12 Free Notion Templates for Students

Sandy Writtenhouse

Being a student isn’t easy. Along with attending classes, completing assignments, and taking exams, there is research, review, and studying to do. To help you organize everything you need, check out these free Notion templates for students.

Getting the Notion Templates

1. student dashboard, 2. student dashboard with a pomodoro timer, 3. aesthetic dashboard, 4. life and school management for students, 5. a+ student planner, 6. course schedule, 7. assignments board, 8. spaced repetition for students, 9. spaced repetition flashcards, 10. class notes, 11. cornell notes system, 12. grade calculator, frequently asked questions.

Before you review the list of templates, take a quick peek at how easy it is to grab the one you want.

Notion Templates

If you select a Notion template , open the sidebar on the left of your workspace and select “Templates.” On the next screen, choose the template name in the appropriate section and click “Get template.” You’ll find the template in your Notion sidebar.

Notion Gallery Templates

If you choose a Notion Gallery template, access the template page with the link below. Select your Notion workspace name and click “Duplicate template.” You’ll see the template in your workspace sidebar.

Third-Party Notion Templates

If you choose a template from a third-party website, use its link to access the template, then follow the on-screen instructions to add the template to your Notion workspace.

For example, to get a template from Prototion, access the template page with the link below. Optionally, donate a dollar amount and select “I Want This.” Select “View Template,” click “Duplicate” at the top, and sign in to your Notion account when prompted.

One of the most useful free Notion templates for college life is the Student Dashboard. With it, you can manage everything from classes and clubs to personal projects and to-dos.

You’ll see a few sample courses set up to review. Select “New” to add a class of your own, with details like course code, professor, and year. You can also add assignments and link directly to them for the statuses, due dates, and types.

Student Dashboard template Courses section


  • To-do’s area for a list of assignments per course by status
  • Clubs area for upcoming meeting details
  • Personal Projects area for to-dos outside of school

Student Dashboard template ToDos, Clubs, and Personal Project areas

If you like the idea of a dashboard but are looking for one with a bit more, look at this Student Dashboard template from the Notion Template Gallery. It gives you a handy Pomodoro timer with both short and long breaks, which is ideal for focusing.

Student Dashboard template Timer

  • Subjects, or classes, in a gallery or table view
  • Weekly Schedule with adjustable time slots
  • Timeline View for upcoming assignments organized by due date (day, week, month, or quarter)
  • Upcoming Quizzes and Exams on a calendar for test dates at a glance

Student Dashboard template Subjects and Schedule

Tip: looking to migrate from Evernote to Notion ? Learn how to do it right.

For one more student dashboard, you have to check out Aesthetic . This one goes even further than the two above, with courses, calendar, to-do list, notes, built-in dashboard sections, and task list. These options serve as the navigation at the top, and each section is complete with a colorful animated image to add a little pizzazz.

Aesthetic template navigation

  • Calendar for a weekly schedule and due dates
  • To-do List for tasks by day or week along with a work schedule
  • Task List for assignments sorted by To Do, Doing, and Done
  • Two dashboard sections: one with courses and assignments and the other with a reading list and Pomodoro study session

Aesthetic template Courses section

You may be a student, but school isn’t your whole life, right? With the Life and School Management for Students template , you can be the boss of both. The template has cute animations, inspiring quotes, a weather widget, and built-in Spotify playlist for focus.

Life and School Management template main page

  • Spot on main page for what you’re currently listening to, reading, playing, and watching
  • Quick Tasks area for important to-dos
  • Weekview with both a monthly calendar and cards for each day
  • University section to enter all courses and extracurricular activities
  • Library section to list favorite or wish-list books
  • Extras section for links to wish-list items or an expense tracker

Life and School Management template Courses section

The A+ Student Planner template is the ideal place to organize your assignments, exams, grades, and contact list. You can also list your courses, to-dos, homework, and class schedule, for a complete package.

A Plus Student Planner main page

  • Grades Tracker to log grades by class, term, and semester with average
  • Assignments + Exams section for homework by course with statuses, due dates, and notes
  • Contacts area for professors, classmates, and study group participants

A Plus Student Planner Assignments and Exams

FYI: you don’t have to stick with Notion. Consider these Notion alternatives .

For keeping track of homework, assignments, and tests, the Course Schedule template from Notion gives you exactly what you need.

Course Schedule template All view

  • Spots for the basics, like name, due date, type, and topic
  • Schedule views by type, lessons, assignments, exams, and calendar
  • Course details area for topic or activity, prep work, and assignments

Course Schedule template Types view

Similar to Course Schedule, the Assignments Board template includes statuses for not started, in progress, and done for a quick way to see the stage of each assignment.

Assignments Board template main page

  • Statuses with their assignments listed at the top for a snapshot of progress
  • Quick Links on the top left for research sites, reading material, and sources
  • Table for assignments with week, month, and course views

Assignments Board template Essay assignment

To use the spaced repetition method of study, look at this next template made with it in mind. With Spaced Repetition for Students from Prototion, enter the lecture (or assignment), class, type, and review date, which is one day after the lecture.

Spaced Repetition template main page

  • Active Recall Question with a toggle to hide and show the Active Recall Answer
  • Checkboxes for each review stage
  • Next Review date automatically calculates after each review is marked
  • Review Tracker to see your Next Review dates on a monthly calendar

Spaced Repetition template Lecture

Good to know: after working hard in class, you may decide you want to give your opinion on your professors. We show you where to rate your teachers online .

For another Notion student template that concentrates on your study method, look at the Spaced Repetition Flashcards template . Set up flashcards with the topic, add the answer, and optionally, include a resource or audio file.

When you’re ready to review, open the card, guess the answer, then expand the “Answer” toggle to see if you’re correct.

Spaced Repetition Flashcards template main page

  • Easy, Good, and Hard tags to track memory difficulty
  • Last Review date field
  • Next Review date automatically updates based on the Last Review date
  • Notes spot for additional details
  • Archive completed flashcards

Spaced Repetition Flashcards template flashcard

If you want a place to organize all of your notes, this Class Notes template from Notion works like a dream. You can log and review notes for lectures, sessions, and study groups .

Class Notes template main page

  • Ability to add notes for each course and type, such as reading or a lecture
  • Spots for links to resources or materials
  • Checkboxes for completed reviews

Class Notes template Note

If you appreciate the Cornell Note Taking System , you can add the topic, recall, notes, and summary with the easy-to-use Cornell Notes System template from Notion.

Cornell Notes System template

  • Familiar structure of the Cornell Note Taking System
  • Instructions for adding additional notes using columns and a callout
  • Create new notes with a button click

Cornell Notes System instructions

Keeping track of your grades is key to meeting that GPA goal, and with the Grade Calculator from Notion, you can. You can also duplicate the template using the three dots on the top right to track grades in additional classes.

Grade Calculator template main page

  • Spots for each assignment, due date, and when you submitted it
  • Raw Score field for the grade you earned
  • Log for the number of days you were late turning in an assignment
  • Final Grade column automatically calculates the Raw Score with the Late Penalty
  • Excused checkbox that doesn’t account for the Late Penalty
  • Weighting percentage and Weighted Grade columns with averages and totals at the bottom

Grade Calculator template Essay assignment

Do students get Notion for free?

Students and teachers can use an upgraded version of Notion for free, and teams and schools can receive discounts. With the free Education Plan , you get Notion Plus Plan features, like unlimited pages and blocks, file uploads, and version history.

You only need to be a student or teacher at an accredited college or university and have a school email address. Also, learn how to get a student discount at the Apple Education Store .

How do I upgrade to Notion Pro for students?

If you’re eligible for the free Education Plan discussed above, you can upgrade an existing account using your school email address. If you need to change your email address first, visit “Settings & members -> My account,” and select “Change email.”

Head to “Settings & members -> Upgrade.” Select “See all plans,” then move down and select the “Get free education plan” link. Note: you may not see this button if you have a Plus Plan or Enterprise Plan. For additional assistance, contact Notion.

Where can I find free student templates for other applications?

If you’re looking for free student templates for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can check out a variety of options for education at Vertex42 and Template.net.

Vertex42 offers templates for homework planning, class schedules, college budgets, and more.

Template.net has templates for timelines, study schedules, planners, budget worksheets, and more. Note that some templates are paid options at Template.net.

Image credit: Pixabay . All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

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40+ Aesthetic & Free Notion Student Templates (Updated for Fall 2023)

school planner notion template free

If you are a student in 2023, you should definitely consider using Notion.

This platform is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including planning your semester, taking notes, tracking grades, and organizing extracurricular activities.

Setting up a new Notion workspace from scratch can be time-consuming, especially if you have a busy schedule. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the best Notion Student templates. These templates have already done the hard work for you, so you can simply choose one that fits your academic lifestyle and personal preferences.

Also, check my list of 70+ free Notion templates .

Notion Productivity System

Best All-in-one Notion Student Templates

Here is a collection of our favorite all-in-one templates designed to help students manage their academic and personal lives in a single, easy-to-use workspace.

These templates include a variety of features and tools to help students stay organized and on top of their responsibilities, including schedules, assignments, readings, grades, to-do lists, and more.

1. Notion Second Brain

Dream of achieving an academic comeback and becoming an A student this year? A second brain could be the key to your success this fall.

Notion's Second Brain helps you capture and organize tasks, notes, projects, resources, and goals within a streamlined, all-in-one system. Never feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information again, and become the best student in your class.

All you need is all-in-one, streamlined system, powered by the 2 highly effective productivity methods, P.A.R.A. and GTD.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard to view your projects, tasks, areas, goals and more.
  • Work on projects, track progress automatically
  • Capture and organize everything in one place
  • Set clear goals and track your progress towards

Template available here

Notion Second Brain

2. Student OS: All-in-One Notion Student Template

Student OS is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career – both in and out of the classroom, bringing 15+ templates into a centralized dashboard!

Available in both an aesthetic (original) and minimal theme.

Key features:

  • All-in-one dashboard with all the current and relevant information you need: upcoming exams and assignments, your weekly timetable, daily and weekly to-dos, page directory, current readings tracker, semester grade tracker, widgets, and more.

Student OS: All-in-One Notion Student Template

3. Student Workspace

Student Workspace is a template that allows you to manage your daily tasks, courses, and schedule in one convenient location.

  • The Main display is divided into 3 sections:
  • Activity: You will be able to adjust the main page as you wish by choosing from a display of:
  • Schedule: Here you can quickly see the lectures you have today and where are you taking them from.
  • Quick Links: Some quick options to improve the way you study, create a learning habit and better track your job applications.

Notion Student Workspace

4. Academia - Academic Management System for University Students

As a university student, there is a lot to keep organized - class schedules, assignments, tasks, notes, research... and so much more. Manage everything comfortably from one clean and unified dashboard.

This is an a cademic management system for higher education pursuits made inside Notion.

  • Assignments, tasks, and events are all managed in one place so you can view on one master calendar
  • Manage class notes, references, study guides, and more within your master information database
  • Use "sticky" feature to keep important items in view
  • Comprehensive relationships are built between degrees, classes, assignments, tasks, notes, and references to keep things structured and easily searchable.

Academia - Academic Management System for University Students

5. Notion Student Bundle

Notion Student Bundle is the all-in-one solution for you.

In today’s busy world, management skills for students are increasingly important. With Notion Student Bundle, start planning your events and tasks, write down your notes, store all of your ideas, and reflect on your days from one place.

  • Classes manager
  • Assignments Tracker
  • Grades Calculator
  • Deadlines Tracker

Notion Student Bundle

6. Grad School/PhD Notion Hub

"The ultimate Notion hub for graduate students of all levels, including PhD and master's students! This tool is packed with features to help you stay organized and on top of your studies.

  • Customizable to-do list with an integrated timeline to ensure you never miss a deadline again
  • Fully connected project management tool with seminar notes, journals, literature trackers, and more
  • Organizational widgets to take your productivity to the next level
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to help you make the most of the hub."

Templates available here

Grad School/PhD Notion Hub

7. The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

Effortlessly organize your academic and personal life with the Ultimate Student Productivity Pack.

This bundle is specifically designed to help students create an effective Notion workspace for school, making it easier to track notes, assignments, and tests.

In addition to these academic tools, the pack also includes:

  • finance tracker
  • habit tracker
  • and more to help you be productive and organized in all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

8. The Ultimate Student Hub

Ultimate Student Hub has got you covered from start to finish, with dedicated templates for everything from keeping track of exams and assignment deadlines to recording lecture notes, handling finance to keeping tabs on job applications and managing projects, and so much more.

  • Assignment schedule displaying progress
  • Comprehensive database for course subjects
  • Detailed planner for lectures
  • Relational database system for project management
  • Automated Grade Calculator
  • Pomodoro Timer with activity Stats
  • A multi-tracker Kanban board

The Ultimate Notion Student Hub

9. All-In-One Graduate Student Notion Dashboard Template

This all-in-one graduate student Notion template is designed to keep your entire graduate student life organized! It is designed for both master's and Ph.D. students across disciplines.

Key features: Over 20 customizable pages including:

  • Master Agenda
  • Research Dashboard
  • Coursework dashboard

All-In-One Graduate Student Notion Dashboard Template

10. Student Life Planner

Organize your academic and personal life into one simple, easy-to-use Notion dashboard.

  • Course Pages
  • Jobs/Internships Application Dashboard
  • Personal Trackers

Notion Student Life Planner

Best Aesthetic Notion Student Templates

These Notion Student Templates are not only functional, with features like schedules, assignments, readings, grades, and to-do lists, but they also offer a visually appealing solution for managing your studies and everyday life in Notion.

With a range of aesthetics to choose from, you can find a template that fits your personal style. Also, check my list of the best 30+ aesthetic Notion templates . 

11. Student Productivity Hub

Are you struggling to keep track of your university schedule? Losing your assignments within databases full of tasks? Want to calculate your grades easily? Prefer to keep uni and life separate? This workspace is the one for you.

The best part? You can choose your preferred Notion Students Templates aesthetic - anime (anime study vibe), purple (futuristic purple), red (dark red), or winter snow (snow falls as you study).

Aesthetic Student Productivity Hub

12. Students' Uni Hub

This is an aesthetic template designed for any student, you can organize your university assignments, tasks, exams, and more all in one place.

It will keep you motivated with fun GIFs and chill music, but without letting you get distracted!

Notion Aesthetic Students' Uni Hub

13. Harry Potter Themed Notion Dashboard Template

Organize your life in Notion and feel like you're at Hogwarts with this aesthetic template!

Harry Potter themed aesthetic Notion Dashboard Template

14.   The Happiness Bar

Join The Happiness Bar community and learn new self-care tips with this aesthetic Notion template.

The Happiness Bar - Aesthetic notion template suitable for students

15. Anime Cafe Dashboard

Have everything for your life in one place with the all-in-one Anime Cafe Dashboard! Walk into your personal virtual cafe every morning for anything you need.

Featuring 15+ aesthetic Notion student templates.

Aesthetic Anime Cafe Notion Dashboard

16. Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Organize your assignments, classes, and notes with a thoughtfully-designed aesthetic Notion Template made just for students.

This Notion Template will help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks and see your upcoming assignments at a glance.

Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

17. Rory Gilmore — The Notion Template

Rory Gilmore is the perfect student we all aspire to be. So why not be her?

This is a Notion Student Template inspired by Rory Gilmore - a fictional character from the TV show "Gilmore Girls.”

Rory Gilmore aesthetics Notion Template

18. Academic Planner - Class Home

This planner focuses on course assignments, exams, and class schedules. This template can also be used by high school students as well as college students!

Notion Academic Planner - Class Home

19. Dark Academia Library

Are you a fan of the dark academia aesthetic? Do you love the idea of curling up with a good book by candlelight or writing poetry in a cozy nook? If so, this Notion student template is for you!

Dark Academia aesthetics notion library template

20. Aura Gradient Notion Dashboard

Have everything for your life in one place with the all-in-one Aura Dashboard! An aesthetic Notion template, featuring 15+ pre-built templates.

Aura Gradient Aesthetic Notion Dashboard

21. Aesthetic Student Dashboard

Notion template for high school/college/university students or anyone taking a course!

Take the stress out of your studies with this beautifully designed student Notion template + semester hub.

Aesthetic Student Dashboard

Best Free Notion Templates That Are Suitable For Students

This is a list of our additional favorite free Notion templates that are suitable for students.

22. Notion Planners

With this Notion Template you’ll be able to create, prioritize, schedule your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and get things done.

Notion Planner

23. Notion Bullet Journal

Use this Notion Bullet Journal to turn the chaos of your day-to-day life into a streamlined system. Write, track and coordinate your life from one place.

Notion Bullet Journal

24. Notion Weekly Dashboard + Task Database

school planner notion template free

25. Notion Books Tracker

With this Notion Template, you'll be able to track, and organize your books. Also, revisit your favorite quotes in a matter of clicks.

Notion Books Tracker

26. Notion Budget Tracker

Use this free Notion template to track and categorize your expenses to reach your financial goals.

Notion Budget Tracker

27. Notion Friend Agenda

Notion Friend Agenda

28. My Learning Journal

My Learning Journal Notion template

29. SMART Goals Tracker

Smart Goals Tracker

Best Free Notion Student Templates

This is a list of our favorite Notion templates that are available for free and designed to help students manage their academic and personal lives in a single, easy-to-use workspace.

Exploring free templates is a good option if you’re new to Notion - it allows you to try out different templates and find one that works for you without committing to a purchase.

30. Smart Notes

Notion Smart Notes Template

31. Resource: Studies Hub

Resource: Studies Hub Notion Template

32. Notion Student Dashboard

Notion Student Dashboard

33. Notion University Hub

Notion University Hub

34. Notion Classes OS

Notion Classes OS

35. School Dashboard - Notion Student Templates

School Dashboard - Notion Student Templates

36. Medicine - Notion Student Templates

Medicine - Notion Student Templates

37. Notion Knowledge Vaults

Notion Knowledge Vaults

38. Pomodoro Task Manager for Notion

Pomodoro Task Manager for Notion

39. Free Notion Template For Students

Free Notion Template For Students

40. How To Write Good Essays And Academic Paper

How To Write Good Essays And Academic Paper

41. Notion Student Assignment Template

Notion Student Assignment Template

42. Notion Note-Taking Template

Notion Note-Taking Template

Wrapping up: Best Notion Student Templates

In conclusion, if you are a student looking for ways to streamline your studies and improve your learning process, Notion can be a valuable resource. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Notion templates for students to help you organize your studies, stay on track, and achieve goals.

These templates can be used to create a personalized learning system that works for you, no matter your learning style. So don't wait, start using Notion to optimize your studies today!

Want to increase your productivity and organization in your academic and personal life? Make sure to check our list of 15+ Best Notion Productivity Templates.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use notion as a student.

Absolutely! Notion is fantastic for students as it helps you manage assignments, take notes, and keep your study life organized digitally and flexibly. Here are our favorite ways to use Notion as a student:

  • Task management
  • Finance tracking
  • Knowledge management
  • Studying in intervals
  • Book tracking
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly planning

The best part? It's incredibly easy to get started using Notion as a student, especially since there are plenty of free Notion student templates available (check out our top picks).

What's the top Notion template for students?

Among the numerous options, we'd recommend the "Notion Second Brain." It's an excellent choice as it lets you capture, organize tasks, notes, projects, resources, and goals in one streamlined system. This is a game-changer for students aiming for top grades while avoiding burnout.


40+ Best Notion Templates For Students

Ahmed chougle.

  • September 1, 2023
  • Showcase , Education

Best Notion Templates for Students To Help Them Become Productive

Are you a school or college student looking for Notion templates?

Notion is an amazing tool for students. It is versatile and can be used for so many different things. Whether you need a place to keep track of your assignments, or a way to organize your thoughts, Notion can help you out.

There are a ton of different templates out there, and it can be hard to know which one’s the best for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Notion templates for students. This list includes both paid and free Notion templates for students.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Content

Is notion useful for students.

Notion is a powerful tool that can help students organize their notes, thoughts, and study materials into one convenient place.

With features like multi-device support, sync to the cloud, a feature-rich free plan, dedicated mathematical and code block, table database & more, Notion is the ultimate app to take lecture notes and organize everything.

What’s more better is that students with a school email address can get the Notion Personal plan for free which allows uploading files of unlimited size.

If you are a student and have just started using Notion, we recommend that you check our Notion student starter guide .

40+ Best Student Notion Templates To Help Them Better Manage Their Time

This article organizes student templates into different categories to make it easier for everyone to find the best template for their needs.

School Dashboard Notion Templates for Students

Dashboard templates enable you to manage everything from one page. They have various database views embedded to track various aspects of your school.

1. The Ultimate Student Hub

Ultimate student hub premium

The Ultimate Student Hub is an all-in-one student dashboard template that has everything you need to stay on top of your student life. You get individual databases for courses, exam schedules, job applications, project management, and more.

It allows you to effortlessly navigate between all university specifics, so you don’t miss anything. Students of any level can use this template, which is meant to help them study in a productive Notion environment.

main landing page mockup.png

It includes various database views, such as the calendar , gallery, and boards (Kanban). With the help of this functional and aesthetic template , you can avoid switching between several other templates.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard for easy navigation and synchronization
  • Assignment Tracker and Task Manager for seamless tracking of progress and due dates
  • Project Management Tool for overseeing project progress
  • Subject Overview with pre-designed templates for comprehensive subject details
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards for enhanced learning and memory retention
  • Automated Pomodoro Tracker for efficient time management
  • Lecture Schedule for effective planning of study sessions
  • Automated Grade Calculator for effortless GPA calculation
  • Habit Tracker with visual graphs to track and visualize progress
  • Finance Tracker with easy expense and income management
  • Goal Tracker with automated motivational feedback
  • Job Tracker for organizing job applications and interview schedules

💡 notionzen recommends this template. You can buy this template at an even lower price by using the coupon code “ notionzen .”

Get The Ultimate Student Hub Template

2. Student Starter Pack

Student Starter Pack

Students Starter Pack is a comprehensive free template that’s available both in light and dark modes .

It is a single-page template with different databases for organizing notes, class schedules, assignments, and deadlines are included. You also get a video tutorial to help you learn how the template works and how to make the most of it.

  • Class Calendar Schedule
  • Class Notebook
  • Linked Databases
  • Calendar View

Get Students Starter Pack

3. Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is a simple and minimal database that allows students to keep organized notes, plan activities, archive previous courses, and track exam outcomes.

It also comes with a dedicated section inside each course that includes a helpful Revision Time Table (RTT) to help you monitor your level of preparation.

  • Course Section (Notes and RTT)
  • Lesson Planner
  • Exam Tracker
  • Pre-compiled Templates

Get Student Dashboard

4. School Dashboard

school dashboard

School Dashboard is a free aesthetic Notion student template that organizes everything school-related into one holistic, easy-to-navigate clean dashboard. It comes with an Academic planner which is good for long-term planning and brainstorming.

It also has an optional course schedule page with courses organized in a board view. This is best for sorting your academics by semester or quarter.

Just like other school templates in this list, the School Dashboard also lets you organize assignments, track progress, and get an overview of upcoming classes.

  • Academic plan page with courses organized in a table view
  • Track your assignments
  • Course schedule page
  • Class notes for every course.

Get School Dashboard

5. Notion Student Dashboard

Notion Student dashboard

Get Notion Student Dashboard

6. Student OS Dashboard

Student OS Dashboard

Get Student OS Dashboard

7. Student Hub

Student Hub

Get Student Hub

8. Student System

Student System

Get Student System

Notion Templates for College Students

College students have a verify specific need when looking for templates. They are interested in features such as course and subject manager, note-taking, assignment tracker, reading list, and more.

9. Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

Navigating college life can be difficult, but the Ultimate Notion Template for College Students is here to make it easier for you. Designed to turn chaos into a clear path, this university Notion template is an all-in-one solution for managing courses, assignments, and personal life with ease.

The template also offers a bonus of 12+ Notion AI prompts to help you maximize your productivity and a free Notion widget for added convenience.

Key Features

  • Three templates in one: the Notion Student Dashboard , Notion Habit Tracker , and Notion Daily Planner .
  • Streamlined course tracking.
  • Efficient assignment management.
  • Concentration companion widget to help you focus.

Get the Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

10. University Hub

University Hub

The University Hub is a free Notion template for students that helps you organize everything in one location.

Each section has different views, filters, and pre-made templates to help you keep track of every part of high school life.

It also includes a how-to video to show you how to get the most out of the template and a free Canva resume template to help you when you’re ready to graduate and start looking for work.

  • Lessons Manager
  • Course Section
  • Exams Overview
  • Professors Profiles
  • Work Section

Get University Hub

11. Notion University Template

Notion University Template

The Notion University Template is a free and simple student planner template that one can use to keep track of projects, take notes, schedule events, and other important class data.

  • Filtered and organized course content
  • Integrated GTD (Getting Things Done) tasks list
  • Note progression and statuses
  • Quick reminders
  • Upcoming events + countdowns
  • Instructor databases

Get Notion University Template

12. University Class Management

University Class Management is a very well thought out template with each section containing features to manage the task efficiently.

  • Brain Dump – To store all of your thoughts and scribbles.
  • Exam/Assignment scheduler.
  • Weekly Time-Table
  • Calendar view with monthly due dates.

Get University Class Management

13. The University Semester Assistant

The University Semester Assistant

Get The University Semester Assistant

14. Student OS in Notion

Student OS in Notion

Get the Student OS Template

15. School Notion Kit

School Notion Kit

Get the School Notion Kit Template

16. All-In-1 Student Template

All-In-1 Student Template

Get All-In-1 StudentTemplate

17. Notion Student’s Index

Notion Students Index

Get the Notion Student’s Index Template

Course / PhD Notion Templates

The following templates will help keep track of your graduation requirements, paperwork, and deadlines. They can also help you organize your thoughts and plan your research.

18. medicine

medicine student template

medicine is an aesthetic Notion template for medical students with numerous databases linked to each other. It’s not only a school template; the dashboard also has personal and work areas to manage your personal and professional life together.

  • Course & Assessment Tracker
  • Lecture Database + Built In Note Taking Templates
  • Clinical Skills & Placement Database
  • Extra-Curricular Database
  • Manuscript & Abstract Tracker
  • Wellness Habit Tracker

Get medicine Template

19. Grad School/Ph.D. Notion Hub

Grad School PhD Notion Hub

Get Grad School/Ph.D. Notion Hub

20. Computer science student dashboard

Computer science student dashboard

Get Computer science student dashboard

21. Academia – Academic Management System for University Students

Academia - Academic Management System for University Students

Get Academia

22. Academic Research Hub

Academic Research Hub

Get Academic Research Hub

Aesthetic Student Templates

Aesthetic Notion templates are visually appealing templates that have a calming color theme. They are perfect for students who want their Notion pages to look good.

23. notion – student life planner template

notion - student life planner template

Get the student life planner Template

24. Aesthetics Student Planner

Aesthetic Student Planner

Get the Aesthetic student planner Template

25. Notion Student Planner – Light Academia

Notion Student Planner - Light Academia

Get the light Academia Template

26. Student Workspace

Student Workspace

Get Student Workspace Template

27. Academic Planner – Class Home

Academic Planner - Class Home

Get Academic Planner Template

28. Student Notion Template

Student Notion Template

Get Student Notion Template

29. Uni Hub

uni hub

Get the Uni Hub Template

30. College Student — Notion Template

College Student Notion Template

Get the College Student Template

31. Student Hub

student hub

Get the Student Hub Template

32. Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Modern and Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Get Modern StudentTemplate

All in One Students Templates

33. student notion workspace.

Student Notion workspace

Get Student Notion Workspace Template

34. The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

Get Student Productivity Pack

Non-university Notion Templates for Students

Aside from studying, a student might be interested in other activities such as watching movies and maintaining one health and fitness. Below are some of the templates that may be of interest to students.

35. Notion Watchlist

Keeping track of your favorite movies and TV shows can be difficult. With Notion Watchlist , you can easily organize and keep track of movies and TV shows you want to watch.

The template differs from other movie trackers such that it automatically retrieves data from TMDB when you enter the name of a movie or show. You don’t have to copy and paste each field individually.

  • Fill in the relevant data for the movies and show them automatically.
  • Maintain and update existing titles on a regular basis (update properties with new info).
  • Control the watch status of new episodes.

Get Template

36. Health & Wellness Habit Tracker

Health and Wellness Tracker

The Health and Wellness Habit Tracker is a database template that can help you stay on track with your workout goals.

The template will give you space to track holistic wellness goals, such as meditation, exercise, and nutrition. It’s easy to keep up with your health habits and chart your progress.

  • Sleep (bedtime, wake time, notes, feeling of being rested)
  • Food (water, food diary, indulgences, protein sources, appetite, photo food diary, meds)
  • Body (weight, hygiene, pains, physical symptom notes)
  • Activity (overall exercise, strength, stretching)
  • Mental health (meditation, thoughts, mood, focus level, motivation, social activity)
  • Energy levels

Get Health & Wellness Tracker Template

37. Finance and Budgeting

finance and budgeting

Managing your money can be challenging. It’s time-consuming and often hard to remember what you spent and how much money you have left. Fortunately, the Finance and Budgeting Notion template is here to help you stay organized and on top of your finances .

  • Track all your income in one place.
  • Stay accountable for your spending habits with this expense tracker.
  • Keep all your bank accounts and credit cards in one place.
  • Category-based grouping of expense.
  • View your transactions in a calendar view.

Get the Student Finance Template

38. Notion Resume / CV Template

Notion Resume Template Mockup

Get Notion Resume Template

39. Personal Website Notion Template

Personal Website Notion Template

Get the Personal Website Template

40. Book Tracker Template

book tracker template by Dave

Get Book Tracker Template

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Templates for Students

As a student, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline your studies and improve the learning process. Notion is a powerful tool that can help you accomplish that. In this article, we have compiled the best Notion templates for students to help them organize their studies, stay on track, and achieve their goals.

You can use these templates to create a personalized learning system that works for you. Whatever your learning style is, there is a Notion template to help you optimize your studies.

Disclosure : Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission.

Ahmed Chougle

Ahmed Chougle is a WordPress content writer with an engineering background. He enjoys using Notion for organized business management.

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The 70 Best Notion Templates for Students [2024]

Notion is a must-have if you’re a student in 2024. With how versatile the platform is, you can use Notion to do everything from planning out your semester, taking notes, tracking grades, organizing your extracurriculars, and more.

Starting a Notion workspace from scratch can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have a busy school schedule to begin with. To make your life easier, we’ve curated a list of the best Notion templates for students, that have already done the heavy lifting for you. Easily pick one that works best for your academic lifestyle and personal aesthetic!

Are you a teacher looking to streamline your semester in Notion? Check out our blog post featuring the best Notion teacher templates !

Looking for more productivity tips and tools? Subscribe to The Flow — our quick, snappy, value-packed focus and recharge newsletter. Also, don’t miss our several other  Notion template round-ups and guides !

  • First Name First

Table of Contents

  • All-in-One Notion Student Templates

Notion Study Templates

Notion student planner templates, notion class & assignment templates & trackers, notion student note-taking templates.

  • Notion Templates for PhD & Grad Students
  • Notion Medical School Templates
  • Notion Law School Templates

Free Notion Student Templates

Aesthetic notion student templates.

Get the all-in-one Life OS template , the only Notion template you’ll ever need — with over 25 integrated templates built in.

school planner notion template free

All-in-One Notion Student Dashboard Templates

Manage every aspect of your student life with a Notion student dashboard template, where you can plan out your days, prioritize your daily to-dos , manage projects , take notes, and lots more!

For more dashboard templates, visit our roundups featuring the best Notion life OS templates and Notion dashboard templates !

Student OS: All-in-One Student Template

With over 15 templates in a centralized dashboard, Student OS by yours truly is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career – both in and out of the classroom! Use the class planner, assignment and deliverables tracker, automatic grade calculator, study zone with flashcards, job and internship application tracker, reading tracker, and so much more to set yourself up for success for the next school year and for your whole degree.

Student OS template is available in two different themes, offering the same functionality:

  • Template Available Here  [Aesthetic Edition]
  • Template Available Here [Minimalist Edition]

Student OS Notion Template

Advanced Student Dashboard & Knowledge Base

Template Available Here

Advanced Notion Student Template

ADHD Student Daily Dashboard

Available in multiple themes!

For more templates like this, don’t miss our full round-up of ADHD-friendly Notion templates — and check out the ADHD FAQ section at the bottom of this very guide.

ADHD Student Daily Dashboard

Acadashboard: Notion Studio OS

Notion Academic Dashboard Template

Green University Student Notion Dashboard Hub

University Student Notion Dashboard Hub

Academia – Academic Management System for University Students

Notion Academic Management System

Aesthetic University Student Productivity Hub

Aesthetic University Student Productivity Hub

Notion x Student Workspace Template

Notion Student Workspace

Notion for University Students

Notion for University Students

Student Planner Hub

Student Planner Dashboard Template

Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

Notion Template for College Students

Keep your focus and refine your study routine with a Notion study template. Create a healthy and efficient study routine with Notion, and ace your exams!

Tomato: The Ultimate Pomodoro Notion Template

Check out our full round-ups of Notion Pomodoro templates and Notion Pomodoro timer widgets to deck out your setup!

Notion Pomodoro Template

Notion Study Kit Template

Notion Study Template

Simple Flashcards Template

Check out our full post on Notion flashcards for more templates and a tutorial!

Flashcards Template for Notion

Notion Flashcard Template for Learning & Studying

Notion Flash Card Template

Flocus is a free browser-based dashboard for both focus and ambience. Featuring aesthetic themes, personal greeting Pomodoro timer, and lots more! Get early access to Flocus here .

Flocus for Notion Students

The balance between your social life, academic performance, and mental and physical wellness can be overwhelming during a busy semester. Use a Notion student planner template to help you organize your life and prioritize the things that need to be focused on first!

For more templates, check out our post rounding up the best Notion planner templates .

Notion Semester Planner & Tracker

Aesthetic Notion Semester Planner & Tracker

academia – Notion School Organizer Template

Notion School Organizer Template

Simple Notion Course & Class Schedule Template

Notion Class Schedule Template

Simple Notion Thesis Planning Template

Notion Thesis Planning Template

It’s tough to keep track of all of your deliverables when you have a full class schedule and a life outside of school to balance. Thanks to these templates, you can be sure you don’t fall behind in class with Notion! Monitor your progress and stay up to date with assignments and marks with these templates.

For more templates like these, check out our full round-up of Notion assignment tracker templates !

Notion Courses Manager Template

Notion Courses Manager Template

Notion Syllabus Template

Notion Syllabus Template

Notion Grade Calculator Template

Notion Grade Calculator Template

Notion Advanced Grade Calculator Template

Notion Advanced Grade Calculator Template

Notion’s beautiful UI makes it easy to jot down notes and organize your documents in databases so you can revisit information for each class easily! Depending on your note-taking style, here are some great Notion student note-taking templates that use beloved techniques such as Cornell, Zettelkasten, and more.

For more templates like this, check out our full round-up featuring the best Notion note-taking templates .

Note-Taking OS

Notion Note-Taking OS

Academic Research Hub – Notion Research Template

Academic Research Hub – Notion Research Template

Zettelkasten for Notion – Personal Knowledge Management Template

Notion Zettelkasten Template

Notion Cornell Note-Taking Template

Notion Cornell Note-Taking Template

FlexiNote Note-Taking Template

Simple Notes Notion Template

Simple Aesthetic Lectures & Class Notes

Notion Aesthetic Lectures & Class Notes

Smart Notes for Students

Notion Smart Notes for Students

Notion Student Notes Index

Notion Student Notes Index

Notion Spaced Repetition Notes Template

Notion Spaced Repetition Notes Template

Synthetic Notes Template

Notion Synthetic Notes Template

Basic Notion Class Notes Template

Notion Class Notes Template

Notion Templates for Grad & PhD Students

There are some great Notion student templates out there, and some even go as far as creating solutions specifically for grad, post-grad, PhD, and master’s students! Plan your thesis, set grad school goals, store notes, track your progress, and so much more with these grad school-ready templates.

Templates Available:

  • Grad School & PhD Notion Hub
  • Simple Notion Grad School Template
  • Notion Academic Dashboard for PhD Students
  • Minimal Notion Grad School Dashboard
  • Graduate School Applications Template for Notion
  • Notion Grad School Application Planner
  • Academic Notion Website Template
  • Academic CV Notion Template

Notion Templates for Grad & PhD Students

Notion Templates for Medical Students

If you’re a med student, you know that between all the classes, resources, placements, exams, and everything else, life can get unwieldy. With the right Notion template, organize and centralize everything for your med school journey in one spot!

Check out our full round-up of the best Notion medical school templates for even more options!

  • Simple Aesthetic Medical Student Template
  • Medical School Dashboard Template
  • Notion Medical School Student Dashboard

Notion Templates for Medical Students

Notion Templates for Law Students

For the up-and-coming lawyers, these are the templates for you! Organize your law school courses, track firms you want to work at or have applied to, store the hundreds of resources and links you need as a law student, and so much more with these Notion templates for law students.

  • Notion Template for Aspiring Solicitors | Video Tutorial
  • Aesthetic Law Student Dashboard | Video Tutorial
  • Aesthetic Notion Law Student Planner & Dashboard Template | Video Tutorial

Notion Templates for Law Students

If you’re looking to use Notion for your studies, but don’t have the extra coin to pay for templates, there are a ton of simple free Notion student templates to meet basic needs. Here are some of our favorites!

Looking for more free templates? Check out our full list of free Notion templates .

Bright & Airy Aesthetic Student Dashboard Template

Bright & Airy Aesthetic Notion Student Dashboard Template

Simple Notion Student Homepage

Simple Notion Student Homepage

Notion Academic Dashboard Template

Notion Academic Dashboard Template

Aesthetic Minimal Academic Life Organizer

Aesthetic Minimal Notion Academic Life Organizer

Notion University / College Hub Template

Notion University / College Hub Template

JaniceStudies Student Notion Dashboard

JaniceStudies Student Notion Templates

The Ultimate Notion College Hub Template

The Notion College Hub Template

Notion Student Loan Tracker Template

Notion Student Loan Tracker Template

Notion School Dashboard Template

Notion School Dashboard Template

Student Hub

Free Notion Student Dashboard

Notion Roommate Space Template

Notion Roommate Space Template

The beauty with Notion is that you can personalize your student setup with your favorite visuals, colors, and themes! For inspo, check out these aesthetic Notion student layouts.

Interested in more aesthetic templates? Check out our detailed blog post showcasing the most aesthetic Notion templates !

Anime Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Cafe Themed Student Planner

Notion Cafe-Themed Student Planner

Botanical Academia

Botanical Academia Notion Template

College Life Academic Planner

College Life Academic Planner

Uni-Verse: The Student Template

Purple Notion Student Template

School Life Dashboard

School Life Dashboard for Notion

Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

Purple Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Purple Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Sailor Moon Themed Student Dashboard for Medical Students

Sailor Moon Themed Student Dashboard for Medical Students

Notion for Students: A Quickstart Guide

New to Notion? Get to grips with this popular productivity app with our quick guide to Notion for students!

Is Notion a good tool for students?

Yes, Notion is one of the best and most popular productivity tools for students! Thousands of real students use Notion to enhance their academic experience.

Here are a few reasons why Notion is a good tool for students:

  • Track every element of your student life — from your assignments and notes to extracurriculars and chores — in Notion’s powerful, connectable databases.
  • Features like Notion’s toggle blocks are great for active recall and spaced repetition, helping you take study sessions to the next level.
  • Notion is fully customizable, letting you create minimalist or aesthetic spaces — whatever suits your brain and keeps you motivated!
  • Collab with other students in real time on Notion — ideal for group projects.
  • Use third-party tools to sync your Google Calendar , access helpful widgets , and much more.

Want to learn more about how Notion works? Check out How to Use Notion as a Student: A Full Guide !

What about Notion for ADHD and neurodivergent students?

Notion is an excellent organizational and productivity tool for ADHD and neurodivergent students. On Reddit, you’ll find dozens of posts ( like this one ) from neurodivergent students looking for the best ways to use Notion.

Here are a few reasons Notion is good for ADHD and neurodivergent students:

  • Storing your notes, assignments, and other essential info in Notion can prevent distractions and tab-switching.
  • Filters, statuses, and other database features help combat “time blindness”, helping you better prioritize tasks.
  • ADHD-friendly organization systems like Zettelkasten can be easily set up in Notion.
  • To-do lists, calendars, progress bars , and databases let you break big tasks down into small steps — and organize your academic life in a way that makes sense to your brain.
  • Dozens of specially-made, ADHD-friendly Notion templates make setting up your student hub quick and easy.

Is Notion free for university and college students?

Notion offers a free plan for everyone that gives you all the functionality needed to help you conquer your coursework.

Students at US-accredited higher education institutions are eligible for a free Notion Plus Plan. The Plus Plan lets you share your Notion pages with up to 100 guests, access 30 days of page revisions, and more.

Unfortunately, Notion does not offer its free Plus Plan to high school students.

You can access Notion Plus for free as long as you have access to a valid educational email address. (Notion doesn’t accept student IDs as proof.)

To redeem your Plus Plan, make sure the email address of your Notion workspace matches your student email. To change your email address, open Settings & members from your Notion sidebar, then select My account > Change email .

To learn more, visit Notion’s help center .

Is Notion AI free for students?

Notion AI is a separate paid add-on. You can test out Notion AI for free with a set number of complimentary responses.

Many students find Notion AI useful for summarizing text, creating bullet points out of class notes, and highlighting key points.

It’s worth noting you shouldn’t use Notion AI to generate essays and assignments — doing so almost certainly breaches your university’s policies on plagiarism.

Which Notion templates for students would you recommend? Are there any Notion student templates that we’re missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sincerely Students

My Full Notion Setup As A Student (FREE Template Included!)

Productivity · School

Notion is an all-in-one digital organizing tool that has become very popular with students, and in this post, I’ll show you my Notion setup and how I use it to organize my life.

This post is the last post in a series of 3, and if you’re not quite familiar with Notion yet, you can check out the first two:

  • How To Set Up Notion For Students
  • How To Organize Your Student Life With Notion

If you’re already familiar with how Notion works and its potential, and you are just looking for some inspiration for how to set it up, this post is for you. 

Make sure to read until the end, where I provide you with a free Notion template (an exact copy of what my Notion looks like!)

If you’re interested in a more comprehensive Notion template, check out my Ultimate Student Planner Notion Template (2024 Template included!)

Otherwise, let’s jump into my Notion setup and how I use it to organize my life!

My full Notion setup as an online student + free template!

The Home page is what you should see every time you open Notion. It should give you easy access to the links or pages you need to reference often, such as your Personal and Academics pages.

In addition, you could add various embeds and additional resources to this page that may help you with planning. Here’s what my Home page (from the template I made for you) looks like:

Notion homepage to organize your life

As you can see, I’ve linked to my 3 main pages– Personal, School, and Growth – near the top of the page, put other links on the side, and included a calendar embed (“/calendar”) on the bottom of the page. Now, I’ll go over each of the links in the sidebar.

Note: I’ve updated the template periodically, so the one you download may look a little different from the pictures in this post!

Main Project

This page tracks my long-term goals, their progress goals, and their action tasks that I will implement into my daily or weekly routine.

How I set goals with Notion

Simply identify 3 long-term goals, make 3 progress goals (time-based or achievement-based), and list 3 small, actionable steps for each of those progress goals.

Lastly, think of a reward you’d give yourself if you successfully achieve these goals by a certain date.

Expense Tracker

My expense tracker is a super simple table:

My expense tracker in Notion

I have a tag for each month, which helps me organize my expenses and earnings when I filter the table. I only display items for the current month, which I achieve by selecting Filter and adding a filter for Where [month] is [current month] .

An important thing to remember is that when adding your expenses, don’t forget to add a negative/subtract symbol in front of the number! If you don’t do this, the table will count this number as an earning and not an expense .

My wishlist is another table:

My wishlist in Notion

You can customize the tags for the items of your list and label them however you want. Having a wishlist like this can help you determine which items you really need, and which is just a momentary impulse.

That’s right, another table:

Use Notion to organize your books!

There are many ways to customize your bookshelf, and I’ve seen YouTubers include book covers to make them into cards you can organize on a board . I decided to stick with something simpler, which is how I came up with this table.

What To Watch

Lastly, this table to organize movies and shows you want to watch:

Use Notion to organize the movies and shows you want to watch

Just like all the other databases in this template, you can customize this however you’d like to include more or less information like links, images, reviews, etc.

Personal Page

Next up is the personal page, which is the page I use to write daily to-do lists and check-in on my monthly goals and habits. This page is relatively simple, but let’s go over the functions of each block.

Use Notion to write to-do lists and be productive

Monthly Focus

In this area, list a few monthly goals you’ve set. If you have some long-term goals (yearly, quarterly, etc), you can derive your monthly focus from them. Make these reasonably challenging, but still reachable; they should help you reach your long-term goals.

Daily Habits

Here, I’ve created a simple table that will help you track habits you’re trying to build or break. List each habit in the left-most column, and as each day passes, check the checkbox under that day if you completed the habit, and leave it if you didn’t.

Daily To-Dos

Lastly, everyone needs a daily to-do list to keep track of their tasks for the day. For this area, you have a block of space for each day, and all you have to do is click + new task to add an item to your to-do list.

YOU’LL LOVE THIS POST: 9 Powerful Daily Habits For Productivity

School Page

In my opinion, the school page is the most complex page in this template. Though it looks simple, it has many functions embedded in each area. 

Organize your school life with Notion

Let’s begin with your class schedule.

Begin by adding all your classes to this table. You can add or remove columns and customize the table however you’d like to match your needs. Once your schedule is saved, you can go deeper into each individual class.

Hover over a class and select OPEN , and this class will open as a page.

Organize all your classes easily in Notion!

Here, you can add more information about each class, such as copies of the syllabus, Zoom links for your synchronous, online lessons, and even your lecture notes. You can take notes directly in Notion, and it functions just like other document programs like Google Docs.

Next, as we navigate back to the school page, you can see 2 links on the left under Guide . These are two basic pages I find very useful, and you can add or remove any pages you want.

The vocabulary page is very straightforward; as you’re reading and come across an unfamiliar word, jot it down in this table so you can study it later and expand your vocabulary.

Learn new vocabulary with the help of Notion

Academic Plan

Lastly, a planning page for your academic future. This is especially useful for high school students, as I’ve created places to track your dream universities, possible scholarships, etc.

Plan for your academic future with Notion

You can start brainstorming what’s going to go in your college applications (most notably, the Common App) here, and make plans according to what you have so far and what you’re lacking.

YOU’LL LOVE THIS POST: How To Survive Your Freshman Year Of High School

Growth Page

The last main page in this template is the page for personal growth and goal-setting. Here is a palace to store your long-term goals and remind yourself of why you’re doing certain things.

Set goals and work towards them effectively with Notion's help

You can create a board like this by typing /board and selecting Board – Inline . Create 3 columns, labeling them not achieved, in progress, and achieved . Then, just add “cards” to each column! 

As you progress in a goal or reach it, you can move the card around to the right column. You can also add detailed steps or helpful resources to each goal simply by opening each card.


Other than your personal goals, you can also list various affirmations, inspirational quotes, things that make you happy, self-care activities…

This page should be there for you to reference whenever you need some motivation or inspiration, so fill it with things that make you love and will make you a better person!

Free Notion Template

Congrats, you got to the end! And here’s the exciting part I’m sure you’re looking forward to: my Notion template!

Simply go to this link and click Duplicate to start using the template right away!

Or, check out the updated Ultimate Student Planner Notion Template (2024 Template included!) below.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the Notion template! Having a digital planning system like Notion can be extremely beneficial for all students, so make sure to use it to your advantage!

Lastly, if you enjoyed this post, feel free to check out some of my related posts:

  • How To Make Your Notion Aesthetic In 5 Simple Steps
  • Does Notion Work Offline?
  • 60 Life-Changing Habits To Build This Semester
  • How To Transform The Way You Study In 7 Days
  • 9 Essential Study Skills To Study Smarter, Not Harder

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28 Best Free Notion Templates for Students

28 best free notion templates for students in 2022, what is notion.

Notion is an all-in-one productivity platform. It is a great productivity and organizational tool. Because of its flexibility and an array of useful features, it has gained massive popularity in recent times. It is an all-in-one workspace where you can share information, add tasks, manage projects and more. If you are tired of using a different productivity or organizational app for a different purposes then Notion is the perfect fit for you. Using Notion as a student can save you lots of time and energy. One of the best features of Notion is that it has many beautiful and free templates for students. These readymade aesthetic templates are very useful and can save you a lot of time. Check out the rest of the post to see some amazing Notion templates for students.


There are many reasons why you should consider using notion templates as a student:

  • There is a wide variety of templates available
  • They will save you a lot of time
  • They can help organize your life inside and outside the classroom
  • You can customize them based on your needs
  • You can access them offline
  • You can save everything in one place with the help of these templates
  • They are very useful
  • You can find one for practically any purpose
  • The notion templates are FREE


Best Free Notion templates for learning

  • Learning Resources

Best Free Notion templates for note-taking

  • Class Notes
  • Simple Notebook

Best Free Notion templates for college students

  • The Campus Life Organizer
  • Course Planning
  • The Party Planners Notion Template
  • Course Plan
  • Job Applications
  • Research Project
  • Startup 101

Student Loan Tracker

  • School Dashboard

Best Free Notion templates for improving your productivity

  • Tomato – Notion P omodoro Template   
  • The Gamification Project
  • Resonance Calendar
  • Spaced Repetition
  • Digital Brain Board

Best Free Notion templates for self-improvement

  • Notion’s Official Habit Tracker
  • Minimalist Habit Tracker

Mood Tracker

  • Finance Tracker


Meal planner.

  • Ali’s Books Notes
  • Reading List

Best Notion Templates for Learning

Learning resources.

This free Notion template is very useful for college students. Do you ever feel like you want to learn different things but don’t know where to start? Coming up with a concrete plan is the first step toward achieving your goals. In this template, you can make your own learning timeline. You need to estimate the time required to learn a particular thing and the skills required for the same. It has other useful columns to write down resources and your level of motivation.

school planner notion template free

And as you achieve your learning goals, you can put a tick mark in front of them. This Notion template for students is again based on the concept of gamification where ticking the new concepts is supposed to make you feel motivated to learn more things. You can get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Learning-resources-3c0028dfc6534586b07f83f88a391736

This is an aesthetic Notion template for students. It has different sections where you can write down the names of books and set the topic and priority. This template can be used for college readings and for your personal readings. Just update this information accordingly in the template. The Library template has a section called the ‘Bookshelf’ where you can add things like 3 Key Ideas , 3 concrete actions for my life now , 3 concrete actions for my life someday , favourite quotes and book summary . This helps put what you’ve read to use in your life.

school planner notion template free

Overall, it’s really pretty and aesthetic and will make you want to read and update the list in this free notion template!

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Library-00cdb2599efe40f78f43804b82d4bb92

Learning a new language is hard but also very rewarding! Here’s why you should consider learning a new language as a student. This template can help make the process of learning it a bit easier. One of the hardest parts of learning a new language is memorizing all the vocabulary. With this template, you can write down new words, their meaning and related images. This will make your learning so much easier. This Notion template is free for students.

school planner notion template free

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Vocabulary-28514875ab294354ab05b163b5114f05

Best Notion Templates for Note-Taking

Class notes.

This is a great template if note-taking and keeping your notes organized is your main aim. Just start writing your notes and the table within the template will organize and store them for you. Just like within notion, you can create groups and add attachments to your notes.

You can also customize the template based on your needs. It allows you to set up different categories and classes. You can label the notes based on class types, topic names, etc.

school planner notion template free

You can pay the price that you wish to, or get it for free – it’s up to you!

Get the free Notion template here:   https://store.notionwizard.com/l/notion-class-notes-template

Simple notebook

This free Notion template is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the digital analog of a brain dump book. Instead of writing notes in your journal or a book, you can maintain a digital note-taking journal using this template.

It already has two separate sections – for work and for home. You can customize your own tags to create notebooks that fit your college or personal life.  It is also possible to easily share your notes with your friends and collaborate with them with this useful Notion template.

Get it here: https://www.notion.so/1139c3e3da354e3baeadb5ba6db6a3eb?v=b6490fc254c74b8b8b6d9ba381676573

school planner notion template free

Best Notion Templates for College Students

This template provides an all-in-one space for studying and organization. It has timetable for your classes, a board for study sessions and a table for academic notes. It also has an inbuilt calendar to record the dates of your assignments and tests.

To make the template even more useful, it has a college applications section where you can write important dates such as application deadlines and useful information like the pros and cons of a college. Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/School-Hub-6bbad9733fd8429b886de91a1fe3c609

school planner notion template free

the campus life organizer

The Campus Life organizer is the perfect Notion template for students staying on campus. It has many different components that encompass your college life – right from the planner and goals section to the budget tracker and what to pack for college . It also comes with habit tracker , job applications , networking and weekly time blocking sections. When you’re in college, there are so many different things going on around you and it’s very important that you learn to balance them. That’s why it’s important to set goals for college students .  This is where the Campus Life organizer template can help you.

school planner notion template free

It helps you focus on your goals while also prioritizing other important things like networking and keeping a budget. So irrespective of whether you’re staying on campus or not, this template will help you in your college life. Get the free Notion here:   https://www.notion.so/Campus-Life-Organizer-404621feecaa4bc6bdf3c0d36e05243e

course planning

This free Notion template is again based on the concept of spaced repetition. This template allows you to implement spaced repetition in your studies. It has a built-in calendar, where you can plan your study schedule so that it follows the concept of spaced repetition. This will help you remember the newly studied information for a longer time.

You can plan your study material based on your priorities or your subjects. And after completing a lecture, you can also create your own revision questions based on the content, which will help in remembering the information to a better degree.

school planner notion template free

Get the free notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Course-Planning-4c90a984a1c746bbaaf5e0c11ed8cb68

party planner

Studying and enjoyment go hand-in-hand when you’re in college.  This free Notion template for college students comes with three different planners: wedding, gaming, and party planne r.

school planner notion template free

It has everything you need to plan a great party! It includes different sections for your budget, guest list, theme ideas and more. These planners already have some details within them. For example, the budget planner has entries like site rental, decoration, food and drink cost, catering, etc.

school planner notion template free

Using this free and aesthetic Notion template is a great way to make sure that you have organized everything properly!

Get the free Notion template here: https://prototion.com/notion-template/Party-Planners-fPn3s3Y6EK3ud4Go

course plan

The Course Plan template tracks all your requirements for college. It has a semester view as well as a table view. In the semester view, you can write the courses for each semester and write down the important exam dates and assignments below it. The table view allows you to record important things like grades, prerequisites, and the names of course instructors. With this template for college students, you can make sure that you reach your required credits and grades. You can also customize the template to add other important things to it like the estimated time you need to study or a link to reference material or course descriptions.

Notion template to use for students

Get the free Notion template here:


job applications

This free Notion template will come in super handy for college students. You can keep track of all your job applications with this template. It already has various categories required for job applications like resumes, cover letters, etc. But you can customize it further based on your needs.

school planner notion template free

Job hunting is already a stressful thing, especially for recent graduates, and you don’t want the added strain caused by keeping things unorganized.

school planner notion template free


research project

This free Notion template will help keep your research projects organized. It is created by Sterling Osborne, who is a Ph.D. student in Artificial Intelligence.

It allows you to write different parts of your project on separate pages so that you can work on them individually without getting confused. No need to scroll through 50 pages to make changes to the conclusion! It also has a built-in database for references. How cool is that?!  If you’re a grad student, this template is a blessing in disguise for you 🙂

school planner notion template free

Do you prefer to maintain a paper bullet journal?  Check out this post on maintaining a research bullet journal .  Even if you prefer to maintain a digital journal, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of useful ideas in this post.

You can also use this template for projects other than research.  Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Research-project-f0a569cc62e243dca211be3b940a4ba2

Start up 101

Different studies have shown that more and more youngsters are making the switch from traditional 9-5 jobs to being entrepreneurs and businessmen and women.  And what better time to follow your passion than when you’re in college, surrounded by other bright, like-minded people?

This super useful Notion template has an idea creation board to help you come up with different ideas. It also comes with essential guides and other tools to help you make your idea come to life.

school planner notion template free

It has an idea creation board where you can write down your ideas in detail. Along with that it has other features to help you stay disciplined and use your idea in the best possible way.

This is one of my personal favorite Notion templates. So what are you waiting for? Duplicate this free Notion template and you’ll have already taken the first step towards changing the world!


school planner notion template free

Let’s face it. Students nowadays are drowning in loans. While ideally, this shouldn’t be happening, it’s just the sad reality of today.  The best way to conquer this problem is by making a proper plan to pay back your debt. The Student Loan tracker can help you do that.

This super useful Notion template has a monthly and yearly tracker table to keep a record of how much loan you’re paying back. It also has other useful elements where you can record your interest rate, monthly payments, principal amount, remaining balance, etc. You don’t need to fill out all the boxes. You just need to provide basic information in this template and it calculates other factors on its own.

school planner notion template free

This Notion template for students has a “name your own price” feature. This means you can choose to pay the amount you think is appropriate or even get it for free.  There are different ways in which you can save money as a student. Other than that, you can get some ideas for financial goals for students in this post.

Get the free Notion template here:  https://ko-fi.com/s/d8ac27548a

school dashboard

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we learn. Online meetings have replaced traditional classrooms.

This Notion template is very useful for students because it will make the links to your online classes very easy to access. It has a weekly course schedule, and all you need to do is add your links to the relevant places and you’re good to go!   No more frantically searching for links  5 minutes before (or after) the class begins! 

school planner notion template free

It is very aesthetic also has other useful sections; I love the assignment and exam schedule because it helps you to organize all the dates properly. Get the free Notion template here:  https://www.notion.so/School-bb6318daefbe486d96288c7f2c301d83

school planner notion template free

Best Notion Templates For Increasing Your Productivity

Tomato - notion pomodoro template.

This is one of my favorite Notion templates. The Pomodoro technique is a very useful technique for studying and for being productive.

The Pomodoro template for students is a free Notion template that allows you to track your Pomodoros and make the most of your day. If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro technique, check out this post where I’ve talked about it in detail.

school planner notion template free

With this template, you can record your daily tasks and the start and end times for the tasks. It also allows you to write the estimated vs actual number of Pomodoros required to complete that task. 

This aesthetic Notion template also has an inbuilt Pomodoro timer. Pretty cool right?! And at the end of the day, you can check your daily summary as shown in the picture below. 

school planner notion template free

So what are you waiting for? Make your days more productive with this free notion template for college students.

Get the free Notion template here: https://gridfiti.notion.site/Tomato-Notion-Pomodoro-Template-by-Gridfiti-49cc1b7602bd4b85927e46a14f9a174f

the gamification project

This Notion template has been created to increase your productivity by introducing experience points to your day-to-day tasks. Your brain’s reward center is activated when you receive points, which in turn motivates you to work more and achieve more goals. The gamification system is built upon this concept. By assigning rewards to mundane or difficult tasks, you are reducing the barrier to working on the tasks. Studies have shown that with gamification the brain is motivated to achieve more things In a shorter time span.

school planner notion template free

What I really like the most about this template is that you can have competitions among your friends and family for achieving any goal or task. Try it for yourself! Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/The-Gamification-Project-ab40dadeedc443a5bcb3263d72bf6566

resonance calendar

This Notion template has been made by none other than arguably one of the most famous productivity gurus and a wonderful Youtuber – Dr. Ali Abdaal.  We are often bombarded with a lot of information and don’t always have the time to process it immediately. This is where the Resonance Calendar can help you.

If you feel connected to something, or if something “resonates” with you, you can add it to this template. By reflecting upon the things that are important to you, you can gain better awareness of your own likes and dislikes. This helps you lead your life in a more intentional and satisfactory way.

Jotting down things when you don’t have time to think about them also frees up your brain space. And writing them ensures that you’re not ignoring anything that you feel inspired by or you’re passionate about.

school planner notion template free

This is one of the most useful Notion templates for students and everyone else so be sure to check it out! Get the free Notion template here:


Spaced repitition

The Spaced Repetition Notion template is based on the popular technique of spaced repetition that helps your brain store more information.  In short, the technique says that: a. You should increase the break times between study sessions in order to recall more information

b. You should prioritize learning the more difficult topics first

With this technique, you can properly prepare for exams and tests and can remember what you’ve learned for a longer period.

The Spaced Repetition Notion template is perfect for students because it allows you to put the technique into practice. You have the option to organize your lessons from the most difficult to the easiest so you can start with the difficult topics first.

school planner notion template free

I t also paces out and slowly increases the break time by including regular gaps in your study sessions for a particular topic. For example, it is recommended that you review a topic again after 8 hours of studying it, then after gaps of 7, 20, and 35 days,

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Spaced-Repetition-Template-abf9e1168045472cbd7c77087437651d

digital brain board

We constantly consume a lot of content. This Notion template for students has been created with the purpose of acting as a “digital brain board.” You can save different videos, articles, social media content, podcasts or any other important and useful information in this template. This allows you to retain information for a longer period and internalize the learnings from the content,

school planner notion template free

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Digital-brain-board-13e1ed6f5dab4f7c89de8f63f76bb32a

Best Notion Templates for Self-Improvement

Notion's official habit tracker.

This is a simple and easy-to-use habit tracker created by Notion. All you need to do is list the habits you want to track or inculcate in the left-most column. At the end of each day, you can check the box next to it if you completed that task. Sounds very straightforward but it works! Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Habit-tracker-9bba62739d744103a1e7c4000d4b4251

school planner notion template free

Minimalistic habit tracker

As the title says, this is a simple and easy habit tracker by Thomas Frank . If you haven’t heard of him, he’s an author, Youtuber, podcaster who talks about self-development and productivity. He’s really amazing so do check out his website!

This template doesn’t have any fancy or complex stuff. But it will help you keep a record of your daily habits.  I feel that habit trackers are really useful and I always include them in my bullet journal. That is why a habit tracker is one of the must-have bullet journal spreads for college students . But if you prefer to keep track of your habits digitally, then I would definitely recommend this useful Notion template.

school planner notion template free

Get the free Notion template here: https://thomasjfrank.com/templates/habit-tracker-notion-template/

This is a pretty simple mood tracker that completely serves its purpose i.e. tracking your mood. It has 2 columns where you can rate your morning mood and evening mood on a scale of 1 to 10. Along with that, it has a column for daily reflection.  You can also write the number of hours you’ve slept in one column. As always, you can customize the template and remove or add columns based on your preferences. Overall its a simple and useful tracker.

school planner notion template free

By tracking other things like sleep, exercise, stress levels along with your mood, you’ll be able to better understand yourself and find out the factors that affect your mood.  If you want more ideas for trackers, you can check out this post. Get the free Notion template here:


finance tracker

Keeping track of your expenses and income is very important for college students. Read here to see why keeping a budget is an important financial goal for students . With this free Notion template, you can easily track your finances. It is a simplistic template and has plenty of useful features. For example, had you ever thought of recording the specific bank account associated with a financial transaction? If you had, well good for you! I hadn’t, and I found this feature very useful.

school planner notion template free

This template allows you to tag your transaction as business or personal and you can also add documents associated with the income or expense.  Use this useful Notion template to reach your financial goals as a student! Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Finance-tracker-04a86c8db56e458099cac091e0ef9279

This is a very simplistic Notion template to record your day’s activities. If you don’t like complicated templates with excessive details, this free Notion template is perfect for you! It has a weekly section and a calendar view where you can record important things. You can also filter and sort by dates and urgency. And that’s about it. It is an easy digital solution for recording a daily log.

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Daily-log-35c17e5c6d6f42f8aa9121f0106cbe80

school planner notion template free

Healthy mind makes for a healthy body. You should definitely try to eat nutritious food to nurture your mind as well as body. This free Notion template can help you plan your meals so that you don’t have to brainstorm new meal ideas often.

It has a column called the grocery list where you can list down the ingredients required for a particular meal. Neat, right? No more eating plain ramen noodles because no other ingredients are available at home!

You’ll find the importance of healthy eating, especially for students here.

school planner notion template free

Get the free notion template here:


Ali's books notes

Another template by one of my favorite people in the productivity space – Ali Abdaal! Use this template to record the books you’ve read.

But wait – there’s a catch. This is not your normal template where you just record the name of the book and author, the genre and the finish date.  Nope! He has come up with this template as a means of actively engaging with the conten t you’ve just read.

  It has super useful and quick prompts like “The book in 3 sentences” , “How the book changed me” and “My top 3 quotes” , which you can fill after reading a book.

school planner notion template free

Do you think this is really cool? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. He has 10 levels of recording notes after reading a book, and you can use this template for all of them!

But don’t just take my word for it – Ali has an entire video dedicated to note-taking while reading books – why and how you should do it, and you can watch right here.

Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Ali-s-Book-Notes-11994df9047f4b589d5cfa7b961fcfa5

reading list

The Reading List is a super cool, useful and free template created by Notion. You can jot down not just the names of books but also different videos. podcasts and even Twitter threads!

It is an all-in-one space to store content that you like. This template also supports Notion Web Clipper which allows you to save all these different types of content directly from the internet. Get the free Notion template here: https://www.notion.so/Reading-List-cbc13be6a94343caaf2149d3704bef76

school planner notion template free


As you can tell from this post, Notion has a wide variety of super useful and completely free templates for students. In my opinion, the ready-made templates are one of the best parts of Notion. And they are customizable and easy to use. If you’ve never tried using Notion, i highly recommend you try using it yourself. You can read in detail about how to use Notion for students here.  I hope this post was helpful. Which is your favorite Notion template from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

The College Lighthouse is supported by readers like you! If you buy through our links, we get an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

The Best Free Notion Templates for Students

When it comes to managing your classes, budgets, and late-night parties, it becomes super overwhelming to manage it all. Thankfully Notion , the #1 all-in-one workstation, delivers some of the best tools to manage your hectic 4 years in college.

For college students, you have to remember to pick up your textbooks from Amazon , cram for your next exam, while running on coffee and that mashed together peanut butter and jelly sandwich you made before class.

Don’t worry, I organized these 24 Notion Templates for College Students (and really all students) because I know managing your four years at a new school can be TOUGH! Plus all 24 templates are FREE!

Yessir, I scoured the internet to find the best free notion templates for students. Also I know the thumbnail says, 23, I was just too lazy to edit it. Trust me, there’s 24. My sources: Me.

Table of Contents (BETA)

Productivity Notion Templates for College Students

Learning and study notion templates for students, resume and portfolio notion templates for college students, extracurricular notion templates for students, honorable mentions, final thoughts, faq on notion template for students:.

So, hopefully, I made finding the perfect Notion template as easy as finding a new backpack . You’re welcome. 🙂

From note-taking, project managing, to task management, these 5 productivity Notion templates for students will make sure you don’t slack in class!

1) Quill Library (A Notion Library Template)

I know a lot of students are fans of learning from Youtube videos ranging from inspiring Ted Talks to insight graduation speeches. If you’re willing to stick through another 4 years of school, then chances are you’ll sit through Steve Jobs’ unforgettable Stanford graduation speech. The lessons in these talks are always jam packed with super valuable wisdom that’s easy to forget. So I made this library to help you document all the important notes and ideas you’ll have.

These videos can remind you why you started your college career, or why you applied to that internship in the first place. Sometimes we can forget those impactful lessons as we get distracted by social media or those tickets to Mexico you bought for your family’s New Years party.

The template also includes my own personal library of notes. I’ve been playing around with AI to help create transcriptions that you can read in case you don’t have the time to watch an entire 7 minute video (I know that self prescribed ADHD we all got from TikTok ain’t helping).

And you don’t need to only use this template for speeches. You can also make some minor edits to turn into your own personal notes library for traditional novels or audiobooks. I’m also always open to suggestions on how to make this template better so feel free to leave any feedback on the template form.

Duplicate the template –> 

2) Start-Up 101 Notion Template by Diondraya Taylor from Mindset & Milestones 

If you’re in college, there’s a good chance that you likely have an entrepreneurial center like they do at UCSB and at UCLA . And likely, you’ll either want to create an idea or build the next social network. If that sounds like you then I think you really need to check out this cool template from Diondraya Taylor.

She’s a UCLA Ph.D. student who created this template to help college students and entrepreneurs get their start-up ideas going. It comes with an idea creation board to help you come up with an idea. It also comes with essential guides and other tools to help you make your idea come to life.

If you need more advice on how to become an entrepreneur in college, she has a whole website called Mindset & Milestones dedicated to teaching leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We even got featured on their How To Become a Digital Entrepreneur article! So even if you don’t know how to invent the next Facebook, this template and her site will be a great place to start!

That way, you can take advantage of the resources your college has to offer while you try to solve the world’s biggest problems with this start-up Notion template.

2) The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Notion by Thomas Frank

If you’re a college student then you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to figure out how to take notes. We’ve written entire articles about it.

So you know we had to feature The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Notion by none other than Productivity Genius, Thomas Frank !

I’ve been following Thomas Frank and his YouTube channel on how to win at college since I was an incoming freshman. Needless to say, his Ultimate Note-Taking Notion template is a must-have for any student looking to improve their notes!

This template comes jam-packed with:

  • Viewing all your notes, and sorting them by their last modified date
  • Easily categorizing notes into multiple levels of hierarchy (while still being able to view them all in a centralized place)
  • Quickly capturing notes in a place that allows you to easily sort them later on

It’s a simple note-taking template so that you can organize your notes, thoughts, or ideas while on the go.

Here’s his whole video explaining how to use it:

The simplicity yet efficacy of this template easily makes it on this “Notion Templates for Students” list.

Duplicate the template→

3) The Campus Life Organizer by Will Ma

Already about to graduate and need a template focused on your planning your next steps? Well, this Notion template by Will Ma has the usual budget, classes, and packing lists but also comes with a job application and habit tracker!

This template uses Notion’s job app template to save your resume and cover letter to help in your job or internship search.

In spite of the name, this template feels better as a transitional organizer to help you get ready for the “real world” after college. You can still take your class notes and block out your schedule, but I believe this template is most suited for the college senior (or fourth year) whose prepping to find a job and figure out their next steps after graduating.

If this sounds like you, I would also consider setting up your LinkedIn profile to help on your job hunt. You can actually get 1 month of LinkedIn Learning for FREE and the coolest part is that you can add your completed courses directly on your LinkedIn page. I took a leadership fundamentals and intro to programming course that actually helped me build out this site . Hopefully, it’ll help as you use this template to organize your job search.

The Campus Life Organizer also comes with a goal board to help you keep track of your overarching goals

Check this template out if you’re hoping to make the transition from college to adulthood easier! And if you need any career advice to help you on your job search, check out Will Ma’s website ! He’s got some great articles focused on helping students and young professionals navigate their careers.

4) Resonance Calendar Notion Templates by Ali Abdaal and Brandon Zhang

This isn’t your traditional calendar template where you plug in your class schedule (but we do have an article outlining how you can Schedule Your School Life in 5 Minutes ).

This Resonance Calendar Template by Ali Abdaal is really a “come-back-and-reflect-on-this-later” template. If something you read or listen to “resonates” with you, then you can add it into your calendar to reflect back on it later.

When you’re overwhelmed with career fair events, productivity podcasts, and remembering where the best off-campus Mexican food is, this can be a helpful way to keep all those ideas in one place.

This also helps when you learn something new from workshops.

Duplicate Ali Abdaal’s template→

Organizing all these ideas can be a pain but this Ali’s Resonance Calendar helps it all in one place.

However, if you’re looking for a template that offers an overview of the ideas you are consuming, then try out this Resonance Calendar by Brandon Zhang instead.

This version of the Resonance Calendar suited my style and it might suit yours too.

Duplicate Brandon Zhang’s template→

5) Minimalist Habit Tracker Template for Notion by Thomas Frank

Here’s another template from the GOAT Thomas Frank on tracking your habits in a fast and simple way.

Screenshot from ThomasJFrank.com

It helps keep track of your daily habits, works great on your phone, has toggles for weekly summaries, and there’s even a full-length video on how to use this template to be a task completing Pokémon Master!

I suck at tracking my habits so even if you haven’t downloaded this template yet, I already did.

If you need a faster way to skim through a dense research article or memorize last week’s lecture, then these four notion templates are for you!

6) AIC —> Synthetic Note Template by Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega

You’re gonna be writing a TON of research papers in college. And nobody has time to read through every page in whatever article your professor assigned. Thankfully, this Synthetic Note Template is designed to help you skim through only the important stuff of whatever paper, article, or journal you may be using for your paper.

Combine this template with a research assistant tool like Zotero to save time writing your next research paper . Personally, I’m a fan of opening Google Docs and skimming through the paper myself like a mad man, but if you’re a fan of Notion, this can be a great addition to your workstation. Whether you’re in high school, college, or grad school this template is really well structured and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Stuck Figuring Out How To Use These Notion Templates?

So you made it this far, that probably means you love Notion, but you may not know all the cool features it has to offer. So we partnered with Skillshare to offer 1 FREE month of premium classes! This way you can learn everything you need to learn about Notion to manage your academic life.

Get access to free Notion 101 courses with 1 free month of Skillshare Premium!

7) Spaced Repetition Notion Template by Brandon Zhang

If you struggle with learning or memorizing a topic for class, then you should try your learning through this Spaced Repetition Template.

If you don’t know what Spaced Repetition is check out this explainer article , but in short you prioritize studying the lessons you struggle with the most while focusing less on the topics you already understand.

This template helps you create a system that organizes the lessons you’re trying to learn in the order in which you should study them. This is different from using flashcards where you randomly bombarded with whatever card is next.

I honestly would recommend using a flashcard system like Anki to help you improve your learning. We go over why in our article on The 6 Best Strategies To Help You Study , but if you need a place to write down comments and notes, incorporate this template into your learning routine.

8) The Ultimate Semester Organizer by Janice Studios

I could describe what this template is but photos will do more justice.

This notion template was literally created for the semester college student. The dashboard comes jam-packed with a weather widget, Spotify, to-do list widget, and so much more!

This Notion template by Janice Studios is crazy organized and literally puts everything you need to organize your semester in one place. I 10/10 would recommend you check it out.

It’s got a unique aesthetic and isn’t suited for the quarter system most UC schools structure themselves on, but the beauty of Notion is its customizability! So you can configure it to fit a quarter schedule or your specific school needs.

With how well it’s organized, I had to add it to this list!

9) The College Hub by Mayer Adelberg

For students who want an all-in-one station for college, here’s a template from Mayer Adelberg that combines 3 major key items for college students: Academics, Personal Life, and Finances.

This template is different from the Ultimate Semester Organizer in the way that it’s more of a headquarters for everything going on in your college life, not just studying. But I included it anyway because one of the two biggest factors to help you study is time management.

The College Hub Notion Template for College Students , or any student for that matter, organizes all your classes, and weekly assignments on the dashboard. You can filter them out by class or assignment.

There’s also a catalog section to help you keep track of everyone you’ve ever interacted with on campus. You know, in case you run into the next Bill Gates.

And of course the budget section. I actually wrote a whole Personal Finance 101 Guide for College Grads , but if you prefer to keep track of your finances on Notion, this will make sure you’re not going to break the bank impulse buying those Coachella tickets.

This College Hub template puts everything all in one place so that you don’t have to search for anything. With three of the most important parts of your college life centralized, you can save time while having peace of mind. If you combine this template with a solid time management calendar , you’ll honestly be unstoppable.

This template also comes with a super well-done video on how to use it. Because Mayer’s a transfer student, his video also offers great nuggets of advice. For example, saving your syllabus to show your new university which classes you already received credit for.

Love the template, love the advice, check out the template.

Duplicate this template→

10) Job Application Tracker by Notion

Notion has its very own Job App Tracker Notion Template with cover letter and resume attachment features. It even includes a clean dashboard to simplify the job search process. This is actually the same Job App Tracker you’ll find in Will Ma’s Campus Life Notion Template for College Students !

With people losing their jobs because of the pandemic, I really think job tracking templates are timely for many college grads.

I even interviewed a college grad who talked about how he went from working at Trader Joe’s to landing a full-time job in BioTech:

But if you’re a current college student, you can retrofit this template to help with your internship search. Combine this template with our guide on how to apply to internships and you’ll be hired soon enough!

As someone who has struggled to organize all the various jobs I’ve applied to, this Job Application Tracker template helps simplify a stressful and messy process.

11) Portfolio Tracker Template (2.0) by Zoe Chew

Whether you’re a college student or college grad, if you have any projects, art, essays, products, contracts, or plans you want to share, then you need this personal portfolio template from Zoe Chew !

Having control and accessibility to your projects becomes increasingly important as you start to build your reputation and trust amongst not only your peers but other professionals too.

Zoe made it easy with her Notion template by adding in a portfolio tracker right on the dashboard:

Get started with your own portfolio and duplicate her template as a blueprint for what you hope to share with the world.

12) Personal Website Template by Muaz Aznan

Everything we do seems to take place online now these days. And as a developing young professional, it’s super important that you create your own personal professional brand.

Conveniently, a website can be the perfect way to showcase who you are, what you do, and what you have accomplished.

Luckily, this Personal Website Notion Template from Muaz Aznan gives you a head start on setting up your own personal site without ANY code!

Think of it as creating your very own online business card which you never have to print! Definitely saving money on ink with this template.

I actually got the opportunity to reach out to Muaz and he created a Fresh Notion template that anyone can customize.

With a sleek design, you can create your own personal profile of who you are as a student (or grad) and showcase yourself! However, setting up your own personal website can get a bit tricky so here’s a Notion video explaining how you can get started!

If you’re a college student or college grad ready to start making your own personal site, check this template out!

If you want to create your own domain to share with people instead of having to send a really long notion url, check this tutorial out: LINK TO VIDEO.

When paying for a hosting service or a domain name, HostGator has been my go-to for cheap website hosting since 2017. And if you’re looking for an affordable domain provider for your website’s domain name, try out Hover .

13) Student Loan Tracker by Yuhna

This is the most American Notion template for college students of all time. You know we are stuck racking up thousands of dollars in student debt while the homies in Europe are relaxing with their free college education.

Yeah, you can save money renting textbooks , signing up for 6 free months of Amazon Prime Student , and shopping at the Ross. You can even learn how to win thousands of dollars in scholarships like my friend Kathy. She outlines her whole strategy to find $30,000 in scholarships:

But sometimes there’s no escaping student loans. So you might as well make it easier to track your student loans with this Student Loan Tracker Notion Template by Yuhna .

The best way to tackle a problem is to come up with a plan and with student loans, coming up with a repayment timeline is the first step.

If you’re really trying to supercharge your personal finances, I wrote an Ultimate Guide on Financial Literacy on everything I wish I knew before graduating college. It’s everything you’ll need to know to master your money.

Shout-out to Yuhna for understanding that the US financial struggle is real.

14) Class Grade Calculator by Notion

Here’s your standard Grade Calculator Notion template for all your college classes. It can definitely help you gauge how well you’re doing in the class and keep you focused on what’s important.

Usually, I find these calculators helpful so that you know not to waste time working on HW that’s only worth 5% of your final grade. When learning how to study like a top student , prioritizing your workload is important!

Don’t stress about the code written on the template because all you have to do is plug in the coursework and the weight they have on your class grade.

If for some reason you find yourself stressing over the midterm worth 50% of your grade, you can get a month of CourseHero for free to access great resources specific to your class! Combine CourseHero with this template and you’ll never be surprised with your final grade again!

These templates will you remember the people and plans you have throughout the year. If there’s a party, I have a template with a plan.

15) Trip Planner Notion Template by Dana Griff

People in college travel. A lot! They travel abroad, they travel with friends, they go to Mexico, they get stranded in Utah (avoid Utah!).

So this template is for all the college travelers who want an easy way to plan out their next trip.

Everyone says they’re a broke college student until that refund check hits! Then, all of a sudden, they’re in Mexico enjoying spring break. So you’ll definitely need this travel planner Notion template to help organize your plans.

This trip planner comes with a booking and budget manager to help organize some of the tedious parts of your travel plans.

If you’re struggling to find cheap flights, I highly recommend using Scott’s Cheap Flights ! They send you notifications of cheap flights happening every day and I got a $500 roundtrip to Iceland! I really got to go glacier hiking on a real glacier ! They have a free plan that shows a ton of really awesome deals but I love to travel so the premium plan is my go-to.

If you want to give props to the creator of this template, Dana Griff , you can reach her Insta here.

16) People Tracker & Birthday Reminder by Philipp Stelzel

Created by Philipp Stelzel , this People Tracker & Birthday Reminder Notion Template is a great way to keep track of all the people you’ll meet while at college! Trust me, after four years it can get super overwhelming. And with Facebook shutting down these days , it’s getting easier to forget that it’s your housemate’s bday tomorrow.

This Notion template comes with a calendar overview of all the upcoming events happening in your life. I can’t tell you how many times I double-booked plans on my own mama’s bday! RIP, don’t be like me.

The people tracker also helps organize whoever you’ll stumble into during college career fairs, workshops, summits, and other networking events.

This template is free but if you want to show Phillipp some appreciation for this kick-ass template then slide him a tip on the download page. Besides that, step your b-day and networking game with one of the most convenient notion templates for college students.

Download this template→

17) Movie Library by Phillipp Stelzel

If you’re a movie lover like me, then you KNOW I had to recommend another Philipp Stelzel Notion template . This one helps you figure out which movie to watch with the college homies.

We LOVE watching movies and there’s a good chance your university hosts free movie days. Better yet, if you go to UCLA, you’ll probably get see the Red Carpet Premiere of Spiderman: No Way Home.

Photo by Ken Roe

So if you’re a movie fanatic, here’s a great template to help you list movies you’ll want to watch with the homies and catalog the ones you hope to watch soon. It also comes with:

  • A Watch Next List
  • A Movie Calendar (Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar)
  • Rate Movies you Have Watched
  • A Way to Select Movies by Actor or Director
  • Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar
  • Save the Best Movies you Have Watched

Not gonna lie, Spiderman: No Way Home is pretty lit! But if you’d rather watch it at home because of this panini, then you can just sign up for Disney Plus instead.

18) The Party Planners Notion Template (for college students) by Priya Srivastava

Do I even have to explain? It’s college! Y’all better be living it up with this Notion template from Prototion.

This party planner Notion template comes with 3 planners: Wedding, Gaming, and Party Planning. Obviously, unless you live near a drive-thru wedding like UNLV,  you’ll probably only have to use the last two.

They all come with a guest list, a budget organizer, and a to-do list.

If you’re tryna have the craziest darty at Berkeley or want to plan the ultimate party that’ll make even the #1 party school jealous , then you gotta duplicate this Notion template. For college students, this easiest way to make sure your next party is LIT (or at least organized)!

These are templates I thought were great but got too lazy to write full-on reviews of them. If the templates above weren’t your style and you wanted other options, check out these incredible templates below:

19) School Hub by Norah

A robust all-in-one place to organize your classes, notes, planner, studying, and college apps (if you plan to apply to college or grad school). Shout out to Norah for sharing her template!

20) Trello Style Kanban Todo List by Notion

If you really like Trello or know what Kanban is, then this to-do list on Notion is for you!

21) Class Notes by Notion

This is a pretty simple class notes template. Yeah, it’s simple but I’m sure with some creativity this could be a really useful template to help you take quick (and somewhat disorganized) notes. I honestly would recommend Thomas Frank’s note-taking template but this template is great for those who thrive in simplicity.

Still better than having all your notes in that binder you keep leaving in your closest. Am I right? …

22) Simple Job Application Tracker by Kalm Girl

This easy-to-use job app tracker Notion template comes complete with a job application board and quick links. You can easily customize the quick links to carry attachments of your resume and cover letter.

23) Advanced One Page Travel Planner by Nazzareno Giannelli

Okay, this One Page Travel Planner Notion Template isn’t actually free which is why it’s in the honorable mentions. So why would you want to add this template to your toolbox of Notion templates? For students who are die-hard travelers, this template is simply too good to pass up. If the Trip Planner Notion template recommended above isn’t enough for you then here are two good reasons to download and duplicate this template:

  • It’s a SUPER advanced all-in-one travel planner (well worth the €3, or $3.50 for us American college people)
  • The creator actually made a whole video on how to go about making this Notion template yourself! For college students, learning how to build this template should be easy!

If you’re someone who dreams up checklists for all the places you want to visit, then you DEFINITELY need this One-Page Travel Planner from Nazzareno Giannelli . His notion template is a BEAST! Pair this up with great deals on cheap flights and you’ll have stamps all over your passport!

Although everything can fit in one page, this template is extremely robust, combining Google My Maps, an adjustable weather widget, and multiple ways of viewing your travel plans. You can easily categorize your plans by priority level, date, or even view them on a calendar.

This template may seem overwhelming but it’s made for the die-hard travel fans. If you’re the go-to travel planner in your college friend group, then this is for you.

Here’s a video of him explaining how to get the most of this notion template. For college students who love traveling, this template is definitely A1.

So, as you can tell from this massive list, Notion is one heavy-hitting machine organization machine. If you were looking for Notion Templates for College Students, think of this as an extensive list made for you.

I really looked through so many Youtube videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit posts, shifting through a plethora of paid and free markets just to create this kick-ass list of some of the best free Notion templates for college students.

So if you found it helpful, feel free to give it a share on any of those platforms I just mentioned. Sharing this article, along with any of the others on this site , really helps me create more articles like this.

To my fellow college peers, good luck with the school year!

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Where can I find more Notion templates?

Free and paid Notion templates can be found on:

  • The Notion Bar
  • Thomasjfrank.com
  • Philipp Stelzel
  • Notion Everything
  • Notion Pages
  • Red Gregory
  • Notion Things

You can also find more templates searching for the term “notion templates” on Reddit, youtube, and Twitter.

Why should I use Notion templates as a student?

  • Tons of ready to use free templates
  • Extremely customizable
  • Community resources to help create your own templates
  • Tons of tools to help you save time on work and study
  • Multiple purpose all-in-one workstation in one app
  • No having to switch between multiple tabs and apps
  • Can help organize life at college
  • Can save all your files, apps, and notes in one place
  • Accessible online
  • You can share and collaborate with other students, friends, or peers
  • It’s free bro. We love free!

How do college students set up Notion?

Sign up for an account with your university email, create your own workstation or duplicate a template to get started.

If you’re still struggling with learning how to use Notion, there are a bunch of well-made courses on Skillshare to help you get started. And you get 1 month free when you sign up for our Skillshare affiliate link!

Is Notion good for college students?

Hell yeah! You have so many tools to improve your productivity, organization, and time management, you’d be crazy to think Notion wasn’t good for college students.

How do I download a Notion template?

Simply log in to Notion, find a template you like, and hit the duplicate button on the right-hand side of the template.

Chris Landeros

Notion Tutorials and Templates

10 Best & Free Notion Calendar Templates (2023)

Any busy person, whether professional or student, can find it hard to juggle their hectic schedules. Having many tasks is a headache, especially if each of these tasks is paired with deadlines.

But with the best and free Notion calendar templates, managing your schedule will be seamless. The best part? You don’t have to pay a single cent to do so.

Table of Contents

The 10 best and free notion calendar templates 2023, 1. my calendar by notion.

My Calendar by Notion Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Most people want to seamlessly juggle various tasks from different areas of their lives. Notion’s My Calendar helps users achieve this with their one-page dashboard style where everything can be seen at a glance.

This way, you can organize your schedule without missing a deadline for work-related tasks. The work-life balance achieved!

  • Functional one-page dashboard template design
  • Notion Tip section explains what the template is used for and how to view and organize your activities
  • Monthly Calendar database view for easy checking of upcoming tasks for the month; entries can be opened in center peek cards
  • Need to Schedule database view shows all tasks that you need to plot in the calendar; the “Date” column is blank
  • All Activities database tab lists all activities for the month and where they’re happening

Get the My Calendar Template by Notion here

2. Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly

Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Whether you’re a social media manager or an influencer wanting to streamline your content-making strategies, the Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly is the one to use.

On the main page, you get the Instagram planner complete with a “Vision,” “Mission,” and “Strategy” sections. 

You also get a dedicated “Workspace” section, where quick links to the content calendar and other relevant pages can be found.

  • Minimalistic calendar template design
  • Main page features “Vision,” “Mission,” “Strategy” and “Workspace” sections
  • Vision section for listing the brand’s vision statements
  • Mission section for jotting down the brand’s mission statements
  • Strategy section to add the main strategies to be used for your or your client’s Instagram account
  • Workspace section features quick links to relevant databases in the template
  • Instagram calendar for a monthly view of your content to be posted for the month
  • Hashtag Database for storing hashtags that will be used in your Instagram posts; “Count” column is automatically summed
  • Goals Tracker database to track set goals; checkboxes are added to tick off items once you’ve achieved the goal easily
  • Task List page to list specific Instagram posting-related tasks; can include the backend stuff
  • External Links page to easily save links to resources you’re using for researching 
  • Design Practices page features a toggle menu showing all the best practices for posting on Instagram

Get Molly’s Instagram Planner Calendar template here

3. Content Calendar

Content Calendar Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Another Notion calendar template that is helpful for content creators is the Content Calendar. With its functional design, you can track content projects at any development stage.

You can switch database views to see who the tasks are assigned to and when they are due. Plus, any research notes, recordings, or drafts can be added to the individual project cards.

  • Minimalistic and functional calendar template design
  • Instructions section explains what the template is used for and how best to use it
  • By Assignee database view categorizes the task cards under the team member they were assigned to; task cards can be opened to a side-peek page
  • By Status in board view sorts tasks under four stages of content development: “Idea,” “In Progress,” “In Review,” and “Published”
  • Published Database lists all content that you have published; Notion tags are used to classify the type of content
  • Launch Calendar to view content that you have already published in a month
  • Published databases list all published content; Notion tags tell the type of content; opens to a side-peek page
  • Timeline view of the database shows how long each stage of content development takes to complete

Get the Content Calendar template here

4. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

For those in the publishing industry, the Editorial Calendar is one of the templates you should consider using. You can easily plan, assign, and write any marketing content you plan to publish.

What’s more, you can write your content draft and outlines by opening the specific writing task page. 

  • Functional calendar template design
  • Notion Tip section explains what the template is used for and the instructions on how to use the template
  • Everything database view shows all the details related to the marketing content, including reference links in the “URL” column
  • Calendar view of the “Editorial Calendar” to keep track of tasks especially when publishing on tight deadlines
  • By Content Type board shows all the types of marketing content you have already made; also shows the content’s status and the person it was assigned to 
  • Status view of the database lists all the content in different stages of development in board view — “ Backlog,” “Drafting,” “Reviewing,” “Ready,” and “Published”
  • Owner view categorizes the content tasks to the person they’re assigned to in board view

Get the template for the Editorial Calendar here

5. Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal

Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Designed by renowned YouTuber Ali Abdaal, this Resonance Calendar template is best for storing information related to your interests. 

Anything that resonates with you no matter the form of content can be added to this template. This way, you can track what interests you and act on those interests if need be.

But this template is also usable for work-related tasks if you want to.

  • Minimalistic free-for-all calendar template design
  • View All database view lists all your interests; opens to a side peek page for notes and links related to that interest
  • Calendar view shows all your interests in monthly view
  • Consumption table lists all your latest interests, their categories, and relevant notes and drafts
  • Resonance Calendar Gallery shows the interest cards in gallery view; each card opens to a center peek page

Get Ali Abdaal’s Resonance Calendar template here

6. Roadmap by Notion

Roadmap by Notion Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

If you want to track your project tasks in one place, Notion’s Roadmap is the template you should use. No need to create a template for each task type as Roadmap already comes with customizable templates.

You can add more entries and custom properties if needed to track needed information seamlessly. 

Plus, you can switch the views of the database to categorize the tasks by status, product manager, or engineer.

  • Customizable calendar template design
  • Legends section defines what each entry in the Roadmap template means
  • Tasks are categorized into 4 types: “Epics” for large tasks, “Sprints” for time-bounded tasks, “Tasks” for the breakdown of actions making up the “Epics,” and “Bugs” for things that need to be fixed
  • Status view of the database shows the tasks according to their status (“Complete,” “In Progress,” “Not Started”)
  • Epics database lists all tasks classified as large and overarching
  • Epic calendar shows all “Epics” tasks in monthly view
  • Sprints database shows in board view all time-bounded tasks 
  • Tasks view shows the actions needed to complete the “Epics” task
  • Bugs view lists all the things that need fixing; comes with Notion tags to see where the particular bug falls into
  • Tasks by Engineer view sorts each task to the engineer it was assigned to in board view
  • Tasks by PM shows all the tasks assigned to every project manager of the team in board view
  • List database view lists quick links to the projects to be done or doing; each entry opens to a side peek page
  • Table view shows in database view the projects to be done, when they were created, who they were assigned to, their level of priority, what sprint task they belong to, and their status

Get the Roadmap template by Notion here

7. Subscription Tracker by NotionSwede

Subscription Tracker by NotionSwede Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

For those finding it challenging to track their monthly subscriptions, NotionSwede has solved it with the Subscription Tracker he made. 

Not only can you track your subscriptions, but also review them so you can decide whether to continue being active with them or not.

You can think of this as a Notion budget template as well that is specific to subscriptions. 

  • Straightforward calendar template design
  • “How to Use?” toggle menu explains in detail how the Subscription Tracker template is used
  • Services gallery shows the gallery card of each subscription showing the full details
  • Subscriptions database lists each subscription made; categorized into “Active Subscription,” “All Subscriptions,” and “Inactive Subscriptions”
  • Clock widget for tracking time and day
  • Payment Calendar shows the active subscriptions you have with their corresponding fees; shown in a monthly calendar view

Get NotionSwede’s Subscription Tracker template here

8. Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything

Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Content creators will be able to grow their audience with NotionEverything’s Content Planner & Calendar template. No need to toggle between a content planner and a calendar template as this template combines them both.

Each channel you’re working on gets its dashboard so you can easily monitor your growth. It also comes with calendar views to see at a glance all the content you’ve published or working on.

  • All-in-one content calendar template
  • Notion Welcome Page featuring the quick link to the template
  • Channels section shows in gallery view all the social media accounts you’re handling; classified according to “Active” and “Inactive” channels
  • Each social media channel comes with individual dashboards that open on a side peek page
  • Content Idea database for easy adding of content topics for each channel
  • Content Pipeline in board view to track all your content work’s status in five categories (“Next up,” “In progress,” “In review,” “To schedule,” and “Scheduled”
  • Published database view lists all active channels, the type of content published, and the date it was posted; the topic for each channel is classified using Notion tags
  • Master Databases section features the master databases for “Channels” and “Content”; shouldn’t be deleted as it will affect the entire template

Get NotionEverything’s Content Planner & Calendar template here

9. Editorial Calendar by Notion Editor

Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

If you’re into editorial work, Notion’s Editor Calendar is your best buddy. It helps you keep track of all projects you’re doing without losing track of their status and to whom they were assigned.

What’s great with this template is that you can switch views depending on the information you need at the time.

  • Calendar view shows all editorial projects in the monthly calendar view
  • Table – Show All database lists all editorial projects you’re doing regardless of status, type, or author
  • Board – by Status Kanban board shows to what stage of the editorial process a certain project is in (“Idea,” “Scheduled,” “In Progress,” “Completed”)
  • Board – by Author Kanban board shows the tasks categorized according to the author or person doing them; status and the task type are seen on the cards as Notion tags

Get the Editorial Calendar by Notion Editor template here

10. People Tracker and Birthday Reminder Template by Philipp Stelzel

People Tracker and Birthday Reminder Template by Philipp Stelzel Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Gone are the days you track your loved one’s birthdays by scribbling on wall or desktop calendars to remind you. With the People Tracker and Birthday Reminder template, everyone’s birthdays can be seen at a glance.

Plus, you get to list their occupation, skills, contact numbers, and even interests in a database. This way, you won’t have a hard time thinking of gifts or calling them for their upcoming special days. 

  • Visual and structured calendar template for tracking people and their birthdays 
  • Neurodivergent-friendly as it comes with a “Reminder” feature to help remember important dates
  • Welcome Page features a quick link to the template
  • People Template section in database and gallery views shows your loved one’s names, their birthdays, calculated age, days until their next birthday, and their company affiliations (work)
  • Birthdays Overview section shows the birthdays of the names listed in database and calendar view
  • Skills, Interests & Occupation toggle menu shows in table, gallery, and board views the work, interests, skills, social media accounts, website (if applicable), and companies they’re working for of the people you listed 
  • Gallery cards in the “Skills, Interests, & Occupation” section open to a center peek page showing all relevant details of the person concerned
  • Contact toggle menu lists all contact details of the names listed in database view; includes “Where did we met?” and “Relationship with me” properties to remind you how you came to know the person

Get Philipp Stelzel’s People Tracker and Birthday Reminder template here

Using the best and free Notion calendar templates is the ultimate game-changer for anyone seeking to manage schedules. After all, you can be more productive and prioritize your to-dos better when you know what’s coming.

Make every day count and embrace the future of planning with these indispensable Notion calendar templates. 

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    This template INCLUDES the 2024 Notion Template For Students (originally $3.95). You can find a link to this template on the homepage of the new Ultimate Student Planner Notion Template. What's Included: Priority Monthly Focus Daily To-Do List Habit Tracker Daily Journal Project Planner Goal Board Goal Planner Master To-Do List Class Organizer

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    This free Notion template for college students comes with three different planners: wedding, gaming, and party planner. It has everything you need to plan a great party! It includes different sections for your budget, guest list, theme ideas and more. These planners already have some details within them.

  14. How to use Notion for School (2023 Free Template)

    In this video, I'll show you how to use Notion to organize your school life. Keep track of all your classes, assignments, exams and notes in one place.Downlo...

  15. 10 Free Notion Templates for Students (College/High School)

    The 10 Useful & Free Notion Templates for Students 1. Student Spaced Repetition 2. Bachelor of Arts in Organization 3. Aesthetics Student Planner 4. Janice Studies' Student Dashboard 5. Student Starter Pack 6. School Dashboard Template 7. Modern & Aesthetic Student Template 8. University Hub 9. University Class Management by Janice 10.

  16. 10 Best & Free Notion Daily Planner Templates 2023

    The 10 Best Free Daily Planner Notion Templates 2023 1. Notion Daily Planner Features 2. Ella's Daily Planner Features 3. Daily Planner - Plan Your Life Features 4. Daily Planner by Ayeshamall0904 Features 5. Daily Planner Template by Chris Alderson Features 6. Daily Planner of Highly Effective People Features 7. Cozy Corner Features 8.

  17. 24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

    These templates will you remember the people and plans you have throughout the year. If there's a party, I have a template with a plan. 15) Trip Planner Notion Template by Dana Griff. People in college travel. A lot! They travel abroad, they travel with friends, they go to Mexico, they get stranded in Utah (avoid Utah!).

  18. 10 Best & Free Notion Calendar Templates (2023)

    1. My Calendar by Notion 2. Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly 3. Content Calendar 4. Editorial Calendar 5. Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal 6. Roadmap by Notion 7. Subscription Tracker by NotionSwede 8. Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything 9. Editorial Calendar by Notion Editor 10.

  19. Notion Templates for Students to Organize Your Studies

    The free Notion for Students template was created by Dedic. This Notion template student hub is designed to help optimize your learning process and revision. It's plain and clearly laid out and includes the following key features: Preparation: here, add the subjects and courses that you are learning.

  20. Best Personal Planner Templates from Notion

    Best Personal Planner Templates from Notion Categories Personal Personal Productivity Personal Planner Personal Planner templates Staying on top of your priorities can be a challenge, but Notion's customizable personal planner templates make it easy.

  21. Pin by Steph on Notion in 2023

    dark notion template aesthetic notion study motivation journaling planner aesthetic. nia! School Motivation. ... Free Budget. Life Guide. Organizing Time. Budget Planning. My new budget template. ... School Schedule. School Planner. Class Schedule. Daily Schedule. Meal Planner. Green and Yellow Dashboard for Notion. #notion #dashboard #aes # ...

  22. Planner 2024

    In addition to a timer for working, division of tasks, things to do on each day of the week, daily expenses, a spreadsheet for meals and weekly appointments, a space for good habits, a routine plan, a space for each month of the year and a calendar. Kisses 💋. Categories. Personal Planner. Personal.

  23. School Planner

    School Planner Juls 1 template View template About this template This Notion template will make your school year a lot easier...at least at organizing your tasks and projects.

  24. School Planner

    School Planner | Notion Template School Planner JASMINE 1 template View template About this template Hi this planner includes a custom daily planner, a to do list, space to link revision materials and more! Categories Personal Planner Personal Personal Productivity Personal Goals School About this creator Email the creator Share this template

  25. Homeschool Academic Planner & Dashboard

    $5.99 Homeschool academic Notion planner for families with 1 or multiple kids, school years & semesters, classes, and assignments... with tons of automation & tutorials to make your life easier! | Discover new ways to use Notion across work and life.

  26. College planner

    College planner Sija Los 4 templates View template About this template Everything you need to stay on top of your student commitments including assignments, exams, projects, work, and extracurriculars. Categories School About this creator ramblingsofa20.gumroad.com/ Share this template Last updated 5 months ago Terms and Conditions