likely is far too large a topic. Many students get excited about picking their topic and they select something immediately but the first thing they selects far too broad to cover in the short amount of space that you have available.

Consider the following:

  • Write a paper about how the skateboard was created and how it has changed since it was created
  • Write a paper that explores why people sleep
  • Write about what life was like for gladiators
  • Write about how bulletproof glass is created
  • Write about what took place during the Salem witch trials
  • Write about the history of ninjas
  • Write about how gunpowder is made and how it changed wars
  • Write about what happened in the stock market in the Great Depression
  • Write a paper about how text messaging is changing how students read
  • Write about what it is like to be inside of a beehive in a standard day
  • Explain what caused dinosaurs to disappear
  • Write about how trains changed American economy and movement westward
  • Write about how computer viruses are created and how they move to other computers
  • Explain why a platypus is interesting and unique among other mammals
  • Write about the influence that women’s suffrage had on America
  • Write about how wal mart stories change local economies
  • Write about the daily life rituals for a Buddhist monk
  • Explain how the black plague changed Europe
  • Write about how night vision actually works

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