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Business Plans

Plan for your business success…

I have one goal – to help you get the finance you need. My business plan consultancy service does just that.

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Business Success

The Business Plan Writer gets results…

Last year alone, clients achieved 95% success securing funds from as little as £3,000 to over £3.5 million in investment.

Tier 1 Business Plans

Professional Tier 1 visa business plans...

Since 6 April 2015, all Tier 1 visa applications require a business plan. Here's how I can help...

Andrew Ludlam – The Business Plan Writer

For over a decade I've been helping business owners to plan and grow. One of the UK’s leading business plan writers, I have worked with many hundreds of business owners from start-ups, sole traders, limited companies, through to large corporations.

My business plan writing service also extends to preparing business plans for MBOs, MBIs, supporting international entrepreneurs applying for start up and innovator visas – as well as to simply help you plot a plan for success. In addition, pitch decks and investor summaries can also be prepared.

To ensure your requirements are met with the highest degree of expertise, I have also forged strong links with a range of strategic partners, including top-ranking financial and legal specialists.

I provide a completely bespoke one-to-one business plan writing service, with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs create business plans for investment, growth and acquisition. To date I would conservatively estimate I have raised over £175million in total for clients.

Why Choose Me?

Truth is and what  really  makes me qualified to help, is that I do not only write business plans for a living.

Whilst this takes up much of my time, I am a multiple business owner with over 14 years’ experience in helping business owners plot and implement a path for growth – ‘resetting’ their business and taking it from where it is now, to where they want it to be.

I’m also an advisor and non-executive director to 6 and 7-figure operations, and the author of the Amazon 5-star rated book "Maverick Marketing: Essential Business-Building Strategies for Extraordinary Business Growth".

My service doesn’t just stop at business plan writing. With multi-sector knowledge borne from many years spent growing companies, I can also help you develop a custom-fitted business growth strategy, providing clarity, focus and direction.

Just as importantly, you are guaranteed my complete attention – your business plan will not be delegated down to a team member. Similarly, I do not take the information you supply, and throw back a business plan after a few weeks. No outsourcing and no ‘off the shelf’ templates, ever.

Search online for business plan writers and you’ll be spoilt for choice: both good and, well, not so good. However, if you’re prepared to invest in the process, I believe I offer a uniquely bespoke and reliable business plan writing service.

Notable Case Studies  

Most recently I have prepared and written:                                                                                                                                                                          

  • a business plan for a renowned UK eye surgeon looking to secure £3.5+ million for the build and operation of a new private eye hospital
  • a business plan for a famous chef voted ‘the world’s best female chef’ wanting to raise £1.5million to setup a new restaurant in London
  • developed a business growth strategy for blue chip building firm on course to grow from £5million to £25million in five years
  • commercial strategy and launch of new £7million airline from Leeds Bradford airport
  • a business plan and commercial marketing strategy to help raise €2million for an established hair extensions brand
  • a business plan and marketing strategy for a fitness studio in Hertfordshire wanting to raise £750,000 (I was also asked to become a NED)
  • a business plan for a client wanting to raise £250,000 launch an innovative fitness app
  • assisted a small mental health organisation in Wales to raise >£375k in lottery funding
  • a business plan to raise £60,000 to launch an artisan bistro in North London
  • a business plan for a client wanting to launch a legal consultancy specialising in blockchain and crypto technology, plus…

To date I have written business plans covering many other industry sectors, including e-commerce, SaaS, internet of things, computer programming, the hospitality sector, forex trading, property development, logistics, as well as business plans for international entrepreneurs seeking Innovator, Start up, Graduate and Sole Rep visas endorsements.

scott graham OQMZwNd3ThU unsplash

Contact Me Today

Whether you require a business plan for a start-up venture or existing business, you are guaranteed a comprehensive business planning service tailored to your needs, giving you the very best chance of in securing funds, as well as helping you plan for success.

As for your investment, that can depend on several factors, including the amount of information you have available, the complexity of your business and the financial forecasts, as well as how much finance is required. Fees typically start from £1,600.

Please contact me today to discuss your requirements and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an informal call or online meeting.

What my clients say about me...

My professionally written business plans have helped clients secure funds ranging from £30,000 to over £3.5 million just in 2020. So far, I have helped raise over £175 million of financing for clients. Here is feedback from just a few of the many clients I have worked with:

Drawing on Andrew's experience and network enabled us to develop an extremely strong business plan and strategy, which will ultimately lead to our own funding successes…


I sincerely recommend you use Andrew if you want a professional and detailed business plan… Thank you Andrew for all your help. We received the funding we were looking for…


HSBC remarked that they had never seen such a comprehensive and well written plan. Andrew put together a very professional business plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services…



The Crowdsourced Guide To Business

The Crowdsourced Guide To Business:

A compilation of business tips, strategies and real world advice.

Written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, 'The Crowdsourced Guide To Business' contains over 250 pages of interviews from some of the UK’s leading business experts. I was personally invited to contribute a chapter on the importance of business planning…

Business Plan Writers UK

Tier 1 Visa Business Plans

To qualify for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, you must demonstrate you have access to at least £50,000 in investment funds from one or more of the following:

  • a UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition recognised by the Department for International Trade (DIT);
  • a UK government department making funds available for the setting up or expanding a UK business, and/or;
  • a venture capital firm registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

You can also apply if you have already invested £50,000 in a UK business, however you must have invested the funds less than 12 months before you apply.

You can also apply for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa if you have access to £200,000 in investment funds and you can demonstrate that the money is either:

  • your personal wealth;
  • has been made available to you by a ‘third party’, such as a spouse, partner or investor, or;
  • in a joint account with your spouse or partner, but only if they are not applying for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa

However, having access to these funds is not enough. The Home Office requires every applicant to pass the “genuine entrepreneur test” and demonstrate that not only have they clearly researched the market, their competitors and how the business will operate and run, but can evidence that their new business is a viable one.

Since the announcement of the Immigration Rule changes in 6 April 2015, a professionally written Tier 1 visa business plan is now compulsory for all initial applications.

Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Writing Service

The Business Plan Writer HQ is made up of a small team of business plan writing experts – more importantly – every consultant here at the Business Plan Writer HQ runs their own company.

Therefore, we know exactly what it takes to run a successful enterprise, and as such you can trust that the advice, guidance and support you receive from us has been borne from our experiences of owning and operating businesses here in the UK.

Having worked with many international clients we know that every Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa business is different, as such we provide a completely bespoke and professional business plan writing service.

Or business plans are comprehensive and written in plain English, as well as address Tier 1 visa requirements (such as evidencing that 2 new jobs will be created) all to demonstrate that you are a credible business owner.

In addition, the Business Plan Writer HQ works closely with a number of strategic and trusted partners which include expert immigration lawyers and wealth management specialists – so we can also make recommendations on your behalf.

Examples of our Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Work

A few representative examples of our Tier 1 visa work include writing business plans for:

  • a Saudi Arabian client wanting to launch an up-market fast food restaurant in London
  • a Russian national wanting to open a hair salon in Cambridge
  • a Ukrainian national looking to expand her IT consultancy operations to the UK
  • a Chinese national who wanted to launch a specialist concierge service across London
  • a Bangladeshi national looking to open a Cloud hosting and IoT company in Birmingham

Recent Feedback From Clients Includes:

“ Thanks very much for the business plan. It is a great job and glad we have chosen to work with you. As we would certainly have not have written to such standard ” G. S – Tier 1 client wanted to open a Juice bar

“ I had a very strict deadline, and not only did you meet it, in fact, you completed the business plan sooner than agreed. It was incredibly detailed – the market analysis section was very thorough, and the marketing section contained promotional activities I haven’t even considered. I am extremely pleased with the business plan written for me, which will now give my new business direction and focus ” L.P – Tier 1 client wanted to open a sushi restaurant

Tier 1 Visa Business Plan Review Service

We also provide a full business plan review service. If you have already written a business plan as part of your Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa application, and want to see if it is ‘fit for purpose’, our business plan writers can fully review your business plan – including the financial forecasts – and provide feedback in the business plan document.

In addition, we will also put together a breakdown of any ‘missing’ areas where we feel the plan needs to include more detail or explanation, ensuring it is more Tier1/UK specific. Please contact us for further details.

What Is Included in The Tier 1 Visa Business Plan

Your Tier 1 Visa business plan will include all or most of the following categories:

  • Executive Summary
  • Financial Summary
  • Director’s Background
  • Service/Product Description
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Legal Requirements
  • Management & Staff
  • Financial Analysis
  • 3-year Financial Forecasts (e.g. Cash Flow Forecast and P&L Account)
  •   Relevant Appendices

Please note: we do not share example plans. For over 10 years we have always maintained the highest level of confidentiality for every one of our clients. For assurance and client feedback please visit the Results page.

The Business Plan Writer HQ provides a professional and completely bespoke Tier 1 visa business plan writing service. As such our fees are based on a number of factors, including the amount of information you have and how well you understand what it takes to set up a business in the UK, turnaround time (which is usually 3 – 4 weeks) as well as the complexity of your business. Fees start from £1,800.

If you require a tailored and comprehensive business plan for a Tier 1 Visa application, then contact us today to discuss your requirements. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Schedule a FREE online appointment with us today!

UK Visa Business Plans UK's Leading Business Plan Writers

Every business starts with an idea.

We put that idea into writing

 - UK Visa Business Plans is the Number One Business Plan Writers with a 98% Success Rate - 

Our Experience

UK Visa Business Plans have a team of specialist business plan writers in the UK when it comes to drafting plans for your Innovator Founder Visa, UK Expansion Worker Visa or any other visa application that requires a bespoke and tailored business plan. 

Established for over 10 years, we strive to ensure you have the best chance of obtaining an Endorsement from an official Endorsing Organisation and ultimately meeting the UK Home Office's Immigration Rules requirement.  

Our professional business plan services are used globally by leading UK Immigration Solicitors, Barristers and Lawyers who are ranked on Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners across the world. 

We work closely with over half of all Endorsing Bodies and have developed a special relationship with them to ensure your application is processed swiftly and effectively. 

Learn More About Us

We offer a no-win, no-fee pre-approval endorsement application service. If your idea is not pre-approved, we will refund you the money. 

UK Visa Business Plans offer a fixed fee for our business plan drafting services also includes an opportunity for our clients to make any amendment requests of the document before it is finalised. 

Our business plan writers can help provide matching services as we have exclusive access to regularly updated UK Visa business plan ideas and pre-approved concepts, directly from Endorsement Bodies. 

Our team of plan writers provide expert advice on how your UK Visa Business Plan can meet the criteria for obtaining an Innovator Founder Visa, Expansion Worker Visa, Start Up Visa, Innovator Visa or Sole Representative Visa. 

Our Clients

Uk visa business plans services, no-win, no-fee for pre -approval endorsement applications.

UK Visa Business Plans are able to provide a unique service to clients, by obtaining pre-approval of the applicants' business ideas with an Endorsing Body. We are confident of our professional service, to the extent that we can offer this stage on a "no-win, no-fee basis" at the initial stage of the Innovator Founder Visa process. 

Our team of expert business plan writers can get a pre-approval decisions for your UK visa business idea within 2-3 working days, therefore saving clients time and helping them plan their next steps. 

Innovator Founder Bespoke Business Plan Writing

Once we have fully researched your key target market, the business plan will be drafted in accordance with the UK Immigration Rules. 

Before you receive the final draft, you will get an opportunity to make a list of amendments you want for a truly bespoke and tailored business plan that you are fully comfortable with. 

Our professional team of business plan writers certainly know how to write UK Visa business plans that are commercially viable and compliant, especially for the Innovator Founder Visa and UK Expansion Worker Visa routes. 

UK Expansion Worker Business Plan Writing

Our professional team of business plan writers specialises in drafting bespoke and tailored UK Visa business plans for your UK Expansion Worker Visa application. 

Having assisted several companies with their business plan to set up a new branch in the UK, we have worked with some of the best UK Solicitors Firm to ensure the process is seamless and stress-free. We specialise in the Innovator Founder Visa and UK Expansion Worker Visa business plans. 

Market Research and Financial Forecasting

At UK Visa Business Plans, we identify gaps in the market, training, and processes to ensure the business plan meets the criteria for Endorsing Bodies and helping you meet the "genuine entrepreneur" test. This is particularly important for applications under the Innovator Founder Visa and UK Expansion Worker Visa categories. 

Our professional team of business plan writers will conduct all the necessary research and financial forecasting is included in our fixed fee. We also include the sources of all our facts, which are disclosed in the business plan.

Why Clients Hire Us

Uk visa endorsement refusals.

At UK Visa Business Plans, our team of business plan writers strive to provide the best possible service for our clients. Having prepared business plans and assisted with over £550 million (GBP) of foreign investment into the UK via the Innovator Founder Visa, Innovator Visa, UK Expansion Worker Visa, Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, Sole Representative and Global Talent Visa, we work with some of the largest organisations in the industry. 

Hear what our clients have to say about us by clicking below or checking out our "Testimonials".

Was your Innovator Founder Visa, Expansion Worker Visa, Start Up Visa, Innovator Visa, Sole Representative Visa or Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK Endorsement or Visa Application Refused?

 Do not worry! Our expert team of business plan writers at UK Visa Business Plans can help with amending or completely re-doing your original business plan to make sure you meet the UK Immigration Rules.

Working Closely With

Drop us a line.

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Plan

One of the most important factors when applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is a quality business plan. The Home Office state that a comprehensive business plan could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application, and refusals are normally due to the inadequately composed business plan.

Your business plan needs to demonstrate that your business will contribute to the UK’s economy positively and would need to explain why, and how. Along with this you will need to prove that you expect your business to be successful in the UK. You will be asked to attend an Entrepreneur Visa interview during which your business plan will be discussed in detail. These are such things that should bear in mind when compiling your business plan. We can assist you with this process, the interview and with the content, application as well as liaising with the Home Office. Call us today on 020 7887 1916 or complete the online contact form. 

UK Immigration rules are complex and challenging which is why we work to our client's best interest and understand what is at stake.

Fill out the form and one of our immigration experts will be in touch.

A business plan is a document which outlines a business model, financial projections, goals and objectives, product marketing plan and business structure.

A business plan is necessary when you are applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, as you need to demonstrate that your business is viable and lucrative.

A business plan is a way for you to discuss every aspect of your business in detail and, when it is being assessed by the Home Office, it will be used to show that you have an in depth understanding of your prospective business.

A business plan should give detailed information on every area of your business.

These areas include:

  • An executive summary of the business;
  • An overview of the business;
  • An operations plan (including physical setup of the business);
  • Market Analysis;
  • A description of the products/services you will be selling;
  • An outline of your sales and marketing plan;
  • Analysis of competition (other similar brands of companies);
  • Information on all roles and players involved in the business;
  • Financial plan and projections.

We can place you in contact with a specialist business consultant, who can assist you with planning and writing a business plan which is of the highest-quality.

Your consultant will:

  • Meet with you at a time that suits you;
  • Advise you in person, over the phone, or via Skype;
  • Work with you to ensure that all key areas are discussed in-depth;
  • Ensure that your plan is organised and structured in a way which makes it navigable to the home office;
  • Organise, collate, structure and polish your business plan.

With the help of your consultant, you will be fully equipped for your Entrepreneur Visa interview and your business plan will be in the best possible position to meet the standard demanded by the Home Office. This will maximise your chances of a successful outcome with your Entrepreneur Visa application.

Get a free consultation call from immigration specialist

Our highly professional, dedicated and knowledgeable specialists will do all the hard work to make the immigration process easy and understandable so you will be confident about successful outcome.


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Business Plan Consultants

  • +44-207-554-8568

Immigration Business Plan Writers UK

Uk business consultants for migration business plans.

BPW helps clients from around the world create successful strategic business plans to achieve personal migration goals and comply with commonwealth migration visa applications.

Our business planning experts with oversight by our in-house legal counsel write well researched and strategic professional business plans. Many on our team have served in senior management and operating executive positions of start-up, small, mid-sized and large corporations.

We have direct relationships with the UK endorsement bodies and have strong relationships with the top immigration law firms to make the business planning, endorsement and visa application process a success!

For most entrepreneurs, business plans take many hours, weeks, and months to create, and if you have never created one in the past, it is extremely challenging to do so. Some of our clients have prior experience with business planning but simply do not have the time due to their busy schedule, or just do not have enough specific knowledge of the local market, and exactly what is required by governments immigration regulations.

So let our professionals handle all the requirements, stress and the considerable amount of effort needed to complete this complex and time consuming task!

Below we’ve outlined the summary of some key components that will be included in your business plan:

  • Business Strategy
  • Immigration Goals
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Market Potential
  • Products /  Services Overview
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Personnel Plan
  • Management Team
  • Investment Strategy
  • Sales Projections
  • Financials (Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet).

Our team currently holds a 98% success record when our clients use our strategic Business Plan consulting services and Immigration visa legal services. For more information about our immigration business plan consulting services call the London, UK office +44 (0)207 554 8568 or contact us via our  enquiry form .

BPW have been operating since 2007, helping over 2500 clients to date with business consulting, writing business plans, marketing consulting, mentorship, raising investment and communicating their vision.

Call Now For Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation, And Get Expert Advice About Your Business Ideas, Financing Options, and Growth Opportunities!

  • Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BB, UK
  • [email protected]
  • UK +44 (0)207 554 8568
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Business Plan Writers UK

Start-up and Innovator Visa Business Plans

Two visa options.

The UK is one of the most attractive places in the world for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. It has business-friendly regulations, a competitive tax environment, an educated and talented workforce, and renowned legal and financial systems. The Government discontinued the ‘Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa’ category as of 29th March 2019 and replaced it with two new categories – ‘Start-up Visa’ and ‘Innovator Visa.’ To qualify for either Visa, applicants must demonstrate that their business idea is a unique, innovative, viable, and scalable. They are also required to obtain an endorsement from an authorised body. We can develop a business plan that accurately articulates your ideas and vision for execution so you can get the approval you need.

Startup VISA

The Start-up Visa category is for ambitious entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business who are considered to have high potential and wish to establish a business in the UK for the first time.

  • Applicants do not need any funds to invest in their business at this stage, and must not have previously set up a business in the UK.
  • Successful applicants are granted leave for 2 years and can also bring their family members (spouses/partners and children under 18) to the UK.
  • During the granted period of leave applicants will spend the majority of their time developing their businesses but can also take on other work outside of their businesses, to support themselves.
  • At the end of 2 years, Startup visa holders can switch into the Innovator category to extend their stay and develop their businesses in the UK.

Innovator VISA

  • Applicants will need a minimum £50,000 funding available to invest in their business.
  • Successful Innovators are granted leave for 3 years at a time and can also bring their family members (spouses/partners and children under 18) to the UK.
  • Innovators must work entirely on developing their business ventures and may not take on other employment outside their business.
  • This includes anything which effectively amounts to employment, such as using their own business to hire out their labour to another employer.
  • After 3 years, Innovators can apply to extend their stay for a further 3 years or to settle permanently in the UK.
  • Each of these 3 stages (initial application, extension, settlement) requires endorsement from an endorsing body.

tier 1 business plan writers


  • Innovative: The applicant must prove that their idea is genuine, original, and unique, meets a new or existing market need, or creates a competitive advantage.
  • Viable: The applicant must show they have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and market awareness to successfully run the applied-for business.
  • Scalable: The applicant must present a structured business plan, including the business’s potential to create jobs and grow into national and international markets. In addition, they need to convince the endorser of their intentions, so they are “reasonably satisfied that the applicant will spend the majority of their working time in the UK on developing business ventures.”

How We Can Help

We have several immigration agents and solicitors we can recommend, and we can create the perfect business plan to present to the relevant endorsing body. We develop our expertly-written business plans using a three-step process:

tier 1 business plan writers

You should have a professional, custom-tailored business plan showcasing your innovative idea for a new UK business to ensure the endorsing body considers your Visa application seriously. We don’t waste time and work swiftly to develop your business plan so you can present your application as quickly as possible. If your application is successful, you will gain entry into the United Kingdom quickly, so please make sure you have everything in order before applying. We have worked with a wide range of clients, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, India, China, Canada, and the United States.

If you are thinking about applying for a UK Start-up or Innovator Visa, please reach out to us. Our team is happy to help guide you through every step of the process.

tier 1 business plan writers

Our Process is Easy

We take the stress out of writing your business plan.

  • Free Consultation Call
  • Information Gathering
  • First Draft
  • Final Draft and Handover

How Much Does it Cost?

tier 1 business plan writers

What Our Satisfied Clients Say

As a start-up company, I knew the importance of having a thorough and well-written business plan. In my search for a company that would be able to write my business plan, I was fortunate to find the Business Plan Writers UK team. The business plan that they wrote was engaging, informative, and well-detailed. One of our investors called it an “excellent business plan.” I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about finding funding for their project.

Mark Savvidou

I initially set upon finding a professional business plan writing service to deliver a BP that would attract investors to my business, after discussing options with many different providers I made the choice to choose the ‘Business Plan Writers UK’ based on initial discussions with my designated plan writing expert. The initial contact gave me confidence in the fact that I was in the right hands and that the person on the end of the phone was exceptionally knowledgeable and very capable. Not only did I receive my very detailed plan on time but I also gained expert knowledge along the way. I would highly recommend the business plan writers the UK to anyone wanting a professional, accurate and timely business plan.

Darren Jacks

Rather than the typical client/vendor relationship I’m used to, the ‘Business Plan Writers UK’ team has been more like a strategic partner and trusted advisor. Not only did they provide me with a dynamic business plan but they have given me invaluable advice and feedback along the way. They have exceeded my expectations in every way possible during this exciting time of starting & ultimately growing my business.


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