The 80 Best Startup Ideas to Make Money in 2023

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Last Updated: November 16, 2023 By TRUiC Team

Every successful startup begins with a unique idea, an eager entrepreneur, and an available market. Identifying an innovative idea for your business is the first step to getting your company up and running, but with so many options, it’s tough to know where to look for inspiration. You don’t need to stress though, we’ve developed this list of the best startup ideas to help you make money in 2023.

80 Top Startup Ideas

Choosing a unique idea is essential when creating a startup . Find inspiration below with our list of innovative startup business ideas.

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1. App Development

If you have a great idea for an app and the skill set to make it happen, app development can prove to be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor. Be sure to do a little research to make sure your idea hasn’t already been developed and that there is a potential market for it before looking for investors.

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2. VR Startup

A Virtual Reality (VR) company typically falls into one of three categories: selling VR products, creating a VR experience, and VR consulting or other community-centered startup models. A great place to start is to look at the interests of your community and the VR companies that are already established in your area. For example, if there aren’t any VR experiences in your area, it may be a great opportunity to introduce a VR escape room or gaming arcade.

3. Subscription Box

Skilled curators and marketers with a passion for a specific industry, why haven’t you started a subscription box startup yet? With 18.5 million subscription box shoppers in the US, the sky's the limit for this business idea. The key to making a successful subscription box startup is identifying popular products that people cycle through monthly and the businesses that are popular within that target market. 

4. Online Courses

A special skill and the desire to teach it to other people is all you need for an online courses startup. Are you fluent in a foreign language? Do you have a background in social media marketing? Are you a talented photographer? If you have a depth of knowledge in a specific field or an impressive skill set, starting an online course is a great way to put your talents to work. Make it your own by developing a curriculum that is unique to you with assignments and objectives that will keep your students engaged. 

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5. Chatbots

Chatbots offer a point of contact for customers to better navigate websites and troubleshoot problems. A chatbot startup’s success is largely dependent on the product’s capabilities and customer appeal. Using natural language, giving your bots personality, and the ability to work well within the platform to effectively answer customer questions is essential to the success of this startup. 

6. Ecommerce

Ecommerce startups require stellar virtual sales tactics, a dedication to marketing, and the ability to successfully curate items for a targeted audience. The first step is to identify a market that either isn’t supersaturated or is overlooking a demographic. Alternatively, if you have a product you are interested in selling, you can advertise your creation by using the same tactics.

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7. Podcasting

Are you super enthusiastic about a niche topic that you love talking about to anyone who will listen? Then podcasting might be a good business idea for you! Podcasting is the ideal venture for people who are passionate about a specific topic and want to spend their time sharing information about it. With more and more podcasters popping up every day, the time to plant your flag as an expert in your field of interest is now. 

8. Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to be in an office to help businesses and fellow entrepreneurs get organized. A virtual assistant startup is a great business idea for organized, task-oriented individuals. If this sounds like you, it is easy to get started by utilizing sites that can help you find work you’re interested in. Get a competitive edge by diversifying your skill set to make yourself eligible for a litany of job opportunities.

9. Green Beauty Products

Green or “clean” beauty products are increasing in popularity across the US as we learn more and more about the harmful effects of some ingredients in traditional beauty products. A green beauty product startup provides a better alternative, whether it’s clean skincare or cosmetics — the key is to create a product that is as effective as traditional products without the same damaging ingredients.

10. Ebook Writing

Writing ebooks is a cost-effective small business idea because it doesn’t require your books to go to print and allows you to easily publish them on your own by selling them directly to your readers. Additionally, with people staying home more than ever, an easily accessible ebook is a much-needed alternative. Ebooks are easily sold on platforms such as Amazon, or by developing your own website and implementing an effective marketing strategy.

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11. Blogging

Starting a blog isn’t just a way to share your thoughts and passions with the world; it can be a lucrative startup that appeals to a community of like-minded people. This low-cost startup idea typically requires the entrepreneur to be a savvy writer, proficient photographer, and skilled content creator. If you are up to the challenge, make this business your own by capitalizing on your personal skills and interests to build a platform that is authentically you.

12. AI Startup

Artificial intelligence ( AI ) has increasingly become intertwined with our reality; starting an AI company can put you at the forefront of this growing industry. With many startups creating AI technology to meet this increasing demand, your idea needs to be unique and effective. To come up with a marketable AI product, consider problems that companies and individuals need solutions for, and you can create the AI company to solve them.

13. Meal Delivery Service

Next on our list of business ideas is a meal delivery service. A huge amount of money is spent every year on meal delivery services by people who are either too busy to cook or simply don’t want to do it. Now with people unable to dine out as frequently, that number is bound to rise. A meal delivery service startup is perfect for entrepreneurs who are great cooks and want to share their talents with the world — one delivery at a time. Elevate the idea by creating delicious meals catered to the most popular diets of the moment such as the keto diet. 

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14. Graphic Design

A talented graphic designer can take a vague logo brief and turn it into an internationally-known brand element. With so many people in the graphic design space, though, if this is your business idea, you'll want to niche down as much as possible to set yourself apart. Focus on design solutions for a very specific industry, especially if that industry has unique requirements. Another option for the graphic design space is creating tools that individuals and brands can use to design their own simple elements.  

15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers earn commission on the sales they drive for partner brands. Although it's a relatively new concept, it's one that has exploded in popularity because of the low barriers to entry. The key to successful affiliate marketing is picking products that you are already associated with or known for. This field is always going to require some form of audience, whether that means you're an influencer, have a blog, already have a thriving business with a large customer base, or create some kind of content like books or podcasts.

16. Pet Products

One thing many pet parents share is a love for spoiling their furry friends. Whether your pet product is practical, such as foldable cat carriers, or for pleasure, such as high-end dog treats, there is most likely a market of pet owners looking to buy new and innovative products like yours.

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17. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencing is another business idea with low startup costs. Being a social media influencer means that you are your brand, and why not? You are great! To be a social media influencer, you need to be outgoing, likable, and committed to creating content that is aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Most importantly, you need a niche that will draw in followers, preferably one that is authentic to you and your interests. Since this industry is saturated with aspiring influencers, you will also need to develop strong marketing skills to engage followers and set your brand apart.

18. Edtech Startup

With more schools adjusting to online teaching, an edtech startup could give students an easier route to education. Whether it is for K-12 education or college-level students, the time to develop technology to enhance online learning is now.

Make this startup unique and socially responsible by doing your research on the problems schools face today with their eLearning software or equipment, and work to develop a product that smoothes the creases in online teaching.

19. Plant-Based Foods

With the rise in the popularity of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, plant-based products are all the rage. These markets are looking for diversity of choice and the ability to live their chosen dietary lifestyle as easily as omnivores, so if you can develop a product or food range that meets these needs and be innovative about it, you'll be in. 

20. Sustainable Clothing Line

Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line, consider making it a sustainable one! A sustainable clothing line can make an impact by creating thoughtful garments that are long-lasting and ethically made out of sustainable materials such as linen or hemp.

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21. Niche Website

Become the platform for like-minded people to gather or source information by developing a niche website that is laser-focused to appeal to a targeted audience. To start, research potential niche topics that will generate high site traffic, and find related keywords to drive SEO . Then, develop a unique, well-designed website loaded with focused content to appeal to your target audience. 

22. Website Development

Every small business should have a website; however, many entrepreneurs are too busy to dedicate themselves to developing an effective website for their business. A web developer can either directly assist customers in developing their website or give them easy access to the tools they need to set up their website in a snap. To make your startup stand out, get creative by designing unique templates, features, and easy-to-use editing tools. 

23. Dating Website

Be the matchmaker for an entire group of people by starting your own dating website. To develop a successful dating app that offers a unique experience for users, come up with a competitive edge that sets your app apart from the most popular ones like Tinder and Plus, ensure your site is user friendly and creates an environment where user’s relationship goals can be met. 

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24. Food Truck

The benefits of starting a food truck business rather than a full-service restaurant are cost and flexibility. Additionally, with less access to indoor dining options, a food truck provides dining options without the cost of an inoperable dining area. With a food truck startup, you are able to take your business where the customers are instead of working to draw them to your concrete location. 

25. Job Board

With most workers looking for jobs online, it's a great time to start a job board site to connect eligible employees with available job opportunities. An online job board startup is essentially a platform for employers to list job openings and interested candidates to apply or inquire further. Draw in users for your website by catering to a specific industry or innovating the job search process. 

26. Blockchain Startup

Blockchain technology is an exciting new field for startups. The technology allows the sharing of transactions and information between multiple businesses, people, and software. Launching a startup in this industry provides a wide scope as you'll be finding a way to use blockchain technology to solve problems, and those can be in any space from aerospace to the food industry. The key here is to understand how this technology changes information-sharing and find a customer pain to resolve.

27. Video Game Creation

Whether you have the skills to create a video game on your own or hire someone to develop your idea collaboratively, with over $43 billion spent on video games in 2018 , this startup has the opportunity for huge success. It’s important to create an idea for a game that is innovative and offers players a unique experience.

28. YouTube Channel

Every day, millions of people take to YouTube for entertainment or to learn a new skill. Starting a YouTube channel provides you with a platform to muse, share, or educate your audience about your area of expertise. The best part of starting your own YouTube channel is you need very little outside of a niche, engaging personality, and a way to make/edit videos. Once you’ve grown your subscriber count, you can start raking in the money from advertisements. 

29. Virtual Event Planning

The virtual events space has exploded in the last few years as businesses and organizations grapple with social distancing requirements, and hosting events online has actually become a game-changer for many. The need for someone to actually plan these events has become a critical skill. If you're looking to break into virtual event planning as a startup, you'll need to differentiate yourself from others, possibly by niching down to a very specific industry. 

30. Cannabis Startup

With cannabis regulations easing up in many parts of the world, there's never been a better time to look at a cannabis startup . There are many different aspects to this industry, from growing to consumption and end-use products. This is not a space for beginners, though, so if you really want to develop an innovative and successful cannabis startup, start immersing yourself in the industry and figure out what problems need solving.

31. Coworking Space

With more and more people working remotely, there is a growing demand for places that remote workers can use as their communal workspace. Many coworking spaces provide refreshments, rentable conference rooms, and complimentary internet access to customers who lease their desk each month. 

32. SaaS Startup

As with most other industries, the key to developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup is finding a problem to solve. Your software service can be as well-executed as you like, but if you're not making someone's life easier in some way, the product simply won't sell. One of the major benefits of SaaS is that it can be a really lean startup model if you have some developer skills. 

33. Interior Design

Probably one of the most famous interior design and furniture success stories is IKEA. The Swedish company saw a gap in the interior design market and took it, and if this is a space you want to be in, you'll need to do the same. Interior design can be quite a network-based industry, so finding a mentor is often key. Someone who has already walked the path you're preparing to embark on will be able to guide you. 

34. Virtual Meeting Platform

Just as the virtual events space has grown considerably, so has the need for virtual meeting services. This could mean anything from scheduling software to end-to-end management or even add-on apps that help large companies manage various meetings at once. With the digital tools already available today, this is not a difficult startup space to break into. 

35. Smart Accessories Startup

Smart accessories is next up on our list of unique startup ideas. User experience is the name of the game when you’re developing a smart accessories startup. The first step is to identify a common problem that your accessory could solve or a way that a device user’s experience could be enhanced. Next, develop a prototype, and test its usability; once you’re satisfied with your smart accessories performance, your startup is ready to be born. 

36. Beverage Startup

If you have a great drink recipe or an idea for a special ingredient or function that will entice customers, start a beverage company ! A competitive edge in this industry is well-designed packaging that is catered to a target demographic and, of course, a delicious beverage inside. If you’re more of a connoisseur of beverages, a beverage distribution company is another lucrative business idea that can be focused on a specific type of beverage such as beer, soda, or wine.

37. Snack Company

Do you have a go-to homemade snack that you know other people would love as well? If so, take your tasty treats to the next level by starting a snack startup . Consumers are always looking for delicious new snack options with special ingredients or a twist on a classic snack. Growing your audience can be done by going to farmers' markets or local events and letting people try your delicious new snack!

38. Coffee Business

Coffee startups offer a wide variety of possibilities; whether you want to start your own coffee roasting business or operate a mobile coffee cart, the options are endless. What you'll need to focus on starting out is the type of coffee company that excels in your area, the quality of your products, and the amount of training you'll need to launch a successful business. Additionally, you'll need to create a business model that is flexible enough to withstand changes or health requirements in the hospitality industry.

39. Hygiene Products

From deodorant to body wash, an inventive and appealing take on the hygiene products people use every day is important if you want to enter this growing market. Getting to know the market is the first step. For example, the growing demand for “clean” hygiene products or products made without harmful chemicals could be a selling point for your products if they fall into this category.

40. Social Media Platform

With more and more people looking for a different social media platform to connect on, it may be the perfect opportunity to start a social media platform of your own. Deciding the premise of your platform starts by identifying a form of connection that isn’t being used on major social media platforms, or a group of people/specific lifestyle that isn’t being catered to.

41. Robotics Startup

If you have the skill or network contacts to build robotics, starting a robotics startup has the opportunity to be lucrative and rewarding. Before designing and building your robotics company, it is important to do sufficient research into the needs and wants of your customers. Building robotics is an expensive endeavor, therefore, the financial health of your startup is dependent on developing a product that will effectively appeal to your customer base.

42. Cybersecurity Startup

We use technology for almost everything. From online banking to streaming services, everywhere our personal information is saved needs cybersecurity to ensure our protection. Starting a cybersecurity company offers customers the protection they need and can result in a lucrative startup business. Stand out from your competitors by offering exceptional services and features such as a cybersecurity assistant that communicates with clients about their online safety.

43. Ridesharing Startup

Ridesharing is next on our list of business startup ideas. Ridesharing is extremely popular, especially in cities, making this a potentially lucrative startup idea. However, in order to reach success in this industry, you’ll have to compete with the companies that consumers already trust by offering a unique and enticing experience such as luxury cars, cheaper rates, or other benefits. 

44. Mental Healthcare Startup

Mental health is undoubtedly a far more common topic of discussion than it was a decade ago. It's become a focus, not just for individuals but also for businesses to ensure their teams are getting the support they need. If you're looking at launching a startup in the mental healthcare space , you'll definitely want to spend some time getting to know the industry, as there are many different fields in which a startup would flourish.

45. Telehealth Service

The transition to telehealth services in lieu of traditional doctor visits has opened up the market for telehealth startups to find success. A telehealth service needs to have top-tier cybersecurity features as well as a streamlined user-experience for health professionals and patients alike. To excel in this field, your telehealth service will need to offer unique tools, such as a streamlined interface or enhanced communication features, for patients and healthcare workers to easily communicate. 

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46. Autonomous Transportation

Autonomous transportation, otherwise known as self-driving cars , are a market that is emerging in cities around the US. Specifically, autonomous vehicle apps are on the rise. By developing an autonomous vehicle app of your own, your startup might be able to pull into the forefront of this emerging market. 

47. Fintech

Fintech, or financial technologies, serve as tools to reimagine traditional finance techniques, making investing and financial decisions easier than ever before. This startup offers a lot of potential for entrepreneurs who have a creative idea to make finances and investing more attainable. For example, apps that hold users accountable for reaching their savings goals or successfully putting aside their funds to invest in stocks are popular examples of fintech startups .

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48. Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is an increasingly popular market. With 39% of households owning smart speakers and the same percentage planning to purchase portable smartphone chargers, there is a  growing demand for these products. Smart home products are largely about convenience; therefore, it’s a good idea for smart home technology startups to focus on creating products that make a customer’s life easier. 

49. Marketplace Website 

Become the platform your community uses to sell and exchange goods and services by creating a marketplace website startup. Elevate the online business idea by prioritizing user experience and safety protocols. The key to a successful marketplace website is to create a positive experience for users that makes buying and selling items seamless and safe. 

50. Clean Energy Startup

It’s no secret that clean energy is growing in both popularity and necessity. A clean energy startup can be either a product or service that takes a green approach to produce energy such as electricity-generating bicycles or solar paneling. Developing concepts and executing your business idea will require either knowledge of clean energy or the support of someone who has this knowledge.

51. Streaming Service

With 62% of adults subscribing to streaming services in the US, streaming services of all kinds are drawing in large numbers of subscribers that you could be tapping into. If you are a skilled curator for a genre of music, film, or other media, a streaming service startup that centers around a niche market can be a great way to appeal to a demographic whose needs aren’t being met. 

52. Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platforms are a useful tool for entrepreneurs, charitable causes, and individuals to raise money and reach their financial goals. To create a successful crowdfunding platform that is able to compete with other trusted platforms, you’ll need to create a unique idea or function that sets your platform apart. This could be a network of investors, advertisement opportunities, or specified crowdfunding topics such as real estate.

53. Software Startup

A software development startup is responsible for creating, distributing, and maintaining the programs that businesses use every day. This industry is experiencing exciting growth with annual revenue of $238 billion per year and an annual growth rate of 3.9% , which means this business idea holds a tremendous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

54. SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for online marketing. However, to achieve a successful SEO service, you need to dedicate time and effort to creating content and staying on top of changes in search trends. Starting an SEO services startup offers customers an opportunity to cash in on this powerful internet marketing tool without spending too much of their own. To create a successful SEO services startup, you will need a deep understanding of SEO tactics and the software to do effective research. 

55. Fitness Startup

The fitness industry is enormous and one that will likely never stop growing in one way or another. Trends come and go in the fitness space, but one problem will always be universal — how do ordinary people achieve their exercise goals? Home-based fitness and online exercise platforms, like Peloton, have become very popular in the last few years, but whatever your offering, make sure you have a good understanding and some level of authority to support your fitness startup .

56. Cloud Technology

With more people working from home than ever, cloud technology is more important than ever. To start a cloud technology startup , you’ll need both hardware (a server) as well as software (a hosting control panel). Second to this, you’ll need an effective marketing strategy that works to build the trust of customers who will depend on your services to ensure their data is safe and protected. 

57. Drone Startup

Today, drones are used for everything from recreation, to commercial photography. A drone company holds opportunities for entrepreneurs, but to get started, you’ll need to do an FAA-approved aeronautical training program to get a Remote Pilot Certificate before you can begin developing and selling your drones. Once you’re ready to design your drones, keep the demands of your customers in mind to create a marketable, unique product that will appeal to drone enthusiasts. 

58. Search Engine Creation

More and more people are looking for a different online search experience, making the creation of a search engine one of the top startup ideas to consider. Make yours stand out by offering unique features such as advanced privacy settings, an algorithm that prioritizes different sources of information, or more in-depth search tools. 

59. Business Consulting

Business consulting can mean a few different things depending on your specialty. For example, if you’re skilled at marketing or business development, either of these fields could be the type of business consulting your startup offers. By establishing your specialty, you are able to better serve the needs of your customers and provide exceptional services every time.  

60. Health and Wellness Startup

Health and wellness businesses are growing rapidly in demand. From supplements to holistic food coaching, there are many avenues to take when developing a health and wellness startup . Narrowing your specialty down is important; however, researching ingredients and practices are vital to success in this industry. Make this business your own by developing an effective, personalized product that appeals to this specialized market.

61. Digital Marketing Startup

Digital marketing is a powerful and necessary tool for businesses today. By starting a digital marketing agency, you can help clients create an effective digital marketing strategy that appeals to their target audience. To make your digital marketing stand out to prospective clients, find your niche, and do your research to ensure you are on top of the most effective strategies to help your specific client base. Success in this field is dependent on results clients can see, so be prepared to reassess your strategies to ensure your business can provide substantial growth for its clients.  

62. Freelance Writing

Next on our list of successful business ideas is freelance writing, which has low startup costs and high earning potential. Writing of every kind is in demand. From copywriting to technical writing, this type of startup can provide clients with the talent they need to accomplish their business goals. Whether you are a writer yourself or plan to develop a platform that serves as a hub for writers and clients to connect, this industry offers a variety of opportunities. 

63. Handcrafted Products

Creating handcrafted products is one of the top business ideas for art-savvy entrepreneurs. The demand for handcrafted products continues to grow. If you’re a maker with the desire to sell your products, or an excellent curator of fine handmade products, this is a business idea worth considering. To excel in a market loaded with talented creators, do your research about up-and-coming trends to put your startup at the forefront and develop products that appeal to a popular market.

64. Dropshipping

If you like the idea of an ecommerce startup but don’t have the room to store items to sell, dropshipping could be the perfect solution. Dropshipping startups simply take customer’s orders online, but instead of filling orders themselves, they are sent to a third-party retailer for fulfillment. Essentially, your startup consists of customer experience management, marketing, and curating items for your dropshipping business.

65. Delivery Service

With more people staying home than ever, the demand for delivery services continues to grow. Whether it’s delivering packages, groceries, or take-out food — the appealing convenience has grown this industry exponentially in recent years. To stand out from the competition, consider creating a delivery service startup that gives customers access to a unique type of product or streamlines the business model to give customers a new delivery experience.

66. Pet Services

Pet parents want the best for their furry companions which makes the odds of a pet services startup being profitable higher than many others. For example, independent pet-sitting small business owners report making up to $57,000 a year with little overhead costs. More good news, pet services can be anything from grooming to dog-walking depending on the space you have available and your skillset. The biggest challenge when starting a pet service startup is marketing to build trust with pet owners that will choose you to take care of their furry family members.

67. Clean Mobility Startup

Sustainable transport solutions, also known as clean mobility, have been increasing in popularity for some time now. Climate change issues and the drive for a zero-carbon footprint have inspired many ideas in this space, and if you think you have an idea that solves a problem related to clean mobility, now is the time to execute it.

68. Ethical Online Marketplace

With more people at home than ever, the convenience of shopping online has grown in popularity. However, this doesn’t mean that the marketplaces available are providing products that are ethically sourced, made, or sold. That’s where you come in! An online ethical marketplace provides a platform for ethically made goods to be found and purchased by interested consumers.

69. Fair Trade Subscription Box

There are subscription boxes for everything these days. To lower costs, however, many businesses opt to sell products that the makers aren’t adequately compensated for. A fair trade subscription box startup provides the ease and excitement of a subscription box while introducing consumers to fairly traded, handcrafted products that they can feel good about purchasing.

70. Water Purification

Unfortunately, there are plenty of places in the US and across the globe that don't have access to safe, healthy drinking water. Your startup could be the answer to providing people with usable water. Whether you develop an innovative portable water purification tool or an entire system for homes and businesses, this startup idea has the potential for high profits as well as a strong social impact.

71. Charity App

Make philanthropy more accessible by creating a charity app. This could be an easy space to crowdfund for charities, make donations, or fulfill a need in your community. Since most adults have smartphones, a charity app startup can provide an easier way for charities to gain the funding and support they need in order to help the people who need it most.

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72. Green Cleaning Products

With more information available about chemicals used in standard cleaning products, we know that green cleaning products are better for the environment and the consumer. A green cleaning products business creates a safe alternative to harsh chemicals and typically offers its products in eco-friendly packaging. Make your business stand out by offering refillable options, biodegradable packaging, and unique ingredients.

73. Food Waste Solution

Many of the booming spaces right now are related to sustainability, and food waste is a huge issue across most of the world. As such, developing an innovative idea in this space can be a game-changer. Startups like Misfit Market have proven how much the world wants and needs sustainable food solutions.

74. Green App

Do you have an idea for an app that can make a daily task a little more eco-friendly? If yes, consider starting a green app development startup. Most of us use apps every day to make errands and tasks easier, so why not use the same technology to make them a little more green?

If you don’t already have an idea in mind, start by considering everyday, widespread problems that could be solved or a daily activity that could be made more green by using an app, and run with your ideas.

75. Organization Business

If you are a naturally organized person, you might want to consider offering your services to individuals or businesses. In our fast-paced world, organizational talents are worth their weight in gold, and those who are not naturally skilled in this area will pay those who are to help them out. Try to niche down your offering as much as possible to improve your chances of success. 

76. Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times in a couple's relationship and having a professional on board to help guide the decision-making process can make all the difference. In the event planning industry, networking with service providers is vital to client acquisition. Specializing in a certain type of matrimonial celebration, such as destination weddings, can also help to set you apart from the crowd. 

77. Crypto Startup

Getting into the cryptocurrency space is easier than ever right now. Whether you're creating a new coin or building a solution platform for the crypto crowd, there are a lot of opportunities to be had. It is important not to jump in head-first here, though. Do your research and make sure you deeply understand how the space is currently functioning to give your crypto startup its best chance. 

78. Smart Appliances

We all want a kettle that talks to us, right? Okay, maybe that's not the biggest need in the smart appliance space right now, but it certainly is one of the fastest-growing industries in its niche. Creating a startup in this industry doesn't need to involve manufacturing, either. Software, selling platforms, and add-on apps are all great ways to supplement smart appliances and get your startup off the ground.

79. Language Learning Startup

If you’ve learned a foreign language, you know it’s difficult, especially for adults. However, knowing a second language is not only a fun pastime, but it opens up job opportunities and helps people connect with other communities. A language learning startup can be any product or service that helps people learn a new language, such as an app, instructional website, or written guides.

To make your startup stand out, focus on making learning a new language fun for users so that they want to reach for your product or resources again and again.

80. Real Estate Tech

If you're into either tech development or real estate, the real estate tech market might be just the place for you. More than ever before, as the world becomes a global village, renters and buyers are looking to tech to help them find new homes without having to leave their current ones. With so many aspects to this industry, finding a unique problem to solve should not be difficult.

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What is a startup?

A startup is a company that’s business model prioritizes innovation. Rather than creating a product or service that is the standard, startups develop new and innovative solutions to change their industry.

What is the difference between a small business and a startup?

Small businesses tend to focus on sustainable, long-term growth while startups are typically industry disruptors, focused on innovating new products for rapid initial growth.

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What makes for a great startup idea?

A great business idea is creative, in-demand, and innovative. Most importantly, however, it has high growth and profitability potential.

What makes for a great entrepreneur?

The anatomy of a great entrepreneur is a collection of traits that everyone possesses; great entrepreneurs simply acknowledge and utilize these traits to propel their business forward. The five most important traits of a successful entrepreneur are passion, adaptability, observation, self-discipline, and self-assurance.

How do you come up with startup ideas?

There are a lot of tools at your disposal to help you come up with a great startup idea . To get started, try identifying the needs of the world, recognizing your passions, and conducting brainstorming sessions.

How do I choose startup ideas?

A startup business idea is most likely right for you if it aligns with your interests, experience level, and the amount of startup capital you have. Additionally, where you’re located and the available market will play an important role in knowing whether your business idea is worth pursuing.

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Top Five Startup Business Ideas

As you contemplate the year ahead, have you been thinking about starting your own small business? When it comes to great business ideas, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge.

These days, more and more people are starting their own businesses. What’s driving this increase in small business startups?

  • E-commerce has seen incredible growth due to COVID-19. One reason for this? During the pandemic, more and more consumers did their shopping online. This means it’s easier to both buy and sell online, a factor that’s beneficial for launching and operating successful businesses.
  • At the same time, many businesses have had to shut down over the past two years, leaving areas of the market open to new competition. This makes it an ideal time to join the ranks of enterprising entrepreneurs looking to launch their small business ideas as the economy picks up steam again.
  • Recent business closures have also resulted in a greater available talent pool of employees. This means you will have access to a larger pool of employees as your new business grows.

With so many great small business ideas to choose from, the journey to small business ownership has never looked better. If you have a good idea in hand, now is a great time to become a small business owner.

1. Start a Graphic Design Business

Does good design grab your attention? Starting up a graphic design business is one of the best creative small business ideas around. If you’re visually oriented, appreciate great design, and know your way around graphic design software such as Photoshop, a graphic design business could be the perfect business startup idea for you. Check out these tips for launching a graphic design business:

Get your first client. Finding your first client is how you can build your portfolio. The following are ways you can land that first client:

  • Freelance marketplaces. Freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork provide platforms that connect freelancers and small businesses with the clients who need their services.
  • Online Job Boards. Remote work has exploded. These days you can find freelance jobs posted on both remote work boards such as FlexJobs , and more traditional job boards such as Indeed .
  • Online and Offline Networking. LinkedIn is great for online networking, but don’t forget about in-person networking, too. You can search for local networking events or groups through sites like Eventbrite or Meetup , or contact business associations in your area.

Build your website. As a graphic design business, you’ll need a website , even if you only plan to serve local clients. Your website is your business’s online home, the place where potential customers can go to find you. Consider it the digital version of your business card.

The business side of things. From bookkeeping to invoicing to marketing, you’ll need to set aside time to do the tasks that form the foundation of your small business. And as your business grows, these are also great tasks to outsource, so you can focus on doing the graphic design work you love.

entrepreneur ideas

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Do your friends tell you organizing is your superpower? A virtual assistant business is a type of business that puts your superior planning skills to good use. Entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere hire virtual assistants to help them stay on top of all their to-dos and keep their businesses running smoothly. Here’s what you need to know about starting up a virtual assistant business:

Pay range. The average pay rate for virtual assistants can range anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour. Because you’re charging by the hour, how much you make will depend on how many hours you work each day. You can easily make a full-time income by increasing your daily or weekly workload.

Low startup costs. You’ll often see virtual assistant businesses topping online lists of great business ideas. One reason for this is the low cost of starting out as a virtual assistant. While you can always invest in more equipment and software in the long-term, all you really need to launch a virtual assistant business is a computer and reliable Internet access.

Flexible time commitment. While you can run your business on a full-time basis, you can also limit the number of clients you take on. Many virtual assistants take advantage of this flexibility to work part-time so they can take on a side hustle like blogging, which we’ll discuss next.

3. Find Your Calling and Blog About It

If you’re passionate about a hobby or activity, blogging is one of those entrepreneur ideas that let you follow your passion. A blogging business makes for a great side hustle or part-time endeavor. With a blog, you won’t be making much money from the start. But blogging has the potential to grow more profitable over time. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a blogger:

Startup budget. You won’t need a big budget, but there are certain costs you’ll need to fund to launch your blogging business. These costs include web hosting fees, which you’ll pay either monthly or yearly. Great web design is also important for a blog, which means you may need to have a logo created, and purchase a good blog template.

Choose the right blogging platform. Take the time to check out the pros and cons of various blogging platforms available, such as WordPress or Ghost . It’s not impossible to transfer your blog content between platforms, but it’s an added frustration that can be avoided by doing some initial research.

Know your audience. As a blogger, you need to give your target audience the information they’re looking for. Hang out online in the forums and groups your audience frequents to get ideas for your blog posts. And make sure you present your information in an easy-to-read format: stay away from long paragraphs, and make good use of white space in your posts.

The business of blogging. If you want to earn money with your blog, you need to treat it like a business. Take the time to learn about SEO, or search engine optimization, which will help people find your blog. And look for ways to market your blogging business. For example, you can promote other businesses and ask them to promote you back, either through a mention on their site, or a link.

4. Start a Food Truck Business

Food trucks were popular before the pandemic, and they continue to be popular as we ease our way to a post-pandemic normal. A food truck business offers the up-and-coming chef an opportunity to start a food business without the higher costs associated with a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Here’s what you need to know about starting your own food truck business:

Higher hard costs. Operating a food truck business requires more startup funds than the other startup business ideas we’ve discussed so far. You’ll typically need around $70K to $125K to get your food truck business started. Arranging for adequate funding is one of the first things you’ll need to do in the startup phase.

Social media savvy. When it comes to running your food truck business, social media platforms are a marketing essential. Because your business is mobile, you can use social media to tell potential customers where and when they can find you on any given day. It’s also a great way to announce and run special events or promote new menu items. And for food truck businesses, social media builds trust and drives more traffic than traditional marketing methods.

Off-truck food prep. Yes, your food truck has a kitchen. But it’s a good idea to have access to an off-truck location to do as much food prep as possible. Prepping your food on-truck can be challenging. And even worse, it can lead to time delays, which can then result in the loss of potential customers.

great business ideas

5. Launch an Interior Design Business

Most people love the idea of a beautifully decorated home but lack the style sense to get their places looking the way they want. If you have a talent for creating show-stopping interior designs, starting a full-time interior design business lets you put your style sense to good use. Check out the following tips for launching an interior design business:

Know your design style . Customers choose an interior designer based on the designer’s style. Review your style so you can use it as your starting point when planning out the services you’ll be offering. For example, if you excel at creating an eclectic antiques-based look, you could highlight your ability to source unique vintage furnishings.

Build your portfolio . Every client you take on presents an opportunity to build your portfolio. When you’re first starting out, consider offering your interior design services to friends or relatives for free. This way, you can get plenty of “before” and “after” photos to showcase the awesome work you do.

Word of mouth marketing . Not only do you want every client to love your work, you want them to tell their friends about you, too. Word of mouth is a major marketing method for interior design businesses. Take advantage of your clients’ love for your work by asking for referrals. You should also invest in good web design, so you have a great website for those referrals to check out. And remember to always keep business cards on hand. As an interior designer, any person you meet could be a potential customer.

How to Choose a Great Business Idea

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know that up to 40% of small businesses fail in their first year. One of the main reasons for these business failures is not having enough interest or customers to support the new business. Great business ideas, like the ones we discussed above, are high-quality ideas capable of generating enough interest to support long-term success.

You can see if there’s enough interest to sustain your business by using the market research methods below. As a bonus, this market research will help you when it comes time to create your business plan. (And if you don’t think you need a business plan to succeed? You should think again: a good business plan forms the foundation for most successful businesses.)

Keyword search volume. Using a tool like Google Keyword Planner , check the keywords related to your product or service to see if people are actively searching for these terms. If the search volume for your specific keywords is minimal, it could mean the market for your potential new business is too small.

Listen to the conversation. Hang out online in places frequented by your potential customers, such as forums and Facebook groups. Listen in on conversations to see if people are talking about the problem that your product or service solves. A lack of discussion about the problem might suggest there’s not enough interest for a successful business.

Check for competition. Enter your keywords into a search engine like Google to see the extent of the competition you’ll be facing. While you don’t necessarily want to enter a market with a ton of competition, if there’s no competition at all, it’s a sign that there might not be enough interest for a successful startup.

What Are the Most Profitable Businesses to Start

Once you’ve determined there’s enough of a market for your new business idea, what’s next? A new business can have enough interest or customers and still not be profitable. Check your business idea against the following to see if it has the potential to be profitable:

  • Low overhead or hard costs. A business that doesn’t have high startup or ongoing costs has more profit potential. Startup ideas that fall into this category also pose less risk, since you don’t stand to lose as much if your new business doesn’t take off. If your business idea ticks this box, it might be well worth your commitment.
  • Low competition, low profit per item, high volume sales. When a business falls within this category, you’ll face low competition, but you won’t make much per sale. On the flip side, though, you’ll be seeing a high volume of sales. A low competition/high volume combo makes up for the smaller profit you’re making per item. This higher profit potential positions your startup business for a greater chance at success.
  • Lower sales volume, higher profit margin. Startup business ideas that fall into this category typically have lower overhead costs. Combined with these lower costs, your higher-ticket items net you a higher profit margin. Despite having a lower volume of sales then, your business is geared for profitability as a result.

Best Startup Business Ideas

Our list of great startup ideas, along with ways for you to determine both the interest in and the potential profitability of your chosen business idea, gives you the tools you’ll need to join the growing ranks of successful businesses everywhere. At Small Biz Ahead, we’re with you every step of the way. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for more tips to guide you to small business success.

Ready to set up your small business? Incfile has helped over 1,000,000 businesses launch since 2004. Learn how to get started by visiting Incfile’s website today .

Next Steps:  Want to learn more? Sign up for the  Small Biz Ahead newsletter  to receive a weekly roundup of the latest tools, trends, and resources.

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Wow, This is a amazing post. Really interesting!

Thank you for the nice comment, Caroll!

Graphic Design is one of the MOST competitive industries to even land a job in, much less open your own business. I have a Bachelor’s in art and an Associates in Graphic Design, some of these “jobs” are usually offering no benefits, PT , i’ve seen some starting at $12/hr. Trying to just get an interview is extremely competitive

Liability insurance for my business.

You can learn more about liability insurance from The Hartford here:

These are also some SBA articles with information about business insurance:

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25 Tech Business Ideas for 2022

Robert Beaupre

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If you’re looking to start a business with high earning potential, you’ve probably looked into some tech business ideas.

And why wouldn’t you? In 2019, the estimated economic output of the technology industry was $1.8 trillion, comprising over 10% of the national economy, according to CompTIA. What’s more, the average successful startup exit (via either acquisition or IPO) has sat at $242.9 million since 2007.

However, for every successful startup exit, there are hundreds if not thousands of startups that have failed. So if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to hit it big in the technology sector, you need to start with a strong tech business idea.

In an industry defined by innovation and disruption, what constitutes a “good” tech business idea is constantly changing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tech business ideas that are poised for extreme growth in the coming years.

top 10 business ideas for startups

What is a tech business?

Tech businesses provide products and services that have applications across multiple industries — but at their core, they pertain to the research, development and distribution of technology-based goods. This includes businesses that manufacture electronics (like Apple), create software (like Salesforce), provide services relating to information technology (like Google) and more.

The best part about our technology business ideas is that they don’t require a lot of overhead—you can start small and grow over time. However, you will need some level of technical knowledge to be able to successfully start a business in the industry. If you don’t have any tech experience, consider starting with a coding bootcamp.

Here are some of the top tech business ideas, including some recommendations from tech entrepreneurs themselves.

How Much Do You Need?

1. Food tech

Our first recommendation comes from Phil Strazzulla, founder of HR software company SelectSoftware. Strazzulla sees the food tech sector as a major growth industry in the coming years:

“Companies like Beyond Meat are just the beginning of businesses engineering eco-friendly and healthy food that is as delicious as our current diet. The science is now there, and the market for next-generation food is literally in the trillions of dollars, and it grows just as quickly as the world's population.”

2. Web design

One tech business idea that will never go out of style is website design. That’s because pretty much every business needs a professional-looking website in order to appear reputable and build their brand.

Web design encompasses a range of different services, including graphic design, interface design, copywriting, UX design, and SEO. According to IBISWorld , the web design business has grown at a rate of 6.6% over the last five years, and generated $38 billion in revenue in 2019, meaning you can rely on there being a market for this tech business idea for years to come.

3. Extended reality

Extended reality technology encompasses both augmented reality, or AR, and virtual reality, or VR, technologies. Kenny Trinh, editor of tech review publication Net Books News, sees extended reality technology proliferating in the coming years.

"In 2020, we’ll see more and more businesses applying extended reality to their brands to stand out from the competition and deliver a better customer experience,” says Trinh. “In fact, some businesses have been doing that already.”

Trinh points to the eco-friendly water packaging project W-in-a-Box, which uses AR to further explain the benefits of their product.

4. Robotics

Robotics is a bit of a catch-all term that encompasses mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science and other related disciplines. The goal of robotics is to create machines that can move and react to sensory input. According to Statista , this industry is expected to grow from $80 billion in annual revenue in 2019 to over $200 billion in annual revenue by 2025.

5. Customer experience management, or CXM

Ian Kelly, VP of operations for a CBD oil company called NuLeaf, believes customer experience management platforms like ZenDesk will soon make customer relationship management platforms, or CRMs, obsolete.

"While a CRM can help you manage customer details, a CXM unifies all sales, marketing and customer service conversations into a single silo so that your customers are treated like the loyal fan-base they are,” says Kelly. “No more hitting your customer over the head with repeat promos, selling them on services/products they already have or letting them slip through the cracks when they've bought and never been properly onboarded.”

6. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an industry enabled by social media platforms like Instagram involving endorsements and product placements from individuals or organizations who possess a certain level of expertise or social influence in their respective fields. While not just anyone can be an influencer, if you possess some level of unique knowledge or a lot of charisma, you can launch a business by gathering a social media following and hiring an influencer marketing agency to connect you with brands.

On the flip side, you can also launch a business focused on connecting brands with the right influencers for their products and mission.

7. Content automation

With content and social media becoming an ever-growing part of many businesses’ marketing plans, Gleb Myrko, an analyst at the market research firm Freedonia Group, believes content automation software presents a great opportunity for tech entrepreneurs.

"Businesses today have accounts on all different social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. All of these channels require different approaches to content planning, content production and account management and analytics,” says Myrko. “There’s still not a widely applied tool for omnichannel management, promotion and analytics for the most popular social media. We need an all-in-one hub where marketers can analyze data/performance, as well as manage and promote their accounts on different social media channels in a more centralized, convenient and effective manner.”

8. Artificial intelligence

The term “artificial intelligence" is used to describe technologies pertaining to machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and more. Although artificial intelligence is a technology that has been around for quite some time, as it becomes increasingly sophisticated, its market potential is growing as well.

Statista reports that the industry grew by 154% in 2019 alone—making it a great tech sector to build a business around.

9. Podcasting

If you’ve been paying attention to innovations in content over the past few years, you’re probably aware of the exploding popularity of podcasts. Today, 51% of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast, and podcaster Dre Baldwin sees podcasting’s prospects only increasing in the coming years.

“Entrepreneurs need to start building their podcast content library ASAP,” Baldwin says. “More and more people are consuming media on the go; audiobooks and podcasts are at the forefront of this. Any entrepreneur or business entity that wants the attention of consumers needs to be in their ears, literally.”

10. Streaming service

Services like Netflix and Disney+ get most of the attention when it comes to streaming services, but there is plenty of opportunity to start a streaming service for more niche content. For example, you can create a streaming service where users can upload instructional videos or a streaming service designed specifically for children’s content. You could also develop a platform for live streaming (like Twitch) or streaming music (like Spotify).

The global outlook on the streaming service industry is overwhelmingly positive. In 2019, streaming services generated $25 billion in revenue. By 2025, that number is expected to rise to $30 billion, according to Statista.

11. 3D printing

One of the more exciting technologies developed during the 2010s is 3D printing, which allows users to build a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design model. Shayne Sherman, CEO of TechLoris, believes 3D printing will have increased importance in the next decade as the technology continues to become more sophisticated.

"There will always be the need for production companies, but just as the advent of the assembly line changed production, so too has 3D printing,” Sherman says. “The ability to manufacture whole components in single pieces has created a serious demand, especially in the medical fields. This demand means that 3D printing companies are set to grow exponentially, and if you can get into the business, it's a solid choice for the coming years.”

12. E-commerce

E-commerce is another technology that has been around for a while, but still has growth potential. Over the last year, Statista reports that e-commerce sales grew from $500 billion to nearly $550 billion.

If you have a unique idea for an e-commerce store, you can launch your own e-commerce business from the comfort of your home. No product in mind? Not to worry; dropshipping allows you to start an e-commerce business with products you are not responsible for warehousing or shipping.

If you want to grab a bigger share of the market, you could also take the time to develop your own e-commerce platform or marketplace. Just keep in mind that the e-commerce platform space is already dominated by giants like Shopify and Amazon. Therefore, if you want to start your own e-commerce platform, we suggest focusing on a niche market.

13. Portable charging devices

Mobile devices go with us everywhere nowadays, but having your phone battery die on you while you’re out is still a far too common problem. That’s what’s driving the growth of the portable phone charging industry.

According to data published by BCC Research, the portable charging device market is expected to grow by 6.6% year over year from 2017 to 2022. Growth is driven by the fact that many newer phone models have lower battery capacity.

"Growing urbanization, rising disposable income and increasing mobile phone penetration will boost the mobile charger market around the globe,” according to the report’s author Mohammed Javed. “Increasing penetration of high-specification electronic gadgets/devices that drain batteries at faster rates will further boost the mobile charger market in the near future.”

14. Publishing e-books

An e-book is a book made available in digital form. If you’re a writer, there is a growing market for books published online. Businesses are creating e-books as a way to market their brand, and aspiring authors of fiction and nonfiction publish e-books as a way to reach more customers and grow their readership.

In 2019 alone, revenue generated from e-books topped $1.3 billion, and that number will rise to $1.6 billion by 2024, Statista reports.

15. Fitness tech

Technology has applications in nearly every industry — including the fitness industry. We’ve already seen new technologies like FitBit, Peloton and Strava change how people exercise, and more innovation is on the horizon. That’s the belief of Jared Weitz, founder of United Capital Source Inc.

"Fitness technology is an area of continued growth. Whether it is creating products like fitness trackers, wireless earbuds or smartwatches that have multiple functions, the market is constantly seeking new gear and technology,” Weitz says. “This niche is expanding from tangible fitness products to the apps and data that marry the physical and digital together. Combine a high-tech device with an app related to exercise or diet and you will be setting yourself up for success in 2020 and beyond.”

16. Online teaching

Do you know a foreign language? Can you build a treehouse? Do you cook really good soup? Then you can make money sharing your knowledge and expertise online. Thanks to services like Teachable and Udemy, teachers can now build their own online classes, sell them to students and teach the entire class online. If you’re a good teacher and know how to market your class, you can earn a livable wage by teaching your skills to others through the internet.

17. Mobile application development

Every business needs a website. And the way the market is trending, soon every business will also need their own mobile app. This presents an exciting opportunity for individuals skilled in app development. Successful companies like Braze and Leanplum have built their entire business around developing apps for others.

There is really an endless supply of app ideas. There were 194 billion app downloads in 2018 alone, and that number is only expected to climb. So strike while the iron is hot.

18. Search engine optimization consultant

Google is still an essential part of many business’s marketing strategies. They need to be able to appear as a top result in Google Search for keywords related to their business. That means they need someone who is skilled in search engine optimization, or SEO, to help them. Some businesses hire people to perform SEO in-house, but many organizations also work with freelancers or third-party agencies to implement an SEO strategy. If you can train yourself in SEO and keep up with its ever-changing trends, you can start a business providing SEO services to other organizations.

19. Social media consultant

If you’re not into SEO, but are good on social media, you can work with businesses to help them generate likes, shares, retweets, followers, comments, clicks and more as a social media marketer . In this role, you’ll consult with companies and help them manage their social profiles, spread content across the web and build their brand.

What’s more, the startup cost to be a social media marketer is minimal and can be done from your own home. Just be sure to buff up your social media skills and keep up with the latest trends and platforms.

20. Drone videography

If you own a drone and know how to use a camera, there’s a market for your services. Commercial and residential real estate agents are increasingly using aerial shots as a way to market their buildings and property. You can find real estate agents in your area using platforms like Zillow. Then reach out and offer up your services. Other industries, such as agriculture, events and more have uses for drones, as well.

21. Cybersecurity or IT consulting

Businesses today are increasingly threatened by cyberattacks, making the need for IT consultants greater than ever. As an IT consultant, you can help businesses evaluate their security systems, run tests and offer advice on how they can better protect themselves from cyberhackers.

More generally, an IT consultant can help businesses set up their computers and troubleshoot any general issues.

22. Venture capitalist

A vast majority of tech startups are backed by venture funding. If you have an interest in the tech space, but don’t have any technical knowledge yourself, you can try raising some money and becoming a venture capitalist or angel investor.

Similar to being an influencer, a venture capitalist isn’t something you can simply become overnight. That’s because being a venture capitalist requires allowing others to trust you with their money.

You need to start small and make some solid investments in order to make a name for yourself. Many independent investors join a VC fund for a while before striking off and starting their own fund.

23. Startup incubator

Another way to get involved in the tech world without having a lot of technical experience is to create your own startup incubator. The job of an incubator is to help startups plan and launch their business successfully. Services provided may include management training, office space and mentorship opportunities.

Of course, you’ll need some background in business to be able to successfully launch an incubator. The cost of creating your own incubator and attracting founders may also be difficult to muster. Many incubators start small and grow over time once they have successfully helped multiple startups enter the market.

24. Antivirus developer

An antivirus developer is a highly specific sort of tech business idea that pertains to the creation of antivirus software that can help businesses protect critical data. Antivirus software can be created using a variety of different programming languages. The overall goal of an antivirus is to detect and remove malware before it impacts a computer’s systems. Start networking with local businesses in your area to find out if there's a need for this service.

25. Domain name broker

Being a domain name broker is similar to being a stockbroker, except instead of stocks, you sell domain names. To get started you need a little capital to buy some domain names. You’ll then need to educate yourself so that you’ll be able to predict domain name requirements in the future.

So like most of the businesses on this list, it will take some work to get started. But everyone needs a domain name, so there will always be a market for this service.


ZenBusiness: Start Your Dream Business

The bottom line

We hope our list has helped you figure out which tech business idea is the right fit for your skills and interests. Regardless of the route you choose to take, you’ll need to write a business plan, create a business entity and maybe take out a business loan to get your startup off the ground.

On a similar note...

26 Great Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Table of contents.

Tejas Vemparala headshot

If you are thinking about starting a business , you should be considering whether your idea fills a need in the way people live their lives and approach their work. If you can identify an unmet need and a target market, then you might just have a business idea with legs. But how can you come up with a good small business idea in the first place? This list of business ideas includes 26 great types of business to help you find success.

Starting a business is a lot of work, but we’re here to help! Check out our useful resources for everything you need to successfully build your business from the ground up.

  • How To Start A Business: Step By Step
  • 11 Things To Do Before Starting A Business
  • Tax and Business Forms You’ll Need To Start A Business
  • Startup Costs: How Much Cash Will You Need?
  • 20 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business

26 great small business ideas

This list of 26 great business ideas will help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey. Note that many of the ideas below only require you to have a credit card processing partner to get started, so you can keep upfront expenses relatively low.

Read on for some inspiration into the many types of businesses that could launch you to success.

1. Online reselling

Online reselling

If you’re interested in clothing and sales, you might consider starting an online reseller business . Although it takes time, dedication and an eye for fashion, you can start your business as a side hustle and turn it into a full-time resale business. You could start by using online store websites like Poshmark and Mercari to sell your unwanted clothing and items, then expand to your own resale website.

Consider shopping estate sales and flea markets for hidden finds at a low cost and then listing them for a profit online. You may be able to collect a substantial inventory of items that are in good shape for very little overhead if you’re diligent enough and search the right places.

2. Pet sitting

pet sitting

About 70% of U.S. families have a pet . When these families go away for extended periods, your pet-sitting small business can give them peace of mind. As a pet sitter, you’ll watch over your clients’ dogs, cats or other pets at their house. As part of the job, you’ll need to feed them, give them water, play with them, and (with dogs) walk them as needed. To help keep clients satisfied, you’ll need to regularly update them on how their pets are doing.

If you have other sources of income that require nothing more than an internet connection and a laptop, pet sitting may be an especially apt small business idea. Almost all pet owners will be glad to let you work on your laptop while you spend time at their home with their pets, meaning that you can run two income streams simultaneously.

3. T-shirt printing

t-shirt printing

If you have a sense of fashion (or humor), you might enjoy launching a T-shirt printing business. You can also license someone else’s designs and screenprint them onto a blank tee. Either way, if you have space for a T-shirt printing setup, you can easily acquire the necessary tools to get started.

T-shirt printing can be a great e-commerce business. You can allow customers to place online orders and sell T-shirts in bulk. This way, you can sell to customers around the country and even the world.

4. Cleaning service

cleaning service

If you like to clean, you can easily turn that into a business. With a few staff members, a host of cleaning supplies and transportation, you can offer cleaning services to homeowners, apartment complexes and commercial properties. Most cleaning services charge $25 to $50 per hour. Cleaning services are straightforward businesses that require relatively little overhead; you simply need planning, dedication and marketing to attract customers.

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from other cleaning services, consider adding premium options like floor waxing or exterior power-washing for an additional fee. These services could be the deciding factor between your new cleaning service and seasoned companies that maintain too large a client list to provide that level of cleaning.

5. Online teaching

online teaching

The demand for online education has opened up possibilities for entrepreneurs. Since this is an online venture, you can choose any subject you know about and teach a course regardless of location. If you don’t have advanced knowledge in any particular subject, consider teaching English as a foreign language online to students overseas.

6. Online bookkeeping

Online bookkeeping

As with education, technology allows many bookkeeping services to be performed online. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper who wants the freedom and autonomy of running your own business, take advantage of modern technology to start your own online bookkeeping service.

7. Consulting


If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a specific topic (like business, social media, marketing, human resources, leadership or communication), consulting can be a lucrative option. You can start a consulting business on your own, then grow your business and hire other consultants over time.

8. Medical courier service

Medical courier

If you have a reliable vehicle and good time management skills, consider creating your own courier service – more specifically, a medical courier service. As a driver, you would be responsible for transporting medical items like lab specimens, prescription drugs and equipment. You could start your courier business on your own or hire other drivers to work for you.

The healthcare industry is expanding , which is a good sign for medical courier service job stability. There’s a wide range of client groups your business can serve, including hospitals, nursing homes, labs and private practices.

9. App development

app development

If you are knowledgeable and experienced in technology, you may want to consider a career in app development. Smartphones are an everyday accessory for many Americans that has increased the demand for mobile apps. Similarly, virtual reality software has become popular in recent years, so there is also a demand for VR app development. 

10. Transcription service

transcription service

If you have a good ear and can type quickly, a transcription service would allow you to work from home with a flexible schedule. Medical transcription services are especially needed as voice recognition technology proliferates for healthcare provider dictation. 

You can accept as few or as many transcription jobs as you’d like. This flexibility can be especially beneficial if you’re not looking to start all at once or if you have a day job you would like to keep for now. To boost your business prospects and justify charging more, consider becoming a certified transcriptionist and delving into a few specialties.

Medical transcriptionists typically charge 6 to 14 cents per line of transcription, which adds up quickly. The typical turnaround time for transcription work is 24 hours, so it’s important to stay on top of the jobs you accept. However, the ability to accept only a few requests at first means you can scale up as you are ready. Best of all, there is very little startup cost and overhead. You only need a computer, the appropriate software and a secure messaging service.

While not required, a medical transcription license can increase your business’s competitive advantage while expanding your customer base to include larger companies. Some service providers prefer that their transcriptionists have training from a certified program.

11. Professional organizing

professional organizing

Looking for a small business idea that can really spark joy? Professional organizers, like Marie Kondo, help people declutter and minimize for a living. In an age of materialism, many people are desperate to downsize and take control over their possessions. Minimalism is becoming extremely popular, but people often find it hard to part with things they’ve owned for a long time. Part of being a professional organizer is helping clients develop a system for downsizing.

If you’re a highly organized person who enjoys making spaces functional and comfortable, you might be good at coaching others to do the same. People will pay you to help them devise a method of minimizing their possessions and maintaining an organized space. To promote your business, ask if your clients will let you take before-and-after photos of the areas of their homes you’ve organized. If so, you can use those to create a portfolio that you can put on social media to attract more clients.

12. Freelance copywriting or content writing

freelance copywriting

If you’re a natural wordsmith with a bit of marketing knowledge, you can establish yourself as a freelance copywriter or content writer. Whether you write blogs, web content or press releases, plenty of companies will pay for your services. Increase your value by using SEO knowledge to help clients craft a strategy around specific keywords that their target audience is already using in their online searches.

Freelance copywriting is a great business to run because as long as you have an internet connection, you can work. It’s a business that you can operate from the comfort of your own home or even from the road if you travel. If you establish a large enough network and gain referrals from satisfied clients, you could even make freelance writing your full-time job .

13. Home care service

home care

A background in care and hospitality can go a long way to support housebound seniors who require in-home care. It’s also a service for which demand is only going to grow. According to the Population Reference Bureau, between 2020 and 2060, the 85-and-over population is projected to triple from 6.7 million to 19 million. The global number of centenarians (those over age 100) has already reached nearly 600,000. Many will need care and assistance, often in their own homes.

Luckily, you don’t need a background in healthcare to help seniors and grow a successful business at the same time, although those skills will be in demand as well. Many seniors need help with all kinds of tasks, like errands or repairs around the house. With some experience, you could consider growing your business to help seniors transition from their homes to assisted living facilities, offering services such as packing, transporting, setting up, or storing their furniture and possessions.

Senior home care is a rapidly growing industry. As a senior care provider, you can tap into this market while offering seniors premium care and assisting them with everyday tasks.

14. Translation service

translation service

According to research from IBISWorld, the translation services industry saw a decline in 2020, as did many industries; however, IBISWorld forecasts a “major uptick” for the industry over the next five years. That projected growth isn’t surprising, as the internet has opened up entrepreneurs in other countries to English-speaking markets, and vice versa.

This trend has created an opening for multilingual speakers to offer specific services, such as document translation and the translation of website information into languages for use in other markets. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, you could be successful in carving out a niche in the translation services industry.

15. Digital marketing

digital marketing

The importance of the internet grows with every passing day, but it also becomes harder for businesses to cut through the online clutter and properly market themselves. Digital marketing services are always in demand. Yet, many small and midsize companies would rather outsource them than establish a costly in-house team. If you have chops in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, web development or social media management, you could seize a business opportunity that allows you the freedom to work from home.

Digital marketing is an important part of any brand, so you’ll need to respond to developments in your clients’ marketing strategies. Social media management entails watching for comments and messages around the clock, not just scheduling posts with a set-it-and-forget-it mindset. If you enjoy strategizing and implementing marketing plans meticulously, digital marketing could be the right business for you. You may also consider becoming an affiliate marketer, which is another form of digital marketing.

16. Owning a food truck

food truck

Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes, serving up a wide range of snacks and cuisines. Take your favorite style of food on the road, and sell your culinary passions directly to hungry customers. Sure, you’ll be working, but you’ll be in a space you’re passionate about, with a chance to connect to people who have similar interests. 

Starting a food truck is a great small business idea for entrepreneurs with a taste for the culinary. The overhead and upkeep for a truck is significantly less than for a restaurant, and you have the added benefit of mobility. [Check out our recommendations for POS systems for your food truck.]

Starting a food truck business can be profitable. However, there are some startup costs to consider, such as purchasing a food truck and modifying it to meet local regulations. If you’re interested in serving up smiles with a food truck, get more information in our guide to starting a food truck business .

17. Lawn care service

lawn service

If you grew up with a lawn, chances are your parents made you maintain it. For many, lawn care is bothersome, but for some it offers a sense of peace and serenity. Working outdoors with your hands to tame and beautify the natural landscape can be a rewarding experience, but since so many people find the work tedious, it can also be profitable.

Lawn care services require little more than some basic equipment, a trailer and perhaps some staff, depending on how many clients you have and how big the jobs are. You can grow a small lawn care service into a full landscaping company by offering premium services and establishing a reputation as a brand that does a thorough job with a smile. If you like working outdoors and creating elegant landscapes, this could be the business for you.

Some states require landscapers, especially those using pesticides, to have a license. Check your state’s requirements to help you determine if you need to obtain a license for your business’s services.

18. Rideshare driving

rideshare driving

If starting your own business seems daunting or too much of a risk, you can always use your car to become a rideshare driver. The overhead and responsibility of running the company fall on the rideshare service, giving you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want. Rideshare applications such as Uber and Lyft allow people to start side hustles that pay well and require little more than a willingness to drive people to their destinations and make occasional friendly conversation.

Rideshare drivers have the independence of a small business owner without the heavy workload required to manage behind-the-scenes logistics. If any of the other business ideas seem to require too much effort or upfront capital, ridesharing might be the way to dip your toe into the world of entrepreneurship.

19. Real estate

real estate

For many people, navigating the housing market is overwhelming. As a real estate agent, you can help people find their dream home at a price that fits their budget. In many states, you only need to complete a few months of classes and pass an exam to qualify as a real estate agent. Keep in mind that even with a certification, you’ll need strong social skills, so if you’re not a people person, this might not be the route for you. [Read related article: How to Become a Real Estate Agent ]

20. Graphic design

graphic design

Corporations, small businesses and sole proprietors all need eye-catching promotional materials, but not everybody has an eye for what looks good. If you have an artistic streak and know how to organize content into a visually pleasing format, start a graphic design business to provide flyers, digital ads, posters and other engaging visual materials. Graphic design requires few physical tools beyond a laptop and a desk.

21. Dropshipping


Not all companies that sell goods store them on-site. In drop-shipping, people who run e-commerce sites go to a third party to fulfill all orders. The third party is likely a wholesale retailer or other entity that runs a warehouse and shipping operation. The minimal inventory and tools needed for drop-shipping make it an especially great startup idea if you’re worried about overhead costs and physical space.

22. Personal training

If the gym is like your second home, you might want to share some of your expertise and help others reach their fitness goals. As a personal trainer, you can offer in-home training sessions that cater to each of your clients’ exercise capabilities. You can also help clients build customized nutrition and meal plans so their diets complement their physical goals.

Many personal trainers start their client acquisition process with social media pages that detail their experience in the gym along with some motivational quotes. While a certification can help expand your customer base, you aren’t legally required to have any specialized training to start this type of business.

23. Resume writing

People are always applying for jobs, whether they want to make a career shift, increase their pay or switch work environments. Of course, most job applications require candidates to submit resumes to detail their professional background. As a resume writer, you can help job applicants’ resumes stand out from their competition.

You’ll also help your clients create cover letters and portfolios that show off the best of their work. Plus, you don’t need any special schooling to be a resume writer – just some basic organizing and proofreading skills. If you know what makes resumes appear professional and ready for employers’ eyes, you’re already off to a great start.

24. Host a podcast

Podcasts have become extremely popular, with more than 100 million active podcast listeners in the U.S. alone. Best of all, you can start a podcast on any topic that interests you, from business to history to pop culture and more. Starting a podcast requires consistency and dedication, as well as a basic understanding of audio editing (and video editing if you want to start a companion YouTube channel for subscribers to follow).

Once your podcast has built up a substantial following, you can sell time to advertisers or establish partnerships with companies that generate revenue. As your brand expands further, you may even be able to charge to speak at events or moderate panels on topics your podcast focuses on. Of course, in order to get to that level, you need to come up with a unique small business idea that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and then make sure you can relate to your target audience . 

25. Launch a newsletter

If podcasts aren’t your thing but you like the idea behind building a robust list of subscribers and then selling space to advertisers and partners, consider creating an email newsletter. More than 90% of Americans subscribe to email newsletters . This means if you can capture the attention of a particular audience, you could build a substantial following and monetize it. 

To do so, come up with an umbrella topic you can write about at length, and then work to establish a brand voice and mission. Explore the best email marketing software that can help you manage your subscriber list and email sends, and then you’re ready to get started. Solicit feedback from your audience over time to give them more of what they want and less of what they don’t. After all, their continued engagement with your newsletter is what will help you build it into a successful business. 

26. Event catering

Do you have a passion for the culinary arts? If so, event catering may be a great business idea for you. There’s no shortage of people who need delicious food to serve their guests, whether that’s at parties, weddings, fundraisers, or family reunions. If you have a knack for cooking or baking and love to serve hungry guests, event catering could be a fun and lucrative way to do just that.

To get started, you’ll need to set up a menu and price sheet, as well as obtain all necessary permits and licenses. Start small to get the word out about your catering service, but when your food speaks for itself don’t be surprised if your business grows by leaps and bounds through word of mouth alone.

What are the most successful small businesses?

Small businesses that involve website design, a subset of digital marketing, are among those that make the most sales and bring in the most profit. People learn about businesses on the internet more often than via other avenues, so finding clients and a steady income stream isn’t as difficult. Cleaning services and real estate businesses also have high success rates, which makes sense – all people need homes, and they prefer them to be clean.

Some of the most profitable business ideas are website design, cleaning services and real estate.

What would be a good small business to start?

If you want to maximize your profit while minimizing your workload, try any of the small business ideas that most frequently prove successful. However, if you’re more interested in pursuing your passions while earning enough money to live, start a small business that fulfills you, requires you to use your skills and offers you a good work-life balance . There are so many great business ideas – and you know better than anyone what small business ideas will bring you happiness, success and stability.

How can I start my own business with no money?

You don’t need money to become a small business owner. The first step in starting a business with no money is to keep your current job and launch your small business as a side pursuit at first. Then, develop your business plan and analyze your consumer base, market and potential challenges. 

Near the final stages of planning, you’ll better understand how much money you need to make your business a full-time job. You can find this money through crowdfunding platforms and investors . Consider taking out a business loan only as a last resort.

You should also work with reliable professionals, including an attorney and an accountant. Most of the businesses on this list require particular permits or licenses, and legal counsel can help you make sure you do it all by the book. Meanwhile, an accountant is critical for managing finances properly, especially in the early days when you’re still establishing your revenue stream. While these professionals represent an upfront cost, they’re well worth it and can help you build a healthy business.

Choose a small business idea with low startup costs. If you still don’t have enough money, finance your business idea through crowdfunding or investors.

How do I start a small business from home?

Home-based businesses tend to be the most convenient and manageable ones. That said, not all great business ideas are suited for home offices, so make sure your business can be conducted from home – jobs with on-site needs and heavy in-person demands might not be suitable. In your business plan and budget, incorporate any office supplies and tools that make your online business ideas feasible, such as a separate business computer, a suitable desk, high-speed internet, filing cabinets and a business website.

What makes for a good work-from-home small business idea?

A good work-from-home small business idea boasts the following traits:

  • Minimal inventory and supplies: Presumably, your home isn’t a mansion (yet), and you have only so much space in which to store inventory and supplies. That means lawn care service is probably a no-go if you’re looking to work from home. The same might be true for T-shirt printing if you don’t have space to store your prints. Copywriting and graphic design, on the other hand, require little more than a laptop and a working internet connection, and you probably already have those.
  • Low startup costs : A viable work-from-home business shouldn’t cost much to launch. With minimal storage space, it’s not like you can pile up raw materials and inventory. You might need to buy some software or obtain licensure for certain small business ideas, but your financial obstacles should be few and far between.
  • Computer-based, online work: Many of the above small business ideas require the use of a computer with an internet connection. Drop-shipping, digital marketing and translation are all great examples. An exception to the rule is pet- sitting if you watch over pets at your house rather than the owner’s home. Then, all you need is a pair of watchful eyes and open ears. You can even do computer-based work while watching the pets.
  • Flexible schedule: Traditional office jobs often demand a rigid 9-to-5 schedule from employees. This schedule can feel less important to adhere to if you’re working from home , especially when you’re your own boss. As such, the best work-from-home small business ideas allow for a flexible schedule. If you do your best app development work at 3 a.m., who’s to stop you?
  • Modest collaboration needs: Although remote team collaboration is easy to achieve, working from home goes more smoothly when you’re almost fully independent. A small business in which you answer to just a handful of clients and one or two colleagues (if any) leads to greater independence. Then you can truly work on your own terms and see your small business idea through to full fruition.

What is the step-by-step process for starting a business?

Starting a business takes work, but with the right tools and guidelines, your company will be up and running in no time. Although your specific business journey will be unique to you, we identified a few steps that entrepreneurs can take to start their businesses.

  • Choose a business idea and find your niche
  • Analyze the current market
  • Create a business plan
  • Assess your finances and raise money as needed
  • Determine your legal business structure
  • Register your business with the government and IRS
  • Choose the appropriate business insurance policies
  • Hire employees and build your team
  • Choose your vendors
  • Market and advertise your business


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10 Passionate Business Ideas for Your Next Startup Every business starts with an idea.

By R.L. Adams • May 7, 2019

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or you're mired in the proverbial rat race , if you're looking to start a new business this year, there are definitely some ideas that are better than others. At the end of the day, you'll need to ask yourself what you're passionate about and what you're willing to sacrifice for peace of mind.

Sure, you might make a healthy salary while living in a big city, but what's your happiness index look like? How long is your commute? How much do you like the company you work for? What about the people around you? And that's not to mention the cost of living, quality of education, access to health care and so on.

It isn't always about making more money; sometimes it's about having more freedom and a higher quality of life. How happy and sated you are also has a big impact on your productivity in the workplace. If you're simply going through the motions in your job and you're clearly unhappy, then it might be time for a change.

With that in mind, the following 10 business ideas would be great for your next startup, and most of them can be run as a location-independent business. Of course, if you're interested in that digital nomad lifestyle, these will likely also be great for you. Nonetheless, you'll need to still go through the legal motions of setting up your corporation and bank accounts in your home country, but these are terrific business ideas no matter who you are or where you're from.

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1. Smart device repair

Devices like smartphones and tablets are in the hands of just about everyone these days. No matter what location we're talking about, everyone is using them. They rely on them. They use them to communicate, surf the internet and even conduct commerce. So when those devices break or go into a state of disrepair, those individuals need someone to help fix them.

No matter where you are in the world, you can fix smart devices and turn that into a thriving business. You can order parts and instructional kits from a company like iFixIt , which is by far one of the biggest educational and parts resources for repairing any type of electronic smart device. Once you get really good at this, you can likely fix things like cracked screens, water-logged phones and dead batteries in minutes.

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2. Vacation rental management

Vacation rentals are on the rise and this segment is one of the hottest sectors in the hospitality industry. If you're living in a highly trafficked tourist destination, you could easily manage homes from property owners who don't want the hassle of listing, stocking, cleaning and dealing with incoming guests.

Considering that you have many options of where to advertise those homes, you could choose Airbnb , HomeAway or any other rental-listing platform to help drive traffic and interest to the homes. The better you perform, the more homes you can secure for your portfolio. You can then generally expect to make anywhere between 20 percent and 40 percent of the gross rental rate if you're managing those properties exclusively.

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3. Website-flipping

If you're looking for some fast cash, you could turn to website-flipping. All you'll be doing is buying and selling sites on existing platforms. There's definitely an art to this and some research involved, but if you get the hang of it, it's a simple and straightforward way to earn money.

There are plenty of sites dedicated to this. You could either auction off domains or sell complete websites. The latter will help you earn money and you can utilize a platform like or to both buy and sell domains and full-blown websites.

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4. Educational content and courses

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to create educational content and courses. People are always looking to learn and expand their skill set and if you can offer great instructional material, you could make a serious amount of money in this type of business.

There are plenty of sites where you can sell your educational courses, too. You can use a platform like Udemy (although you'll be subject to Udemy's going promotional discounts where the company drops the prices of your courses) or you could use Teachable , Coursera or or even build your own membership-based course using cloud-based software.

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5. Monthly "box" service

There are tons of monthly "box" services springing up across all kinds of verticals. You can easily build your own premium (or non-premium) box service and have a great business with recurring revenue. Every month, you'll send out a unique box with hand-selected pieces that apply to your industry.

What industries might be included? You could do box services involving gourmet foods, wines, cosmetics, toys and many more. This is a great way to build a continuity program while also having a recurring base of members to whom you can upsell other one-time offers and ancillary products or services.

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6. Guided tours

Guided tours are a great business idea if you're living in a tourist area. You can lean on a number of sites out there to advertise your services, and your cost to get this up and running is virtually nothing aside from setting up some simple legal or business structure paperwork.

Advertise your guided tours on sites like Viator or TripAdvisor to reach the largest potential audience. Do a Facebook Live of part of your tour and share it with your friends and post images of your tour on Instagram and use the right hashtags so that people can find you with ease.

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7. Coaching services

If you're an expert in some arena such as business, health or computers, why not become a coach? You can become a coach no matter where you're living and you can render your services over Skype or in person. Jot down three of your best skills and decide how you can parlay those skills into a high-ticket coaching service.

Today, people are paying thousands of dollars to coaches and masterminds just for the chance to learn the proper skills that will get them ahead most quickly in life or in business. No matter what your category is, you can definitely set up a coaching service for it even if you have to get creative to do so.

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8. Social media management

Social media is massive these days and businesses don't have the time or the knowledge to manage this themselves. Yet, they do realize that this is one of the most important aspects of marketing, and by mastering this single area, you can add tons of value to local businesses while also raking in that proverbial cash.

Today, businesses are willing to spend big money on social media management. If you can help to drive real leads and sales through this medium, your roster of clients will skyrocket over time. Follow other popular social media influencers and power users to discover their best strategies and model your efforts after theirs.

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9. Ad management agency

Today, Facebook, Google and YouTube ads have become the domineering forces in pay-per-click advertising. Those who can master the PPC medium will find that any business can be scaled quickly and effectively. Once you understand how to track your converting offers -- and you determine that by spending $1 you can make $2 -- you'll be able to infinitely scale your business and grow by leaps and bounds.

Take the time to learn how Facebook and Google ads works. Take courses on these topics and uncover the best tactics for reaching the right audience. Once you can reach the right audience, and you have the correct offer in place that appeals to that audience, you can move quickly into market saturation.

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10. SEO and web development

SEO and web development both offer massive opportunities today. Web development and the often-obfuscated world of SEO is definitely something that's scary to most folks because there are so many variables at play. With over 200-plus algorithm-ranking factors, it's no wonder people are hesitant about making mistakes and doing it on their own.

Yet, if you get very good at this one single thing, you can make an impressive amount of money no matter where you are. Either you can sell your services as an SEO or web developer, or you can build your own niche sites with affiliate links and go after the passive-income route for making money online .

Entrepreneur, software engineer, author, blogger and founder of

Robert Adams is a writer, blogger, serial entrepreneur, software engineer and best-selling author of dozens of technology, SEO, online marketing and self-development books, audiobooks and courses.

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55 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2023

We put together a list of the best, most profitable small business ideas for entrepreneurs to pursue in 2023.

This $126 Apple- and Android-Compatible Display Can Help You Drive Safer

Adding this display will elevate your older model car for an affordable price.

This Cyber Week Exclusive Gets You 1TB of Cloud Storage for $120

If you're looking for a reliable cloud storage solution, look no further than Koofr.

McDonald's Is Making a Major Change to Its Burgers in 2024

The beloved Big Mac will also be getting a big makeover.

3 New Ways to Develop Laser-Like Focus

To boost focus in the face of distractions, you need a new approach to success.

Successfully copied link


30 Unique Small Business Ideas to Try in 2023

top 10 business ideas for startups

Christopher Ike

Last updated on October 12, 2023 12 mins read

30 unique business ideas

Have you been searching for the right unique small business ideas to try in 2023? You’ve pitched your tent on the right post. We’ve compiled a detailed list of 30 small business ideas for all sizes and purses.

Starting a business offers numerous perks. You own your time, you get a chance to do what you truly love, and most importantly, you get to make more money.

In this post, we’ll share 30 small business ideas worth considering. From cleaning services to selling your expertise and starting an eCommerce site, you can’t run out of options.

Most of these businesses are easy to start, don’t require heavy financial investment upfront, and require very little technical expertise.

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Startup and Small Business Ideas to Try in 2023

Are you looking for your next startup idea? We begin with:

1. Cleaning services

Consider starting a cleaning business if you don’t mind doing the dirty work others cannot do for themselves. The financial reward can be incredible.

small business ideas 2022

Starting a cleaning business is fairly easy and you can start with very little capital. Sometimes, all you need is a scrub and cleaning soap.

That said, here are some cleaning businesses you can easily get into:

  • House cleaning services : Know some busy, single professionals in your neighborhood? Why not approach them and ask to clean their homes for a small fee? The growth potential in this business will surprise you.
  • Vehicle cleaning : Some vehicle owners do not have the time to clean their vehicles. Why not give them some help? You could even take things a bit further by approaching companies and asking to clean their private or a public fleet of vehicles.
  • Carpet cleaning : Got carpet cleaning equipment or know where to hire? Consider starting a commercial or home carpet cleaning service.
  • Graffiti cleaning : Do you know how to take graffiti off walls? Shoot a shot at a graffiti cleaning business.

2. Freelance Writing Business

Freelance writing is readily one of the easiest online businesses to start in 2023. A computer and an internet connection are all you need.

Contrary to popular opinions, you don’t need to have a degree in journalism, literature, or English to get started.

You don’t even need to be a native English speaker to break into freelance writing.

If you have expertise or experience in a particular field – say crypto trading – you can make a business out of it by writing on that subject or shooting videos for your YouTube channel. You can help people understand what are cryptocurrencies, how to trade, which exchanges or crypto portfolio trackers to use.

Moreover, you can also provide Blockchain PR services, since blockchain technology is the future and offer them on your Patreon account. Moreover, you can also provide Blockchain PR services, since blockchain technology is the future.

But if you don’t have any expertise, one good way to start is by hunting for re-writing gigs on platforms like WriterAccess , Fiverr and Upwork.

3. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Can you possibly make money off your writing skill even while sleeping? You definitely can, thanks to Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Amazon kindle publishing

It works like this: You write a book and upload it to Amazon Kindle Publishing. Amazon’s review team will review the book.

Once approved, it will be published on Amazon, and readers can purchase your book. Each time your book gets sold, Amazon will take a certain percentage and leave the rest to you.

If done correctly, Amazon KDP can be a source of passive income. Plus, it is scalable.

Are you great with kids? Why not help give busy parents a helping hand by starting a daycare business?

Starting a daycare business can be fulfilling and rewarding. On top of that, you don’t need so much upfront investment to get it off the ground. You could even start one from the comfort of your home. Suppose, If you are thinking of starting a doggy daycare business you just need a doggy daycare business plan to start your business

Remember that you might need to get a permit to start your daycare, so look into that before starting one.

5. Pet Grooming

If you enjoy having pets around, and grooming them doesn’t seem like much work, consider starting a pet grooming business.

To stay flexible, consider offering home services. In this arrangement, you visit the homes of pet owners, groom their pets, and get paid for your services.

Creating a Google My Business Page for your business can help you reach more clients in your local area.

6. Aerial Photography

The demand for aerial photography has risen to unprecedented heights in the past decade. If you are good at flying a drone – or at least can learn one quickly – an aerial photography business won’t be a bad idea.

Luckily, a good drone isn’t expensive – with as little as $1,500, you can get a nice one for yourself from Amazon.

Who will your ideal clients be? Real estate developers, intending couples with an upcoming wedding event, movie and music producers, and more. In addition, photography makes a great hobby and can quickly turn into your favorite pastime activity.

7. Build and Sell Themes Online

If you’ve got good coding skills and are particularly good at front-end development, you can build a business out of your skills by creating and selling website themes online.

Depending on your skill set, you can build themes for WordPress and sell them on Themeforest.

However, if you have limited knowledge about WordPress, you can build your theme using Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and Js and then publish it on GetBootstrap.

Consistency and persistence will go a long way in turning this small business idea into reality.

8. Blogging

Can you still make money today by blogging? The short and simple answer is yes.

To succeed with blogging, you need to have good writing habits as well as find a niche with little competition and hit hard on it. Patience and diligence will undoubtedly help. If you’re planning to start a blog, it’s important to choose the right hosting solution. Beginners can try managed WordPress hosting, where technical tasks like migration, maintenance, and security are handled by the service providers. Blogging is a good business idea for college students, stay-at-home moms, etc.

9. Food Delivery Service

Food delivery business idea

Starting a restaurant can be daunting and capital-intensive. Too many details need to be taken into account starting from restaurant design plan to the color and pa.ttern choice of utensils If you have been looking at starting one but haven’t got the funds, look into starting a meal delivery service instead.

It works like this: you prepare quality, tasty meals at home and then deliver them to your customers either at work or in their homes.

Depending on the laws of the city you live in, you might need a permit and courier insurance to run this type of business.

10. Property Management

If you’ve worked in the real estate industry before, or you are just good at real estate management software development, you might find success as a property manager.

The thing is, there are lots of property owners who don’t have the time to manage their properties spread across town. They need someone they can trust to collect rents, fix broken stuff, and kick bad tenants out.  If you’ve worked in the real estate industry before, or you are just good at management, you might find success as a property manager, especially with the right property management software.

So, if you are up to the challenge, by all means, give it your best shot.

Top 10 Most Successful Businesses to Start

Not all businesses succeed. In fact, some go belly up even before they get a chance to start.

You sure don’t want that to happen to you. What small business ideas with a high probability of success can you explore in 2023?

Here are a few:

11. Virtual Assistant Service

Many small business owners and solopreneurs need helping hands to keep their business going, and wouldn’t mind paying to get one.

Why not cash in on this opportunity by offering virtual assistant services to these busy entrepreneurs? Global marketplaces and BPO’s like 1840 & Company can help you find clients

You can help them manage booking appointments, send and reply to emails, make calls to their clients, answer customer queries, and lots more.

The best part is that you can do all this without being physically present.

Crowdsourcing platforms like Upwork,, and Indeed can help you find clients.

12. Social Media Management Service

Having a solid online presence is key to surviving and staying relevant in business in this digital age – little wonder why many companies are jostling to establish themselves on social sharing sites.

13. Web Design Agency

In the early age of the web development services business, you needed to know how to write long, intricate codes to build a web application. But all that has changed now, thanks to no-code solutions like WordPress and Wix.

If you like to design stuff and don’t mind devoting time to learning how to use WordPress, consider starting a web design business. Automation web testing comes in the website development life-cycle. You can also offer web design as well as automated testing services. And can work as an automation testing company.

To acquire clients for your business, start by telling your friends and family what you do. You’d be amazed at how this simple networking strategy can bring you lots of clients. You don’t have to stop with web design. Branch out into other agency roles, such as SEO. This London-based SEO consultancy is a great example of how you can start. You could even work fully remotely. A solid online presence is a key to surviving and staying relevant in business in this digital age – little wonder why many companies are jostling to establish themselves on social sharing sites. Further, you can use social media scheduling tools to schedule posts promptly to boost reach.

How to acquire customers

14. Coffee Shop

Coffee shop business idea

Turn your love for coffee brewing into some serious cash-making venture by launching a coffee shop.

If you don’t have the time and dedication to build your coffee business from the ground up, franchising might be a better option. Alternatively, you can purchase an already established coffee shop and rebrand it.

Of course, you will some serious cash to pull that off.

15. Sell Online Courses

Got a skill you can also teach to others without thinking so much about it? Why not start making money out of it by creating and selling your courses online?

And you can teach just about anything: DIY hacks, copywriting, how to fix broken stuff, gardening, etc.

You don’t need expensive filming gear to get started; your smartphone is enough.

Udemy, Skillshare, and other course building platforms are good places to start.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal for 9-5ers, stay-at-home moms and dads, and anyone looking for a passive side income.

How does it work?

You find a physical or digital product you would like to promote, drive traffic to that product, and hope to make a sale. Each time that product gets sold, you earn a commission.

For example, we run an affiliate program at Adoric. Each time you refer visitors, and they sign up for any of our paid plans, you earn a 20% commission. You can utilize a referral software to set up and automate the process for such a marketing campaign.

To find profitable products to promote, check out platforms like Commission Junction or Clickbank.

17. Home Tutoring

Home tutoring is another unique small unique business idea worth giving a try in 2023.

The best part is that you can provide this type of service virtually online or physically. And you can teach just about anything: maths, economics, piano, swimming, etc.

Platforms like Tutorme can help connect you with clients looking for your services.

18. Video Editor

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine just after Google?

This is a clear indication that video consumption is soaring and with the increase in the video popularity it is advised to make videos  using creative slide templates to reach your audience.

Hence, if you are good at video editing, there are lots of people out there that will need your services. Besides, some video editing effects are available for free so it makes the job easier for you.

19. eCommerce

Thanks to the internet, selling is now easier than ever. You can sell products to people on the other side of the planet without stressing about it.

When done right, an eCommerce business can be extremely profitable.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is vital for the success of your business. WooCommerce, Shopify, Oberlo, etc. are some that you can try.

Not sure which to go for? Also, choose your hosting provider carefully and consider deploying your online store on a managed VPS instead of using traditional shared hosting to guarantee yourself much better loading speeds, security, and scalability. Providers like ScalaHosting are among the top-rated companies in this segment, and with their SPanel, VPS management is no longer a challenge even for newbies.

Check out this detailed WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison guide

WooCommerce vs Shopify

20. Amazon FBA

Still talking about eCommerce, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the small-scale business ideas that you will likely find success with come 2023.

You find products you would like to sell, purchase them, and send them over to Amazon’s warehouses. If your products pass Amazon’s quality test, they will be uploaded online.

When customers place an order for your products, Amazon will package and deliver them. Payments and returns are handled out of the box for you.

Amazon FBA is more convenient than selling via Shopify or WooCommerce. Furthermore, you can use FBA tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout to increase sales on Amazon. If you want to import products from China, then you can get help from a sourcing agent like Sourcing Nova to find the best quality manufacturers.

How To Automate Small Business

Automating your processes can save you time and money if you own or manage a small business. There are many different ways to automate small business processes, and the best way to find out is to experiment.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Create a process map. This will help you understand your current workflow and identify areas that could be automated.

2. Use software to help automate tasks. Programs like Automation Anywhere can streamline many common business processes, including email marketing, accounting, shipping, and customer service. You can also try Edi Consultant to automate your small business.

3. Use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning operations to make decisions on your behalf. This can include things like automating billing or scheduling appointments.

4. Use big data analytics to improve decision-making and optimization of your processes. This will allow you to better understand customer needs and trends and optimize your operations accordingly. To do it effectively you can partner with an information broker who specializes in collecting and analyzing data from various sources to provide valuable insights.

Top 5 Business Ideas for Women

Are you a stay-at-home mom, single mom, or just a woman looking to take her destiny into her hand by starting a business?

Here are 5 unique business ideas that you should try your hands on.

21. Personal Shopper

Turn your shopaholic craze into a profitable business venture by helping those who haven’t got the time to shop for themselves.

The coolest part is that you need virtually nothing to get started – just your passion for shopping will do.

To get started, talk to as many people as you can and let them know you can help them with their shopping needs. From there, you can begin to scale up by building a website to promote your business.

22. Handmade Crafts

If you are skilled at making mittens, beaded bags, shawls, or any other valuable craft, consider selling your handmade crafts in places like Etsy.

A lot of women have built for themselves a business empire via Etsy – so also can you.

23. Church Management

Church management software is transforming how religious institutions operate. It simplifies administrative tasks, improves communication, and enhances member engagement.

Startups and small businesses have a significant opportunity to develop customized church management software solutions to meet the unique needs of religious organizations in 2023.

By offering user-friendly interfaces, automation features, and robust support, entrepreneurs can contribute to the growth and effectiveness of churches while building successful ventures in the digital age. Church management system streamlines operations strengthens community connections, and enables data-driven decision-making, making it an essential tool for church growth and sustainability

24. Caregiver

A lot of families have aged and sick ones that need to be taken care of at home. So, if got some nursing experience, or you are just a people person, you can make a business out of this.

Keep in mind that you might need to get certified by a recognized body to provide personal care to invalids.

25. Teach English Online

The demand for English teachers around the world has been on the rise. If you speak English natively and have a good internet connection, you can build a business out of this demand by teaching English online.

You can use platforms like VIPKID can help you connect with potential clients around the world.

26. Blogging

If you naturally like to write, you might find a lot of success with blogging. A lot of stay-at-home moms are meeting their family needs from the blogging incomes.

What can you blog about?

Anything you have passion for. It could be about your new reality of being a mom. Or maybe helpful personal finance tips. But all that has changed now, thanks to no-code solutions like Appy Pie website builder, WordPress, and Wix.

To see substantial income from blogging, you need first to build sizable traffic to your website. This will require publishing content regularly.

You can then monetize that traffic using Google ads, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Top 5 Business Ideas for Teens

Who said your teenage son or daughter can’t start a business of their own. If your kid has got an entrepreneurial spirit, here are some small business ideas you can encourage them to try their hands on:

27. Car Wash

top 10 business ideas for startups

Make your enterprising kids work for their weekly allowance by letting them wash your car. Once they start getting better at it, you can ask your neighbors and friends if they would like your kids to wash theirs too.

28. Errand-running

Helping others with errands like buying groceries, grooming pets, etc. can be a lucrative venture for teens.

It has a minimal entry barrier, easy to start, and doesn’t require any capital – a bicycle is enough to get started with.

29. Ice Cream Joint

Who doesn’t love a cold cup of ice cream in the heat of summer? Why not sell this business idea to your kid and see if they would run with it.

You can support them by purchasing a vending machine and renting a small space somewhere in your neighborhood.

30. Podcasting

Some people have a natural flair for creating audio content. If you’ve noticed this talent in your teen, encourage them to start a podcast.

And they don’t need to buy expensive gear to hit the ground running – their smartphone is enough.

31. Laundry

The laundry business, though old, still strives till today. This makes it an excellent business opportunity for teens and young persons looking to start their first entrepreneurial venture.

Starting a business and finding success with it can be demanding, but at the same time rewarding.

If you are stuck on ideas, try any of the 30 small business ideas shared in this post.

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49 Startup Business Ideas To Consider Today

Photo of author

As an upcoming entrepreneur, crafting winning startup business ideas can be daunting. Trying to dream up ideas that others have not thought of can be elusive and frustrating.

To help, we created this exhilarating list of business ideas in 2023 to help you brainstorm a potential winning venture.

Whether considering small business ideas that haven’t been done or thinking of an exciting tweak to an existing concept, the world of entrepreneurship is yours to explore.

This article outlines the top 5 online business ideas to consider in 2023 for launching a killer empire! 

Startup Business Ideas Categories:

  • Info Products
  • Agency Services
  • Consultancy/Coaching

#1. E-Commerce Ideas

In Summary: Time to market:  1-30 days ( 2 weeks on average ) The capital investment needed:   $100-$25,000 Profitability rate:  10%-20% Complexity:  Simple to Medium

eCommerce has wholly revolutionized the retail landscape. By 2025, shoppers will spend an estimated  $7.4 trillion  on online stores. That’s a 50% jump from $4.9 trillion in 2021.

The E-commerce business has grown exponentially, thanks to technological advancements, internet connectivity, and shifting consumer behavior. The landscape has changed dramatically, over the years.

Barely a decade ago, online shopping was considered by many unsafe or unreliable, but that is no longer the case. Shopping online is completely normal these days and is the preferred method of purchasing goods and services by most people.

Not only is this a huge market, but it is also very accessible. Building a website is no longer incredibly expensive and can be achieved on a very small budget if needed. Further to that, developers are easy to source and product logistics are easy to manage.

It has never been easier to jump into the world of e-commerce – in many instances, you can have something up and running in a day or two.

You might not even need the help of a website developer – simple drag-and-drop interfaces like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify, enable you to build something amazing without coding or programming knowledge.

It could be argued that the creation of your website is the easiest part of the process – what matters more is finding the right product or service to sell in the first place.

Selecting An ECommerce Business Idea

To select a viable startup business idea, you should start by observing trends, researching demand, and gauging how disruptive your idea is.

A poorly researched business will usually result in quick failure – make sure you get the basics right and identify these factors before deciding.

Before we explore the most profitable e-commerce startup ideas, let’s examine the startup cost of establishing a small online business shop. 

Costs Of Setting Up An ECommerce Business

Starting an online business can range from $100 to over $7,000 depending on your e-commerce website, design, hosting, payment processing, marketing, and inventory prices.

Let’s go over the basic, approximate costs of online store creation.

Main Costs Of Setting Up An ECommerce Store:

Major ecommerce platforms.

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

Here are eCommerce small business ideas to consider in 2023:

1. Drop Shipping Services

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, offering drop-shipping services is an excellent e-commerce opportunity to pursue.

Drop-shipping involves selling goods to customers who ship straight from the supplier, and you earn a commission from the transaction.

You do not hold or even purchase inventory in advance using this format – the supplier simply posts each order to your customers directly.

You are responsible for promotion, sales, and customer service, leaving the supplier to handle all aspects of warehousing and dispatch. This model appeals to many owing to its highly accessible nature and easy management.

Most drop-shippers advertise their stores through social media adverts, with Facebook being the most popular platform.

Be careful though, and be sure to study the various advertising platforms and educate yourself on how to obtain a healthy ROI, because ad campaigns can quickly spiral if you are not careful. 

The dropshipping business model is experiencing tremendous growth of  24.39%  year-on-year from 2020 to 2026 and is likely to hit $500 billion in 2027. 

The impressive growth may be due to relatively low startup costs that exclude purchasing inventory and lower risks to the entrepreneur.

Nonetheless, you must do thorough research to develop an effective business plan upfront to be part of the  10%-20%  of drop-shippers who succeed in this business. For a greater chance of success, try to focus on high margins and low shipping costs. 

2. Grocery Delivery Services

If you’re on a shoestring budget, consider going into grocery delivery. It’s a low-cost business idea to start.

Setting up a local grocery delivery business is possible with a delivery vehicle and a simple mobile app that allows prospective buyers to make orders.

Conduct market research to determine adequate demand in your locality before setting up your business. 

Customers increasingly prefer the convenience of home deliveries thanks to the need for social distancing from the Covid-19 pandemic. If that’s not all, the elderly and those too busy to shop for household essentials make your target market.

Explore a working relationship with grocery stores in your locality to streamline operations and improve customer delivery. 

3. Begin A Meal Prep Business

For those with an interest in healthy food, one option might be to tap into the booming online food delivery business that is growing each year impressively.

The  global market for the online food delivery  business stands at $130.2 billion in 2022 and will soar to $223.7 billion by 2027. Start your own meal prep business and be part of the party.

A meal prep business offers nutritious foods to customers who value eating healthy but are too busy to prepare the food themselves. Here, niching is possible depending on prevailing market demand and your skill set.

As a meal prep business owner, you will create your own ready-to-eat dishes for the customer once delivered.

Basic Steps To Starting A Meal Prep Business In 2023

  • Choose the type of meal prep business you want to start; know what healthy meals your clients wish, then serve that.
  • Draw a business plan for your meal prep business showing how you intend to make a profit from your operations.
  • Acquire the relevant legal requirements to set up the business; permits, licenses, and insurance.
  • Set up your eCommerce platform to market and sell your meals.
  • Reach out to financiers to bankroll your idea; will you require a small business startup loan or equipment financing?
  • Create a logistics workflow plan to guide your operations.
  • Roll out a marketing plan to popularize your business amongst your prospective customers.

4. Beauty Products: Cosmetics And Skin Care Products

The cosmetics and beauty products industry is a multi-billion-dollar business that you can consider.

In 2020, the US personal care and beauty e-commerce business posted revenues of  $32 billion, about 7.4%  of the entire retail e-commerce revenue, that year. You can dare to dream big in an industry that’s showing promise. 

However, starting an e-commerce business in cosmetics and skin care products takes more than passion.

You’ve got to know your products and how the industry works, and you’ll also need competent staff who know their craft.

Moreover, you must invest in a robust marketing campaign that cuts through the noise in a highly competitive industry and boldly positions your brand before your audience.

An Aggressive Marketing Campaign For Your Cosmetics Business Will Look Like This:

  • Content creation with powerful product descriptions and quality photos and videos will give wings to your business idea.
  • A vibrant social media reach on multiple platforms where you’re likely to connect with your target audience.
  • Working with influencers in your industry to leverage their networks and rope in new market segments.
  • Running online reviews of your satisfied customers. Marketing by satisfied clients is a powerful marketing tool in business that you shouldn’t underrate. Recent research shows that  84% of clients trust reviews  and are likely to spend 31% more on sellers with great reviews.
  • SEO-optimizing your online content to improve its ranking on search engines to reach a wider audience. Consider investing in paid online ads too.
  • Local advertising campaigns effectively reach geographical areas where you may have a physical store or affiliate retail outlets.

5. Wellness Products

Interest in wellness products has spiked thanks to the growing need to take care of physical and mental health. You likely know a close friend or family member who regularly purchases wellness products, often at a considerable price.

Starting an online shop dealing in wellness products is one of the best small business startup ideas in 2023, although it helps if you have an interest in the niche, to begin with, it is another example of a highly accessible market to jump into. The wellness products industry is huge, with revenues estimated at  $1.5 trillion  and annual growth of between 5% and 10%. You can ride on this crest and start a successful venture. 

eCommerce startup opportunities in the wellness space are as varied as customer needs; the sale of meditation apps, workout gear, wellness tourism, sleep apps, to healthy essential oils, are all great examples. Just pick your area of specialty.

This is a good market to exploit owing to the constant, unrelenting need to improve physical and mental well-being.

6. Selling Secondhand Fashion Items

Selling vintage fashion items isn’t a revolutionary business idea, but it is a reliable and accessible industry to join. For that reason, this might be one of the best small businesses to start without prior experience.

ThredUp  projects that the secondhand clothes market will likely grow by 127% between 2021 and 2026, moving from $96 billion to $218 billion in revenue. Colossal by all means. 

The craze to declutter and embrace a minimalist wardrobe has fueled the secondhand clothing business. Additionally, the availability of online platforms that connect sellers of used clothing items and potential buyers has catapulted this business.

Popular Sites To Sell Clothes Online Include:

  • Refashioner
  • Facebook Marketplace

First, take baby steps by selling your unwanted clothing items, thus getting a general feel for the space, and getting initial experience under your belt.

Next, develop a website for your online thrift store and market your merchandise to your target market—leverage social media platforms as an integral part of your business market campaign.

Grow your inventory by reaching out to thrift stores for captivating items that appeal to your customer base. 

#2. InfoProducts Ideas

In Summary: Time to market:   1-30 days The capital investment needed:  From $20 Profitability rate:  High profitability between  50%-95% Complexity:  Simple to start

An Info Product is educational training resource prepared mostly in digital format for a targeted consumer base. The aim of the product is to help the consumer achieve a specific goal such as acquiring a skill or gaining certification in a field.

Traditionally, info products were mostly presented in written formats, predominantly in PDF format. That early format has now evolved into videos, live streaming services, and recorded webinars.

Info products contain in-depth explanations of virtually every sphere of knowledge. Whether you need a detailed guide on dating, running an  email marketing  campaign, preparing nutritious meals, or investing in the stock exchange.

With an info product, you make money when a customer purchases your product.

The Benefits Of Starting An InfoProducts Business

  • Exceptionally high-profit margins; once you have developed a product, you can resell it to a limitless number of clients at no extra cost.
  • Startup costs for small business ideas in the info product space are affordable; start with as low as $20.
  • The low startup costs make it possible to start your info product businesses.
  • Online delivery of info products eliminates the logistical challenge of delivering physical products.
  • You can sell info products to anyone anywhere, regardless of your location.
  • The business is relatively easier to manage once you have identified the right niche and sales are flowing; minimum or no employees take off your chest the cost of running a payroll and the stress of managing a workforce.
  • You can enjoy being your own boss. If your marketing works pretty well and traffic is flowing excellently, the business can almost function on auto-pilot for the most part. 

Challenges Of Starting An Info Product Business

  • Starting an Info product business requires you to provide highly resourceful information to attract clientele through value. Although generating valuable information is often a one-time endeavor, you obviously need to produce perfect content, nonetheless. Furthermore, you must update the information to keep it fresh and relevant as you move forward with the project. 
  • Once you have a clientele base, you’ll obviously need an effective customer management system to respond to their queries, concerns, and complaints.
  • As an information provider, you face stiff competition from alternative information sources like Google which are free. So, you need to offer information that delivers value for money.
  • The cut-throat competition in the information industry means you need an effective and targeted marketing campaign to attract and retain consumers. 

Here are the top InfoProduct startup ideas to consider in 2023.

7. Online Tutorials And Education Services

Online tutorials and educational services are booming and are among the best small business ideas to consider in 2023. If you’re a subject expert, you can start your own online education service relatively easily.

eCommerce has transformed learning delivery in schools, universities, and the corporate world, disrupting the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

You can invest in a multiformat platform and dispense knowledge virtually to your learners. Your students can access your online tutorials on their mobile devices and learn at their pace and convenience. 

Online learning resources come in multiple formats, from online courses on cloud-based digital modules and videos to downloadable ebooks. You can run a subscription service or sell classes. 

Ways Of Starting An Online Tutorial Service

  • Run educational and professional courses on YouTube or via web portals.
  • Sell courses online on digital platforms like Udemy.
  • Leveraging tools like Teachable to generate and market your online courses.
  • Sell ebooks directly or via common marketplaces like Blurb, Lulu, Amazon, or Smashwords.

Starting an online education business is inexpensive as you can run the program from your website.

To succeed, research your client base and market your programs aggressively.

8. Online Tutorials On Tech Subjects

The market for online tutorials hinges on the need to upgrade technical skills in a fast-paced working environment. Additionally, technical students rely on online courses for their coursework.

To succeed at starting an online tutorial on tech subjects, you need the technical expertise to tutor in the relevant area. 

In some fields, you may require a recognized certificate or professional membership in a local chapter of practicing professionals to verify your authority as a reputable trainer.

Next, work on creating high-quality content that is valuable and engaging to the audience.

For instance, a tutorial on a technical subject will involve in-depth research and presentation broken down into several digestible modules that learners can easily understand. 

Finally, market your site to draw relevant traffic to your courses. 

9. Freemium Business Model

Another business model which is growing in popularity of late is Freemium content. The idea is to promote a membership site that allows all visitors to access restricted content on your website.

Members who pay subscription fees can exclusively access more valuable premium content.

Here’s how it works.

Your website offers resourceful information to confirm your authority on the subject and attract people hungry for information on that particular niche. They’ll then need to pay to access premium content on your site. 

Examples Of Businesses That Run On The Freemium Model:

  • Pat Flynn’s Power Up Podcasting
  • Amy Portfield’s Digital Course Academy
  • John Lee Dumas Podcaster’s Paradise
  • Chris Drucker’s Youpreneur
  • Marie Forleo’s B-School
  • (LinkedIn)

10. Publishing And Selling EBooks

eBooks are the digital version of conventional books customized for online audiences.

Besides providing in-depth information on a topic, eBooks also serve as lead magnets for digital marketers who use them to entice potential customers to their online resources. 

It takes time and expertise to compile an eBook with resourceful content consumable by the market. 

Nonetheless, the dividends of a great eBook are an excellent trade-off for your effort. 

Obviously, it helps vastly if you select a subject matter that you already have experience with or an interest in. Develop the type of content readers will want to read by conducting rigorous research on customer needs and your subject matter. 

Write engaging content generously punctuated with helpful infographics to captivate your audience.

Benefits Of Writing An EBook

  • They improve your brand by establishing you as an authority in a subject.
  • It acts as a  lead magnet  that drives traffic to your website. The right traffic to your website improves conversion rates. 
  • They are a revenue source from direct purchases.

According to  HubSpot , eBooks range from  5k to 10k words  on average, so you might want to consider a sweet spot between the two.

11. Prepare Checklists

Creating checklists is one of the best business ideas you can embrace in 2023. They are a preferred lead magnet for any online business and can be a great source of revenue, directly or indirectly. Directly, by selling them as downloadable items to targeted businesses.

Indirectly, they generate revenue, by accelerating your marketing efforts and growing conversions as they drive targeted traffic to your website, boosting your organic SEO in the process, and increasing your email subscriber base. 

Since they are systematic guides that provide an actionable step-by-step roadmap, businesses rely on them to navigate seemingly complex technicalities – whether it’s a blow-by-blow account of how to start a business, pitch to  investors , register a  patent , or a machine’s operating procedure. 

You may create a checklist by summarizing an instructive blog, webinar, or training course into numbered points that your customers can download.

Finally, they are easy to create, compared to eBooks, and can be used in every industry. 

12. Webinars

Webinars have grown in prominence over recent years to become a viable Info Product business to consider in 2023.

According to HubSpot,  one in every four marketers  uses webinars to reach their target customers. 

There are two webinar formats: previously recorded, or live.

Webinars are a high-impact marketing tool with an impressive conversion rate as you have direct contact with your customers. Use them to launch new items, demonstrate how to use products, and share industry expertise with customers and peers. 

Most webinars are offered free of charge – the strategy is to monetize through the promotion of other, paid products either during the webinar, at at the end of the session.

However, some webinars can be a direct source of revenue through a subscription fee.

Video Graphics Tools

Several video graphic tools can help to elevate the engagement of your webinars. Here are examples:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • DaVinci Resolve

What gives webinars an edge is that customers and prospects may still access webinars long after the event, thereby creating further leads. 

#3. Agency Service Business Ideas

In Summary: Time to market:  14-30 days The capital investment needed:  $62 – $40,000 Profitability rate:  11%-20% Complexity:  Simple to Average

If you’re thinking of starting an agency service business startup in 2023, then the options are numerous. In fact, your greatest challenge will be choosing the most appropriate agency idea to start with.

Examples Of Agency Business Companies

  • Deloitte Digital
  • G Adventures
  • Omnis Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Depending on your skill set, passion, and access to capital, we have prepared a short list of viable agency business ideas in 2023 for your consideration.

13. Content Marketing Agency Business

In the digital space, the content remains king as demand for high-quality content in various formats continues to rise. In 2022, the content creation market was estimated at  $14.9 billion  and was projected to grow to $47.2 billion by 2032. 

Setting up a content marketing agency places you at the epicenter of the digital world.

The work of your agency will be to meet the growing demand for content by sourcing content creators and copywriters to write articles, blog posts, and landing pages for websites. 

There’s a high demand for video content hence the need to provide content in multiple forms. 

14. Web Design Agency

If you’re an excellent website developer, why not consider starting a website-building business agency?

Web design continues to be a solid, lucrative business that can pay very well, and usually offers remote working.

On average, a senior web designer in the US will earn $80,585 annually, whilst a website building agency can earn over $150k monthly – this can be an extremely well-paying business with no shortage of clients.

You can start the business part-time if you wish and passively make inflows as you go for better-paying clients with time.

Starting a website agency costs between  $2,000 and $8,000 , and you can begin landing clients almost immediately. However, if you already have the equipment, the starting cost can be much lower.

15. An Online Advertising Agency

An online advertising agency helps businesses grow sales by effectively reaching their targeted consumers.

Online advertising agencies perform several functions; schedule marketing campaigns, design ads, advise on the most effective advertising platforms, and evaluate if past advertising campaigns succeeded. 

Based on experience, data, and prevailing trends, online advertising agencies help business owners decide on the most suitable advertising strategy for their campaigns.

16. Travel Agency Business

For those with a passion for both business and travel, starting a travel agency might be your preferred agency business.

Launching an online travel agency begins with identifying your tourism target markets and clientele. 

As a travel agency, you’ll provide travel and accommodation arrangements and come up with itineraries, guides, and packages for your clients. 

The significant startup investments are setting up a tourism agency website, developing compelling content, and acquiring the relevant certifications to offer the service. 

Once ready to roll, unleash a spirited marketing campaign for your business to slowly build a loyal customer base.

Travel Agency Startup Costs

Starting an online travel agency business ranges from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on your business model and the type of online resources you purchase.

Here’s what you pay for:

  • Setting up a website
  • Creating content
  • A payment processing system
  • Getting an IATA number, and
  • Other relevant certifications

17. A Recruitment Agency

Establishing an online recruitment agency is a superb business startup idea in 2023 if you have knowledge of finding talent.

A study by Fortune Business Insights projects that the global online recruitment market will be at  $43.39 billion by 2027 . That’s an estimated 7.1% annual growth rate from $28.68 billion in 2019. The opportunity is cosmic. 

As a recruiter, you’ll need to win the trust of potential employers and employees. That’s where excellent reviews from employers (and employees) come in handy. Consume relevant content to set up a world-class agency with a reputation customers can trust.

Then, adopt proven marketing strategies for your recruitment agency. SEO, email marketing, content creation, and social media must be in your marketing toolkit. 

#4. SaaS Business Ideas

In Summary: Time to market:  2-7 years The capital investment needed:  From  $250,000  upwards (can run into millions of dollars depending on scope ) Profitability rate:  75%-85% Complexity:  Extremely complex

The SaaS business model refers to selling cloud-based software that your customers access via apps on their handheld devices like mobile phones, palm tops, or desktop apps.

Consumers typically pay for the service through a periodic subscription. You make money by scaling the number of customers using the app you have developed and deployed. 

The SaaS business model is versatile and applicable to virtually every business sector, making it an attractive consideration to venture into as an entrepreneur. 

Examples Of SaaS Businesses:

Examples of companies that sell SaaS-based solutions include MailChimp, Amazon Prime Video, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Dropbox.

Benefits Of The SaaS-Based Business Model

  • You earn cyclic revenue through recurrent subscriptions by your customers.
  • Highly scalable
  • SaaS solutions are applicable in a wide range of industries.
  • SaaS solutions promote  brand loyalty  to a business fostering ongoing revenues from customers.

Drawbacks Of The SaaS-Based Business Model

  •  The challenge of retaining clients in a competitive marketplace. The SaaS business model is known for disruptive innovations.
  • The business can be unsustainable if your pricing model isn’t optimized.
  • A complex concept development process as you incur startup costs upfront. Besides, the product conceptualization and development period can run into years.

Monetizing SaaS Business Models

  •  Use the freemium model as a customer acquisition tool to draw customers to premium resources.
  • The periodic renewal of paid subscriptions.
  • Payments for additional services rendered to subscribers (premium plans).
  • Marketing by offering a free trial period or detailed demos on using the service through webinars.

Ideas For SaaS Business Startups

One outstanding benefit of SaaS business models is their applicability across multiple industries.

Below are areas you can develop cloud-based software solutions for businesses. 

18. Marketing Automation Software

Marketing takes your marketing to the next level by automating routine functions such as scheduling content creation, social media publishing, and email campaigns.

19. Video Creation Software 

Video creation and editing software help render and edit top-notch videos for content creation, training, and advertisements.

20. Accounting And Bookkeeping Software 

Bookkeeping and accounting software automates financial reporting, tax calculation, and inventory management.

21. Remote Work Management Software

These tools help teams schedule meetings, share files, and collaborate on projects. Remote work is a possibility due to these tools.

22. Health And Wellness Apps

You can use wellness apps severally. From smartwatches that keep tabs on your health metrics to telemedicine consultations and anything in between, wellness apps are a highly trending product right now. Be part of the success story.

23. Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence 

You’ve interacted with chatbots that man websites and help respond to common queries that customers ask while navigating through content on a page.

Chatbots improve the level of engagement and conversion rate on a site. Besides, they function 24/7. 

24. An Online Appointment Reservation System

Many small businesses and large corporates need assistance running a seamless appointment reservation system. An effective appointment reservation system facilitates better use of company resources.

Creating an online appointment reservation system is one startup business idea that can help prevent executives and employees attend to meetings on time. 

Automated reminders and meeting schedulers ensure meeting times and venues do not clash for different business groups. 

25. Invoicing Software

Online invoicing software is a brilliant idea enabling small businesses to take care of their invoicing needs.

26. Virtual Tutorial Software Apps

Virtual tutorial software apps and tools enable employees to interact with coursework at their pace and convenience. Besides, they can learn remotely, even from their homes.

Virtual tutorial tools allow learners to initiate and pace their training depending on available time. 

  •  Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Tours and travel apps help visitors navigate unfamiliar territory, spot sites of interest, and locate transport and accommodation facilities. 

#5. Consulting/Coaching Startup Ideas

In Summary: Time to market:  Almost immediately The capital investment needed:  From $50 Profitability rate:  Over 50% Complexity:  Simple

You need to consider taking your business online if you’re already offering coaching and consultancy services conventionally. An online platform can grow your consultancy business and help you reach new customers.

On average, a consultant in the US earns  $28.14 per hour . If you’re skilled in a field, package it as a value token someone will want to pay for, and you should see an impressive revenue stream out of it.

Benefits Of Starting An Online Consulting/Coaching Business

Apart from acquiring a new clientele base, online platforms present alternative ways of packaging your expertise and reselling the same online resource to multiple customers.

Positioning your coaching or consultancy business online opens you to multiple income streams; webinars, downloadable content, ebooks, affiliate marketing, advertising, and YouTube videos. 

Some of these income sources are passive, requiring a one-off investment.

Setting up an online consultancy or coaching business may appear intimidating, especially for the not-so-tech-savvy. You are an expert, and your expertise is the premium product on sale here. Online platforms are merely channels that sell you. 

Outsource Technical Aspects 

Consider reaching out to expert web designers and content creators to help set up your business’s digital infrastructure.

You can hire freelancers for the job. Check out freelancers on platforms like UpWork, Fivver, or ProBlogger. Next, hit the market with targeted messaging for your intended clientele as you launch your product.

Opportunities To Set Up Online Coaching And Consulting Businesses

Here are some coaching and consultancy business ideas that you can move to the online space in 2023.

Human Resource-Related Consultancy Ideas

A seasoned and passionate human resource specialist is a repository of skills many organizations cannot afford to miss.

A human resource expert can deliver a wide range of consultancy services online; talent sourcing, job placement, productivity optimization, career guidance, and management training.

27. Resume Writing Business

Do you have a way with words when it comes to writing resumes and cover letters? Why not convert that into a consultancy opportunity to help professionals in job hunting?

Start an online coaching service that helps job-seekers with their applications.

28. Online Career Coach

If you like helping others achieve their career goals and have succeeded in your career, consider online career coaching.

You may opt to offer general career coaching or niche to specific management levels, age groups, or professions. 

For example, you may decide to work with top management, lawyers, women leaders, or millennials. 

29. Leadership Coach

You could help leaders attain their full potential in their professions.

Leadership coaching is a viable business idea, but you must be up to the task. Either you have leadership experience or are a trained leadership coach. 

You can pitch for opportunities to train executives in a corporate.

This is an industry that is known for paying very well indeed

30. Productivity Coaching

Productivity coaching helps workers make the most of their time to produce the best possible results.

As a productivity coach, you’ll help organizations identify areas of time wastage and zero in on the tasks that boost productivity. 

31. Business Development Consultancy

As a business development expert, you help businesses streamline their operations for an improved bottom line.

They help stimulate organizational growth and challenge the management out of redundant practices.

32. Digital Marketing Consultancy

Multinational corporates and small business owners need digital marketing consultancy to help them make the most of their digital resources. 

33. Business Finance Coaches And Consultants

The field of business finance is vast, and to be effective, you need to find a niche in your area of specialization to deliver value to your clients. You may assemble a team that combines several competencies in the area of business finance.

Areas where businesses could come knocking at your door for help, include fundraising, deal structuring, loans for small startup businesses, tax consultancy, and investment advisory services.

34. Business Communication Consultancy

Businesses all over are looking for communication experts who can handle their business communication and public relations. If that’s you, and you’re entrepreneurial, you have the chance to start a business communication consultancy. 

Coaching Ideas In Family And Relationships 

Many coaching ideas can help people with skills to lead a happier family life, enjoy relationships, and become better at parenting.

Here are some opportunities you could consider if you’re passionate about relationships. 

35. Parenting Coach Services

Parenthood comes with many challenges, from first-time parents to parents of teenagers. You might be an excellent resource to parents by starting a parenting coaching business that handles all parenting challenges.

36. Relationship Coach

A relationship coach helps those who are looking for the perfect match.

You can guide those looking for a suitor on dating apps by giving valuable relationship advice. 

Those dating may turn to you in their quest to better their relationships and resolve conflicts. 

37. Couples Coaching

You can start a couple of coaching businesses if you’re thrilled by seeing relationships thrive.

Health And Fitness Coaching And Consultancy Ideas 

If you like to see others living and eating healthy, you might want to start a coaching or consultancy business promoting health. And the options are immense. 

38. Health Coach

Health coaching might be your thing if you have successfully helped others overcome health challenges.

Health coaching involves taking others through a journey that leads to better health. 

39. Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaches advise people on healthy eating. You can be certified as a nutrition coach and start a business along those lines.

As a nutrition coach, you can niche into weight loss, prep meals, meal plans, and meals for infants and those recovering from sickness.

40. Personal Fitness Coaching

Lifestyle diseases and sedentary lifestyles are brutal to our physical and mental fitness.

An online fitness coaching business provides the pathway to keeping fit at a time and place of the customer’s convenience, whether working from home or on business travel. 

As more people work from home, fitness coaching is an excellent business idea to consider in 2023. 

To venture into online fitness coaching, identify your specialty area, have the requisite certification, draw a business plan, build your website, and create relevant content. After you have an online fitness course ready, put the word out to your ideal client. 

41. Virtual Event Planner

There is a dynamic shift in the marketplace, with businesses increasingly preferring virtual meetings over in-person events.

Virtual meetings save time and money for staff collaboration or meetings with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. 

Catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual meetings soared in popularity and have become the standard collaboration mode in the corporate world. Grab a piece of the pie in the virtual meeting business by setting up a virtual planning firm.

Your firm will do everything from scheduling meetings with attendees to providing suitable collaborative technology and more. 

42. Online Medical Consultation

Virtual medical consultancies offer the perfect space for medical professionals who wish to expand their practice with minimal costs.

Online medical consultancy businesses are handy for diagnosis where clients are in remote areas, for routine management of the chronically ill, and for treatment of contagious diseases. 

43. A Sports Team Instructor

A sports team coach instructs and motivates teams to perform better and realize their potential. You can start a team coaching business if you’re an expert in the field.

44. Weight Loss Coach

A highly rewarding vocation for many – helping people to achieve better health by fighting the flab and toning down.

You can prescribe a regimen of natural diets, special herbs, or an assortment of exercises that will help people cut weight. 

45. Running Coach

Training people to run properly can be an incredible business idea if you’re a passionate athlete.

46. Strength And Conditioning Coach

A strength and conditioning coach helps boost their performance and stay fit using scientific research and technology.

You can start a coaching business as a trained strength and conditioning coach. 

47. Meditation Coach

You can help people maintain their mental health by teaching them meditation techniques. 

48. Tours And Travel Consultancy

Tours and travel consultants arrange end-to-end tour packages for their clients.

49. Real Estate Consultancy Services

A superb startup business idea to consider in 2023 – Real estate consultancy businesses guide lenders, borrowers, commercial property investors, and property dealers on the intricacies of real estate development and financing

This article is a comprehensive catalog of online business ideas for 2023. The ideas range from startup business ideas that haven’t been done to conventional businesses that are fast moving into the digital space.

Ultimately, you’ll decide on the business that suits you, depending on your expertise, budget, and passion.

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top 10 business ideas for startups

Written by Jesse Sumrak | March 27, 2023

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Can there really be that many good business ideas? Yes, there can. This is actually our filtered-down list—you should have seen how many other almost-good ideas nearly made the cut.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or brand new to the scene, we’ve compiled the best-of-the-best business ideas for you to bring to life in 2023. These range from freelance writing to career coaching to dog walking and everything in between.

Ready to find your next big idea? Keep scrolling.

What Makes a Business Idea Good or Bad?

It’s not always just the idea you need to think about. Sometimes it’s you, the situation, market circumstances, or industry trends.

One business idea can be good today and bad tomorrow. It all depends on various factors (both predictable and unpredictable). Not every good business idea will be right for you, and that’s OK.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need 50 good business ideas—you really just need one. Here’s what to keep in mind when finding the right startup idea :

  • Personal Interests: Don’t start a freelance writing business if you hate writing. Align your interests with your business. That’s the freedom you get when starting your own business—don’t throw it away from the get-go.
  • Bandwidth: Some business ideas require more input and investment. For example, opening and managing a new Italian restaurant will be more time-consuming than launching a restaurant consulting business. Neither is better than the other—just under your capacity and limitations.
  • Budget: Starting a business isn’t free. Some ideas cost less than others, though. Keep in mind your budget constraints when planning your venture.
  • Trends: You want to be on the climbing side of a trend curve—not the decline. Thinking of starting a business centered around Pokémon GO? You’re only about 6 years too late.
  • Problem-Solving: Find a business idea that solves a problem. Start with the issue, then find a product or service solution.
  • Renovation: A good business idea doesn’t need to be innovative—it can be renovative. Fix a broken idea or build upon an already successful one.

Once you’ve found the right business idea, don’t quit your day job (yet). Test it first.

Don’t Skip: How to Start a Business from Scratch (Step-By-Step Process)

50 Good Business Ideas in 2023

We’ve broken down these good business ideas into a few different sections. Here’s how they’re categorized:

Types of Good Business Ideas

Low-Cost Startup Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Remote Business Ideas

Freelance Ideas

Business Ideas for Women

Side Hustle Ideas

Recession-Proof Business Ideas

Build your business button

7 Good Low-Cost Startup Ideas

Starting a business can be expensive. Rent, wages, inventory, advertising, web hosting, marketing—it all starts to add up quickly.

Fortunately, not every good business idea costs a fortune. You can find plenty that cost little to no cash to launch. Let’s start with these low-cost startup ideas first :

1. Freelance Writing: Turns words into income as a for-hire freelance writer . Find an industry that interests you and start writing. This could be thought-leadership articles, SEO-driven content, email campaigns, social media posts, or web pages.

2. Consulting: Freelancers tend to provide deliverables, while consultants provide advice, strategy, and expertise. If you’ve been in an industry for quite some time, there’s a good chance businesses will pay for your wisdom as a consultant . Develop expertise in emerging industries, like AI, to be an early adopter in a niche agency.

3. Course Creating: Have lucrative know-how? Bundle it all up into a well-designed online class and sell it as a course creator . We’re all for it—that’s what we do at Foundr.

4. Podcasting: Total podcast listeners are growing 20% each year . Jump in on the action by creating your own audio-based show. Here’s how to make your podcast stand out from the rest .

5. Blogging: Everyone likes blogs—you’re reading one right now. If you like to write, drive traffic to a website with blogging . Once you have an audience, you can monetize your visitors with ads, ecommerce, sponsorships, donations, and affiliate marketing. Speaking of affiliate marketing…

6. Affiliate Marketing: Instead of selling your own products, sell other businesses’ goods. You’ll make a commission every time someone clicks through your links and makes a purchase. Learn how Catena Media’s Erik Bergman used affiliate marketing to launch an IPO (initial public offering) his consultancy firm.

7. Website Building: Over 627,000 new businesses open each year in the US, and every single one of them needs a website. If you have a knack for building them, sell your services as a website builder. Here’s how to build sites quickly .

6 Good Online Business Ideas for Beginners

We won’t pretend starting a business is easy. It comes with a suite of challenges that bring even the best entrepreneurs to despair, headaches, and tears.

However, it’s worth the challenge.

Lucky for you, some business ideas are easier to start than others. If you’ve never dabbled in launching a business, then these online business ideas for beginners are a great place to start.

8. Ecommerce: Ecommerce is just selling stuff on the internet. Find a product , sell it online, and make a killing. That’s easier said than done, but our guide on how to start an ecommerce business will walk you through the entire process.

9. Virtual Assisting: Help businesses, executives, and freelancers schedule appointments, make phone calls, submit invoices, and manage basic finances as a virtual assistant .

10. Social Media Managing: Many businesses don’t have the bandwidth to manage social networks across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok ( yes, TikTok ). If you’re a savvy social media marketer, you can provide management services across paid and organic channels.

11. Branding: Designing a top-notch logo is hard. Writing a clever tagline is a challenge. Tying it all together into one cohesive brand—that’s the struggle of a branding expert. If you have a talent for it, sell your services in a freelancing or consulting capacity.

12. Domain Flipping: Instead of building websites from scratch, buy existing sites from domain marketplaces. They could be in great, semi-rough, or poor condition—your job is to polish them up and sell them for a profit.

13. Subscription Box Curating: Create a subscription box for a niche in need. There’s a lot of competition in this space, so you’ll need to be clever with your offering and targeting—but Henrik Werdelin built a 9-figure subscription box business just for dogs .

Top 4 Ecommerce Products that Sell During a Recession

3 Good Remote Business Ideas

New business ideas have blossomed due to the acceptance of remote work. Give these remote work ideas a try to launch a business and help alleviate unexplored problems.

14. Wellness Programming: Remote work isn’t great for everyone—some folks struggle with stress and isolation. As a wellness programmer, you can provide ways to relax, decompress, and focus on mental and emotional wellbeing. This could be in the form of yoga, meditation, stretching, training, or just healthy habits.

15. Remote Work Services: Provide remote-empowering solutions to businesses in need. While it feels like remote started decades ago, some companies are still learning to adapt and cope. Offer services to boost collaboration or fill holes left open by work-from-home policies.

16. Virtual Fitness Training: Peloton doesn’t have a monopoly on online fitness—some people want other forms of exercise, and others prefer a more local community feel. Become a hyper-specialized fitness trainer in specific niches, such as ultramarathon training, rowing, ski mountaineering, or rock climbing.

6 Good Freelance Job Ideas

Freelancing has been on the up and up in recent years, and the pandemic has only been a catalyst for the movement. Especially with the Great Resignation upon us , companies need freelancers to step up to the plate and take over heaps of work.

If you have the right skill set, you can fulfill that need with one of these freelance job ideas .

17. Video Shooting and Editing: Video content is all the rage, but it’s not easy for busy businesses to produce. If you know your way around a camera and video editing software, you can find plenty of work as a freelance video specialist.

18. Career Coaching: Help clients find their way through their dream careers. You might guide them towards a more appropriate, fulfilling job, or you could give them the tools they need to negotiate their next big promotion.

19. Public Relations: Help businesses land press coverage with media kits, networking, press releases, and storytelling. It’s a demanding job, but it’s right if you like working in a non-stop, fast-paced environment.

20. Marketing: Use content marketing, email, social media, and advertising to market your clients’ products and services . Marketing is all-encompassing, and you’ll likely choose to niche down to a specific channel or strategy down the road.

21. App Developing: Apps are becoming a must-have part of most businesses’ products and services. However, finding an available engineer to build an app is near impossible. If you know your way around Java , Swift , or Kotlin , you’ll be in high demand for mobile app development.

22. Integrating: Some leaders inspire, others innovate, and a few dream. Integrators get things done. They take dreams and aspirations and turn them into reality. It’s a hands-on job, but it’s high-visibility and high-reward.

How To Find The Next BIG Business Idea | Nextdoor's Sarah Leary

12 Good Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

There are 114% more women entrepreneurs now than 20 years ago. Women are looking for more autonomy, work-life balance, and financial freedom—and they’re finding it on their own rather than waiting for the corporate world to change.

If you’re looking for a good business idea that promises location flexibility and work schedule independence, we have a few thoughts. Plus, these business ideas for women entrepreneurs are typically in women-dominated industries—helping you escape the gender discrimination more prevalent in male-dominated sectors.

23. Etsy Shop: Esty is the go-to marketplace for creative entrepreneurs. Want to make one-of-a-kind products? This is where to go to sell them.

24. Interior Designing: Have an eye for design? Become a residential or commercial interior designer. Ergonomic setups and feng shui (arranging furniture for balance) are becoming more of a priority in the business world, meaning more opportunities for you.

25. Graphic Designing: Logos, landing pages, websites, hero images, email campaigns—anything with pixels needs a graphic designer’s touch. While tools like Canva are growing in popularity, they’ll never replace a need for graphic design experts.

26. Dropshipping: Sell products without storing them in your home or a warehouse. It’s the perfect anti-Lula Roe way to sell goods without risking inventory issues.

27. Life Coaching: Coaching isn’t just for career advice. Sometimes, people need life advice. It’s less therapy and more guidance.

28. Tutoring: Online course instructing is when you want to teach the masses—tutoring is for more private 1:1 teaching. Have an in-demand skill? There’s a good chance someone will pay you to teach it to them.

29. Real Estate: Purchase investment properties, find a tenant to pay rent (hopefully covering the monthly mortgage), and sell the property after it appreciates substantially. That’s real estate for you.

30. Wedding Planning: A wedding is the most important day of two partners’ lives. If you can navigate all the moving parts and piece together something beautiful, you’ll be on everyone’s contact list come springtime.

31. Personal Chef: You don’t need to own a restaurant to be a chef. More individuals and families are hiring personal chefs to cook in private settings.

32: Event Planning: Conferences, parties, meetings, conventions, trade shows—they need talented event planners to come together. If that sounds like you, you’ll always have a job in event planning.

33. Makeup Artist: Makeup isn’t as easy as it looks in the commercials, and that’s why makeup artists are killing it on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok showing people how it’s done.

34. Cleaning Business: Everyone needs cleaning: commercial and residential. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty (or managing the business), you’ll find plenty of messy people begging for your help.

How Her Rejected Pitch Led to a Billion-Dollar Startup

13 Good Side Hustle Ideas

Some ideas start better as a side hustle until they bloom to maturity. Side hustles (for better or worse) are less committing than full-time ventures. You can often grow them on the side while maintaining your 9-to-5 until the timing is right .

You also have the option to keep them as a side hustle. Not everyone wants to quit their full-time job and become an all-in entrepreneur, and that’s OK. These are the perfect side hustle jobs for pursuing a passion, making an extra buck, or laying the roots for your next business.

35. Ghostwriting: If you don’t mind trading credit for income, ghostwriting can be a lucrative business idea.

36. Podcast Editing: Some people thrive doing podcast interviews, but they can’t navigate the editing process. That’s where you come in.

37. Influencer Marketing Specialist: Most businesses are hesitant to start with influencer marketing simply because they don’t know how. Tell them what they need to know and hold their hand through the process.

38. Lead Generation Consulting: Sales aren’t always the root of the problem—sometimes, it’s lead generation. Guide a client through how they can build and optimize their lead funnel.

39. Browser Extension Developing: Mobile apps are nice, but sometimes a built-in browser extension is more appropriate.

40. Data Scientist: Know your way around numbers? Businesses have more data than they know what to do with. Help them understand the stories behind the numbers.

41. Quality Assurance Testing: There’s a lot of pressure for apps to be built quickly, but that doesn’t mean quality assurance isn’t a priority. Your job is to break apps so that developers can fix them before they go public.

42. Public Speaking Coaching: Public speaking will likely always be a struggle for a large number of individuals. If you can help executives and would-be presenters overcome their fears and step up to the stage, you’ll have a job in public speaking coaching.

43. Media Training: Don’t put an executive in front of a microphone until they’ve been trained on what to do (and more importantly: what not to do). It’s your job to make sure they don’t screw up.

44. Contract Writing: Know your way around legalese? Help businesses write up contracts.

45. Translating: If you’re bilingual, there’s a good chance you can find gigs for translating the two languages.

46. Dog Walking: Just because more people are working from home doesn’t mean they don’t want a dog walker. Sometimes, they don’t want to leave the house, and other times they can’t with illness or kiddos.

47. Pet Sitting: People want to travel and see the world, but they can’t always bring their furry friend. Keep them company for payment.

Find YOUR Side Hustle Idea (9 Questions of Doom)

3 Good Business Ideas During a Recession

Sketchy economic times require backup plans. With 9 to 5 jobs in flux, starting a business during a recession is a secure way to make side income and take advantage of shifts in the market.

48. Finance Coach: With a tightening economy comes tightening budgets. As a finance coach, you can help families objectively adjust their monthly budgets and offer suggestions on cutting costs to free up cash.

49. Content Creator: Making entertaining and engaging content for platforms like TikTok, Twitch, or YouTube doesn’t seem like a stable idea, but it meets two criteria of a recession-proof business. First, it’s low-cost to start. All you need is a phone, ideas, and your personality. Second, it meets consumers’ demands during tight economic conditions—escapism and low-cost entertainment.

50. Home Repair: No matter what’s happening with S&P 500, pipes will burst, lights will flicker, and furnaces wig out. Starting a home repair business will keep you in demand no matter the economic climate because what can go wrong will go wrong with a house.

Keep Learning: How to Start an Online Business

Bring Your Good Idea to Life

Once you’ve zeroed in on your good business idea, it’s time to make it a reality. However, you need more than just an idea—you need skills and know-how.

That’s where we can help.

We’ve created a huge catalog of courses to teach you everything you need to know to launch and grow your business. Need help running ads? We got you covered. Want to learn how to write compelling copy? Look no further.

Explore our free trainings today and start learning the entrepreneur essentials.

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Jesse Sumrak is a writing zealot focused on creating killer content. He’s spent almost a decade writing about startup, marketing, and entrepreneurship topics, having built and sold his own post-apocalyptic fitness bootstrapped business. A writer by day and a peak bagger by night (and early early morning), you can usually find Jesse preparing for the apocalypse on a precipitous peak somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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