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Taskmaster season 15: release date, cast, and everything we know so far

Taskmaster season 15 sees five more faces from the world of comedy complete mini missions.

The Taskmaster season 15 Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne sitting in their throne-like chairs in the Taskmaster studio

Taskmaster season 15 will be on our screens very soon as the Taskmaster Greg Davies (star of The Cleaner season 2 ) and his devoted assistant 'Little' Alex Horne subject five new contestants from the world of comedy to their particular brand of challenge-based tyranny.

With recent winners including Dara Ó Briain, Sophie Duker, Morgana Robinson and Sarah Kendall, the race is on to find the next Taskmaster champion for 2023. But who will it be?

Here's everything we know about Taskmaster season 15 so far...

Taskmaster season 15 release date

Channel 4 has confirmed that the new season of Taskmaster will launch on Thursday, March 30 at 9 pm. The 10-part series will air weekly in this slot.

Taskmaster season 15 cast

The five contestants taking part in season 15 of Taskmaster are: 

  • Frankie Boyle ( Mock The Week , Frankie Boyle's New World Order)
  • Jenny Eclair ( Craftivism: Making A Difference , Countdown )
  • Ivo Graham ( British As Folk , Have I Got News For You )
  • Kiell Smith-Bynoe ( Ghosts , Stath Lets Flats )
  • Mae Martin ( Feel Good , The Flight Attendant )

Here Greg Davies and Alex Horne share their thoughts on this season's lineup... 

Frankie Boyle

Alex: "It’s unusual to see Frankie without his dignity and not being in charge but he completely threw himself into it, partly because his kids are big fans, and partly because he really likes the show and I think he trusts us, luckily. But he had to wait 14 series to really be sure that we’d look after him and agree to do it!"

Greg: "He makes an assertion, he comes up with a plan, and he follows that plan through regardless of new information that might come in. “This is the plan, and I’m sticking with it.” It’s a sort of Bomber Harris approach to  Taskmaster!"

Kiell Smith-Bynoe

Alex "I think he’ll surprise people. People will have seen him in things. Even like  Ghosts  — someone from our Art Department who loves  Ghosts  didn’t even put the two together because he’s known as an actor, not as a comedian. But he’s thankfully a really funny person. And he’s got a face that lights up, a real twinkle."

Greg: I always say he adds value in some way to every task. There’s always a shimmy or flourish. He’s showbiz!"

Jenny Eclair

Alex: "She had the time of her life, both in and out of the studio. The whole show is meant to be doing stuff you did as a kid that you don’t do anymore. You know, you can make a big mess and you can make a little film. She’s really throwing herself into it. 

Greg: "You can really see the inner child in her, and I found it so gleeful. It’s not performance. She’s doing it for herself."

Greg: "They’re quite forensic in the way they approach tasks. I like that. But then there are flashes of mischief: understated mischief. And they’ll often throw in a very clever call-back or a very witty line."

Is there a trailer for Taskmaster season 15?

There's no official trailer just yet, but we'll update this page as soon as one becomes available. 

In the meantime, you might enjoy this teaser from the show's official Twitter account...

Your Taskmaster Series 15 cast! 🎉 @jennyeclair @IvoGraham@frankieboyle @kfRedhot @TheMaeMartin December 1, 2022

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taskmaster tv

Famous contestants, infuriating challenges and a wheelbarrow of withering putdowns. Taskmaster Greg Davies and sidekick Little Alex Horne oversee the weird, wonderful, BAFTA-winning comedy game show.

The series reaches a thrilling climax with Sue Perkins forgetting about the milk and Julian Clary performing a gentle assault. Who will lift Greg's golden head to the heavens?

Greg Davies is ready to pass merciless judgement on Julian Clary, Sue Perkins, Sam Campbell, Susan Wokoma and Lucy Beaumont, while Little Alex Horne watches on from behind his clipboard

Series 16 Episode 10

The Final: Always Forks and Marbles: The series reaches a thrilling climax with Julian Clary performing a gentle assault

Series 16 Episode 9

Fagin at the Disco: Julian Clary makes smart use of a fishing rod. Sam Campbell collects some coins.

Series 16 Episode 8

Never Packed a Boot: Excitement reaches volcanic proportions as the mystery of the secret task is revealed

Series 16 Episode 7

I'm Off to Find a Robin: Does Julian Clary need more than one pie? Plus: Sam Campbell rips off his own head.

Series 16 Episode 6

Brother Alex: Julian Clary gets on his hands and knees. Sue Perkins makes an extraordinary noise.

Series 16 Episode 5

Skateboard Division: We're halfway through the series, and Lucy Beaumont celebrates by playing with toilet roll

Series 16 Episode 4

Dynamite Chicks: Alex Horne chokes down some vaguely cylindrical meals. And Sue Perkins sniffs a door.

Series 16 Episode 3

Languidly: Julian Clary destroys a table and Lucy Beaumont munches on a tree

Series 16 Episode 2

Hell Is Here: Julian Clary finds a former Taskmaster champion hiding behind a door

Series 16 Episode 1

The Natural Friends: Greg slaps Alex because of peas. And everyone tries to put a big duck in a lake.


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You can watch your favourites like Katherine Ryan, James Acaster, Phil Wang, Rose Matafeo, Russell Howard and of course the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies with his faithful little assistant, Alex Horne. All the international seasons of the show will soon be released and new content is released each week, so stick around if you’re up to the task.

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Den of Geek

Taskmaster: Ranking Every Series From Merely Quite Good to Ludicrous Best

We rank all previous runs of Taskmaster from Series 1 to 14 according to which have the perfect combination of comedians, absurd challenges and studio camaraderie.

taskmaster tv

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Taskmaster Greg Davies Alex Horne

Imagine being someone who’s never seen Taskmaster . A virgin to joy. Someone whose eyes have never before drunk in the sight of a banana-Noel Fielding hiding in a fruit bowl, of Joe Wilkinson presenting the mayor of Chesham with 42 Calippo ice lollies, or of Charlotte Ritchie stumbling around a golf course blindfolded like an adorable Minion . What promise awaits! The prize tasks, the flashes of creative genius, the glorious failures… Alex Horne’s challenge-based comedy panel show is one of the most reliably entertaining TV programmes ever made.

If you’ve yet to have the pleasure, and would like a steer as to which series are the best of this show, then here’s our attempt to lead you though the highs and less-highs (full runs only here, no Champion of Champions or New Year Treats included). Please note that this ranking was produced by democratic process, which means that even we don’t agree with it (the Daisy May Cooper one was robbed – Ed).

16. Series Six

Taskmaster Series 6

Alice Levine, Liza Tarbuck, Asim Chaudry, Russell Howard, Tim Vine

There’s no such thing as a bad series of Taskmaster . Instead, there are series of Taskmaster where contestants neither reach for the stars nor end up hilariously in the gutter. They simply, like this lot, go about their challenges with a faintly embarrassed competency and a sense of trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. The highs aren’t that high, the lows aren’t that low and so the result is… middling. What Series 6 lacked was a madman contestant (your Noel Fielding, your Bob Mortimer , your Daisy May Cooper, your Bridget Christie) to drag the whole thing into proper absurdity. Yes, the legendary Liza Tarbuck had Alex sink his bare arse into a custardy cake , and Tim Vine memorably pulled topless muscle man poses from inside a cardboard box next to the A316, but the whole thing had too much controlled reserve and as a result, not quite enough shared-trauma-hysteria studio camaraderie. LM

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15. Series Eight 

Taskmaster Series 8

Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, Sian Gibson 

The outfits – Lou Sanders’ correctly predicting winner jumpsuit, Paul Sinha’s Arthur Dent-style dressing gown – were top for this one. There were real highlights too: Sanders in general , the apparent psychological unravelling of dry-humoured Joe Thomas who despite a long acting career appeared to be meeting himself for the first time on screen, the sight of five adults (one wearing a bin) attempting to sneak up on Alex Horne on a railway bridge… Overall though, 8 didn’t quite reach the heights of other series. Perhaps it was a lack of bonding in the studio. Perhaps the tasks fell into the ‘insane bureaucracy’ category (“Catch all the red balls in things from the shed. Catch all the yellow balls in clothing. Don’t let the green balls touch anything other than the grass. Catch the blue ball in something from the kitchen”, etc) more often than the freer creative category (“Make the best ventriloquist dummy and be chatted up by it”. A classic.). Or perhaps Iain Stirling’s ‘comedy’ rage was too uncomfortably convincing as just… rage. LM

14. Series Three 

Taskmaster Series 3

Al Murray, Dave Gorman, Paul Chowdhry, Rob Beckett, Sara Pascoe

A mixed bag for Series 3 that swayed between completely hilarious to a bit meh. Sleep-deprived new father Rob Beckett was on the edge the whole series – either maniacally laughing or absolutely kicking off but gave us truly one of Taskmaster’s best moments in the ‘surprise Alex’ task. 

Even though both she and Al Murray considered kidnapping Alex’s children, Beckett’s ‘Aryan twin’ teammate Sara Pascoe knew the assignment and mostly just got on with it. The rest of the line-up included the self-styled ‘trio of dickheads’, an absolutely hapless but nonetheless incredibly entertaining Paul Chowdhry, cheater Dave Gorham and Al Murray who tried to throw money at every problem. Even a surprising unplanned cameo from Ben Fogle can’t help improve this series’ ranking. All in all, good fun but not one of the best. ED

13. Series Twelve 

Taskmaster Series 12

Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson, Victoria Coren Mitchell

This lot were simply too clever for their own good. For goodness sake, the series loser was Victoria Coren bloody Mitchell, arguably one of telly-land’s smartest women – and even she had moments of absolute Taskmaster glory like the riddle task . Add the creative genius of Morgana Robinson, the Dad smarts of Alan Davies, Guz Khan’s lightning-speed wit and the gutsy brilliance of Desiree Burch and there really weren’t enough funny fails this series. Just lots and lots of smart silliness. The one major exception is Desiree Burch’s attempt at popping the red balloon, which was designated the ‘ worst task attempt ever ’. An entertaining series overall, but lacking a bit of punch. LVG

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12. Series Ten 

Taskmaster Series 10

Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan, Richard Herring

The pressure was on for Series 10, as the first post-Dave run on Taskmaster ’s new Channel 4 home. Would it look different? Would it feel different? Would the tasks be as good and the contestants as funny? The answers to those questions were: a bit (but only due to Covid), not really, yes and yes. This was Taskmaster ’s first series filmed during the pandemic, so the required social distancing and lack of a studio audience did change things (watch these outtakes without the added ‘live’ viewing audience laughs to see how), but it still worked and there was much fun among the strangeness. Not least the infectious mutual adoration between Daisy May Cooper and Johnny Vegas, the out-there genius of the ‘paint a picture of a howling wolf on a teapot while naming American states’ task and the return-with-a-twist of Series 1 classic: ‘ eat the most watermelon ’. Simple joys in a complicated time. LM

11. Series Thirteen 

Taskmaster Series 13

Ardal O’Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love, Sophie Duker

For generations of people Ardal O’Hanlon will always be Father Dougal McGuire, and we all breathed a sigh of relief to know that the real man is apparently not that far off the beloved priest (bringing in his cool never-worn red leather jacket as the most surprising thing in his wardrobe and having a wonderfully daft glint in his eye throughout the series). Sophie Dukar classed up the joint by actually being clever and logical, Bridget Christie (dressed as a very stylish lady Zorro) created the menacing stop-cock dance and Chris “no way!” Ramsey charmed even the most cynical of us by continually being surprised watching back every task he’d participated in.

If there was an award for Taskmaster ’s best blagger, Judi Love would win by an absolute landslide. Who else could talk their way out of every sly dig from Greg Davies and keep him in check with a don’t mess with me stare? Tasked with showing off for twenty minutes there was some very British reluctance from the contestants until Judi decided to completely relish the opportunity (“I feel like I’m in the popular mums’ Whatsapp group”, “Lidl have sent me free stuff before”). Top class entertainment from a bloody good group of lads. ED

10. Series Two 

Taskmaster Series 2

Doc Brown, Joe Wilkinson, Jon Richardson, Katherine Ryan, Richard Osman

Taskmaster ’s second series has two of the most memorable moments of all time: Richard Osman outsmarting the Taskmaster with the ‘ Place these three exercise balls on the yoga mat at the top of that hill ’ task (especially juxtaposed with Jon Richardson and Doc Brown’s hilariously exhausting attempts) and the legendary Taskmaster moment that is the Joe Wilkinson potatogate tragedy .

The problem is those two key moments overshadow most of the rest of the series. We will give serious bonus points to Katherine Ryan’s genius method of extracting answers from a Swedish person and Doc Brown’s hiphop reimagining of ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive.’ LVG

9. Series One

Taskmaster Series 1

Frank Skinner, Roisin Conaty, Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan, Tim Key

As first runs go, Taskmaster Series 1 is a perfect introduction to why the show has become such a roaring success, and that’s really down to the cast. Roisin Conaty was lovably naff, whereas Tim Key was so fearlessly competitive he broke all the rules, stooping low enough to lie about shooting a TV show for Comic Relief to win a task ( yes, really !). The combination of quietly furious Romesh Ranganathan and dry-witted Frank Skinner gave us the beautiful moment where, during a task about throwing a tea bag into a cup from the greatest distance , Frank Skinner jokes ‘someone will spend the first 45 minutes realising it’s easier when they’re wet’ and the scene cuts to an infuriated Romesh discovering just that. 

But the ‘five points’ for best moment of the series is easy to award: the bewildered outrage of Josh Widdicombe realising he’s the only one to have been given several pointless tasks involving counting baked beans, spaghetti hoops and grains of rice. LVG

8. Series Nine

Taskmaster Series 9

David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix, Rose Matafeo

Older contestants on Taskmaster vary from the wonderfully bizarre and iconic (Bob Mortimer) to what could be very accurately described as the can’t-be-arsed. Jo Brand and David Baddiel largely, could not be arsed. Surrounded by peppy and competitive youngsters these comedy veterans had the air of people wondering when their next cup of tea and sit down was going to be. So much was his lack of enthusiasm and miscomprehension that Baddiel drove Ed Gamble to complete and utter rage and what was a fairly simple drawing task. This time around, the contrast in approach proved entertaining.

Although Jo Brand spent most of her time in the CBA club, she also had moments of sheer brilliance (scream-singing Jerusalem down the phone to Alex as an egg timer) and other series highlights were Ed Gamble’s meltdowns and Rose Matafeo’s outstanding rootin’ tootin’ Taskmaster theme . ED

7. Series Sixteen

Taskmaster series 16 line-up

Julian Clary, Lucy Beaumont, Sam Campbell, Sue Perkins, Susan Wokoma

There was a unique magic to each and every one of the line-up in Taskmaster seris 16. Julian Clary was delightfully above it all, taking every opportunity to casually, understatedly destroy Alex Horne with his barbs (who knew casual phrases like “I bet you’ve got a barbecue” and “you’ve got a friend?” could be so devastating?). Lucy Beaumont was on her own planet entirely, but seemingly having a marvellous time throughout, and peppered her studio time with increasingly bizarre stories about her home life. Sue Perkins and Susan Wokoma were both joyfully enthusiastic – especially when doing team tasks together (the Taskmaster Hotel team task becoming an instant classic) – but also had excellent long-running jokes, with Perkins’ ever-growing list of insults for Alex (from “shit-giblet” to “prize anus” ) and Wokoma’s £30,000 RADA training . And then there’s Sam Campbell , an absolute wildcard weirdo (we – and seemingly he – never knew what he was going to come out with next ) who won our hearts in episode one the moment he asked Greg Davies “are you a child of divorce?”.

6. Series Fourteen

The cast of Taskmaster Series 14

Dara Ó Briain, Fern Brady, John Kearns, Munya Chawawa, Sarah Millican

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Let’s be honest, Fern Brady alone earns this series a spot in the top five, with her glamourous wardobe, constant claims of being tired after barely doing anything and memorable ‘me Fern Brady, me Fern Brady’ diss track using words like ‘obsequious’ and ‘serendipitous’.

The rest of the cast were also pretty top tier, with Dara Ó Briain being predictably smart (winning one episode with a massive 30 points!), Sarah Millican coming up with a nifty loophole to a task that made the Taskmaster Lab stink for weeks afterwards, and Munya Chawawa outdoing predecessors like Dave Gorman and Tim Key with an amazing (and obviously doomed) bit of cheating .

And then there’s adorably naff John Kearns, whose bewildered little face gave the impression that every task was genuinely hurting his brain. His did earn an instant series highlight, however, when he successfully sabotaged a team task without either of his teammates noticing. LVG

5. Series Eleven 

Taskmaster Series 11

Charlotte Ritchie, Jamali Maddix, Lee Mack, Mike Wozniak, Sarah Kendall

The line-up of Taskmaster ’s eleventh series is a mix of wonderful characters; wholesome and adorable Charlotte Ritchie, quietly tenacious and compliant Sarah Kendall, Jamali Maddix who swayed between excited to absolutely not having any of it, safe pair of comedy hands Lee Mack and the wonder that is Mike Wozniak.

The true breakout star of the series, Greg’s M an Down co-star and self-proclaimed bloody milk guzzler Wozniak charmed us all with his unwavering politeness, delightful turn of phrase ( undermining a vole by telling it , “You’ve got no chutzpah, your organisational skills are lacklustre, and your time keeping is abysmal”), and commitment (literally getting a mohawk for ‘tough guy o’clock’ at the final prize task). He may not have won (Sarah Kendall was this series champion) but he undoubtedly won the hearts of Taskmaster nation. ED

4. Series Fifteen

Taskmaster Series 15

Frankie Boyle, Ivo Graham, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Mae Martin

They really nailed the dysfunctional family sitcom dynamic with series 15. Jenny was the bonkers mum, so comfortable in her own skin she just had relentless fun, bringing infectious joy to things like catching potatoes in a hat. Frankie was the aloof dad, so nonchalant that even the Taskmaster couldn’t ruffle him, which made for some brilliantly scathing exchanges, like their argument about what a banana is . This also played perfectly alongside’s Ivo Graham ‘s adorably neurotic self-loathing, which became especially lovable when he desperately tried to win Frankie’s approval in the team tasks . Kiell Smith-Bynoe was the self-assured eldest sibling, unashamedly competitive in ways that provided some of the series’ funniest moments, from “one on a bargepole for meeee” to his misplaced confidence in his terrible hand sculpture . This left Mae Martin as the diligent over-achiever, unable to resist tattletaling on their fellow contestants, and pulling off some of the series most impressive wins, from “ was it a throw”-gate to the prize task puppet that will continue to haunt our dreams while we await series 16.

3. Series Seven 

Taskmaster Series 7

Kerry Godliman, James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Rhod Gilbert

So many delights in Series 7! Phil Wang’s exposing costume, Kerry Godliman’s ‘bosh!’ approach to tasking, James Acaster’s continuing refusal to return a hello from Alex, Rhod Gilbert’s disturbingly singular imagination and Jessica Knappett falling off the stage while demonstrating her most magnificent walk. A particular treat in this series was that, like Roisin Conaty’s before him, Rhod Gilbert’s friendship with Greg Davies opened the door to insights into the Taskmaster ’s life… and his wardrobe (which Rhod hid inside while Greg slept). Who else could get a picture of the Taskmaster ’s mum in a fez, in the bath? Top-tier trolling from a clearly troubled soul, and an excellent set of contestants. LM

2. Series Four 

Taskmaster Series 4

Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc, Noel Fielding

There isn’t a name in this line-up that doesn’t inspire childlike joy, and all five contestants of Series 4 really do deliver pure unadulterated silliness with a dash of pure genius. While Noel Fielding manages to disguise himself as a tiny banana, Lolly Adefope shows she’s an absolute menace at Hide and Seek to the point that Alex basically gives up. The Mum and Dad of the group, Mel Giedroyc and Hugh Dennis, have equally as much blissful pride in working out how to get a camel through the smallest gap and knocking over a huge amount of rubber ducks in less than 10 seconds . And when Joe Lycett – much like Josh Widdecombe in Series 1, above – finds out he’s the only one who got a bizarre extra element to a painting task, we share the many, many, maniacally joyful looks on his face . LVG

1. Series Five

Taskmaster Series 5

Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Sally Phillips, Aisling Bea, Nish Kumar

Two words: Bob Mortimer. The others were good too, of course, but Bob Mortimer’s contribution to Taskmaster history was god-tier. From his spinning sausage and pork pie presentation unit (to encourage his children to eat the cheaper meats) to the special cuddle he had with Alex in the boot of his Audi, little he said or did wasn’t a cause for celebration in Series 5. Add to that Sally Phillips’ filthy mind, Aisling Bea’s quick wit, Mark Watson’s extreme dedication, and Nish Kumar’s utter inability to perform in very nearly every single task, and you’ve got a recipe for pure Taskmaster joy. How to narrow down the highlights? Send the Taskmaster an anonymous cheeky text every day for 5 months! The Rosalind songs! Make Marmite! Sally Phillip’s watercooler moment ! Make this coconut look like a businessman! There’s not a dud among them. LM

Taskmaster Series 16 will air later this year on Channel 4.

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Reggie Watts and Alex Horne in Taskmaster (2018)

Based on the popular UK game show by the same name, competitors use creativity to complete unusual challenges. Based on the popular UK game show by the same name, competitors use creativity to complete unusual challenges. Based on the popular UK game show by the same name, competitors use creativity to complete unusual challenges.

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Taskmaster NZ’s season 2 is a hilarious salve for the long wait for more Taskmaster

One of the best seasons of Taskmaster ever is now fully on YouTube

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Urzila Carlson, wearing a bright pink vest, looks surprised as she reads a task on Taskmaster New Zealand.

It’s a long, cold wait between seasons of Taskmaster , especially after an entry as stellar as series 16 . Luckily, the hilarious British panel show has kept its growing international audience entertained between seasons by uploading episodes of one of its many licensed spinoff series to its YouTube channel. Taskmaster New Zealand ’s first two seasons are now on the official Taskmaster YouTube account , including the incredible season 2, which originally aired in 2021 and is one of the best seasons of any version of Taskmaster. If you consider yourself a Taskmaster fan, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

As a licensed spinoff, the show’s structure, music cues, and set design will be instantly familiar to anyone who has watched the original series. And so will the task design, which dutifully follows the excellent mold set by Alex Horne, with tasks so good it’s the only Taskmaster spinoff where the UK version has borrowed a few. Taskmaster NZ will often embrace the simpler, shorter tasks that Horne told us he prefers: Tasks as short as “Fly,” or “Time-travel,” which encourage creativity and different solutions from different contestants. But there’s also plenty of room for the more chaotic tasks: A team task where the contestants have to make a diss track about the other team is a blast, and “Construct the least appropriate wedding cake” results in hilarious carnage.

The first season of Taskmaster NZ is definitely worth watching (shout out to the hilarious Angella Dravid), but the second season of Taskmaster NZ deserves its place among the best Taskmaster series, period. The season 2 contestants are perfect, with the right mix of personality types and approaches to the contest.

The contestants hit all the notes you want from a Taskmaster cast: You have the person who does not give a shit about the show, but in a hilarious way (Urzila Carlson). You have the person who cares very deeply, but can’t seem to get anything right (David Correos). You have the person who tries extremely hard to win (Laura Daniel). You have the person who focuses all their energy on creating hilarious television, tasks be damned (Guy Montgomery). And you have an old friend of the Taskmaster who likes to push his buttons (Matt Heath). Great Taskmaster seasons spawn from the right combination of contestants, and this group has the perfect alchemy of various levels of “taking this ridiculous ordeal seriously.”

David Correos, wearing a light blue shirt, looks frustrated at a typewriter in Taskmaster NZ.

Paul Williams is a great Alex Horne substitute, bringing his own uber-dork energy to the role of the Taskmaster’s assistant. Unfortunately, Jeremy Wells is no Greg Davies, lacking the latter’s intimidating presence and often leaving the bullying of his assistant to the contestants (thankfully, Urzila is more than happy to bear this particular burden). He seems somewhat uncomfortable with the role at times, and I find some of his scoring decisions can be downright bizarre.

Keen-eyed Taskmaster viewers will also notice a different approach to editing. The NZ version employs more cut-ins during tasks to the contestant reactions, which allow the group to play off of each other even more and let a great camaraderie shine. However, some short parts were clearly edited out of the YouTube uploads, which can make for some odd cuts, but nothing that will majorly detract from your experience.

So while you’re trudging through the long wait for series 17 of Taskmaster UK (slated to air this spring), all isn’t lost. You can spend that time watching one of the funniest Taskmaster seasons yet. Luckily it’s never been more widely available, so you’re out of excuses. Enjoy.

taskmaster tv

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A composite image displaying products included in the Elden Ring gift guide

Gift ideas for the Elden Ring fan in your life

The druid companion Halsin speaks to a character offscreen, holding his hand aloft in explanation, in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 will get official mod support, says Larian Studios

GTA Online art of former head of security for The Diamond Casino & Resort, Vincent Effenburger, teasing a future update

GTA Online update for the week of Feb. 22

taskmaster tv

How to craft a compass and spyglass in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite player catching a fish

How to unlock and craft fishing rods in Lego Fortnite

Key art for Riot Games’ fighting game 2XKO, showing Ekko and Ahri from League of Legends posing in a dynamic way.

We finally know Project L’s full name, and it’s 2XKO

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Kevin macdonald helming klitschko doc for sky; richard farmbrough indie; bbc studios svt deal – global briefs, breaking news.

The London TV Screenings Hot List: What Buyers Need To Know About The Distributors Selling ‘Wolf Hall’, Jenna Coleman & Elizabeth Taylor Shows

By Max Goldbart , Jesse Whittock , Zac Ntim

The Jetty, A Cruel Love: The Ruth Ellis Story, Help! We Bought a Hotel

Welcome to Deadline’s London TV Screenings list, our definitive look at next week’s buzzy event taking Soho by storm. If you’re wondering who’s exhibiting, what’s on offer and want to dive deeper into the distribs’ strategy, we’ve done the hard work for you, presenting profiles from nearly 30 exhibiting sales houses. Below, check out profiles for all the London TV Screenings founders, along with the outfits based in the UK. Read on, and find all our London TV Screenings content throughout the week here .


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Then Barbara Met Alan

Vice Studios Docs Boss Joins Banijay Label Dragonfly

Jean-Marc Barr, Thierry Godard, Fleur Geffrier, Guillaume Labbé

France TV Distribution Boards Sci-Fi Series 'Sea Shadows'

The Underdog – Truman Show -style guessing game format that sees social media influencers compete in a popularity contest alongside one person without an online following.

Protection – ITV thriller based on the first-hand experiences of a long serving witness protection officer.

Screening: Thursday, 12.30pm-4.15pm, Odeon Leicester Square

Damian Lewis and Mark Rylance in 'Wolf Hall'

Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light – Based on the final novel in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy and directed by Peter Kosminsky, this six-part BBC and PBS series   follows Thomas Cromwell as he continues to navigate the moral complexities of the Tudor court following the execution of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife.

Front Row – Exec produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, this premium doc follows a group of Ukrainian ballet dancers in exile as they take a message of peace and identity through dance.

Deal or No Deal Island – Iconic spin-off show set on the banker’s private island.

Key genres: Scripted, premium documentary, entertainment, reality, formats.

Strategy: Banijay says its mission is to deliver another high-quality event for international buyers at its ‘Banijay at BAFTA’ screening. With more demand than ever for tentpole dramas, formats and premium documentary fare, the day is divided across three dedicated showcase sessions in a bid to offer clients more breadth.

Screening: Wednesday, 9am-4pm, BAFTA Piccadilly.


The Jetty – Crime thriller starring Jenna Coleman which asks big questions about sexual morality, identity and memory, in the places that #MeToo has left behind.

Asia – Ambitious landmark series from BBC Studios Natural History Unit, which tells the story of the biggest continent on Earth through epic landscapes and spectacular wildlife.

Key genres: Scripted, unscripted, formats, childrens.

Strategy: Taking place at a new central London location for 2024, BBC Studios Showcase, which for the second year running is taking place during Screenings week, continues to be the biggest single studio content event, according to the BBC. This year’s edition will offer a bespoke experience tailored to customer’s needs, from match-making opportunities with the creative teams behind BBC Studios’ labels, production units and indie partners to discuss projects at early stages, to genre-led presentations highlighting current and upcoming content.

Screening: Monday and Tuesday, all day, 180 Studios, 180 The Strand.

Elizabeth Taylor (left) and Kim Kardashian

Costiera – Amazon Prime Video Italy action series from Lux Vide and Adam Bernstein ( 30 Rock) set on the Amalfi Coast.

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar [working title] – Kim Kardashian-produced premium doc billed as the “definitive series” about the life of one of Hollywood’s ultimate leading ladies.

Hot Mess Summer – Rylan-hosted entertainment format for Prime Video in which troubled young things run a bar in Zante.

Key genres: Drama, docs, formats.

Strategy: Moving to a new home this year, Fremantle’s showcase will be an immersive one led by the Elizabeth Taylor doc that packs a serious punch with the buy-in of Kim Kardashian. Fremantle is the only distrib exhibiting on Friday and is splitting between drama and docs, and formats.

Screening: Friday, 9.30am-11am (drama & docs – Odeon Luxe), 11am-12pm (formats Odeon Luxe West End)


 A Cruel Love: The Ruth Ellis Story – Compelling ITV true crime show starring Lucy Boynton, shedding new light on Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain.

Tik Tok Murders – Explores three chilling murder cases that went viral on the world’s fastest growing social media app, hosted by Zara McDermott.

A Party to Die For – Traitors -esque Dutch reality series in which one player is ‘murdered’ and others turn detective.

Key genres: Drama, entertainment, factual-entertainment, documentary.

Strategy: ITV Studios is positioning its London TV Screening slate in the premium category, with three showcases at Leicester Square’s Odeon cinema providing an iconic entertainment setting to sell that story. ITV’s sales division has the early buzz series of the year on its slate in Mr Bates vs the Post Office and we understand a number of deals are set to close. ITV’s sales unit is also reporting strong demand for content from the EMEA markets and notes that there has been an increase in supply as U.S. studios return to the market.

Screening: Tuesday, 10.30am-7.30pm, Odeon Luxe Leicester Square


taskmaster tv

The Boy That Never Was — Follows Dillon, a three-year-old child who vanished in Essaouira, Morocco.

Scrublands —  Stan show about a charismatic and dedicated young priest (Jay Ryan) who calmly opens fire on his congregation, killing five parishioners. One year later investigative journalist Martin Scarsden (Luke Arnold) arrives to write what should be a simple feature story on the anniversary of the tragedy, but instincts kick in.

Key genres : Scripted (drama, comedy, kids, animation), documentary features and series, non-fiction & entertainment series.

Strategy: Abacus is focusing on commercial-style shows that it badges as “must-have limited series, returnable franchises or one-off events,” which are in high demand. With producers finding it difficult to get commissions greenlit, it says it is working across a variety of methods to keep generating content for its partners.

Screening: Tuesday, 6pm-9pm, Charlotte Street Hotel.

The Infinite Deep: Stories of Lost Submarines – Gripping documentary series delves into the world’s most notorious cases of lost submarines, offering expert analysis on the true causes behind some of the most mysterious and tragic catastrophes.

Secret Stories of the Museums – Uncovers intriguing stories of museum objects, their conservation, and unexpected origins, as professionals reveal rare collections and tales from artists, journeys, characters and social contexts.

The Push – During a weekend getaway to Edinburgh’s iconic ‘Arthur’s Seat,’ the joyous celebration of a young couple turns tragic as Fawziyah Javed, a 31-year-old lawyer and expectant mother, fatally plunges from the rocky summit, unveiling darker details that hint at a potential murder in the picturesque setting.

Key Genres: Factual, factual entertainment.

Strategy: BossaNova says its strategy is to “hold our nerve and stick to the carefully crafted three-pronged plan,” which involves building up existing franchises such as Borderforce USA, Highway Cops and Dog Patrol, birthing new ones such as Secrets of the Lost Liners and “watching and waiting” for docs and limited series like The Infinite Deep and The Push . This liberates and declutters the team’s objectives, according to the company, fully focusing sales efforts.

Screening: Wednesday, 7-10pm, The Century Club (invitation only).

taskmaster tv

Thou Shalt Not Steal – Noah Taylor-starring Australian series in which Robyn, a young Aboriginal delinquent, escapes from detention and reluctantly teams up with awkward teenager Gidge.

Emergency First Time Medics – Doc series following a group of junior doctors working in the emergency department for the very first time.

The Best of Chicago Transit Authority & More Live at 55 – The band perform classic tracks from its seminal debut album, which is celebrating its 55th anniversary.

Key genres: Scripted, factual, high-end music.

Strategy : DCD Rights heads into the Screenings showcasing new drama, factual and music content to broadcasters and streamers. Its event at the Vue cinema is being designed as an informative and targeted presentation featuring clips and talent across the slate from producers in the UK, U.S., Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Highlights will include the sneak peek into footage from Stan’s road trip thriller Thou Shalt Not Steal . DCD Rights is sharing its screening with Hat Trick International.

Screening: Tuesday, 4.30pm-8pm, The Vue Leicester Square.

Spinal Destination – Sky New Zealand comedy about a woman in a spinal unit left paralyzed.

Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop – Channel 4 series in which the presenter takes a leap to uncover the truth behind the nation’s health problems.

The Idaho Murders: Trial by TikTok – Following host Zara McDermott as she heads to the U.S. to uncover the story of four University of Idaho students found dead in their beds in November 2022, and the social media frenzy that followed.

Key genres : Comedy, factual, entertainment.

Strategy:  Hat Trick International continues to have access to strong UK series from its parent company such as Derry Girls , Bloodlands and DI Ray , but its third-party business remains a key strategic play. The firm represents more than 30 producers from across the globe – and this will mean buyers will see a batch of new comedy and factual on the slate. New shows launching come from the likes of Keo Films, Summer Films, Great Southern Film & Television, STV and Lune Media. Hat Trick is sharing its screening with DCD Rights.


Help! We Bought A Hotel – Aspirational observational documentary series that tells the stories of brave people who have given up their jobs, homes and lives to invest in their long-term dream.

Churchill’s Forgotten War – When Churchill came to power at the beginning of World War II, the fear of a ‘fifth column’ of Nazi spies and sympathizers on home soil was at fever pitch. For the first time, the doc tells us the stories of these mainly innocent men.

Key genres: Premium factual.

Strategy: The showcase will be the main focus, providing an opportunity for this London-headquartered sales house to share exclusive highlights of the forthcoming slate and catch up with clients in person.

Screening: Wednesday, 3.30pm-6.30pm, Groucho Club.


Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre  – A harrowing account of the massacre carried out by Hamas at the music festival on October 7, told through first responder and survivor testimony, and eyewitness footage from Hamas’ and survivors’ phones. 

Australia’s Open  – With access to archive footage from the most electrifying moments of tennis history, including the Williams’ sisters finals clash and the Nadal-Federer rivalry, viewers can take a peek behind the scenes of this iconic tournament.

Marlon Brando: In Paradise  – Contains exclusive access to the Godfather’s family and close friends, spotlighting his lesser-known passion for conservation and pioneering efforts to protect the endangered island of Tetiaroa in the Pacific. 

Key genres:  Premium factual, unscripted, factual entertainment, formats.

Strategy : Just three months after launching 200 new hours at Mipcom, TVF is bringing another 60 of premium factual and unscripted programing to market for The London Screenings. Over drinks and canapés at Icetank Studios in Soho, buyers will meet TVF’s 10 full-time sales execs who speak over 12 languages and represent one of the largest sales teams in the industry, it says.

Screening:  Wednesday, 4pm-7pm, Icetank Studio.

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‘virgin river’ prequel in works at netflix as season 6 starts production.

taskmaster tv

Video Game Biz Will “Struggle” In 2024 As Growth Ebbs, Report Predicts

Walking dead alum josh mcdermitt joins stephen amell in nbc pilot, ‘fraiser’ reboot gets season 2; hbo sets fifth run for ‘true detective’.

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‘The Cleaner' & ‘Taskmaster' Star Greg Davies Wants Mandatory Two-Season Orders For New Comedy Series - Berlinale Series Market

If Greg Davies was running TV, new comedy shows would get a two-season order.

The comedian and writer, who fronts fronts the hit series Taskmaster in the UK and writes and stars in sitcom The Cleaner for the BBC, was asked what he would change about the business during a the closing session of the Berlinale Series Market, and responded he would like to see new comedies given more time to hit their stride, adding that all-time classics such as Seinfeld needed multiple seasons to establish themselves.

"I think that people should commission things for at least two seasons," he said during the panel, which was about the international world of TV comedy.

Davies' notes were delivered with a characteristic dose of humor, but his point about giving comedy time to grow struck a chord. An industry audience gave his call for double-season orders for comedy a spontaneous round of applause.

"The amount of classic comedies that only found themselves in season two [is significant], he said. "If you go to America, and you look at Seinfeld , one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, it wasn't until season four that people realized how great that was. That is what I would change: It should be a mandatory two seasons."

During the conversation, which was hosted by Deadline's Jesse Whittock, Davies said he is currently working on the scripts for season three of The Cleaner . He adapted the German show for UK audiences and also stars in the popular series, which is on the BBC.

The Studio Hamburg UK comedy follows a crime scene cleaner, who interacts with a single character in each episode, similar to the radio chamber plays from many years back in the UK. It has featured an array of guest stars including Helena Bonham Carter, Asim Chaudry and Alex Lawther among many others. Davies said he started off writing episodes of The Cleaner with a specific guest star in mind, but has changed his approach.

"I would write thinking of a certain star and then if they said ‘No,' or if they were too busy would be horribly disappointed," he said. "Less and less we're thinking of specific people now. We're just writing the character and hoping someone good comes to it afterwards."

Davies also said he'd like to see comedy on TV moving beyond whatever is the latest trend, creating space for new ideas. "Often you'll see a certain type of comedy being favored and I think there's room for all types of comedy and all genres of comedy," he added. "Allowing original creators to bring forward an original idea is the way forward."

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  • BBC Unveils Mega 12-Show Drama Slate Featuring 'Dear England' Adaptation Starring Joseph Fiennes, Aimee Lou Wood's Debut Writing Project & Rebecca Hall-Led Series From Element
  • The Good News For TV Drama Producers Is That The Bad News Might Be Coming To An End: Global Content Spend Tipped To Return To Growth in 2024

‘The Cleaner' & ‘Taskmaster' Star Greg Davies Wants Mandatory Two-Season Orders For New Comedy Series - Berlinale Series Market

Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C confirms Heartstopper, Doctor Who and Taskmaster stars

Jodie Whittaker, Oti Mabuse, Danny Dyer and more!

embargoed 050224 0801 celebrity bake off for su2c

Alison Hammond and Noel Fielding will be joined by the likes of Doctor Who 's Jodie Whittaker and EastEnders star Danny Dyer, with former Strictly Come Dancing stars Oti Mabuse and Richard Coles also appearing.

Here is the full 2024 line-up, featuring a Spice Girl and stars from This Morning , Taskmaster and more. 

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer will be available to watch and stream on Channel 4 later this year.

embargoed 0502024 0801, celebrity bake off for su2c

Heartstopper star Joe will show off off his cookery skills in the Bake Off tent.

embargoed 0502024 0801, celebrity bake off for su2c

Former EastEnders actor Danny is no doubt hopping to impress judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood in the Showstopper challenge.

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro and Dancing on Ice judge is following in her sister's footsteps. Motsi Mabuse took part in the 2022 series.

Taskmaster star Fern is looking for a new challenge.

Jodie Whittaker

Doctor Who 's Jodie is going to work her magic in the kitchen.

Rhod Gilbert

The comedian is taking part in the baking contest following his own neck cancer journey.

Munya Chawawa

Taskmaster 's Munya will take on Jodie Whittaker, Paloma Faith and Spencer Matthews in the famous Bake Off tent.

Dermot O'Leary

Dermot will join This Morning co-star Alison Hammond in the famous tent, however, the former SU2C contestant is now the host of the show.

Singer Mel B is aiming to Spice Up Your Life... we mean food!

Gabby Logan

The TV and radio star will compete against David O’Doherty, Oti Mabuse and Suzi Ruffell.

The TV and radio star is hoping to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with his baking skills.

David O'Doherty

The comedian will take on Oti Mabuse, Gabby Logan and Suzi Ruffell.

Yinka Bokinni

Radio presenter Yinka will head into the famous Bake Off tent with former EastEnders actor Danny Dyer, comedian Rhod Gilbert and TV star Leigh Francis.

Comedian and TV star Adam will go head-to-head with Heartstopper 's Joe Locke.

Paloma Faith

Will singer and actress Paloma impress in the Bake Off tent?

Rev Richard Coles

The Reverend Richard Coles will head to the Bake Off tent with Sara Cox, Joe Locke and Adam Hills.

Leigh Francis

Has the Celebrity Juice host got what it takes to be crowned Star Baker?

TV and radio star Sara will go head-to-head with the Reverend Richard Coles, Joe Locke and Adam Hills.

Spencer Matthews

Reality star Spencer will face Jodie Whittaker, Paloma Faith, and Munya Chawawa in the technical challenge.

Suzi Ruffell

Will Prue and Paul be wowed by comedian Suzi's creations?

Deputy Picture Editor, Digital Spy

Andrea has 20 years' experience working in print and digital media. 

She started out as an intern at ELLE magazine and has worked on the picture desk of numerous national magazines such as Red , Reveal, Now, Woman and Women's Weekly before making the switch to digital and then joining Digital Spy . 

Andrea loves a good period drama – hello Bridgerton , Call the Midwife , The Crown , Stranger Things and Outlander !

Headshot of Emily Stedman

Acting Deputy News Editor, Digital Spy Emily is an experienced entertainment writer and editor, reporting on all things TV , film , soaps and showbiz . An NCTJ-qualified journalist, with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism from the University of Sussex, Emily has previously worked at Hello magazine, BBC South News and GoodtoKnow . She joined Digital Spy as Acting Deputy News Editor in May 2023.  A small and big-screen obsessive – with subscriptions to every TV and film service under the sun – Emily knows her movie stars from soap stars, and is always clued up on the latest reality show dumping, just-dropped trailer or off-screen spat. She's interviewed a number of celebrities over the years, with highlights including The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett and GMB 's Kate Garraway (who "loved" her trousers).  Emily counts Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis as her TV heroes, and is a loyal Wes Anderson fan.

.css-15yqwdi:before{top:0;width:100%;height:0.25rem;content:'';position:absolute;background-image:linear-gradient(to right,#51B3E0,#51B3E0 2.5rem,#E5ADAE 2.5rem,#E5ADAE 5rem,#E5E54F 5rem,#E5E54F 7.5rem,black 7.5rem,black);} The Great British Bake Off

noel fielding, the great british bake off

Where to buy Alison Hammond's This Morning outfits

noel fielding

Noel Fielding joins comedians for special episode

prue leith, the great british bake off, season 6

Bake Off's Prue Leith recalls rude fan insult

noel fielding, prue leith, paul hollywood and saku, bake off pastry week

Bake Off's Prue responds to ex-host's bored claim

candice brown pictured 2022

GBBO winner "devastated" after trophy smashed

ruby bhogal on a red carpet in a blue outfit with white petals on it

Bake Off's Ruby Bhogal announces engagement

noel fielding bake off

Noel Fielding transforms in new look at TV drama

noel fielding and sandi toksvig on the great british bake off

Bake Off's Sandi reveals honest reason for leaving

laura adlington, lorraine

Bake Off star quits baking after being trolled

tom allen, the great british bake off an extra slice series 14

Bake Off host announces new role

martha, the great british bake off, series 5

Bake Off contestant announces pregnancy


  1. Taskmaster

    Find out the latest news, facts, figures, and merchandise of Taskmaster, the popular TV show where celebrities compete in absurd and hilarious tasks. Explore the show details, join in the fun, play the card and board games, watch the SuperMax+ streaming service, and more.

  2. Taskmaster

    Buy Taskmaster merch: ------------ In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down,...

  3. Taskmaster (TV series)

    Taskmaster (abbreviated as TM) is a British comedy panel game show created by comedian and musician Alex Horne and presented by both Horne and Greg Davies.

  4. Taskmaster (All Episodes)

    1 Series 1, Episode 1 - 'Melon buffet.' | Full Episode | Taskmaster Taskmaster • 4M views • 4 years ago 2 Series 1, Episode 2 - 'The pie whisperer.' | Full Episode | Taskmaster Taskmaster •...

  5. Taskmaster (TV Series 2015- )

    Taskmaster is a British TV series where five comedians compete in wacky and funny challenges supervised by Greg Davies, the Taskmaster, and his assistant Alex Horne. The series has 161 episodes, won a BAFTA Award, and is available to stream on IMDb.

  6. Taskmaster

    Taskmaster - TV Series | Comedy Central US Taskmaster Reggie Watts and his assistant Alex Horne judge five celebrity contestants as they face off in a variety of wacky challenges on this comedic game show. Watch Episodes Episodes & Videos About 21:15 Sign In to Watch S1 • E2 Ebony.

  7. Taskmaster season 15: release date, cast, and all we know

    Taskmaster season 15 will be on our screens very soon as the Taskmaster Greg Davies (star of The Cleaner season 2) ... Steven Perkins is a Staff Writer for TV & Satellite Week, TV Times, What's On TV and, who has been writing about TV professionally since 2008. He was previously the TV Editor for Inside Soap before taking up his ...

  8. Series 17 Line-Up Announcement

    Find out who will compete in series 17 of Taskmaster, the comedy game show hosted by Greg Davies, and how to join the live experience or the New Year Treat special. Learn about the Stuff Like This Taskmaster: The Live Experience and the New Years Treat special, and the latest news on the Taskmaster VR.

  9. Watch Taskmaster

    Watch the latest episodes of Taskmaster, the BAFTA-winning comedy game show hosted by Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne. See famous contestants, infuriating challenges and a wheelbarrow of withering putdowns in Series 16.

  10. SuperMax+ SVOD

    SuperMax+ SVOD Don't have access to full episodes of Taskmaster where you live? We are excited to announce the launch of Taskmaster SuperMax+, our very own subscription based streaming platform. Watch every episode of Taskmaster now, ad-free, from almost anywhere in the world.

  11. Taskmaster: Ranking Every Series From Merely Quite Good to Ludicrous

    Features Taskmaster: Ranking Every Series From Merely Quite Good to Ludicrous Best We rank all previous runs of Taskmaster from Series 1 to 14 according to which have the perfect combination of...

  12. Watch Taskmaster

    Taskmaster Season 4 Taskmaster returns for its first ever fourth series as five more comedians battle it out to impress the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, by creatively completing his fiendish assignments. 213 2017 8 episodes 16+ Comedy · Documentary Available to buy Buy Episode 1 HD $1.99 Buy Season 4 HD $12.99 More purchase options

  13. Watch Taskmaster Series & Episodes Online

    Taskmaster 9 Series ∙ 72 Episodes ∙ UK Comedy. The award-winning, offbeat comedy challenge show in which Greg Davies and Alex Horne set fellow comedians a series of tough tasks.

  14. Taskmaster

    Taskmaster - Apple TV Available on Pluto TV, iTunes Greg Davies stars as the Taskmaster who, with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne, tests the wiles, wit and wisdom of five comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges in what is the most ridiculous comedy entertainment show on TV. Game Show 2015

  15. List of Taskmaster episodes

    Taskmaster is a British comedy panel game show created by comedian and musician Alex Horne and presented by both Horne and Greg Davies.

  16. Taskmaster (TV Series 2023- )

    Taskmaster: Created by Cam Bakker. With Tom Gleeson, Tom Cashman, Nina Oyama, Luke McGregor. Each week, tough-love Taskmaster, Tom Gleeson, and his trusty sidekick Tom Cashman, set a panel of contestants a series of challenges, each more mind-bending and head-scratching than the last. Who will master the tasks?

  17. Taskmaster (TV Series 2018)

    Taskmaster: Created by Alex Horne. With Reggie Watts, Alex Horne, Kate Berlant, Dillon Francis. Based on the popular UK game show by the same name, competitors use creativity to complete unusual challenges.

  18. Taskmaster

    Taskmaster TV-14 • Comedy • There are no inadequacies Greg Davies stars as the Taskmaster who, with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne, tests the wiles, wit and wisdom of five comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges in what is the most ridiculous comedy entertainment show on TV.

  19. Taskmaster (American TV series)

    Taskmaster is an American comedy panel game show. The Taskmaster format was originally created by British comedian Alex Horne during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010, then became a UK television show on Dave in 2015. The American adaptation was produced for Comedy Central in 2017. Based on the original British version, the American TV series stars comedian and actor Reggie Watts in the ...

  20. The best season of Taskmaster is now on YouTube, and just ...

    Taskmaster has many seasons and many spinoffs, but the best may be Taskmaster New Zealand season 2. It's finally on YouTube, so watch it now for free ... TV; Taskmaster NZ's season 2 is a ...

  21. Taskmaster The App

    App Brand new for iOS & Android Taskmaster The App We made a Taskmaster App! It's a jam packed Taskmaster extravaganza! There's a Show Companion so you can watch the new show live each week (or revisit any of the previous series), and score along at home as if you were the great man himself.

  22. London TV Screenings: BBC, ITV, Banijay, Fremantle Profiles

    The London TV Screenings Hot List: The Founders & Brits. Clockwise from left: The Jetty, A Cruel Love: The Ruth Ellis Story, Help! We Bought a Hotel Firebird Pictures/ITV,Des Willie/Passion ...

  23. 'The Cleaner' & 'Taskmaster' Star Greg Davies Wants Mandatory ...

    If Greg Davies was running TV, new comedy shows would get a two-season order. The comedian and writer, who fronts fronts the hit series Taskmaster in the UK and writes and stars in sitcom The ...

  24. Taskmaster The Live Experience

    Taskmaster The Live Experience Share Watch on Sign up to the official mailing list for Taskmaster: The Live Experience. - If we get 100,000 sign ups, we will know that you want this, and there will be the chance to take part in ludicrous tasks and be crowned a Taskmaster champion. So sign up and become a hero. Your time starts now. Email Full name

  25. Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C confirms Heartstopper, Doctor Who and

    Emily counts Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis as her TV heroes, and is a loyal Wes Anderson fan. Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C 2024 line-up has been confirmed, with Heartstopper, Doctor Who and ...