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Omnivox simplifies the lives of students, teachers and employees of the College by integrating effective communication tools. Management of student records is greatly facilitated. The Fee Payment service for example, allows to pay tuition fees easily. Once the payment is accepted by the bank, the balance is automatically adjusted in the student's file, simplifying the life of both the student and the college. Please note that no refund is offered for this transactions.

All payments made via Omnivox are in Canadian currency (CAD).

In case of error or technical problems, please contact the Vanier College at 514.744.7500 as soon as possible.

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Vanier College is located at: 821, Sainte-Croix av. Saint-Laurent, QC Canada H4L 3X9

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In order to protect your personal information, treat your Omnivox password with as much care as you do your bank PIN : do not divulge it to anyone, do not store it in your computer and do not write it down anywhere.

Correctly managing your password means maximizing its security and the security of your confidential information. You are personally responsible for the protection of your Omnivox password : we cannot be held responsible of any unauthorized access to your file or for the loss or damage resulting from unauthorized access to your file due to your negligence to protect your Omnivox password.

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Any attempt to access an account that is not your own constitutes fraudulent use liable to severe sanctions, including expulsion from your establishment. These sanctions are in addition to any other appropriate recourse in terms of civil or criminal law suits.

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Russia mistakenly doxed its own spies and secret bases by uploading their addresses on a public city hall website: investigative outlet

  • Russia accidentally exposed the locations of its secret bases and spy homes, per the Dossier Center.
  • It included them in a long list of buildings that are supposed to always have power, per the outlet.
  • The 434-page list was temporarily uploaded to the Moscow's city hall website, the outlet reported.

Insider Today

Moscow's city hall accidentally leaked the addresses of government safehouses, undercover facilities, and the homes of state operatives, the Dossier Center reported on Monday.

A 434-page list containing the addresses was uploaded on the city hall website. It appeared to be a guide for local electricity suppliers, wrote the investigative outlet, which was founded by the Russian opposition politician and activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The document, titled "Special Group," earmarked specific buildings that authorities wanted to stay connected to in the event of blackouts or power shortages, reported the Dossier Center.

When Insider checked the Moscow city hall website on Monday, the document was no longer available online .

Several officials signed the document, including Moscow's mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, the Dossier Center reported.

While most of the list covered the addresses of public institutions like metro stations, police headquarters, and hospitals, it also pinpointed secret locations like an ammunition depot in Leningrad and undercover facilities run by the Federal Protective Service, according to the Dossier Center.

In one case, the document even included the apartment numbers of two homes used by spies in Moscow, the Dossier Center reported.

A list of residential addresses also revealed at least six apartment buildings in Moscow that contain homes sold or given to intelligence officers in the Foreign Intelligence Service, Russia's top external intelligence agency, per the outlet.

About 10 other entries in the document listed buildings in Moscow used by agents of the Federal Security Service, Russia's internal security and counterintelligence agency, per the Dossier Center.

Further entries also revealed dozens of undercover offices and facilities used by the Federal Protective Service, which is responsible for guarding Russia's top leaders, and the Federal Security Service, the outlet wrote.

Many of these locations have already been identified as Russian intelligence facilities by investigative outlets such as Bellingcat , the Dossier Center noted.

Facilities and safe houses in the Primorsky, Leningrad, St. Petersburg, and Bryansk regions were also on the list, the Dossier Center wrote, showing screenshots of the document.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours.

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Watch: Female spy ring working for Russia busted in Ukraine

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Moscow International Business Center (Q211560)

  • Moscow-City
  • Moskva-City
  • Moskva-Siti

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Moscow-City: 7 surprising facts about the Russian capital’s business center

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1. Guinness World Record in highlining

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The record was set in 2019 by a team of seven athletes from Russia, Germany, France and Canada. They did it on September 8, on which the ‘Moscow-City Day’ is celebrated. The cord was stretched at the height of 350 m between the ‘OKO’ (“Eye”) and ‘Neva Towers’ skyscrapers. The distance between them is 245 m. The first of the athletes to cross was Friede Kuhne from Germany. The athletes didn't just walk, but also performed some daredevil tricks. Their record is 103 meters higher than the previous one set in Mexico City in December 2016.

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2. Domination of Europe's top-10 highest skyscrapers

7 out of 10 Europe’s highest skyscrapers are located in Moscow-City. Earlier, the  ‘Federation Tower’ complex’s ‘Vostok’ (“East”) skyscraper was the considered the tallest in Europe.

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

However, in 2018, the construction of the 462 meter tall ‘Lakhta Center’ in Saint-Petersburg was completed, pushing ‘Vostok’ (374 m) into 2nd place. The 3rd place is taken by OKO’s southern tower (354 m).

3. The unrealized ‘Rossiya’ tower

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If all the building plans of Moscow-City were realized, the ‘Lakhta Center’ in St. Petersburg wouldn't have a chance to be Europe's highest skyscraper. Boris Tkhor, the architect who designed the concept of Moscow-City, had planned for the ‘Rossiya’ tower to be the tallest. In his project, it was a 600 meter tall golden cylindrical skyscraper ending with a spire that was inspired by traditional Russian bell towers. Then, the project was reinvented by famous British architect Sir Norman Foster. He had designed ‘Rossiya’ as a pyramid ending with a spire. The skyscraper itself would have been 612 meters tall, and the height including the spire would have reached 744,5 meters (for comparison, the ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai, UAE, would have been just 83,5 meters taller). Unfortunately, the investors faced a lot of economic problems, due to the 2008 financial crisis, so the ‘Rossiya’ skyscraper was never built. A shopping mall and the ‘Neva Towers’ complex was constructed at its place in 2019.

4. Changed appearance of ‘Federation Tower’

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In its first project, the ‘Federation Tower’ was designed to resemble a ship with a mast and two sails. The mast was to be represented by a tall glass spire with passages between the towers. It was planned to make a high-speed lift in it. The top of the spire was going to be turned into an observation deck. But the ship lost its mast in the middle of its construction. Experts at the Moscow-city Museum based in the ‘Imperia’ (“Empire”) tower say, that the construction of the spire was stopped, firstly, due to fire safety reasons and secondly, because it posed a threat to helicopter flights – the flickering glass of the spire could potentially blind the pilots. So, the half-built construction was disassembled. However, an observation deck was opened in the ‘Vostok’ tower.

5. Open windows of ‘Federation Tower’

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We all know that the windows of the upper floors in different buildings don’t usually open. Experts say that it’s not actually for people’s safety. Falling from a big height is likely to be fatal in any building. The actual reason is the ventilation system. In a skyscraper, it’s managed with a mechanical system, and the building has its own climate. But in the ‘Zapad’ (“West”) tower of the ‘Federation Tower’ complex, the windows can open. The 62nd and last floor of the tower are taken up by a restaurant called ‘Sixty’. There, the windows are equipped with a special hydraulic system. They open for a short period of time accompanied by classical music, so the guests can take breathtaking photos of Moscow.

6. Broken glass units of ‘Federation Tower’

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The guests of the ‘Sixty’ restaurant at the top of the ‘Zapad’ tower can be surprised to see cracked glass window panes. It is particularly strange, if we take into consideration the special type of this glass. It is extremely solid and can’t be broken once installed. For example, during experiments people threw all sorts of heavy items at the windows, but the glass wouldn’t break. The broken glass units of ‘Zapad’ were already damaged during shipment . As each of them is curved in its own way to make the tower’s curvature smooth, making a new set of window panes and bringing them to Russia was deemed too expensive . Moreover, the investors had financial problems (again, due to the 2008 financial crisis), so the ‘Vostok’ tower even stood unfinished for several years. Eventually, the cracked window panes were installed in their place.

7. The highest restaurant in Europe

student access center vanier

‘Birds’, another restaurant in Moscow-City, is remarkable for its location. It was opened at the end of 2019 on the 84th floor of the ‘OKO’ complex’s southern tower. Guests at the restaurant can enjoy an amazing panoramic view at a height of 336 meters. On January 28, the experts of ‘Kniga Recordov Rossii’ (“Russian Records Book”) declared ‘Birds’ the highest restaurant in Europe, a step toward an application for a Guinness World Record.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Why Calculus Remains a Math Flash Point

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Corrected : This story has been updated to reflect Ralph Pantozzi’s full statement. Corrected : A previous version of this story misstated the location of Kent Place School. It is located in Summit, N.J.

Calculus has long been one of the most-debated flash points in high school math.

The course is commonly seen as the pinnacle of the high school progression, a clear signal to college admissions counselors that graduates are ready for postsecondary study. But many in the K-12 field question whether it’s really the best mathematical preparation for all students.

And the course is plagued by inequities— data from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of civil rights has shown that Black and Latino students have less access to calculus in their schools than their white and Asian peers. Some high schools don’t even offer the class.

How to design calculus courses, and who exactly should take them, was the focus of a panel on the subject at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting here last week.

“The math education community has been thinking and asking questions about the learning and teaching of calculus for many decades,” said Ralph Pantozzi, a math teacher at Kent Place School in Summit, N.J. “Calculus for whom, and when? What should a calculus course look like and feel like?”

Pantozzi cited NCTM’s most recent position statement on the subject , released in June 2022. It says that calculus can provide important foundations for future studies, “particularly in mathematically intensive fields.”

But it also argues that calculus “should not be the singular end goal of the PK–12 mathematics curriculum at the expense of providing a broad spectrum of mathematical preparation.”

Some experts in the math education field have suggested that high schools offer alternative data science pathways , which could provide students with preparation in statistical analysis that could support them in a wide range of college majors and career fields.

A few states, including Ohio, Oregon, and Utah , have created high school math pathways that encourage students to take different advanced math courses, based on their career interests.

Still, these changes tend to be controversial, given the important role calculus plays in the college admissions process, and the urging from some in postsecondary math education that it is a necessary foundation for incoming college students who are interested in majoring in a STEM field.

Read on for three takeaways about the purposes calculus serves—and doesn’t serve—from the panelists’ conversation.

Calculus is still an important admissions factor for many colleges

Just Equations, a nonprofit that advocates for greater educational equity in math, surveyed college admissions counselors and high school counselors in 2021 and 2022. Of the 1,250 selective four-year colleges and universities Just Equations contacted, 137 responded: 58 percent private institutions and 42 percent public.

“What we learned is that they do indeed look at calculus as the gold standard in this business,” said Melodie Baker, the national policy director at Just Equations.

Eighty percent of admissions officers said that colleges place a priority on calculus, and 53 percent said that having taken calculus gives students an edge in the admissions process.

“While this is often practiced, it’s not an actual policy,” said Baker. Even though college admissions officers hold these beliefs, many colleges don’t explicitly state these preferences in their admissions materials or on their websites, she said.

This opacity in the process can disadvantage lower-income or first generation students, Baker said. “Students who come from wealthy backgrounds are more likely to know the role that calculus plays in college admissions,” she said.

In a separate 2023 survey of high school and college students, mostly in California, Just Equations found that 60 percent of students whose parents went to college agreed with the statement, “Students who take calculus are more likely to be admitted to elite or highly selective colleges.” Only 40 percent of students whose parents had not attended college said the same.

Not all students have access to the course

“What a lot of college admissions counselors do not know is that calculus is truly an issue with access,” said Baker. “Only 50 percent of the high schools in the country even offer calculus. And the ones that do have lower enrollment of Black and Latinx students.”

Data from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of civil rights show that highly segregated schools with majority Black or Latino enrollment are much less likely to offer calculus—only 38 percent of these schools offer the course.

Colleges champion calculus, but it’s unclear whether it’s necessary for all students

Even in states that have created alternative high school pathways, state guidance to students still recommends that those interested in STEM fields take calculus. But what about students who are interested in other disciplines? Do they need the subject too?

Joan Zoellner, the lead of the Launch Years Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin’s Charles A. Dana Center, shared data from the Research, Planning & Professional Development Group for California Community Colleges examining the performance of community college students in their first postsecondary math course .

All of these students were pursuing a business administration degree, and needed to pass a business calculus course to graduate.

Students who had previously taken a high school calculus course did well in business calculus—71 percent of them who took business calculus in their first year passed the class.

But many students who hadn’t taken calculus in high school succeeded in business calculus, too. Sixty-eight percent of students who had taken high school statistics and enrolled directly in college business calculus passed in their first year, as did 63 percent of students who had ended high school with precalculus.

“We don’t really know what the make or break skills, or habits of mind, are for [college] calculus,” said Zoellner.

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Vanier College ITSS

Student Information Technology Guide

by | Nov 4, 2022

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    Vanier College (French: Collège Vanier) is an English-language public college located in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.It was founded in 1970 as the second English-language public college of Quebec's public college system, after Dawson College.Vanier is located just north of CEGEP Saint-Laurent, a French-language public college. . Today, the student population numbers ...

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  16. Federal Student Aid Resources for Financial Aid Administrators, School

    Financial aid administrators, school counselors, college access professionals, and mentors are critical partners in the federal student aid process and, as such, key customers to whom we provide up-to-date digital and social media content to use and share with students and parents.

  17. Schools & Colleges in Moscow

    Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education The Center's goals are: the preservation and development of Moscow's traditions in mathematical education; the support of various extra-curricular activities for high school students: kruzhoks (Moscow-style seminars), olympiads, tournaments, etc.; the advising of instructors at Russia's special mathematical high schools and kruzhok leaders ...

  18. Russia Accidentally Doxes Own Spies and Secret Bases: Dossier Center

    NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP via Getty Images. Russia accidentally exposed the locations of its secret bases and spy homes, per the Dossier Center. It included them in a long list of buildings that are ...

  19. Moscow International Business Center

    commercial district in central Moscow, Russia. This page was last edited on 1 October 2023, at 19:38. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

  20. Moscow-City: 7 surprising facts about the Russian capital's business center

    Moscow-City is a vivid skyscraper cluster with a lot of amazing secrets. 1. Guinness World Record in highlining. mos.ru. The record was set in 2019 by a team of seven athletes from Russia, Germany ...

  21. Why Calculus Remains a Math Flash Point

    It is located in Summit, N.J. Washington. Calculus has long been one of the most-debated flash points in high school math. The course is commonly seen as the pinnacle of the high school ...

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