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Definition of 'assign'

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assign in British English

Assign in american english, examples of 'assign' in a sentence assign, cobuild collocations assign, trends of assign.

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In other languages assign

  • American English : assign / əˈsaɪn /
  • Brazilian Portuguese : delegar
  • Chinese : 布置 任务
  • European Spanish : asignar
  • French : donner
  • German : zuteilen
  • Italian : assegnare
  • Japanese : 割り当てる
  • Korean : 할당하다
  • European Portuguese : delegar
  • Latin American Spanish : asignar
  • Thai : มอบหมาย

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Meaning of assign in English

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assign verb [T] ( CHOOSE )

  • Every available officer will be assigned to the investigation .
  • The textbooks were assigned by the course director .
  • Part of the group were assigned to clear land mines .
  • Each trainee is assigned a mentor who will help them learn more about the job .
  • We were assigned an interpreter for the duration of our stay .
  • accommodate
  • accommodate someone with something
  • administration
  • arm someone with something
  • hand something down
  • hand something in
  • hand something out
  • hand something over
  • reassignment

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assign verb [T] ( SEND )

  • She was assigned to the Paris office .
  • All the team were assigned to Poland.
  • advertisement
  • employment agency
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • reinstatement
  • relocation expenses
  • testimonial

assign verb [T] ( COMPUTING )

  • 3-D printing
  • adaptive learning
  • additive manufacturing
  • file sharing
  • hexadecimal
  • hill climbing
  • word processing

assign verb [T] ( GIVE LEGALLY )

Phrasal verb, assign | american dictionary, assign | business english, examples of assign, translations of assign.

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to assign with someone

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Definition of assign verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • assign something (to somebody) The teacher assigned a different task to each of the children.
  • The two large classrooms have been assigned to us.
  • assign somebody something We have been assigned the two large classrooms.
  • The teacher assigned each of the children a different task.

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  • assign somebody (to something/as something) They've assigned their best man to the job.
  • Two senior officers have been assigned to the case.
  • assign somebody to do something British forces have been assigned to help with peacekeeping.
  • be assigned to somebody/something I was assigned to B platoon.
  • He was assigned to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1975.
  • assign something to something Assign a different colour to each different type of information.
  • assign something sth The painting cannot be assigned an exact date.
  • The agreement assigns copyright to the publisher.
  • She has assigned the lease to her daughter.

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  1. What Is the Abbreviation for “assignment”?

    According to Purdue University’s website, the abbreviation for the word “assignment” is ASSG. This is listed as a standard abbreviation within the field of information technology.

  2. What Is a Deed of Assignment?

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    ASSIGN SOMEONE TO SOMETHING definition: 1. to choose someone to do a particular job: 2. to choose someone to do a particular job: . Learn more.

  5. assign verb

    1to give someone something that they can use, or some work or responsibility assign something (to somebody) The two large classrooms have been assigned to us.

  6. ASSIGN definition and meaning

    If someone is assigned to a particular place, group, or person, they are sent there, usually in order to work at that place or for that person.


    to give to someone a job or responsibility, or to decide on a person for a particular job or responsibility: We assigned Alberto the task of watching the

  8. Assign Definition & Meaning

    Kids Definition ; 1 · to give (as a title or right) to someone legally ; 2 · to pick for a specific use or job. assigned them to work in the kitchen ; 3 · to give out

  9. to assign someone

    Translations in context of "to assign someone" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: Conceptual thinking and common sense are required in order to assign

  10. meaning of assign in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassignas‧sign /əˈsaɪn/ ○○○ AWL verb [transitive] 1 JOB/TASKto give someone a particular job or make them

  11. Assign Definition & Meaning

    assign ; 1 · to require someone to do a particular task ; 2 · to send (someone) to a particular group or place as part of a job ; 3 · to provide someone with

  12. Assign

    To assign is to specify something or someone for a specific purpose. If your sisters fight over whose turn it is to sit in the front seat, your

  13. assign somebody to do something

    assign somebody (to something/as something) They've assigned their best man to the job. ... British forces have been assigned to help with

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    assign something (to somebody) The teacher assigned a different task to each of the children. The two large classrooms have been assigned to us. assign somebody